gouache and ink of arches

At last! Finished custom Aequis design for @duckatrice! She’s a hybrid of temperate islander and tropical terrestrial traits, with osprey and great tailed grackle (female) as color inspiration. I think she turned out pretty neat!

Winsor and Newton watercolor, Caran d’Ache Supracolor watercolor pencils, gouache, acrylic sepia ink and white gel pen on Arches 140 lb hot press watercolor paper, approx. 11x15″ (28 x 38 cm).

I hope to compile some progress photos with explanations in the next day or so, work permitting, so stay tuned if that’s something that interests you.



Morgaine Faye

“Girltalk Record Cover”

Ink, Gouache, Colored Pencil, Gold Leaf, Holographic Vinyl on Arches Paper


“I painted and this record sleeve for the MusicFestNW show that @helliongallery is putting on next week. Local artists were chosen to create record covers for the 2014 line up. I wanted to make something “high energy” and over the top so I chose Girltalk. With this I bring you almost every color of ink I had, plus gold leaf, and holographic vinyl. Bam.

The show will be up at the MFNW art pavilion at waterfront for the entire festival. 

Everyone go follow Hellion Gallery’s tumblr.

Did you know that the traditional first anniversary gift is paper?

An old friend from high-school got in touch after many years of lost contact to commission me to calligraphy this piece for her husband to celebrate their first anniversary together. It’s an excerpt from Sandol Stoddard Warburg’s book I Like You that has special value for the couple and was read aloud at their wedding.

She pretty much let me run with it and I am very happy with the end results, though I panicked at the post office, as I am learning that I am wont to do. (Will it smear?! Did I spell it all correctly!? Will it bend?! Did I charge too much!? Did I charge enough!? What if it never gets there!? Is that actually the right zip code?!)

The body of the calligraphy was done with a Brause Rose nib, and the crest at the bottom with a Nikko G, both in a simple oblique holder. Black designers’ gouache for the ink. The paper is gorgeous Arches Hot Press 140 LB Watercolor Paper.

I went to a LOT of weddings last year (EIGHT) so I’ll be hitting up 16 people about what they’re planning to give their spouse for their first anniversary…

ohhh it feels so good to have fun painting ocs again now that the semester’s over, and I’ve been saying I’ll paint them for ages

the scan is so shitty tbh it’s so much nicer irl because all the gold is iridescent, I hope Esp likes it when I mail this out to her soon!

watercolour/gouache/gold acrylic and gold ink, arches cold press 140lb