gou's harem

Harem 2 (Gou/Boys)

I’m warning you now, I suck at writing sword fights or any fights in any detail, so be ready, don’t be surprised if I just gloss over it a bit.

Also I realized halfway through writing this that I’m using honorifics at the end of their names at some point, which I didn’t want to, but I’ve been using them for years now so it felt weird to me to not use them, so they’re mixed in the story to help me make it flow better.

Also I started calling Rin, Oniisan halfway through cuz brother just sounds so awkward to me. Forgive me and my inconsistencies and errors!!!!

“Thank you for joining me.” Sousuke said, taking Gou’s hand in his own as he placed a soft kiss upon it.

“Pleasure.” Gou still wasn’t happy with her brother just throwing this marriage at her from no where, but she couldn’t go against him either. He wouldn’t have married her off to someone bad, so that meant Sousuke wasn’t entirely a jerk, but she didn’t know him. Though her brother had argued that with her last night…

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Harem (Gou/Boys)

I realize we say Gou’s Harem a lot, but we never actually made it a harem right. Using whatever knowledge I have received from watching Jodha Akbar-the show not the movie-I will try to write about my own AU about Princess Gou having a Harem of her own!!

In Mughal terms, the Harem, while referring to multiple wives or concubines, also refers to the place in which they are kept, usually a palace adjacent to the rulers own.

“Princess it’s time for you to retire.” Gou looked up at her purple haired guard, giving him a shining smile.

“Just a little longer Rei.” She said, her hands moving across the puzzle pieces with ease. “I want to solve this before brother returns.” 

“We cannot delay my lady, your concubines have been restless of late.” Rei grumbled. Gou looked over to find her guard looking disgruntled with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Have they been giving you a hard time?” She smiled.

“When do they not.”

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