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Hello! I was looking through the baby darling AU tag and I had a quick question! Who's Hana-chan kitty? Is she a character from from free?

Chigusa Hanamura

That’s her and Gou’s bestie and they are both princesses~ (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ ♡

When they are over at either Makoto’s or Kisumi’s place for play dates, both of them definitely treat them like the princesses they are. The boys have different ways of interacting with them but the boy that acts more princely and very gentleman like is Sou pup! Papa Kish has taught him well (。・ω・。)ノ♡



You still need one more member, right? Please let me join! You’re the only ones who can change my brother. If you’re willing to have me, I can serve as your manager and help you out!

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i just saw Newsies and like. with all my previous experience of musicals, by the end of intermission I was steeling myself to watch all hell break loose. I could almost see Jack holding Crutchie’s broken body. I was envisioning at least three deaths and several missing limbs i was getting myself ready to bawl my eyes out

in light of the ending may i just say
I’m so glad Disney was in charge of this


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