Why do you knit?

I learned to knit from my grandmother when I was seven.  After a time, it fell by the wayside.  I picked it up again briefly in college and taught myself to crochet.  The interest in crafting with yarn drifted away again.

Third time’s the charm.  I started up again last year after a long hiatus so that I could relax.  I work nights and sleep days.  I found that knitting before I go to sleep helps me sleep when the sun is bright and shining.

There are so many things I love about knitting; the patterns, the feel of the yarn, the simple complexity of creating the stitches, the connection it gives me to my grandmother now that she’s passed.  But I think Stephanie Pearl-McPhee said it best in her book Yarn Harlot:

Knitting is magic.  Knitting is an act of creation and a simple transformation each and every time.  Each knitted gift hold hours of my life.  I know it looks just like a hat, but really, it’s four hours at the hospital, six hours in the bus, two hours alone at four in the morning when I couldn’t sleep because I tend to worry.  It is all those hours when I chose to spend time warming another person.  It’s giving them my time—time I could have spent on anything, or anyone, else.  Knitting is love, looped and warm.