The legendary and mysterious Steinmetz Opel Commodore B “Jumbo 6000″.

Only 2 of these race monsters were made by the Opel tuning brand Steinmetz. They had a 6 litre V8 with 510 bhp.

After a few races in the Interserie 1974 (Good Year Pokal, 300 km Nürburgring 1974 von Peter Hoffmann) it disappeared from the scene and was exhibited in a showroom of an Opel-dealer for a short time. The whereabouts are unknown and mysterious, and it goes the rumour, that it was stored away and finally canibalized in a backyard, some parts of it still around in historic Opel-scene..

A behind the scenes shot of a Valentine’s Day shoot I styled with @katewatkinson today using @girlonthewinghamilton lingerie.

GOTW will be selling some of my flowers along with these beautiful vintage pieces at her pop-up on Feb 12th and 13th for all you last minute lovers. Head over to her page for more info.

I want to post all the pics. They are so pastel pretty. Not normally my thing but I’m feeling super soft and romantic this year. X