Camo EOD tanto sorted for a US LEO .

6MM thick 01 tool steel American tanto style tip with camo laminate G-10 scales and torx chain ring bolts .

The customer requested I add a matching fire steel loop to the kryptek Highlander sheath with one of my slimline army sized fire-steels and a long malice clip for pack carry .

 My original intention had been for small of the back scout carry with 2 Blade tech IWB loops which I could then run a Tactical Tailor Molle mag pouch off to carry key survival / SERE kit in .

 Kit contents include an @oscardelta mini Gotube with Photon Freedom micro , @topsknivesofficial folding hacksaw ,cyflect pimped APALS Britestrike strobe , baddest bee fire fuses with tinder paper circles and fire-steel toggle , a spool of nano cord with mono filament test fishing line core , GITD SERE compass and a mini  Leatherman tool .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Poor Mans Go-tube .

Bamboo is one of those great natural products that has hundreds of uses and is easy to source in many parts of the world .

I remember watching a guide (ex Thai forces ) whilst trekking in the jungles of Norther Thailand who used a piece of cut bamboo to boil rice in .

Once it was cooked  he then split it with a large knife to make two platters  before splitting 2 thin sections of it to make improvised chop sticks  all in a matter of a minute.

Show here is a real simple way to make a watertight and floating container using an off cut piece of bamboo and a recycled wine cork .

 The larger the bamboo the more gear you can stash in it  but the harder it may be to plug the hole , this was just an improvised plug till I make a better bamboo cap to fit the cut end  and could work well for Geocaching too .

 I managed to bore a hole through into the bamboo just in front of the solid section allowing me to add a 550 para-cord lanyard and it also just happened to fit a stainless sewing spool with several meters of nano cord on .


Light weight morning run kit.

Tareinco Micro Pouch & GoTube on a simple shock cord “belt”. The GoTube easily tucks inside my athletic shorts outta the way, and clip the Spyderco Dragonfly2 Salt to my pocket.

Only thing not shown that comes with, is a key on paracord that goes around my neck (need to grab a quick detach coupling), my phone and the dog.

Huge amount of capability in a light weight, unobtrusive, concealable rig.

Hit up Vigilant Gear for a lot of this if you’re in the US.