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Newton and Hannibal, the shoe aftermath. Maybe with a cameo of gottlieb since they're all part of the neural handshake with a kaiju club.

Newt has spent most of the past twenty four hours convinced he is going to die. 

It’s not an off base assumption, all things considered. So it’s a rather cruel joke that when he finally feels calm, the doors slam open and Hannibal Chau comes limping into the shatterdome, the tips of his gold shoe rattling like the spurs on a cowboy’s boots. Newt barely manages to fall over his own feet before Gottleib steadies him. 

“Where the fuck is my shoe?” Hannibal demands.

“You smell God awful,” Newt blurts out. 

“Yeah because I’ve been inside a Kaiju fetus for twelve hours. My shoe.”

“I don’t—”

“For gods sake give the man his shoe,” Gottlieb hisses.

“I don’t have it!”

Hannibal strides over and Newt almost goes fetal himself. If he had been eaten by a Kaiju of any size, he’s pretty sure he’d be dead from shock or at least have shit his pants. But Hannibal just looks like he wants him dead. The big man comes close enough for Newt to feel his breath on his face and pulls off his sunglasses showing the mangled flesh of his eye. 

“Get. My. Shoe.” he growls. 

“Yes, right away,” Gottleib says stepping in, “it’s being cleaned as we speak. If you’ll just follow me this way…"

Newt is about to sink in his chair when he realizes that Hannibal has been eaten by a baby Kaiju. His eyes widen and he scrambles up before taking after them. 

“How did you get out of the Kaiju—”

The knife misses him by centimeters. 


…but there is always a creditor committee at the end of the day.  I’m not sure who will be representing whom but in regard to a creditor committee for Greece (in the old days we used to call it an advisory committee, but then it was all banks) and the join up of White & Case and Allen & Overy has a long history of working together representing either the creditors or the obligors.  It would be a natural.

On the other side, I think you will find Lazard who have been working with the Greek government (whatever that may be at the time) for a while and if I were a betting man, counsel will undoubtably be Cleary, Gottleib, Steen & Hamilton.

This is going to be a rather a fun thing to watch.  The law firms are absolutely first class and the best in the business at this sort of thing.  I do not know Blackstone in regard to sovereign debt (trading and investing is not the same as restructuring) if it is to be them  and my impression of Lazard after a few past dealings with them is that from time to time their Gaelic approach–we call it ego–is a bit too much in the forefront, this being the Paris bunch that is involved here.  Then again, times and people change.  But not at Cleary.  The crew that has been working on sovereign debt issues aince the early 1980ies will be involved.  They are very, very good.

I’m going to hold to my original forecast and bet we get through Christmas and into the new year.  No one wants to formalize an action such as this at this time of year in Europe and the Greeks have enough money to get through the next few months.  However, there seems to be no question that the die has been cast and early in the first quarter the proceedings will begin.  In the mean time, I’m sure you have noted the continued slide in the Euro; firmly below 1.29 today and the erosion of M-1 across all of Europe with the Greeks announcing the decline of bank deposits of over 4% I believe in October which I am sure is continuing.  Liquidity is drying up and more and more is the realization that what was achieved last week was a farce.  The failure to recognize or to admit to what was a credit event and a structural shift has been to exacerbate the problem and to create a monstrous liquidity problem as well.  For the Greeks, there is no way out.

Thanks, Carter.  I was an author in need of a subject.

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Adult diapers to the rescue for people with bladder leaks

The company behind the world famous Huggies’ diapers, Kimberly-Clark, has now launched an adult version of the diapers targeting adults. The “Depend Silhouette line” diapers are being marketed as a fashionable way of seeking protection from overactive bladders.

The company has even produced a rap music video on YouTube urging people to “drop their pants for underwareness.” A description under the video reads: “We’re on a mission to support the millions who need a different kind of underwear. It’s called Underwareness. In this music video, Depend employees drop their pants to support the over 65 million adults who struggle with incontinence and overactive bladders”.

“We’re trying to make the product more normal, and even fun, with real people in our ads saying, ‘Hey, I have bladder leakage, and it’s no big deal,' ” said Jay Gottleib, head of Kimberly-Clark’s adult and feminine-care business in North America, according to Bloomberg Business. The Silhouette Active Fit diapers for women come in black and beige and are low rise for superior comfort. Meanwhile, Depend Real Fit diapers are a slimmer version of the briefs catering the male market and are offered in blue and grey.

According to reports, the adult-diaper market has seen a rapid growth in comparison to demand for other paper-based household products in the US. If the trend continues, according to estimates, sales of adult diapers will eventually surpass those for babies, especially with the impact of other factors, like declining birth rates.

Pregnancy and childbirth have led to bladder issues in a growing number of women with the Urology Care Foundation estimating that one in three adults suffer with the problem – 80% of them being women. Several celebrities have come forward to support the “Depend” diapers, including TV star Sheryl Underwood.

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