modern day eric and dyl

-eric has poor meme taste but dylan laughs anyway bc he’s too supportive
-eric tags dyl in those pics on fb that day, “everyone has a crazy aunt and that’s me!!! 😛😛😛”
-have 3 separate conversations going via text, messenger, and snapchat all about different things
-dyl takes creepshots of eric using the dog filter with the caption “gottem”
-eric started a group chat on fb and added a bunch of people with his name and said, “ur probably wondering why ive gathered u here today” and they all left without responding
-dyl constantly puts out of context quotes said by eric on his story (“the potato famine really was bullshit”)

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Don’t compare me to these chicks Trynna make it up, imma Natural gottem tighter then a tummy tuck 👊🏽🎧 -“Boss #SoGoneChallenge #GetYouANatural #Bars

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