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I was tagged by my Lil Sis @toyafbaby to do the #20FactsAboutMe, here we go:

1: I’m the last of 6 children.
2: I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan aka: A2
3: I was a Mama’s boy growing up.
4: I learned to cook and clean because I’m a neatness fanatic.
5: I have more SneakerFamily that’s more real than BloodFamily.
6: I speak my mind, some people can’t take that.
7: I’ve only rocked Jordan’s since I got out of college in 1986 (28 years). Except for a pair of LeBron’s I tried on in a YouTube video that I got as a gift from @champssports this year.
8: Adidas Top 10’s were the last non Jordan I hooped in, way back in 1986.
9: Mexican food and _________ (I better not say) are my loves.
10: I have 2 vehicles, my van which I call #TheAirShip and my Hummer I call the #H_Dizzle.
11: My babies are my EVERYTHING, their 2 blessings. Why check out the next number #12.
12: I’m a 2 time survivor of testicular cancer. I never dreamed Khalil and Khalyn would be possible. God is awesome, don’t ever underestimate his Power and Glory.
13: I’m a retired Detroit Police Officer, lucky to be alive and have all of limbs. I almost lost my right leg from the knee down. Again God is truly amazing. People have made hateful comments and videos about me, my injuries, and being a Police Officer. I’m still here where are they? Hmm mom
14: I collect Jordan everything for the love of it, which is PASSION in my opinion. It’s the love of doing something you enjoy regardless of what others think.
15: I’m 2 days older than MJ, I share the same B-Day with my SoleSista @dreadrizzy #215
16: I’ve made some lifelong friends from social media that I love connecting with.
17: I love to cook, travel, and talk sneakers #A_Kiction.
18: I’m a true friend to those who are true friends, to haters I say see ya ✌👋👋👋👋.
19: I love my current jobs and all of my prior jobs. #Blessed
20: I need to be more consistent with taking my life long prescribed medication for HBP. It’s an hereditary thing. #GottaStayCalm