Whoever writes People magazine captions deserves a Pulitzer. Solid prose. I spot four hyphenated words and three adverbs (loathsome things in grammar) and somehow I just believe in this sentence entirely. Mostly because I have a sense that the person writing this really believes it too. And that’s what’s getting me out of bed every day—that someone else believes in what they do as much as I do. I have a job, you have a job, we all have a job. Do your job well. That’s why we get out of bed. We gotta pay the bills. If you’re not feeling up to it, my advice: take two Aleve® and keep it moving (in your low-key bomber). Fake it ‘til you make it.


$10 for Line Art- x

$15 for Flat+ - x

$20 for Detail - x   x

- $2 per extra character (max 3)

$25 for Watercolor - x
- $3 per extra character (max 3)

- Fanart
- Furries
- Animals
- Humans
- Oc’s

Do not’s:

- Realistic
- Mecha
- Gore
- Complicated Armor (ask)


  • I will take 3 slots at a time.
  • If you commission me, please send me a reference. If you do not have a reference then I will refuse the commission.
  • I will start the sketch when the commissioner has payed in full of the commission.
  • You cannot write off the artwork as yours or use in any commercial means; In other words: NOT FOR RESALE.
  • If you repost it anywhere else please credit me.
  • I have the right to refuse to do a commission.

Added Info:

  • Can come with a simple background or transparent
  • If you have any other questions you can always ask me :3

Paypal Transactions Only!

Slots: 0/3

Contact info:
Art blog  ,  Email: , or just pm me

you know what fuckin’ sucks about being chronically ill as an adult (don’t even get me started on being chronically ill as a kid ‘cause that’s a whole other level of hell). but what fuckin’ sucks about being chronically ill AND an adult is that being chronically ill doesn’t automatically exempt you from all the normal, adult-y stuff every adult is expected or required to do. we’ve still gotta pay bills, we’ve still gotta wait in line at the bank or random government department, we’ve still gotta go to uni or try to work or make some sort of societal 'contribution’, we’ve still gotta clean our houses and look after our children and pets, we’ve still gotta cook food for ourselves, get ourselves to and from appointments, tackle public transport and argue with call centre workers on the phone. it’d be so nice to be allowed to *just* be sick but adulthood makes it so damn hard

Ghost hunter AU from a Namjin fic prompt I want to write! Namjoon, Tae and Jungkook are ghost hunters that don’t really know what they’re doing, but they take the odd jobs anyway because they gotta pay ‘em bills and loans. Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi (i’ll draw in pt 2) are ghosts that need help finding peace, but the other three keep trying to fight them. Jimin’s the medium that tries to keep ‘em civil.


  • Lineart: $12 (cleaned up sketch in black and white)
  • Flats: $20 (clean lines with basic colors no shading)
  • Painted: $30 (full colored drawing with shading)

(+ $5 per additional character)

Simple backgrounds are optional and free but if you want something more complicated ask me about it!


Character’s from any fandom, OCs, robots, your pet plant, anything really! 


Anything excessively violent, gore or just plain offensive material. 

※ I reserve the right to not take a commission for any reason.  ※


Simple! Just shoot me an email at and let me know what you’re interested in. The more details the better (a specific style you’d like, headcanons and/or references if you have some). I’ll send you a rough sketch as a preview, get the okay, and then accept the payment through a PayPal (USD) invoice before I finish it up. And that’s all!

Thank you very much for the support and for reading this far, reblogs are very much appreciated! :D

New Commissions Version 2

Heyo Tumblr! You like lovely drawings? Of course you do! So here’s some cheap drawing commissions you can get for a limited time!! Here’s some options you can choose from…

1: $2 Doodle with a basic color background.

2: $5 Sketchy Flat Colored Doodle

3: $10 Colored Doodle

4:$20 Full on Painting Doodle

Pick whatever you like and give me a lil message. Reblogs are much appreciated :)

anonymous asked:

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THIS, IF SO, I APOLOGIZE! But like, the RFA+ V & Saeran with a female MC that likes to be the dominant one? (Like, not just sexually, but generally doesn't really like to be looked down upon/seen as inferior/weak. Like, how Jumin loves to want to "protect" MC and sees her as fragile but she's having none of his shit)

A/N: I! FUCKING! LIVE! FOR! THIS! I am such a dominant women in most aspects and as MUCH as I absolutely LOVE Jumin, I cannot stand the whole “must protect lil baby MC” liKE BITCH I CAN THROW YOU. LEAVE ME ALONE ~Admin 404

Anyway, I hope this is okay for you! I tried to think of what would make someone dominant;;


               -He went with Saeyoung to confront the hacker because he wanted to prove to you he could be a man

               -A man protects his beloved!!!!!

               -And it was adorable. You appreciated that he wanted to protect you and when you officially met, you let it go

               -But as your relationship advanced, he quickly realized that you were way more dominant that he has assumed and he /liked/ it

               -Hearing and seeing you take charge for even simple things like deciding where to have lunch got him excited

               -There was no wondering what you were thinking because you were so blunt and you were so independent, he loved it so much

               -Would he protect you? Yes, over and over again if it comes down to it.

               -But his personality is naturally more relaxed and playful so he’s a lot happier with you being more in charge of the relationship instead of him!

               -And he is always so proud of you? You’re strong willed and will fight to get your way no matter who you’re talking to and never let people look down on you for any reason

               -He’s just like your puppy? He follows you around, always excited! You can get a certain tone to your voice and he’s calmed down and waiting for whatever you have to say. he especially loves it in the bedroom


               -You loved him but you HATED that he was always:

               -“Princess! Just leave it to me, I am your prince, after all~”

               -Not to mention he loved to just pick you up and spin you around, putting you down only after you demand it

               -“Haha, MC, you’re so cute!”

               -Yeah buddy you’re gonna think I’m real fucking cute when I thrOW YOU

               -Ladies shouldn’t do this and ladies need to do that but you??? Were just yourself???

               -You knew you were sexy just like he knew he was, you weren’t about to pretend you were some cute little girl and just hide what you got

               -Constantly wearing whatever you want. Whether it contours to your body and shows your curves or it’s something low-cut and shows what you’ve got. You’re comfortable and you know you’ve got it going on

               -He loved that about you, but he also constantly tried to cover you up because??? Now everyone can see how beautiful and sexy you are?? And he just wants you all to himself instead???

               -So even if he begs you to change your outfit, you tell him if he doesn’t have to hide what he’s got, then neither do you. The two of you become the Sexy Duo™ and as much as he /loves it/ he also /hates it/ because nO ONE LOOK AT HIS MC. DON’T DO IT. NO


               -You’re both very strong independent women but the both of you accidently… try to out dominate each other

               -You both co-own the coffee shop but no one can tell who the boss is because you’re both… in that position

               -Both call the shots and both thrive in the position of power

               -But god she has so much respect for you??? You take no one’s shit and you are so calm when met with criticism

               -Her favourite part is that you take absolutely no excuses.

               -If there’s a reason you didn’t succeed, you never turned to excuses

               -“Oh it was the other persons fault” “The machine messed up” Nothing like that

               -If someone’s order is messed up you take full responsibility because it was simple human error, you know that! It was your fault and you will stand there even as people scream at you

               -And she thinks that is amazing? You’re such a strong, powerful soul to just stand there and deal with people yelling and screaming and even when you go home, she expects you to let your emotions loose and cry but… you don’t?

               -She knows the two of you fight for that sort of dominance aura but in all honesty it’s things like this that make her just bow down to you because you definitely deserve it


               -He always wants to protect you and he thinks you’re so tiny and fragile

               -If he wasn’t personally protecting you, he has about 50 body guards all around you at all times

               -Which really pissed you off because you were fully capable of taking care of yourself.

               -After all, you handled the whole situation with the hacker and the whole Fiancé Fiasco™, you were strong

               -But as stubborn as he was, you were too.

               -He’s always asking if you’re okay and if you need anything but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that you aren’t afraid to ask for things you want. Even sexually

               -So it really threw him off when, at a dinner party, you pulled him aside and looked him in the eyes, straight up telling him you wanted him then and there

               -He choked on his wine he was not expecting that

               -You noticed how he reacted and decided that maybe this is what it would take to get him to /listen/ to you about not being some quiet, pretty little princess

               -From then on, you’d have to tell him exactly what you wanted at any given moment, catching him off guard. But it was fun watching him scramble to regain dominance and provide you with what you wanted


               -He knew you were the dominant one personality wise and he was Living™ for it

               -He could be in bed all he wanted, you were fine with that, but most of the time you’re calling the shots

               -Which is a good thing because you really help with his impulse control!

               -“MC CAN I-” “No Saeyoung you can’t jump off of the roof I’ve already told you this”

               -“I’M GONNA BUY ANOTHER BABY” “No Saeyoung you gotta pay the electricity bill first”

               -“MC I bought a goat” “Take it back”

               -He even loves that you’re dominant physically too like, all he has to do is climb on top of you and that was it

               -You wouldn’t let him being on you stop you from getting up and doing whatever you have to

               -Sometimes you’re just carrying him bridal style around the house while he’s dressed up like a princess and Saeran literally hates the both of you

               -But all messing around aside, he really admires that you’re so strong, and you’re always there for him when he can’t be and he couldn’t love anyone else more than he loves you


               -He’s really laid back and such a push over

               -It doesn’t take much to be a dominant woman around him;;;

               -But his favourite part about you being the more dominant one, was that you were able to tell people no

               -Getting invited to a lot of events he just doesn’t want to go to… he can always count on you to stand your ground and tell them no thank you, without feeling guilted into going

               -Another aspect of your personality that he loves is that you’re never one to complain or whine about anything?

               -Every now and then you open up to him and will complain about things that are /truly/ bothering you

               -But otherwise, you’re all smiles and the strong one that everyone can depend on

               -And he loves it!! You’re always there to lend a hand to your friends and listen to their problems, suggesting some ways to fix any of their problems

               -You’re always walking with your chin up, no matter how you feel, and he is In Love™

               -Never once thought of you as “weak” because someone who could just show up at some strangers apartment solely to return a phone is?? Amazing???? And brave?? And just- who would think that is weak?


               -He would never let someone overtake his dominance, he worked so hard to acquire it and it just wasn’t happening

               -So quite often, the two of you would butt heads. The love is still there of course, it’s usually just stupid things like “I’m picking the movie” “the fuck you are”

               -But he liked to think you were physically weak??

               -You’re this cute, little thing there’s no way you’re capable of protecting yourself

               -So he’s always really close to you so he’s able to protect you

               -There have been multiple times where he had pushed you behind him just to tell some guy off and you /hated/ it

               -At one point, he put his hand on your shoulder, getting ready to put you behind him but you had enough

               -Grabbing his hand and forearm, you flipped him over your shoulder and onto the ground, both him and the other guy completely in shock

               -Looking between the both of them, you flip them the bird and just walk away

               -He’s embarrassed but holy /hell/ he is attracted to you 10 times more because he had no idea you were capable of that?? You just flipped him over your shoulder like he was nothing??? Beautiful??


give me a soul mates plot. everyone discovered their soulmates the day they’re meant to meet. whether that be a tattoo or a letter in the mail or something ( totally up to the muns ) and finally they meet up. BUT muse a had just turned eighteen like two weeks ago and they find out their soul mate, muse b, is deadass mid 20s. so age gap. and by law, you have to live with your soulmate for exactly three months before rejection - meaning you can reject your soulmate, but that means you will never find another and you wont ever find love. so muse a and muse b move in together and it’s a lot of change adjustments. they argue all the time and fight over dumb shit and they can’t seem to get along. it’s awkward dinners and walking out at dinner and avoiding each other and refusing to sleep in the same bed so muse a sleeps on the couch or in the guest bedroom and muse b carries them to the bed after they’ve passed out and takes the couch instead. it’s waking up to annoying ass little sticky notes laying around the house because they can’t communicate. 

but with soulmates comes bonding and when you bond with your soulmate it basically means becoming one. and gradually their souls begin to become one which leads to PAIN. you can’t go too far without your soul mate or you start to experience intense pain. chest pain, something that feels like a heartache, migraines etc. but FUCK muse a is still in school and muse b has a fucking job and they’re no way muse a is dropping out and muse b has worked their ass off for their career. so it’s even more arguments settling with forcing muse a to take online classes and sitting in muse b’s office because someone’s gotta pay the fucking bills 

BUT THEN BITCHES BUT THEN muse a gets so sick and tired of living with them, so overwhelmed and one night they sneak out while muse b is sleeping. despite the amount of pain theyre in - and muse b wakes up gasping in so much pain and realizes muse a isn’t there and has to go search for them. and then they find each other gasping and muse b is yelling that muse a needs to grow up and muse a is just crying and nodding because they understand and everything hurts and muse a runs into their arms and sobs and muse b is like ……… and they just sit there and hold each other and slowly the pain leaves 

and whatever happens next is up to you :) 

Hi everyone!!! I just completed the last batch of commissions from my sale week, which means I can open commissions back up again! 

These are my standard commission prices for this round. Commissions will be open until I fill X number of slots. Commissions are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unlike the sale week, please message me BEFOREHAND about the commission before buying through kofi! 

See more info about my commission prices and how to pay here! 


Time to open up commissions again (now with color)!

Payment via Paypal in USD
2 slots available + waiting list
>check availability here<

Things I will draw:
- mmo characters
- original characters
- multiple characters (for an additional 50% of the original commission cost)

Inquiry emails (sent to should include:
- Tumblr username
- The type of commission requested (i.e. colored bust, waist-up sketch)
- Visual references (a close up of the character’s face, and a fullbody of the outfit if the commission requires it drawn)
- A short description of the character’s personality (this can also include a pose, a mood, or an action).
- Your paypal email so I can send an invoice.

Please DO NOT send payment to me on your own! Once I’ve confirmed your commission, I will send an invoice to you!

Have an idea for something different? Send me an email at (any asks/messages through tumblr might be eaten or lost) and we can discuss it.

Thank you for your interest!

Push It Real Good

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Akielos Gym is deceivingly spacious considering how tiny it looks from the outside. It’s located on the far edge of the city, a tiny crook in the wall beside two hardware stores. But once you’ve walked down the long corridor to the reception desk and up the stairs, it opens into a wide, open space that must cover at least four or five of the downstairs properties. The rent must be obscene, but considering the pretty little penny that Laurent is fishing out for his membership, he figures the owners can easily afford it.

The thing is, Laurent hates the gym. He really does. But his new boss recommended the place and he keeps asking about whether Laurent has been yet, and so here he is: stood in the middle of the gym with one tall, dark, handsome, and obscenely muscular man who calls himself Damen. He came in last week to sign up and fill out a ridiculous number of forms, but today is his first day with his personal trainer. Apparently, everyone that signs up gets a personal trainer free for six weeks. It sounds great in theory, a good deal, but that means that Laurent actually has to show up to the gym and that when he’s there he actually has to exercise.

“Laurent, right?” Damen asks, stopping them in front of a row of treadmills. He’s holding a clipboard flicking through all the forms Laurent had signed the week before. Laurent tries not to fidget.


“If you could tell me what you want to get most out of this, it’ll be easier for me to plan your sessions.”

“I don’t want to get anything out of it.” Laurent says with a sigh.

Damen looks down at him with a frown and an amused upturning of his lips. “Are you here under duress?”

“Something like that.”

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hey so i recently had a gofundme set up while between jobs but realized it’s really inconvenient since i don’t have a bank account

i just got a car so i can finally job hunt again, but until i land something i’m completely without income and don’t know how i’m gonna pay rent or utilities. i also have a 7 year old son i’m supporting

any help would be much appreciated, even just boosting. i can draw for you too!

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ivy-raven  asked:

So Thor isn't Odin's son? What about Hela and Fenrir and other kids of Loki? Who is Obie to Tony in this au? Also, Tony can't stay in the cabin forever, gotta work to pay the bills, so would Loki follow him into the city? A rising star of the modeling world Tony discovered on his vacation?

There would be nothing MCU/comic canon about this AU, the story would revolve around Loki and Tony and thats really about it.


Tony does need to pay the bills, but when he sends in the photos of wildlife and the flowers and sunset shots of the cabins, he is met with laughter. 

He used to photograph the most beautiful women in the world, and now he is sending them flowers? We need better Tony. 

One day, Tony approaches Loki, watches the creature press up against the back of a gorgeous tree before his colors shift and he seems to meld right into it. 

“Lo.” Tony breathes, and runs back inside for his camera. “Lo, can I take your picture? Like this?” 

Loki blinks out at him, and smiles slowly, before his colors shift completely and other than the delicate markings on the left side of his face, he looks just like the tree.

When Tony sends that picture into his agent, the modeling world is shocked. Who is this beauty? Who did the makeup? How did Tony capture so much life and beauty in such simple shot? 

Tony makes a few calls, pays any bills with the check, and leaves the rest in the bank. 

Loki is so thrilled with his own picture he demands that Tony display it on the wall of the cabin. 

“I am beautiful!” Loki announces with a  proud smile and Tony looks over all that flawless skin, into deep green eyes, and nods, because he absolutely agrees.