u ever get the urge to restart a game from the very beginning right after u finish it because u didnt play thru it Right

I need a numbered list for this

  1. Eating something is apparently claiming it
  2. An entire race can own a species of plant
  3. There is only one right way to cook something and all other races are wrong if they do it differently.

Gotta love how that list is almost as long as their original post. It’s almost like everything they said was racist nonsense.


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wtf is going on with ur askbox today? like a) pronouns are not tied to gender?? that's some basic level shit??? and b) gotta love how people keep throwing around words like 'transmisogynist' without having even having the barest grasp of what it means lmao like please take several seats. anyway, ur wonderful just for existing, ur my fav nonbinary lesbian, and i hope these shitlords don't heck up ur whole day. u don't deserve this crap and i hope something nice happens for u later on.

like this post if I’m your fave nonbinary lesbian, whose BPD thrives on anon hate, and is gonna marry a beautiful woman someday.

you’d think helping my parents decorate their house for the holidays would get me in the festive spirits… but i swear i’m turning into a grinch. no matter how much christmas shopping, music or anything, i just can’t get excited about christmas this year. it seems everyone else was already hyped by november. am i honestly the only one?

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I must say that I am grateful for slow burns in fics because I get easily bored of reading when the otp finally gets together.

heyo you described my romantic sexuality as a whole

anyhoo i blame video games like harvest moon for that quality in myself. you gotta WORK WORK WORK to get the LI’s love then when you have it it’s like “k the game’s over”. also there’s something cool about the pining part of relationships. IDEK. WHO AM I TRYIGN TO JUSTIFY MY BEHAVIOURS TO IDK IDK IDK