Comedy Shuffle is back tomorrow, BanjoGate is a strong 80% certainty at this point, my two best friends are on here with me having fun, I sold my first Car Share shirt, and you’re all so lovely to me and to each other with the sharing of gifs, art, fic, theories… It’s put me in such high spirits and I love being a part of it! Thanks for making this fandom experience a pleasant one because it’s a rare thing these days. ✨

you’d think staff would work to make this website more accessible and fun to use by eliminating some of its already-there issues (porn bots, the nasty racism and homophobia, maybe getting rid of post limit) but instead it drops more limitations on your use of the site that you literally cannot change, and then leaves incredibly vague instructions about that feature

telling women to “stay in STEM!!!(/academia in general)” is completely useless if the men in academia still aren’t taught not to disrespect women in academia, harrass them, devalue them, abuse them.

like this may come as a surprise but…so many women who enter academia leave it not because women as a whole lack motivation, but because it is an actively hostile environment for them lmao