You gotta love how Mary didn’t even give the kid Catherine as a middle name which you’d think would be a reasonable compromise if she really didn’t like it, she was just like “Nope, she’s being named after me 100%, nobody else gets a say in this, me me me”


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Characters: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: You were what you could easily call an insomniac, but lucky for you there’s a cute coffee shop in your neighborhood that stays open all night. On any other night, you’d be the only one in the place, sipping contently at a latte and writing in your journal, but what happens when a handsome super soldier with a sketchbook draws himself in the picture?

Warnings: Fluff, cuteness overload, bad editting (sorrrrryyy)

Words: 2681

A/N: This was an adoooorable request by @xxred-vengeancexx. I hope this was what you were looking for darling, enjoy xo

Also I’m a sucker for rainy atmospheres so I used a bunch of indie music for inspiration. Like Gregory Alan Isakov and David Gray. Totally recommend you guys listen them!

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professional - adrinette au

Adrien and Marinette where…

“I’m interviewing you for the newspaper so will you please stop flirting and we can get coffee after? AU”

Marinette was rushing to get to the venue, and she had been impatiently tapping her feet since the minute she boarded the metro. Her stop was up next.

“Come on…,” she muttered, pursing her lips and playing around with her fingers. “Ugh… Alya? Are you sure you can’t ask anyone else to cover for you at the office? Asking for me as your proxy for this interview was a bad idea. You know me and my dumb luck. What if I mess it up for you? Do you think you can reschedule that interview?”

“No can do, Marinette!” Even though all Marinette could hear was a voice from her Bluetooth, she still heard the plea in the journalist’s voice. Alya Césaire, her best friend since collège days, had made quite a name for herself in the information industry, establishing herself as one of the best journalists in the entire country. She was so great that she even managed to snag an interview with the world famous model, Adrien Agreste, the face of the Gabriel fashion line. That was quite a hard feat to do, but Alya had somehow managed. “You cannot ruin this for me! I mean sure it was helpful that we went to collège with the guy, but,” Alya continued, sounding frantic, “do you know the kind of people I had to call and the deals I had to make to get this interview with an Agreste?”

Marinette sighed. “I’m assuming a lot.”

“Yes, a lot!” Alya groaned. “Just please do this for me, Mari. I’m begging you! I’m stuck in traffic and haven’t moved an inch from the flow in front of my building.” She cursed under her breath. “Shouldn’t have brought the car to work today. Paris traffic is horrible.” She heaved another sigh before continuing. “Listen, Mari: You’re a lot closer so you just have to make that meeting for me. Please.”

“And I am. Don’t worry,” Marinette reassured, bounding up the steps and rushing to the Agreste home right across the street. “I’m here right now. Right on time, right?”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you, Marinette? Because I love you, Marinette!” Alya let out a breath of relief. “You are a lifesaver! I owe you one! Remember that!”

“Oh, I don’t plan on letting you forget.” Marinette laughed at her best friend. “I’ll talk to you later, okay? Looks like I gotta buzz in.”

“Love you, Mari! Thanks for doing this for me!”

Marinette smiled and shook her head. “Love you too, Alya.” She clicked her Bluetooth off and stood in front of the doorbell of the Agreste mansion. “Okay, Marinette,” she began to prep herself, clenching her fists together. “You got this. You will not mess this up for your best friend. You got this, girl.” Then, after taking a deep breath, Marinette pressed on the button for the intercom.

A camera popped out of the wall and examined her face. “Yes?” a disembodied voice called from a speaker. “Do you have an appointment?”

“Yes, I do.” Marinette scrambled for her phone to make sure she got every detail right. “I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and I’m here as Alya Césaire’s representative for an interview with Adrien Agreste at ten thirty today?”

There was a moment of silence, probably the owner of the voice checking for confirmation.

“Ah, yes. Ms. Dupain-Cheng,” the voice affirmed. “Ms. Césaire called to inform of your arrival earlier as well. You may proceed to enter the compound. Adrien will receive you shortly.”

Marinette smiled graciously; she was glad that she hadn’t messed things up from the get go. “Thank you,” she said gratefully before entering through the gates.

The Agreste manor was even bigger up close. It was a looming, lonely structure that stood over four stories high with tall double oak doors and simple but classy engravings on the stone that decorated its façade. It truly was a magnificent home.

Standing atop the stone steps was a tall woman wearing a purple pantsuit and a stern expression. “Right this way, Ms. Dupain-Cheng,” she greeted as she pushed open one of the doors. “You will be conducting the interview in the parlor, if you don’t mind.”

Regardless of whether she minded or not, Marinette doubted she had much of a choice, judging from the woman’s tone of voice.

Nodding in response, the stand-in interviewer merely followed after the woman she guessed was probably Gabriel or Adrien Agreste’s assistant. They had walked into the sitting room when she gestured to take a seat.

“Please make yourself comfortable,” she told Marinette. “Adrien will be here shortly.”

And with that, she walked away briskly, leaving Marinette alone in the parlor with nothing but the fading sound of her heels clicking at the marble floors as she walked away.

Marinette took this time to grab at her phone again, furiously flipping through the notes she had saved from Alya’s email. She read and reread every question carefully and dared to mutter them to herself just to get it right—the last thing she should be doing is letting her best friend down on an interview that she had already emphasized was of utmost importance.

Her eyes widened at one of the questions Alya had listed.

“‘Are you seeing anyone right now?’” Marinette echoed aloud, looking bewildered. “Why is Alya always trying to start up drama with his fans…? And just when most of the questions seemed serious…”

“Why, no! I am not seeing anyone at the moment, but I gotta admit: I’m pretty interested.”

When Marinette looked up, she saw Adrien Agreste smiling down at her. The famous model stood tall at about six feet or so, with bright green eyes, a wide toothy grin, and a mop of blond hair styled into an undercut.

Marinette felt her breath hitch and tried her best to be subtle while eyeing him.

(Hey! He was a model! And he looked… Well, he looked really good. You know. Since that’s his job and all. Too look good.)

(Not that he wouldn’t look good if modeling wasn’t his job, but… Oh, for heaven’s sake, Marinette! Get your thoughts together!)

“Um. Hi!” she managed to say, standing up and meeting his gaze evenly. After all, she was here for very professional reasons only. “I’m sure your assistant’s already told you, but I’ll be taking Alya’s place in your interview today. I’m—”

“Marinette, right?” Adrien finished, his smile growing wider. “Marinette Dupain-Cheng? I mean, Natalie sort of told me, but I remember you from collège. You were the pretty girl who sat behind me and Nino back then.”

“Always nice to be remembered that way,” she said, unable to stop the smirk from forming on her lips. “Shall we get started with the interview then?”

Adrien frowned. “I thought we’ve already started,” he said with a pout. “I did answer your question, right? I’m not seeing anyone right now.”

Marinette huffed. “I think that’s been very well established by now,” she told him dryly.

“Just emphasizing. In case you didn’t hear.” Adrien winked, and Marinette rolled her eyes. “Totally available. Like, completely free. Not dating anyone, but very interested, if asked.”

This was going to be a long interview, Marinette decided, shaking her head at him. There was a smile tugging up at the corners of her lips.

Adrien,” Marinette complained for the umpteenth time in the interview. They had sat in the parlor for nearly two hours now, and Marinette had only made it through a little more than half the questions Alya had sent her. Adrien kept sidetracking the interview, reminiscing about the old days back in collège, telling Marinette about how, for the longest time, he had this massive crush on her. Oh sure, Marinette definitely had a crush on him too, but she wasn’t about to turn an important interview her best friend needed into a way to get a date. “Will you please stop flirting with me and answer the question?”

“What’s wrong with answering the question and flirting?”

“I’m supposed to be writing this down for Alya. Your answers are going on an actual article, Adrien.”

The model paused. “All right, point taken,” he admitted. “I’ll stop now.”

Thank you.”


“Why is there a ‘but’? There’s always gotta be a ‘but’.”

“Can I ask you out after this? How does coffee sound?”

Marinette sighed. I would love to, she wanted to say, but it came out sounding like:

Adrien,” she drawled slowly, “be serious here.”

“I am! My affections are anything but false!” In his seat across from her, Adrien leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees and resting his head on his hands. “Just grab a coffee with me, and maybe we can chat a little. Catch up some more. Are you interested?”

“This interview is supposed to be professional—”

“And it is,” Adrien interrupted. “I promise I’ll take it seriously, okay, Marinette? Can you just… take my request seriously? I meant what I said, you know. Will you go out with me?”

Marinette bit her lip. “I don’t know…,” she replied hesitantly. “I-I don’t want to turn this into some ploy to get a date. Alya’s counting on me to get this interview done.”

“And you will. Promise.” With a solemn look on his face, Adrien drew a cross over his heart with a finger. “I’m just… Do you mind if… Um, do you have an answer for me, then?”

Fine,” Marinette said at last. But there was that little smile again, tugging at the corners of her lips. She just couldn’t help it. “But after the interview, okay? Get through this with me first.”

Adrien’s face immediately brightened up when he heard her response. “But of course, ma chère!” he replied. “Now where were we again?”

A/N: Titles? What are titles? Anyways, I’m always a sucker for Adrinette, so here we are with my first written AU for these losers. Reblog if you liked it!

i love mary’s friendship with robert so much honestly?? it’s clear they support each other despite both of them having their own problems and that’s just really refreshing to see

also we don’t know a lot about her friendship with damien but i love them too. she’s protective of him but not overbearing and the mutual respect there is great

honestly i just love mary in general