Music Tag

You can tell a lot about someone from the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play, then tag 10 other people to do it too.

I was tagged by esmee-the-fanwarrior (post is here)

1. Breathe by TwoThirds
2. The Great Gastly by MDK
3. Whip-It by 1UP
4. We Love by Rameses B
5. Night After Night by Rogue
6. Ideekay by Ephixa
7. Mountains by Rameses B (Oh hi again)
8. People Say by Skifonix
9. Bring It Back by TwoThirds (Hi again)
and lastly, 10. Party For The Living by Tristam

Oh boy let’s scare some people by tagging them: cloudjumper-loves-toothless, obsessionsarenormal, howtotrainyourdragonrox, sonicstardustzone, kristakriat, whyneedacoolname, uselesslesbian-vampire, pandatzo, sayonarashadowthehedgehog and ridersofdragons

first day at work w/out my anxiety meds in like, a month; not good. spent all day low-key freaking out. made mistakes i normally don’t make. FUck

one of my bosses (co-workers?? whatevs it’s a weird set up) thought i had carpal tunnel bc i kept flapping my hands bc i just get so figdity and i have to move and i was doing it All Day
the smell of cinnamon buns almost made me cry #awesome

I’m going to sleep now. I’ve screwed up my sleeping routine for weeks now, so it’s time for me to turn it back. I need to stop sleeping through half of the days, and stay up most of the nights…

Anyway, I’m gonna try start using queue too. For some reason I didn’t feel any use to it before. But I think it’s it could be a nice tool to use, to post stuff whenever I’m not online, instead of posting a lot during a shorter period of time every day. Thing is I don’t know yet when I will be using it. I don’t want my queue to interfere and post stuff at the same time when I’m often online. *shrugs* I’ll see what I come up with. 

Good night.

so idk if you’ve noticed but i’ve been completely away for 3 days, and it was really nice getting offline and visiting my grandma with my family and idk this state of (semi)hiatus feels good to me so i may stay like this for at least a few days. and while i was gone i passed 300 followers so thanks guys!