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so i heard about team voltron’s favorite animals


└ When Jun decides to take back his Comedy Leader role for a bit.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 15.07.2017

Bonus: Cos I agree.  MJ is…

Ok but losing your virginity with Peter Parker:

- You would have defs talked about it beforehand because Peter doesn’t do well with spontaneity
- You would do it at his place on a night when May is out
- He’d be kissing you and your heart would be pounding
- and is he shaking or are you making that up??
- after the foreplay starts heating up a little he’s like
- “Do you still want to?” all breathy
- and you’re like “uh hi yes.”
- so you’re laying there and he’s pulling his pants down & you’re like
- “you bought condoms right?”
- And Peter’s like “……..I thought you were on birth control?”
- And you’re just staring at him like hoW COULD WE HAVE MISCOMMUNICATED HERE
- slowly you’re like “no….I thought you said you were buying condoms”
- THANK GOD it’s dim in that room bc Peter is blushing so hard at this point
- He’s all like “Uh uh, no, I, uh, didn’t. B-but I can go get some!”
- He’s immediately jumping up and grabbing his backpack like
- “I’ll just run to 7/11! It’ll only take me 5 minutes! Not even! 2 minutes!”
- Of course this would happen to you two on this night of all nights
- And you’re like “wait but what am I supposed to do just lay here naked????”
- (answer: no way in hell)
- You’re going to come with him even if it’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you
- PETER is trying to figure out wtf to say to to you
- he was just gonna change into the suit and swing into the convenience store all cool-like in the mask
- Maybe grab a pack of condoms and just toss a ten dollar bill at the cashier
- and swing out like a badass
- But he’s already fucked it up enough at this point so he’s gotta let you come
- Cut to the two of you standing awkwardly in the checkout line 20 minutes later
- Some biker dudes in front of you buying beef jerky
- Some grandma is behind you buying a redbull
- And let’s be real neither of you are really making eye contact with the guy behind the counter
- Then you’re RUNNING back to Peter’s
- You don’t even know if it’s the humiliation or the nerves spurring you on
- but you and Peter literally run up to the 7th floor and you’re breathing SO HARD when you get back to the apartment
- But it’s cute and it works and he’s kissing you and then he’s CARRYING you back to his bed
- And yes it is the bottom bunk whatever
- It’s kind of awkward and it’s slow but he’s so gentle
- he just keeps saying how much he loves you and how beautiful you are
- Afterwards he just holds you
- And you guys can’t help but giggle about the whole situation
- Peter may or may not have texted Ned and told him after you left
- You may or may not have gone home and started researching different positions to try in the future
- Peter definitely webbed the box of condoms to the bottom of his bed
- and still checks daily to make sure Aunt May hasn’t found it