gotta work on other stuffs

Today’s warm-up doodle is inspired by one of my favorite lil comfort food fics, A Little Softer by @loquaciousquark . The picture described in the fic is just… it’s cute okay go do yourself a favor and roll around in some fluff.

Doodle thing with blurb!

Time being around 1931, after Roy Mustang reaches the position of Fuhrer in 1928, Ed’s SSDAS is moved to governmental installations next to the headquarters in Central. It was hard to find them a space of their own but after a whole bureaucratic process it was finally achieved. Moving everything -read researches, machinery, books and experiments- while maintaining their productiveness up was probably the hardest part.

During this year too, the SSDAS is declared officially a governmental institution and its members are given proper statues as such (in equivalents to military ranks).

all I want to do nowadays is draw genos lmao

Inspired @spunlikesugar‘s fic Crime and Punishment (nsfw) , a very nice fic I enjoyed a lot +  suit au + genos dress arms??? dress arms that are not for combat yes! good