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Well, if hc requests are open, I've got an idea! The RFA + Minor 3, playing drinking games. What are their favorite games, and any highlights to be shared? Like, Never Have I Ever, Drink when X does Y, beer pong, etc?


*this turned into more gENERAL DRUNK HEADCANONS IM SORRY*


  • Terrible tolerance for alcohol
  • Meaning he gets plastered extremely easily and can’t even tolerate the taste like Vanderwood or Saeran can
  • “This tastes like nail polish remover…..” *squinting and grimacing and lord help the poor child*
  • For Never Have I Ever, Seven said “Never have I ever broken someone’s possession and not told them until months and months later” and proceeded to glare at Yoosung
  • Yoosung, of course, was the only one to drink 
  • He drank shamefully 
  • Because of his horrible tolerance, he usually doesn’t participate in drinking games unless Seven drags him into one
  • And by the end of the night he’s absolutely hammered, someone’s gotta help him walk cause he sure as hell can’t do it himself, and Seven’s usually laughing about it
  • He’s the sad and whiny drunk who starts to tell you about his childhood traumas with chia pets when you didn’t even ask


  • Usually stays with beer but is verrryy prone to getting sick along the night because of it; Beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.
  • And by the time Seven’s ready to drown him in shots, he’s usually already had beer. (You’ll notice that Seven is the “WOOOOOOO” guy at functions that involve alcohol)
  • So Zen prepares to hack it all up later and wake up with the worst hangover imaginable because he’s not gonna back down from a drinking game because he’s gotta prove his manliness so fINE SEVEN YOU WANT A CHALLENGE, MOVE.
  • Insanely good at Bite The Bag and Beer Pong
  • Has an average tolerance for alcohol? He won’t get slammed as easily as Yoosung but he’s nowhere near as tolerant as Jumin or Vanderwood
  • Zen is the happy, lovey drunk who just wants to be your friend (He is, shockingly enough, not the flirty drunk) “hhhey…hey..*hic* Where are we goin again..? OHHHH, upstairs” *drunken giggles* “forgoootttt” 


  • Usually doesn’t like to drink at all? She has a pretty good tolerance for alcohol but it’s just not her cup of tea. And usually Seven’s idiotic teasing and comments don’t get to her but sometimes..
  • “Woowwwww look at Ms. Jaehee Kang being the wet blaaannnket, probably cause she’s not good at the games mehhh meh-”
  • O h.
  • A switch is flipped and Jaehee may attempt to drink everyone out of the god damn table
  • She is also INSANELY competitive with all the games, no matter what they are; A drunk Jaehee isn’t a very different Jaehee but she will in fact become barbaric with her competitiveness
  • You can fight me on this if you want but Jaehee Kang is not a calm drunk
  • She is, however, horrified when she’s reminded of her actions the next day. 
  • “I…I said what..?” She won’t look Jumin in the eye for the next week if he saw how she had acted while hammered.


  • Amazing tolerance for alcohol
  • He doesn’t stray too far from wine; sometimes he and V will settle for soju, cheongju, sansachun, and maybe even makgeolli.
  • It’s very difficult to get Jumin to play any of the games but one of the games he’s amazing at is Straight Face. (clearly)
  • He’s terrible at Drunken Artists.
  • Usually rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Seven’s rowdy behavior, Yoosung’s tears, Zen’s constant lovey-ness, and is downright shocked at Jaehee’s drunken state. 
  • V always giggles when Jumin starts to pass the line of “tipsy”
  • It’s hard to tell for anyone except V when exactly Jumin is passing that line, but when he starts to actually get drunk, it gets a little obvious
  • He thinks waayyyy too deep into the simplest things and will talk about these things until he’s ready to pass out
  • He’s still straight faced, calm, and quiet, but he’s so baffled by the world. (almost like the Jaden Smith video; “sharks have been around for longer than trees……that one’s hard to believe but it’s actually true”)


  • Oh boy
  • The loud, obnoxious, overly confident, “WOOO” drunk
  • It’s almost like there’s no difference. You can only tell that Seven’s drunk because he can’t talk or walk properly when he’s heavily intoxicated. 
  • Loves ALL the games BUT he does have some favorites:
  • Medusa, Slip It In *loves trolling guests with this shit*, Revolving Ping Pong, and Concoctions *don’t play this with him he is MERCILESS*
  • Will probably tease you if you aren’t drinking or playing any of the games, however, he isn’t an ass about it. He only makes quick playful comments and it usually isn’t hard to tell that he’s only kidding. 
  • Now for his confidence
  • In his drunken stupor, Seven will most likely have to be talked out of doing ridiculously stupid things by his honey or by anyone who’s capable of convincing him. 
  • These can be things like:
  • Streaking around the neighborhood, climbing things he shouldn’t be climbing *especially when drunk*, drinking even more when he’s already annihilated, cooking *he always thinks he’s some sort of Gordon Ramsey protege when he’s wasted*, and many, many more.


  • The giggly, flirty drunk. (Who would’ve thought right)
  • V doesn’t usually get drunk; only if he’s drinking with his partner.
  • If he doesn’t have one though, then he’ll only get drunk if he’s with someone from the RFA, and even that isn’t very often.
  • But if Seven can manage to get him drinking then V is ready to be your pal
  • “awwhh..” *hic* “wook at how cuuuutee..heehee..”
  • The drunk who denies that he’s drunk
  • Terrible at literally every drinking game imaginable but, since he’s intoxicated, he just laughs it off.
  • Every. single. loss. 
  • “haha..did I winnn?!”
     “, Jihyun..”
     “nnnnaaaahhh I think I wonnnn” or “awwwwhhhh that’s saddddd…eeee.” 
  • NOTHING can drag a drunk Jihyun down, he is so happy. With his S/O, that’s where the “flirty drunk” characteristic will come out. 
  • He’ll compliment you on absolutely everything through slurred words and honestly he’ll be having the time of his life. He isn’t wild, either. He’s a remotely calm drunk. (he’ll wake up with a killer hangover though) 


  • “leave me alone” drunk
  • It’s often a little hard to tell when Saeran’s drunk *he’s really quiet and calm. Zoned out maybe* but he’s usually the angry drunk. 
  • This isn’t to say he’ll go around picking fights with everyone at the party.
  • He’ll just get mad at literally…the dumbest things…
  • “Why the fuck is it looking at me”
    “Saeran that’s a succulent” 
    “like one of those demons that comes to fuck you in your dreams..?…holy shit…hey..”
  • *talks to the PLANT* 
  • He also probably has NO CLUE what’s going on half the time
  • You could be talking to him and fifteen minutes later he’ll slowly look at you like an old lady who isn’t wearing her hearing aid like “…oh did you say something…” 
  • Wins the award for “Most likely to befriend an inanimate object while blitzed”


  • Don’t even attempt to challenge him
  • Vanderwood usually only gets drunk if he’s having bad memories or he’s just feeling down that day, but
  • that’s not always the case. Either way, Vandy can slam drinks back like there’s no tomorrow. 
  • It takes a l o t to get this man drunk 
  • And he usually just sits there and people gotta check on him because he hasn’t moved for like ten minutes??? dude are you good???
  • Yes he’s good, he just zones out a lot when he’s drunk
  • It sometimes makes him really really tired and sleepy though.
  • He gets a little grumpier and is a bit easier to annoy than usual.
  • His alcohol tolerance is high while his tolerance for your bullshit gradually decreases with every shot that he takes. 
  • Sometimes, if you’ll listen, he becomes the Venty Drunk. He’ll tell you some personal shit from back in the day that is very intriguing but also woah why was that brought up.
  • Depending on your reaction, he might regret it the next day

Gosh this got away from me! I hope you enjoy it! I know nothing about cooking Japanese food so you’ll have to forgive me. This is slightly Kacchako. I was struck with inspiration from one of @saisai-chan’s posts and so Kaleidoscope was born. Not entirely sure why I called it that. I just like the word. Anyway I’m rambling! Here’s part one (?) of Kaleidoscope!

Dinner time became a routine of sorts while staying at the dorms. The dinners were prepared by a different floor each night. Mondays the second floor students made the food while the fifth floor students set the table and cleaned up afterwards. This continued as a rotation throughout the week save for Fridays. Those nights were reserved for dinner with the faculty. It was Wednesday which meant it was the third floor’s turn to make dinner. The kitchen was in a frenzy.

“Ugh whose idea was it to start doing this?” Jirou asked as she swatted at the smoke coming from Kaminari’s pan.

“I think it was the teachers idea?” replied Kaminari. He turned behind him to look at Iida. “Isn’t that right, Mr. President?”

Iida, who was chopping up vegetables, nodded. “Yes, if I recall correctly they said that it would be a great team building experience.” He turned, wiping his hands on a towel. “Will you watch what you’re doing?!”

“Ahh crap!” Kaminari gasped as a flame shot up.

“If anything this has become a competition to see which group of us doesn’t burn the food for once.” Jirou laughed. “Wouldn’t you say so guys?”

Ojiro was preparing the drinks with Hagakure. They both hummed in unison. “I didn’t think it was possible to burn ramen noodles, but somehow they managed it.” Ojiro snickered. Kouda nodded. He had his pet bunny with him. The group had named him as their mascot and even gave him a tiny chef hat. Kouda had to keep him from stealing carrots though.

“Hey, it wasn’t that bad!” Mineta said entering the kitchen.

“It was pretty bad.” Tokoyami agreed, crossing his arms.

“I knew I should’ve cooked the noodles.” Izuku sighed.

“Whose side are you on?” asked Mineta.

“My stomach’s.” Tokoyami replied earning a laugh out of everyone.

“If anything it isn’t fair. Everyone else has more people than we do and they have the girls!” Mineta groaned.

“What does having us have anything to do with it?!” Jirou and Hagakure shot him death glares.

“Well you’re good at cooking aren’t you?” Mineta tilted a brow.

“Pshh why do you think Kaminari’s cooking? I’m just supervising.” Jirou laughed.

“What are you four doing just standing around? You’re supposed to be setting the table.” Iida wrapped his knuckles on the counter. An ominous aura was coming from him.

Izuku hurried and grabbed some bowls. The others followed suit and fled to the dinning room. “I got distracted. I think the smell was getting to me.”

“It did smell quite tasty.” Aoyama nodded, placing a bowl neatly on the table.

“If someone doesn’t keep his mouth shut. He’s going to get in a lot of trouble.” Tokoyami glared at the purple hair sticking up from across the table.

“I wonder who that could be.” Mineta rolled his eyes.

“What happened this time?” Kirishima asked from the lounge. Sero and Mina were sitting beside him playing a video game.

“Typical Mineta if I had to guess.” Momo sat up.

Izuku hummed in reply. He was building a tower out of the extra chopsticks.

“It’s ready everyone!” Iida announced. Izuku’s chopstick tower collapsed. “Izuku could you group round everyone up?”

“Umm,” he glanced over to Mineta who was currently being attacked by Mina, Momo, and Tokoyami. “sure. C'mon Aoyama?”

Aoyama was cheering loudly, watching Sero and Kirishima. “Alright then.” Izuku laughed, making his way to the elevator. He tapped his foot along to the song playing. Finally it dinged. Izuku almost walked into Uraraka when he exited.

“Oh Deku, sorry!” She said startled.

“It’s alright!” Izuku smiled. “I just came to tell everyone it’s time for dinner. Could you let Kacchan and Shouji know for me? I still need to tell the guys on the floor above.”

“Sure! No problem!” Uraraka waved as Izuku entered the elevator again.

“Thanks Uraraka!”

Uraraka walked down the corridor and stopped at the first door. It sounded like Shouji was rearranging furniture or something. She raised her fist and knocked twice. Movement in the room stopped and the door swept open revealing a sweaty Shouji. “Oh Uraraka, what’s up?”

Uraraka smiled. “I came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

“Oh thank goodness, I’m starving. Exercising sure can work up an appetite. Hopefully it’ll be better than last night’s.” Shouji exited, closing the door behind him. “Thanks for telling me.” He started toward the elevator. “You coming?”

“Ah not yet!” Uraraka answered. “I still need to tell Bakugou.”

“Alright then! See ya at dinner.” Shouji called.

Kirishima had left his door open and Uraraka was conflicted if she should close it or not as she passed. She stopped in front of the fourth door. It was closed, but she could hear shuffling and music playing from the other side. She took a breath and knocked on the door. There was a string of curses followed by a loud bang. It sounded like Bakugou had just stubbed his toe.

“FUCK!” The door flung open. Bakugou was dishelved and pinned her with an angry look. He nudged his toe on the floor. “What is it?” Something else was different. But she couldn’t figure out what. “Well?” Bakugou spat. “If this is about another damn bug in your room or something-”

“No! I just..” She trailed off, squinting her eyes. What was it? She gasped, covering her mouth.

“What?!” Bakugou fumed. “What is it?!” That’s when his askew frames fell to the floor. Everything seemed still and silent as they both stared at the glasses. Uraraka made to pick them up, but Bakugou snatched them away before she could. He quickly tossed them in his room and closed the door. “Not a word.” Was all he said. Uraraka nodded. “I - uh came to tell you it’s time for dinner.”

Bakugou huffed as they passed Kirishima’s door. He slammed it shut. Uraraka was sure she heard something fall. “Dumbass.” Bakugou muttered under his breath.

The elevator ride down was awkward. Bakugou was complaining about shitty music and Uraraka was clearing her throat every few seconds. Bakugou was the first to exit with Uraraka following close behind. The dinning room was as lively as ever with everyone chatting happily.

“Eyy there he is!” Kirishima grinned. “Bout time you got down here. I thought the food was going to get cold.” Bakugou grunted and siddled into the seat between Kirishima and Iida.

“Uraraka!” Izuku waved her over. “You gotta try the pork cutlet bowl. It’s delicious!”

Tsuyu passed her a napkin as she took a seat. “You sure did take a while. Did something happen?”

“No everything went just fine.” she replied, taking a bite of the food. Her gaze drifted down the table to where Bakugou was sitting. He was shooting an annoyed glance at Kaminari who was shoving chopsticks up his nose. She couldn’t shake the memory of him wearing glasses from her mind. Why did he wear them? Are they just for show? Does he need to wear them? Is he nearsighted or farsighted? Did he wear contacts?

“Earth to Uraraka.” Mina waved a hand in front of her face. “Are you there?”

She jumped, dropping her chopsticks. “Sorry!”

“You were really zoned out. Something on your mind?”

“Not really, I was just thinking about classes tomorrow!”

“Ah I hear ya! I still have to do that paper for Cementoss’s class.” Mina laughed.

Izuku nearly choked on a piece of pork. “You still haven’t done it?! But he assigned it a week ago!”

“I know, I know.” Mina shrugged. “Anyway what’d you think of the food Uraraka?”

“It’s delicious!”

“We’re gonna have to step our game up tomorrow night.” Mina laughed. “Although I’m not sure how we’re going to do that with Shouji and Bakugou on our team.” She pointed across the table where Bakugou was knocking Kaminari and Kirishima’s heads together.

Uraraka hummed in thought as she watched the display. “Maybe it’ll turn out alright.”

“We can only hope.” Mina twirled a chopstick between her fingers. “Anyway I better go get started on that paper.”

Aoyama came by and picked up Mina’s empty bowl. “And we have to start cleaning, Midoriya!”

“Yeah you’re right.” He said, taking both his and Uraraka’s bowls, grabbing even more on his way to the kitchen. Mineta was yelling at them for being slow pokes. Tokoyami yanked him back into the kitchen. Uraraka giggled at their antics.

Iida took the seat Izuku had vacated. “How did you enjoy our meal?” He flashed her a proud smile. “I like to think we did quite well.”

She smiled back at him. “I’d say you guys did a great job. It was very tasty.”

“I’m glad to hear it! Hopefully we’ll be this week’s winners.” Iida grinned. Dinner cooking had become a competition. The week’s dishes were voted on by the rest of the class and the winner’s for the best dish had the week off cleaning duty.

“I wouldn’t count my group out just yet.” Uraraka said. “ I’m sure we’ll make something fantastic.”

Iida laughed heartily. “I can’t wait to try it.”

“Say Iida? You wear your glasses all the time don’t you?”

“Hmm yes well aside from the times I’m sleeping or taking a shower. Why?” Iida quirked a brow.

“Just curious. Let’s say a person doesn’t wear their glasses all the time, why wouldn’t they?” Uraraka tapped her fingers on the table.

“Well they could wear contacts and wear glasses whenever they aren’t wearing them. Or they could just not like wearing them.” Iida tapped his chin. “Some people are embarassed by them and think it might give off a bookish vibe that they’ll be labeled a nerd or geek and be teased. I know I was when I was younger.” Iida smiled softly. “It’s stopped now thankfully.”

Uraraka smiled. “I’m glad it stopped.”

A loud clatter from the kitchen caught their attention. Iida sighed, “If you’ll excuse me, I have something to check on. It was nice talking with you.”

“See ya, Iida.” Uraraka waved.

She decided she should catch up on her homework too so she wandered back to her room. She pondered what Iida had said all the way.

i don’t mean to be a debbie downer but y'all know that isn’t black nail polish Oswald is wearing, right? it’s just black crud they put near his cuticles to make him look more dead/gross/like river scum

they did similar makeup on his nails very early in the show as well, if memory serves correct