gotta wait for harry to put a ring on it

Safe and Sound Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Part 1 

It’s done! The part 2 is here and I really hope you enjoy! xx I’m sorry if there’re mistakes, it’s midnight and I’m tired af x

Warning: Bad Language, Violence

It’s been a month. A long month. Though nothing bad has happened - nothing too curious, Harry would always make sure you’re fine.

You’re lounging on your bed. Back pressed to his chest, just thinking about what could’ve been. He knows you. He knows you too well and you can’t deny that.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry about randomness and maybe bad timing here, but I just pulled out my guitar after ņot playing it for ~2 months or so and........ just imagine Harry playing guitar and maybe singing along. It could be beside a bonfire or at home, it doesn't really matter, but just imagine that..

And imagine that one day… one day he’s actually going to publicly play the guitar and we’re all going to die, right? Like we’ll hear it and love it and then pass away? He’s been practicing for a while and is going to drop those mad skills on us soon, I can feel it. 

Young sproutling Harry loved laying down and playing:

In the grass and the couch: 

Harry’s in love with this guitar and all it’s little frets:

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