gotta show off that arm!

EXO when they catch their crush staring at a pic of them on their phone

Xiumin: “Wouldn’t you rather look at the real thing?”

Luhan: *does the pose in the pic until you notice him*

Kris: *pats himself on the back* “I knew I was their style.”

Suho: He’d be so flattered finding you looking at a picture of him that he wouldn’t know what to say.

Lay: “Is that Y/N… and a picture of me…” *slowly making connections*


Chen: “I see what you’re looking at over there.”

Chanyeol: When he sees it’s a sleevless pic that you’re looking at, he starts showing off his arms more in front of you. Gotta flex these arms…

D.O.: *squishysoo*

Tao: “As expected.”

Kai: *becomes shy*


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Fluff headcanons for Mercury, Emerald & Cinder? >:3c

I love these three so much;;;


  • likes to tease his s/o by kissing them anywhere but their mouth, all while having that stupid smirk on his face
  • but once he notices that they get frustrated enough he’ll give them all the kisses they want
  • loves to show off how strong he is to you by carrying you everywhere, like you’ll only need to go like two rooms over but hes still gonna carry you bc he loves the feeling of you in his arms also gotta show off the muscles
  • if you ever get hurt during a mission or even training he will keep you super close to him during your healing time to make sure nothing else messes with his s/o
  • also he would totally hunt down whatever hurt you lol its not getting away that easy after hurting you


  • She will make sure you have everything you have ever wanted or needed. She spoils you like crazy because you are like royalty in her eyes and you deserve the world
  • if she ever notices anyone looking at you she gets lowkey jealous and starts off by just casually kissing your cheek/temple/neck.  if the persons still looking at you she will literally kiss you until they get the message and leave
  • meanwhile ur enjoying the whole thing bc ur getting a bunch of kisses out of it
  • cinder makes you go to the beacon dance thing to help out with the mission but when she saw you all dressed up for the dance her smirk kinda faltered bc she was literally floored by how attractive you are??
  • she calls you ‘light of my life’ bc you are literally the best thing to happen to her during her dark times


  • this girl will literally be constantly trying to cuddle with you, and whenever she does get you to cuddle with her it would include her complaining about the annoying things the kids from beacon did that day
  • before you guys got together, mercury knew about her crush on you, and whenever she would enthusiastically greet you (kinda how she greeted cinder in the beginning of volume 2) mercury would start making kissy noises in the background
  • also whenever you bitch off mercury she gets so happy because?? finally someone understands and she gets all smug and looks at mercury with the same smug smirk he always has all while wrapping an arm around you proudly
  • whenever you call her ‘emmy’ she literally melts plz call her emmy as much as you can she loves it