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🖌Part 16 of Anything Au
Jungkook and Jimin be like “I love u baby” “ahh I love you too. Come here I wanna cuddle” “gotta say bye to the snake” “lol we’re gonna kill her someday” “lol snake” “I love u” “me too” new summary courtesy of @rinef
Jimin and Jungkook are both solo artists. The public knows that they were both pining for each other and then suddenly Jungkook is dating a female idol when the rumors grew a little too big for his company’s liking.Needless to say Jimin isn’t happy about it and their fans know it
Little teaser of the lyrics and I know you guys love the fans reactions so more of those for you guys and as always hope you enjoy and tell me what you think(slide into those asks)

me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)


2 post down explains this message QUITTING

I can’t take this no more

(Hate, life threatening act, bulling)

It all happened, and now I think I need to quit tumblr because NO ONE CARES ABOUT I SAID IT NO ONE I probably got 1 person trying to make me stay witch is my FAM @marbrunette

So I gotta say good bye to:

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This gives me ideas. Sidney walking down the stairs, in his underwear and Geno’s frat letters t-shirt, to make some eggs and coffee to bring back up to his sleepy boyfriend. He bumps into Tanger, who nods at him from where he’s sprawled on the couch, still trying to recover from his hangover. And then there’s Jake the pledge, picking up red solo cups and cleaning up the kitchen from last night’s exchange. 

Sidney offers to help, and Jake, having never seen Sidney around before, assumes that Sidney is a pledge as well and gratefully accepts the help. But nope Sidney is the frat president’s long-term boyfriend.

So Sidney ends up flipping them pancakes and feeding Jake and the other frat bros, who are all moaning happily into their breakfast. Then Jake thinks, everyone seems to love Sidney, maybe Sidney’s already been initiated? But Jake’s memorized the composites front and back, and he knows everyone. How did he miss Sidney, who is the nicest out of them all? (not to mention his pretty eyes and heart-stopping smile).

“Geno likes it when there’s chocolate chips in them,” Sidney says off handedly. “Can you hand me the bag?”

Jake does, and Flower gives a startled yelp, exclaiming that he’s late for lecture. He grabs his bag, rolls scrambled eggs into his pancake like a burrito, and stuffs it in his mouth as he says, “Gotta go! Bye Mrs. Malkin! Thanks for the pancakes.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Sidney shouts back, but not unkindly. 

Jake says, “You have the same last name as G?”

Sidney looks like he’s about to respond, but then Geno clambers down the stairs, fully dressed with a backpack slung over his shoulders. He stares at the pledges all eating pancakes at the table, the pledges stare fearfully back, and then at Sidney. 

“Pancake?” Sidney asks calmly. “Made your favorite.”

“I’m late,” Geno says. “Physics. Take attendance”

“That’s all the way on the other side of campus. Take a pancake. You know you get hangry.”

“Would rather take kiss,” Geno mutters. The pledges all gape at him, but Geno just moves to Sidney’s side and presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Love you, baby. You not have class this morning, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Sidney says. “I’m going back to bed afterwards.”

“Okay,” Geno says, hopping out the door. “Good thing I’m not make bed.”

Sidney rolls his eyes. The pledges all ogle Sidney. Sidney furrows his brows. “What?” 

Why I hate the voltron fandom

Y'all can’t let go of Keith for five mcfucking seconds can you. Keith leaves in the first episode and yall already trying to pull some klance shit out here. Fuck that. Klance ain’t here and it prolly won’t ever be.



That’s all I gotta say lmao bye

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Heya hey can you do one where you and shawn break up but only for like a day then make up sex hahaha thaanksss

Here you go, It took awhile to perfect.
Summary: You and Shawn have a fallout but he still shows you how much he loves you.
Requested: Yes

Didn’t Mean To Hurt You

I ran a hand over my face and took a deep breath. Shawn paced back and forth on the other side of the room, anger practically seeping out of him.

“It wasn’t like that, Shawn.” I said, taking a seat on the couch.

“Then what was it like Y/N, because that’s what it looked like to me!” He rose his voice. I started to massage my temples, feeling a headache coming on. At the moment Shawn is half angry and half insecure. He’s insecure because my ex-boyfriend dropped me off at home. He’s angry because he tried to kiss me after walking me to the porch.

“He was just driving me home! How was I supposed to know he’d take it differently?” I shouted back.  

“I don’t now, Y/N. Maybe you wanted him to kiss you!” Shawn semi-shouted. My head snapped up to him. His brown eyes looked into mine. I could feel a mixture of anger and frustration boiling inside of me.

“You know what, if you don’t trust me, what are we even together!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“I don’t know, Y/N!! I don’t know.” He shouted back. I back tracked. Not only because of the words that came out of his mouth, but because I’ve never heard him yell that loud before.There was a moment of silence as we stared at each other. “I think we should take a break.” I felt my heart shatter as he broke the eye contact.

“I have to go. I have an interview in the morning.” He said grabbing his coat and heading out the font door. I stood there in shock. How could he say the very words I thought we would never say? Yeah, I was mad at him, but I wasn’t going to say it. My body went numb as I sank to the floor. I brought my knees to my chest as the tears slipped down my face.

The next morning I woke up on the living room floor. I closed my eyes replaying the flight I had with Shawn last night, causing my heart to ache. I stood up and stumbled into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass, filling it with water. I stared at the glass before drinking out of it.

I remember the day Shawn and I bought these glasses. I remember the day I accidentally dropped a glass on the floor and Shawn carried me to the living room because he didn’t want me to get hurt.

I felt the back of my eyes start to sting. I tightened my grip on the glass and threw it on the floor, causing it to shatter into a million tiny pieces. I started to throw all of the china on the floor, remembering all the times we had in this kitchen, including some steamy ones. I want none of it. Everything we worked on is down the drain.

I ran my hand threw my hair and let out a sob. If I didn’t take that stupid ride, Shawn and I would still be together. I leaned against the counter looking at the mess I made. It only made me feel worse.

I hear the front door open and my favorite worried voice call my name. I didn’t answer.
I heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. Finally, he walked into the kitchen and looked around. “What-“ He looked up at me and that that’s when I broke. I hopped across the shattered glass and ran for the bathroom.”Y/N!” He called behind me. I made it to the bathroom and closed the door, locking it.

“Y/N, open the door.” He said turning the door knob. I slid my back down a wall.

“Go away, Shawn!” I yelled. There was a pause.

“Have you been crying?” He said through the door. I didn’t answer. “Y/N, just…let me in. Please.” He sounded hurt.

“Just leave me alone.” I heard Shawn sigh.

“I can’t do that, baby.” I got up and opened the door.

“You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to just hurt me and then call me ‘baby’.” I said looking into his brown eyes. He looked exhausted.

“I know, I’m sorry, just let me explain.” He said. I leaned against the door frame and crossed my arms. He took a deep breath. “Y/N, you’re bleeding.” I looked down at my hand.

“I didn’t even notice.” With that Shawn made his way into the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit. I stood in the door way as he grabbed my hand and poured the alcohol on it. I let out a hiss.

“Sorry.” Shawn said with a smirk. I couldn’t help but stare at my now ex-boyfriend as he focused on putting the band aid on my hand.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as he cleaned up.

“I came back to get my guitar for my interview, but the neighbor told me that she heard some noises in here this morning so…” He said closing the cabinet and facing me. I looked down at the ground to prevent from staring at the face I fell in love with. “I never meant to hurt you, Y/N.”

“It’s a little late for that. I have to go clean the kitchen.” I said turning around, but Shawn grabbed my hand before I could make it out the door and pulled me to him, smashing his soft lips against mine. I felt my heart flutter like it always does when he kisses me. After a few minutes of making out, we both pull away.

“I was stupid and Insecure. I’m sorry and I’ll say it as many times as you want, just please give me another chance.” Shawn whispered against my lips. I smiled and brought his lips back to mine, deepening the kiss as he placed his hands on my waist.

He gently pushed me up against a wall. I tugged on his shirt as he flung it over his head, bringing his lips back to mine. My hands traveled down his abs to his v-line, causing him to let out a moan. Shawn grabbed my hand and broke the kiss before I could go any further.

“Let me show you how sorry I am.” He whispered in my ear, his breath landing on my neck. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I nodded my head and he tapped my thigh, signaling for me to jump. He carried me all the way to our bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

He brought his lips to mine, kissing me with nothing but passion as he started to grind himself against me. I let out a soft moan as he moved down to my neck, kissing around my soft spot. He tugged on my shirt, asking permission to take it off. I nodded as he continued to suck on my neck, driving me crazy.

Once Shawn took off my shirt, he threw it somewhere in the room and brought his lips back to my neck. He started to suck harder on my soft spot, running his tongue over it after. That’s when I realized he’s giving me a hickey.

“You’re mine.” He whispered against my neck. I bit down on my bottom lip to prevent moaning Shawn’s name. Soon, his hands started to roam around my body, slipping into my pants. I sucked in a sharp breath as he started to rub me through my underwear.

“You like this baby?” He whispered in my ear, rubbing me harder. I replied with a moan, draping my arm around this neck. “I need to hear you say it babe.”

“Yes.” I moaned. I heard Shawn curse under his breath. “I need you. Please.” I begged, bucking my hips, but Shawn held them down firmly.

“You want what, Y/N?” He asked cocking his head to the side, rubbing me a little faster. I let out another moan. This boy knows what he’s doing to me.

“Your fingers.” I panted. I saw Shawn smirk as he moved my underwear to the side and started to pump in and out of me. I arched my back and bit down on my bottom lip, holding back a loud moan.

“Damn baby, you’re so wet for me.” He started to go faster, causing me to bit down harder on my lip. Shawn rested his forehead against mine, occasionally pecking my lips. “You know Y/N, you don’t have to hold back your moans baby girl. I want to hear them.” Shawn adds another finger and starts to curl them inside of me, causing me to let out a really loud moan.

“Shawn!” I say digging my nails into his bare back. He hisses in my ear.

“Am I hurting you baby?” He asks. I shake my head, breathing heavily.

“Faster.” With that Shawn pumps into me faster and I let out a whimper. His left hand is holding my waist down as he uses the right to pleasure me. “Deeper.”  He went deeper, bringing a whole new kind of pleasure. “Don’t stop. Right there! Don’t stop!” I moaned. Shawn picked up the pace. I let out a loud moan as I dragged my nails down his back. He hissed in my ear again followed by a string of curse words.

Suddenly his phone starts to ring. He grabs his phone out of his pocket with his left hand using his shoulder to hold it up to his ear.

“Hello?” He says placing his hand over my mouth but still pumping into me. I try to stay quiet but it feels so good. “Um..yeah.” I let out a moan. “I just had to check on her. I wanted to make sure she’s ok.” I let out another moan.

” I actually don’t think I’m gonna make the interview.” He says smiling at me as I arch my back. I’m so close, but I’m trying to hold it back while Shawn’s on the phone. My breathing quickness and he gets the hint. “Just reschedule it.” He says speeding up to finish me off. “Just do it, Please. I gotta go. Bye.” He says grabbing his phone with his left hand. “Ok baby, you can let go.”

With that my high washes over me, my vision going white as I let out a loud moan. Shawn pulls his fingers out of me and licks them. He lays beside me as I catch my breath.

“Who was that?” I ask weakly. Shawn pulls me close to him and kisses my forehead.

“Manager.” I take a deep breath and move to straddle him, catching him off guard. His bulge in prominent under me. He gives me a confused look.

“I wanna reciprocate,” I explain. Shawn smiles and places his hands on my waist.

“God, I love makeup sex.” He says bringing his lips to mine.


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  • meet mingyu
  • he looks intimidating as all hell but he’s truly a dorky, lovable meme who cares for the people around him and isn’t afraid to show it…. when he feels like it seriously tho most of his misconceptions come just  from his height and build
  • that’s why kids used to kick fusses up with him while he chose to brush them off at first after all what use did he have for them
  • but ok the thing is he’ll only really engage you in anything if he thinks you’re worth the energy which is why he rarely got into fights unless it was v necessary and even then he took one step and they dipped tf outta there in a heartbeat
  • continuing on, just the mention of his fave videogame is enough to get him fired up so when people are treating him shittily he easily serves the same behavior right back
  • given he was taught not to take anyone’s shit, he usually fought back in elementary school and middle school with the ones who were usually the bullies tbh
  • he was the lowkey heroic dude that would save potential victims it was actually really sweet bc the ones he saved would back him up and make sure he had rewarded instead of reprimanded like #freemingyu
  • high school was ultimately where everyone generally tried to avoid him what with his record and his overall intimidating demeanor bc puberty was his friend and enemy at this point
  • he spent much of this time alone and doing his own thing, finding a huge interest in music bc it allowed him to express himself without being seen as some hulking monster that could kick ur ass cuz he can but does that mean he wants to??? no (ok that depends but still)
  • this lovable giant didn’t actually befriend anyone until prolly his second to last year of high school
  • thank wonwoo bc he was a new student who as quiet as he was had a knack for music as well
  • somehow these two found each other and became an inseparable pair who lived to create music together, always hyping each other up and supporting one another
  • even when wonwoo was getting shit for his graffiti, mingyu made sure his bff knew that a) his art was cool as shit and b) he got detention with him just y’kno to be at tru bro
  • moving forward, the two eventually made it into university much to their peers’ surprise since they only ever assumed the worst about the both of them as like ‘gangsters’ and shit
  • it’s funny cuz you’d think that he’d let the stigma affect him drastically but instead he’s still a really loud, semi-hyperactive giant who welcomed seungcheol and vernon in his and wonwoo’s friend group
  • bc wonwoo was actually really hyped about meeting others who shared a passion in music like him and mingyu did and how could mingyu say no to his bff??
  • anyway, with their love for music, they discovered the underground rap scene not too long after and chose to perform and just have a shit ton of fun there cuz they absolutely adored the vibes and idk it just became a thing for them ok
  • so i feel the need to mention just how impulsive mingyu can be bc he actually dyed his hair orange bc he saw how cool it looked on ichigo from the anime bleach and the volleyball anime haikyuu!! with hinana shoyo like he just…. wanted to lmao
  • everyone else was like “???? ….you dyed it bc of an anime?”
  • “yeah, looks cool right????”
  • no one wants to tell him he looks like a walking cheeto
  • ok well
  • no one except…..
  • can u guess???
  • you
  • ahahah yup you called this giant a walking orange cheeto
  • so, here’s the backstory behind this:
  • you had gone to one of the underground rap battles bc your friend was so hyped about it and you were part of the school’s paper for the current events section
  • rumor has it that a group that went to your high school was actually killin it and you wanted to see it for yourself and maybe write about it otherwise you’d settle on the dance team’s biggest win thanks to the v cute dancers (*cough* jimin *cough* hyungwon *cough* yugyeom *cough hoseok *cough* *cough* ahem) who you didn’t mind interviewing…. again
  • but anyway, even if the school’s hiphop group turned out to be a bust at least the talent from the other groups was poppin and you always admired hiphop music anyway so it wasn’t like an unenjoyable way to spend your friday night
  • now most people at the rap battles are actually really cool and chill, normally you’re fairly chill yourself, but there was a particular group of people that rubbed you the wrong way, figuratively speaking (and almost literally bc you swear you felt someone brush against you)
  • your discomfort must’ve been noticed by your friend bc she hooks an arm with yours and leads you toward the stage where she promises you she’ll get you an interview with the rappers when y’all see ‘em in action, all you gotta do is wait
  • and so as you’re on your way there, those creeps are watching you and one of them actually tries following you despite how fast your friend tried getting you outta there and so you’re torn between telling the dude to either a) “fuck off” or b) be semi-nice and turn him down
  • but before you can, mingyu kinda appears and tells that guy to leave you alone and said dude is both terrified and irritated with that pretty attractive stranger who has you lowkey miffed also even more so at the fact that you may or may not have lost ur friend in the crowds
  • it isn’t like you’re some defenseless person who can’t y’know handle themselves so the act of saving you just wounds your pride a lil but you don’t say anything (yet) just watching the scene unfold as the creepy dude backs off and says “whatever man just watch it later” and mingyu gets a lil worked up but he tries not to embarrass himself in front of you when you’re both left together
  • i mean you’re not ungrateful for the help but like i said it wounds your pride and you’re just like “ok ya big ol walking cheeto head where did you come from and why did you just put yourself in this position???” bc you’re under the impression he’s about to get into a fight (lmao oh hunny just wait until he’s up on stage) and he’s just baffled
  • he gives you this dumbfounded look like “??? what do you mean- HEY DID YOU JUST CALL ME A WALKING CHEETO HEAD”
  • and you’re just like “hell to the yeah i did! now answer my question. do you have a death wish or something?? over a stranger?” bc to say the least you’re a strong feminist who isn’t afraid to lay out some facts on someone and you’re pretty adamant about staying lowkey when it comes to situations that could endanger other people so you’ve gotten a little worked up on trying to convince him that you had things perfectly handled and he thinks you’re so flippin cute getting worked up as you are and he’s just speechless listening to you
  • he has no time to respond tho bc wonwoo comes up and is like “yo bro we gotta go say bye to the damsel and leggo”
  • you shoot both of them a minor glare but mingyu nods and leaves you with this cute lil two-finger salute and disappears like how he suddenly appeared and your heart is pounding like crazy and you’re like “who is this kid???”
  • after a while forget about him bc your friend finds you and drags you over to an area closer to the stage where one of her bodyguard friends who also went to school with you two jackson was there all smiley and happy to let you guys wait with him
  • most of the acts that have gone up were pretty good but from what your friend and jackson were telling you, the ones from your school were the ones to watch bc they were so good!!!
  • so you wait it out, trying to decipher some form of distinguishing factor about the groups and of course you take notes on a little notepad of yours that you keep for nearly all articles of yours and as you’re finishing a note on a group… jackson and your friend began squealing and shaking you to pay attention to the next act
  • the performance starts off with s.coups and vernon with their strong verses but it serves as a surprise to everyone else and you when wonwoo and mingyu come in with their own
  • you’re in a bit of shock to see that orange-haired dude up there and you expected yourself to be imagining things buuut the hair was a dead ringer for him and as you’re jotting down notes about mostly his verses and the group, you had to admit that they were worth the hype and watch if no one else had done it already
  • just listening to mingyu was enough to entrance you for the rest of the show even as the satisfaction of them winning over the group with the sleaze who was harassing you earlier too and you didn’t realize your friend was dragging you behind the stage until you nearly tripped over a step
  • there’s a deep chuckle off to your left and you see the orange-haired boy that has caught ur eye and you’re tryna put up a front like “???? psh whatchu want???”
  • and she’s going over to s.coups and vernon with a friendly grin, telling them about how you’re on the school’s paper and how you wanted to interview the infamous rap group
  • of course they’re down and she doesn’t say anything as she watches you and mingyu talking again, dragging wonwoo away to let you two talk
  • he’s teasing you for nearly tripping, not even offended that you called him a cheeto head and you compliment him for his rap skills bc your pride isn’t as wounded as it was before
  • it’s pretty cute bc for the rest of the night after introducing yourself and everything, they tell you they’ll do the interview which was what y’all spent doing for the next few hours until it was mingyu’s turn who was actually pretty happy to go last
  • now at the wonwoo’s break room at his job at the nearby convenience store, you two end up talking for the rest of the night with a few of the interview questions you had planned and it goes so well honestly
  • of course you forgot how you had work and so when you wake up in the convenience store you’re like “!!!! shit i gotta go” and you leave a note for mingyu, who looks adorable as shit with his mouth slightly afar and semi-snoring that you had to go and leave without your trust notepad bc of your haste
  • anyway you go to work, p normal stuff not realizing you didn’t have it until mingyu texts you bc you may or may not have left it on the paper to be a lil cute and aloof that he has it and you’re like oh fuck bc you wrote some lil notes about him and you’re readily embarrassed as you meet up with him after with his damn smug smile
  • “cheeto head, dont you dare say shit abt whatever you read”
  • him: “me???? who you callin a cheeto head huh? certainly not me ‘the most distinctive rapper of the group’”
  • you: *facepalms* “i will fight u. you wanna go rn?”
  • “go? yeah, we can go out. how does sushi sound?”
  • so that’s how your first date went ahahah
  • it was really cute bc it’s always been pretty casual and lax between you two since your allnighter of talking and it’s just really easy for you two to connect bc you’re both really passionate about helping people and the one thing you’ve noticed about mingyu is how insecure he really is bc he doesn’t believe in his music ability in comparison to wonwoo, seungcheol, and vernon, all of whom are just as talented, and he just thinks they’re much better than him :(  and it really makes you upset that he’d think that ‘cause you genuinely believe he is talented af
  • i’m not saying you wrote your article about him but it was mostly focused on him which the rest of the boys were totally down for ‘cause their dearest cheeto head deserves it
  • a lot of people come to the show just to see the performance (mainly mingyu) and they’re not disappointed in the slightest like even your editor is telling you to get a solo interview with the orange-haired man that everyone is really enjoying and mingyu is in utter shock bc how could that be? how could the people want him more than his brothers?
  • you have to like physically pinch him to get him to realize he’s not dreaming and he’s seriously like “are you some kind of angel? or fairy? like how did you get this to happen?”
  • and you’re like “that was all you bro”
  • and he’s like “bro but like….. bro”
  • “bro”
  • you can’t help but kiss his cheek bc of how adorably dumbfounded he is and he wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you close bc he can’t contain himself bc in the span of meeting you within a few months he feels worthwhile and if anything he doesn’t care if he’s worth anything to everyone else but you, his bros, and even himself and it’s just so cute to see him finally comfortable in his own skin
  • it’s so presh even the cheesy ass lines he’ll use on you
  • he blames wonwoo but i promise it’s ones he’s come up with personally
  • like remember that v live of him with the toilet paper and how he wanted your exams to roll smoothly? yeah he pulled that shit
  • he talked to his friend joshua into letting him borrow his parent’s cafe and pulled off the sweetest date when you were stressing about your biggest editorial and finals and you couldn’t help but kiss him with so much fervor… well, y’all were glad wonwoo wasn’t at the dorm since it was closest hehe
  • some of the pick up lines that he used but aren’t limited to:
  • “i’m not a photographer, but i can picture me and you together“
  • (you: “you nerd we are together”)
  • “ if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber”
  • (you: …why are you like this?”)
  • (wonwoo: srsly bro why are you like this???”)
  • even some of his texts, which haven’t failed to get a laugh outta of you:
  • “You wanna know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again.”
  • “Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?“
  • but in all seriousness, he’s really precious with you and the boys love that you bring him strength especially wonwoo who acts like a total tsundere about it and is like “oh yeh, whateves. y’all are p cute”
  • and you’re like “is the emo king actually complimenting us???”
  • wonwoo: shut up i take it back y’all ugly (’cept ming)
  • you: (งಠ_ಠ)ง
  • mingyu: never thought i’d have people fight over me before (’:
  • but yeah, you and mingyu are really really REALLY CUTE AND I SHIP IT MUCH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

✰ * º ❛ pioneer ask meme. ❜

‘  some things are out of my hands.  ’
‘  i’m what time and consequence have made me.  ’
‘  sit back and watch the world explode.  ’
‘  here come the fireworks, baby.  ’
‘  sometimes you can feel so smart, just like a ghost in school clothes.  ’
‘  my days are mostly hazy.  ’
‘  here comes the hurricane, baby.  ’
‘  if i am not a man, what am i then?  ’
‘  my head, my hands are really all i have.  ’
‘  don’t stand in line – identify.  ’
‘  i bought the last plane ticket to the end of the world.  ’
‘  who ever says that the good die young?  ’
‘  all the boys are alive.  ’
‘  time to give them what you’re waiting for.  ’
‘  if the drugs don’t work then you probably need more.  ’
‘  my tongue, my teeth are all you’re gonna taste.  ’
‘  i’m feeling pretty dirty, baby. forgive my sins.  ’
‘  i get the feeling you can save me, honey, my heroine.  ’
‘  your hips, my hands, you swing and you dance.  ’
‘  i’m feeling pretty lonely, baby.  ’
‘  just let me in.  ’
‘  you’re my heroine, just suicide.  ’
‘  if i let you in, you crawl inside.  ’
‘  you save my skin.  ’
‘  i feel a little withdrawal, honey. come pick me up.  ’
‘  took a hit from your level, now i just can’t get enough.  ’
‘  your taste, my touch.  ’
‘  a little bit of love and a whole lot of lust.  ’
‘  well, we’re trapped in this human body.  ’
‘  i’m trapped. i’ve got no place to go.  ’
‘  there’s still so much i don’t know.  ’
‘  i just need some time to figure this thing out.  ’
‘  i just need some time.  ’
‘  we’re trapped in this modern city.  ’
‘  i can’t even please my mother cause there’s still so much that she don’t know.  ’
‘  this can’t be all for nothing, but this time is all the time i get.  ’
‘  some days feel alone, on your own like a rolling stone.  ’
‘  a perfect waste of a perfect day.  ’
‘  some days feel like chores.  ’
‘  you get more than you bargain for.  ’
‘  i hate to say i told you so, but i just thought i’d let you know.  ’
‘  some days, they taste like lemonade.  ’
‘  some days can feel like razorblades.  ’
‘  i wish i could float away some days.  ’
‘  some days smell like spring.  ’
‘  it’s reality.  ’
‘  i’m fucked up again.  ’
‘  i should drive tonight, but i keep thinking of you.  ’
‘  i hurt you again.  ’
‘  i shouldn’t lie tonight, so the next few words are true.  ’
‘  never again will i leave you high and dry.  ’
‘  this time, i more than mean it.  ’
‘  i’m sorry i’m not what you wanted.  ’
‘  i’m sorry i let you down.  ’
‘  i could use some poor excuse.  ’
‘  i’m messed up again.  ’
‘  i’m messed up again, thinking about the times i was lost and you let me in.  ’
‘  i’m only human, both you and i knew the way this would end.  ’
‘  i am weakness.  ’
‘  i am greatness.  ’
‘  i am wasted.  ’
‘  i’ll make this the anthem for a dying breed.  ’
‘  trust in us, we’re all you’ve got these days.  ’
‘  take a look inside my heart.  ’
‘  let’s get carried away.  ’
‘  don’t you dare – don’t you ever give up.  ’
‘  don’t you ever give us on us, my dear.  ’
‘  i am selfless.  ’
‘  i am selfish.  ’
‘  i’m anything that i want to be.  ’
‘  this is violent.  ’
‘  this is honest.  ’
‘  you people, you are my friends.  ’
‘  the devil, he can’t come in tonight.  ’
‘  looking for misery, but she found me lying naked on the floor.  ’
‘  i was going insane.  ’
‘  the devil told me his name, but he’s not welcome here anymore.  ’
‘  tell me, what do you see when you’re looking at me?  ’
‘  this sense of responsibility is killing me inside.  ’
‘  stay away, sweet misery.  ’
‘  the pressure’s building with time.  ’
‘  i made it up in my mind.  ’
‘  i’ve got excuses for all these things that i tried in my life.  ’
‘  let’s make this moment last.  ’
‘  i am alone.  ’
‘  i am alone. no, not because i’m lost, because i’m found.  ’
‘  i like the way it sounds when i’m at home.  ’
‘  don’t say that i can’t do it on my own.  ’
‘  you did collide and broke through the other side straight through my heart.  ’
‘  you’re the ember to my flame when it gets dark.  ’
‘  i love the way it feels when i’m with you.  ’
‘  i cannot find the words.  ’
‘  two-hundred thirty paces to my place.  ’
‘  i should not be alone.  ’
‘  i’ll burn this house down.  ’
‘  no need for walls now.  ’
‘  when i’m with you, i’m at home.  ’
‘  because when i’m with you, i feel like i’m right at home.  ’
‘  went outside and saw the moon and it made me think of you.  ’
‘  there you were inside my brain.  ’
‘  i’ve been thinking of you.  ’
‘  you still haven’t changed your mind.  ’
‘  i need you by my side.  ’
‘  i’ll drive till dawn to show you i’m the one.  ’
‘  before i go, please know i’m trying to be a better man.  ’
‘  before i leave, please don’t get angry.  ’
‘  just dry your eyes and take my hand.  ’
‘  i’ll make this right.  ’
‘  i will try.  ’
‘  don’t you cry.  ’
‘  close your eyes.  ’
‘  everything is gonna be alright.  ’
‘  you’re so young and still so free.  ’
‘  i will try to be a better man.  ’
‘  without you, there is no me.  ’
‘  i hope things change eventually.  ’
‘  tell me how to feel like we did.  ’
‘  tell me how to feel like we did when we were young.  ’
‘  i remember nights we would sing ‘till we saw the sun.  ’
‘  you were dancing to your favorite song and all my friends, they were singing along.  ’
‘  let’s run free and carry on.  ’
‘  take me to the time when things were fine.  ’
‘  it’s all broken now.  ’
‘  always keep in mind things are fine.  ’
‘  we’ll figure it out.  ’
‘  turn it up, it’s my song.  ’
‘  i can’t sing, but i’ll sing along.  ’
‘  i can feel it in my bones.  ’
‘  take it fast, take it slow.  ’
‘  let me tell you something that you don’t know.  ’
‘  we’re all a little drunk and we wanna hear some rock and roll.  ’
‘  is anybody listening?  ’
‘  where did that old feeling go?  ’
‘  don’t stop listening to rock and roll.  ’
‘  i asked you to dance and i almost blew it.  ’
‘  i only kissed her on the mouth cause you told me to do it.  ’
‘  is this a waste of all my precious time?  ’
‘  could this chance that i take lead me to losing my mind?  ’
‘  sometimes you’ve gotta let go.  ’
‘  all i know is i’m still waiting for my sun to shine.  ’
‘  i see our clouds when i look around.  ’
‘  rain falls from my mouth as it hits the ground.  ’
‘  lead me to the light cause i’m still waiting for my sun to shine.  ’
‘  what does it take to be a liar?  ’
‘  i wondered why it’s such a beautiful day, i’m still sitting inside.  ’
‘  i was dancing with the devil.  ’
‘  i was singing dirty songs, pulling whiskey from the bottle till the early break of dawn.  ’
‘  here’s to getting caught with you.  ’
‘  i was running with the wolves.  ’
‘  i was howling at the moon.  ’
‘  i felt lonely, lost, and stranded.  ’
‘  i felt down and torn apart.  ’
‘  no cash left in my pockets, just a shitty fortune card.  ’
‘  strength will find you sooner than you ever thought it would.  ’
‘  the pain, it turned to anger, moved to joy, so now i’m good.  ’
‘  i’m one pack of smokes from broke.  ’
‘  i can tell i will make it on my own.  ’
‘  i’ll keep on fighting.  ’
‘  in the end, when you sink, we float.  ’
‘  i want you just the way you are.  ’
‘  just come back to bed.  ’
‘  stay with me.  ’
‘  love, you know it’s true: i want you.  ’
‘  i’ll buy you rings and shiny diamond things.  ’
‘  don’t want nothing from you. your love is all i need.  ’
‘  come on and dance a little closer now.  ’
‘  come on, move a little slower now.  ’
‘  just take the chance.  ’
‘  i ain’t gonna hurt you.  ’
‘  i want you.  ’
‘  stay in bed.  ’
‘  we’ll work it out.  ’
‘  stay here forever.  ’
‘  stay in bed, we’ll work it out.  ’
‘  worse or better, i’m leaving.  ’
‘  no more laughter, i mean it.  ’
‘  you’re broken, i promise.  ’
‘  i’ll miss you, i’m sorry.  ’
‘  if i run away, i’ll never look back.  ’
‘  you can beg, you can cry. you can say you’ll try, but i can’t take that chance.  ’
‘ i can’t fool you.   ’
‘  pushed me too hard, i’m shaking.  ’
‘  you’re talking, no walking.  ’
‘  i’m falling.  ’
‘  so long.  ’
‘  go on and waste my time.  ’
‘  don’t ever cross that line.  ’
‘  you’ll never know unless you take it there.  ’
‘  but don’t ever leave my mind.  ’
‘  please don’t.  ’
‘  just take it there with me.  ’
‘  you’ve been searching for something that you’re never gonna find.  ’
‘  kiss yesterday behind.  ’
‘  i’ve been there.  ’
‘  please believe me.  ’
‘  now here’s something you’ll be singing: bye.  ’
‘  you’ve been walking with regret, like there’s no hope for today.  ’
‘  you can’t paint it silver and then call it gold.  ’
‘  you gotta say bye, bye, bye. goodbye to yesterday.  ’
‘  now honey, don’t believe him.  ’
‘  lord knows he’s been deceiving.  ’
‘  if you’re looking for some healing, well baby, look right my way.  ’
‘  it leads straight to hell.  ’
‘  i need you closer.  ’
‘  i need you beside me.  ’
‘  good love will find me.  ’
‘  the coffee’s cold.  ’
‘  you always end up alone.  ’
‘  so no more lying and no more fighting.  ’
‘  tossing coins down the wishing well. don’t fall in now, it leads straight to hell.  ’
‘  i see fire, it’s almost blinding.  ’
‘  come out and find me.  ’
‘  so fuck your coins and i wish you well.  ’
‘  it feels good, don’t it?  ’


Imagine Jack gets jealous because someone from the audience is hitting on you.

Spectator:*comes up to Y/N* You were amazing
Y/N: Thank you very much. 
*Jack notices you talking to someone from the audience and comes closer*
Spectator: I really mean it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. 
Jack: *coughs* 
Y/N: *looks to Jack and rolls their eyes**looks back to the spectator* Thank you. *smiles*
Spectator: No need to thank me… but if you want to thank me, you could go out with me.
Jack: *chuckles* Smooth.
Y/N: Uhm… I am sorry, but I am currently very busy because of the show and I don’t really have a lot of time. I am sure you understand that. 
Spectator: Sure, sure. I understand you. 
Y/N: *smiles* Okay, I gotta go then. *says good bye*

*Y/N goes over to Jack*
Y/N: What is it with you?
Jack: Nothing, they were just really… decent. That was impressive.
Y/N: Oh shut up, Wilder.

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Just a friendly, curious question: Do you hate Sanji? (I was just looking at the tag you put in the mermaid pic)

No, I don’t hate him but there are parts of his character that really frustrate me. Sanji has a lot of incredible moments, such as this gem from Enies Lobby

This is just a part of that speech, but it highlights what a wonderful and supportive friend and crew mate he can be. It’s things like this that really make me appreciate his character, along with his wits in dire situations, and general tendency to think everything’s shitty. 

But then Sanji gets within 50 feet of a woman and things go south. It’s one thing if Sanji wants to be a slobbering and highly unsuccessful flirt, but then he gets put in a situation where the very lives of his friends and crew mates are on the line and he still can’t let go of his sexist principles. His fight with Kalifa was a big problem

This was the idea, but in reality things didn’t work out so well, he still wasn’t able to hit her, and Nami had to take over for him. He was willing to to risk Robin being taken to Impel Down and tortured until she died for information on the Ancient Weapons just because he wasn’t willing to break his own code about not hurting women. But the thing his, women got hurt because of his decision not to fight Kalifa—Kalifa got a lightning bolt hurled through her chest, and Nami got kicked and slammed into the ground and stabbed in the shoulder. Sanji’s actions weren’t for the good of anyone else, not Nami and not Kalifa either. They were entirely selfish and unrealistic and endangered both Nami and Robin.

And then we fast forward to Dressrosa

Here we see a woman working for Doflamingo who plans to kill every single one of the Straw Hats, beating the crap out of Sanji and trying to get information out of them, with Sanji not only refusing to hit her, but also refusing to believe she could be a bad person. Because apparently women are inherently good by virtue of being women and must be given the benefit of the doubt that they only ever do anything wrong because they were forced into doing it. And what’s more frustrating was that Sanji’s sexist assumptions were right in this particular case. This scene was the only part of Dressrosa that I’ve been disappointed with, and I really think Oda did a bad job with it. It’s one thing to have a character think and do things that are an issue, but when you confirm their sexist thoughts as being spot on in the narrative, you’re giving validity to the idea.

And this isn’t even touching on Sanji’s issues with okama (which is a slang term for homosexual or cross-dresser)/newkama, something Oda also has a big issue with. I know some people have dropped the entire manga because of Sanji/Oda’s treatment of them.

Sanji’s a great character when he’s supporting his crew mates, being Mr. Prince, being a rude jerk to Crocodile, being nice to kids, smiling like a dork about the All Blue, and so on, but he can be really frustrating sometimes.

Make You Mine - Kim Namjoon

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“I’m glad you’re enjoying it there, Y/N.” Jimin smiled through the screen after listening to me rave about unlimited sweets I had access to now that I was in college.

Seeing him smile made my heart twinge. “I miss you, Jimin.” I said softly, coming down from my ice cream and brownie high. I couldn’t help the tear that slipped out and quickly wiped it away, hoping he didn’t notice.

“I miss you too, Y/N.” he said softly, “But hey, I’ll be there to visit in November. Don’t forget me when you’re making all of your new friends.”

I scoffed, “Yeah, because I’m such a social butterfly.”

Jimin lightly chuckled. “You can’t blame me for being worried! When I met you, you used to tremble so hard  at the mere thought of socializing I thought there was an earthquake. Now you’re so much better.”

I playfully stuck my tongue out in response to hide how worried I still was about having to socialize. Jimin was right. I was much better at dealing with social anxiety now, but it still wasn’t easy by any means. I just clam up and jumble my words, making myself look like an awkward idiot. Knowing that this was my reaction just made my anxiety worse.

At that moment my phone buzzed with a text from my parents letting me know that they would be stopping by in 10 minutes for their last farewell after moving me in.

“Call you back, Chim. Gotta say bye to my parents!” I hung up and quickly got up from where I was resting in the shade of a large oak tree.

“Well with how loudly you gawked about the cafeteria I’m sure you’ll find someone who agrees with you.” I heard a deep voice comment as I brushed off my shorts.

I turned to see a tall, lean boy dressed in a simple black and white baseball tee and tan pants run one hand through his light brown hair and hold a book in his other. Even behind his glasses I could see his slightly annoyed expression.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know we had to use our inside voices outside.” I snapped back.

He rolled his eyes as he walked past me and towards the dorms. “Well when you’re trying to read Plato’s Republic you don’t particularly appreciate some frivolous yapping about ice cream.”

I huffed one last time in annoyance before moving on to go meet my parents. They were parked right on the curb, my mom taking in the buzz of the campus and my dad reading different placards with information about the history of the college.

“Mom! Dad!” I jogged over to them and found myself engulfed in a group hug.

Finally my parents pulled away. “Make sure you stay healthy and study.”

“Yes, yes of course.” I smiled as she continued on with a list of things I needed to remember.

“Don’t worry, she’s a college student now. She’s got this.” my dad interrupted.

“Thanks, dad.” I smiled appreciatively. “I love you both and I’ll miss you. Have a safe flight home.”

With one last hug, they climbed back into the car and drove off, my mother waving goodbye to me until the car rounded the corner. And there I was back to square one. Happy, sad, excited, anxious, and most definitely looking forward to college life.


College life was hell. At least so far it was. Everyday I dragged myself out of bed at 8 am to make small talk with a group of ten other freshmen whose names I kept forgetting. By the end of orientation week I was exhausted by all the repetitive conversations. Now, chatting with Matt about his small hometown of 5,000 people, I wanted nothing more than to go back to my room, throw on an oversized shirt and crawl into bed. When I thought I couldn’t take it any more, I felt someone tap my shoulder.

“Hey, sorry for keeping you waiting. The rest of the guys just got here and are waiting over by the steps.” Book boy stood in black skinny and a green and blue plaid shirt, with a much friendlier smile than the last time I saw him.

“Oh, do you have somewhere to go?” Matt asked.

Before I could respond, book boy was talking. “Yeah, sorry man. She’s my date for tonight.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him, but played along just to get out of this conversation about farming. “Yeah, I promised him yesterday. I’ll see you around!”

With that I gave Matt a last wave before walking behind book boy out of sight.  

“Thanks for getting me out of there,” I paused as I couldn’t recall his name, or if he had even told me.

“Namjoon,” he said, “And you’re?”

“Namjoon. I’m Y/N.” I continued “But couldn’t you think of something more creative than a date? It’s not like anyone actually came with a date to this dessert reception.”

He kept looking forward as he spoke. “I know, but I do need to bring a girl to get into the frat party tonight.”

I stopped in my tracks as he kept going. “Ha, funny. Why would I go as your date?”

He finally paused and turned to look at me. “Well since I did you a favor by getting you out, I thought you’d be a decent enough person to do me one and get me into something.”

“If I had known there were strings attached, I would’ve just gotten out myself.” I crossed my arms as he walked closer.

“In that case, why don’t you just walk back in and talk yourself out?” he gave me a smug grin as my glare faltered. “How about this, you come with me, give me half an hour and we’re out?”

I weighed the prospects of going back in for small talk for who knows how long or getting at least some alcohol for a mere 30 minutes of interaction. “Fine, half an hour.”

The walk over to the frat house didn’t seem so bad. I learned that Namjoon was a business major with a minor in philosophy. He loved Kant and was in the midst of answering my questions about Kant’s categorical imperative when we finally arrived at the house. The windows were dark although we could hear and feel the dull thud of the bass as we walked up the steps.

“Namjoon!” a boy with a bright smile got up from his seat on the porch and grabbed him in a hug.

“Hey Hobi,” Namjoon replied, “I see you’ve got a heads up.”

I looked down to see nine black lines drawn onto his forearm.

“First party of the year, I’m just warming up!” he gave Namjoon one last pat on the back before looking over to me. “And who might you be, babygirl?”

I felt my cheeks heat up as I stammered in confusion, “Excuse me?”

“Hoseok, tone it down. You’re scaring the poor girl.” Another boy slowly spoke from the bench Hoseok had just been sitting in. His mint green hair was fluffed to perfection and he was dressed in an all black ensemble. “Forgive him, he’s had quite a bit of vodka.”

“Oh yes I have,” Hoseok nodded enthusiastically, his orange bang swaying along with him. “You guys have to try the mango one, it’s great.”

Namjoon nodded as he took my hand and gently led me into the house. “I’ll make sure we try some, Hobi.”

Everything was dimly lit by the light of two disco balls and the DJs laptop. Girls dressed in tight crop tops and shorts were grinding against guys who held them close with a hand on their waist. Before I could feel like I was drowning in sweat and testosterone, Namjoon led us around the line for drinks to the side where another boy stood, his brown hair flopping as he vigorously shook whatever was in his tumbler.

“Taehyung!” Namjoon shouted over the roaring music. “Two shots of mango vodka!”

“Namjoon!” the boy immediately put down his concoction to come over. “You sure you don’t want to try my new drink? I named it Picnic Delight!”

Namjoon shook his head. “I don’t trust your shit man, just get us two mangos.”

Taehyung pouted, “Come on, please. I promise-”

“I’ll try some.” I interjected. I just wanted alcohol and I wanted it fast. The party was too much and hopefully it would ease my nerves.

Taehyung flashed me a boxy smile before pouring me a shot of Picnic Delight and Namjoon one of mango vodka. Before handing them to us, he gave us each a black line on our arm in sharpie. I took the shot, but couldn’t help from coughing and gagging as the rancid taste of lemony pickle juice made its way down my throat.

Namjoon immediately placed his arms around my back to gently pat it as I coughed. “Tae, what did you put in there?”

“Pickle juice, a squeeze of lemon, and Everclear!” he smiled as I finally regained my composure. “Did you like it?”

“Pickle juice and lemon? What kind of picnic are you going on?” I asked in slight disgust.

He shrugged. “Pickles are my favorite food and you always drink lemonade on a picnic. So I thought that if I just-”

Namjoon seemed more concerned about the alcohol itself as he interrupted. “Everclear? Taehyung, how much of that was Everclear?”

Taehyung stopped to think before shrugging again. “I don’t really remember but I don’t think it was too much.”

Namjoon seemed a bit angry as he shook his head. “Cup of water, now.”

He handed me the cup as Taehyung gave me an apologetic look and walked us away from the bar. “Make sure you drink all of that and stick by my side.”

I could feel the alcohol kicking in, my whole body felt warmer and I felt myself reflexively smiling. But I was in no way going to let Namjoon think I was a lightweight. “Don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl.”

A while later I had snuck my way back to Taehyung for another shot and found myself on the dance floor, expertly weaving myself through the crowd to avoid any unwanted grinding and hands as I enjoyed myself. While trying to escape one guy with particularly bad B.O., I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and pull me back against a body as I tried to walk away.

“Hey there, cutie.” I felt his breath in my ear as he leaned down to whisper. “I’ve been watching you for a while. You’re playing hard to get, aren’t you?”

I tried to push myself away from him, but the Everclear had definitely kicked in, as I felt like my arms and legs were made of putty. No matter how hard I pushed and struggled, he had me easily pressed up against his chest.

“Shtap, lemme go.” I protested again. I felt one hand snake around my waist as the other inched down to get under my shirt when I heard a familiar voice.

“Let her go, she said stop.” I looked up to see Namjoon, pushing the guy’s shoulder back to keep him from running his hands along my body.

“Joonie!” I squealed in delight. “Help meh. Pleash tell this crust to fuck off.”

Namjoon took another step forward and with that the other pushed me away towards Namjoon. “Take her, she’s too much of a prude for me anyway.”

“Asshat!” I called out as he walked away.

Namjoon sighed as he led me out the door and onto the porch. I stumbled a bit before we made it to the stairs and the next thing I knew I was on his back, arms circled around his neck for dear life.

“Scary, Joonie.” I nuzzled my face into his neck. “Too high, Imma fall.”

“Joonie?” he laughed, “Don’t worry about it, I got you. But where did you wander off to?”

His laugh made me feel better, so I wiggled a bit as I answered “Danshing.”

I felt him tighten his hold on me as I moved. “No one took advantage of you, right?”

I shook my head and laid my cheek against his shoulders as I looked up at the sky. “You shaved me from him.”

He seemed to stiffen a bit at the mention of the encounter. “I’m so sorry about that. I should have paid better attention.”

“Iz okay, Joonie. Tenks for getting me out.” I babbled. “You’re no lunger shassy book boy.”

“Sassy book boy?” he asked with a hint of amusement.

I nodded. “You want me quiet when you read.”

He laughed. “To be quite honest, I was more jealous than annoyed because I thought you were skyping your boyfriend.”

“Dumb Joonie. Chim my bff.” I pouted.

“Good.” Namjoon grinned. “Then that means I can make you mine.“

I woke up with my head pounding to the sound of the click of a keyboard.

“Finally you’re up.” I looked over to see Namjoon across the room sitting at his desk.

“Fuck,” I shot up out of bed, much to my chagrin as a wave of nausea hit me. At this, he ran over, tripping a bit over his chair and charger. Soon one hand was on my back and a trash can in front of me. I shook my head as the feeling went subsided. “Why are you here?”

“I’m assuming you don’t remember since Taehyung gave you two shots of Everclear. Frat party last night, remember?” Namjoon was now seated on the edge of the bed and adjusting his glasses.

I looked around the room and once taking in the blue comforter and posters of hip hop on the walls, I realized I wasn’t in my room. I groaned as I tried to get out of bed. Namjoon helped steady me but I pushed him away and leaned against the bed.

“Thanks for getting me back, but I think I’ll be on my way now.” I shoved my sneakers back on and groggily made my way to the door. I spun around as I remembered that I forgot to ask. “I didn’t do anything regrettable last night, did I?”

He walked over slowly, hands in the pockets of his navy sweats. He shrugged. “Define regrettable.”

He must have pitied me after seeing the look of panic on my face. “No, you didn’t.”

I let out a sigh of relief as I then checked for my phone.

“Here,” he handed it to me from his desk.

“Thanks, um see you around,” I gave him a small wave and let myself out. Thankfully the walk was a short one just across the quad, and at 9 am on a Saturday morning there were few others out to see me.

That party had been my first and last. Since class started up on Tuesday, I had engrossed myself in my studies. With the plethora of science and math classes I was taking, it seemed like all I did was go to class, study the intricacies of the cell and molecule for exams, eat, and sleep. It was two weeks later when I finally ran into Namjoon again.

“What room did you reserve for us again?” I asked Jungkook as we made our way into the library.

After noticing that we shared most of our classes, we would sit at the same table at the library when we saw each other and eventually began to talk and hang out.

“513,” Jungkook checked his phone. “It should be this one.”

We had stopped in front of a room where someone was furiously writing on the whiteboard walls.

“Are you sure?” I asked. After I checked his phone and the number on the door, I steeled myself to kindly kick the stranger out of the room.

I pushed the door open and was surprised to see Namjoon turn around.

“Y/N?” He was wearing his glasses again, this time in a mustard yellow sweater and black pants. “Oh, sorry am I in your room?”

“You know him?” Jungkook spoke up from behind me.

I let myself into the room so that Jungkook wasn’t squished behind the door. “Yeah, I met him during orientation.”

“Who are you?” Namjoon looked at Jungkook, one brow arched.

“This is Jungkook, we’re both chem majors.” I said, noticing how Namjoon seemed a bit peeved now.

Namjoon’s expression flickered for a second and suddenly he was sporting a smirk. “I don’t want to be a bother, but do you mind if we all studied together in the room? I’d like to catch up with you and get to know your new friend.”

“I don’t know, we have an exam next week.” I said apprehensively.

Jungkook seemed to have a sudden outburst of extroversion as he nodded. “Yeah, that doesn’t sound so bad. If you’re friends with Y/N we’ll probably get along too.”

“Oh we’re not-”

“Thanks, man.” Namjoon interrupted me, a grin on his face. “Same goes to you.”

To my surprise, studying went smoothly. Namjoon kept scribbling against the wall as Jungkook and I studied the topics that we were expecting on next week’s exam. After about three hours, I noticed that it was nearing six and I was hungry.

As if he had read my mind, Namjoon spoke up. “You guys want to take a break and head to the cafeteria?”

I nodded and so did Jungkook. On the way there, Namjoon asked us about how Jungkook and I met.

“And I remember when you would bring me back candy every time you went for a break but would be too shy to say anything so you’d just scoot it across the table.” I grinned.

Jungkook scoffed. “Hey, at least I didn’t ‘scoot’ my favor onto your notes.”

“Hey, I didn’t mean for the coffee to spill!” I laughed.

Namjoon coughed and I reminded myself that I should be more considerate of him in this conversation.

Jungkook must have felt bad too. “So how did you and Y/N meet?”

“She was loudly proclaiming her love for the dessert bar in the cafeteria two feet away from me while I was trying to read.” Namjoon smirked.

I narrowed my eyes as I stuck my tongue out at him. “I’m not going to apologize for your inability to appreciate sugar and our access to it.”

“There’s a fine line between appreciation and addiction.” Namjoon countered.

“I will have you know, I limit my sugar intake to 3 snacks a day.”

As we neared the cafeteria I heard a voice shout for Namjoon and we paused to see a group of boys make their way over.

“Hey guys,” Namjoon waved them over. Jungkook looked at me for guidance, but I was too preoccupied with trying to remember why I felt like I had met them before.

“Y/N!” a boy with tousled brown hair engulfed me in a hug.

“Taehyung,” Namjoon warned, “careful. You’re suffocating her.”

“Ah sorry.” Taehyung let me out of his grasp and I took a step back closer to Jungkook.

“I’m sorry, have we met?” I asked in confusion.

The one with fluffy mint hair answered. “A while ago, but I’m assuming that you had quite a bit of whatever Tae made that night if you can’t remember. I’m Yoongi.”

“I’mSeokjin, but just call me Jin, you actually haven’t met me before.” A tall boy in the back with black hair spoke up.

“And I’m-”, the boy with orange hair started speaking but then I had a quick flashback.

“Babygirl!” I spoke a bit too loudly.

His cheeks flushed and he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “Is that really the only thing you remember?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” I grimaced slightly.

“Sorry about that, sometimes I’m a little forward when I’ve had a bit to drink. Also, my name’s Hoseok.” He apologized sheepishly. He seemed like a nice guy and his apology seemed sincere so I just gave him a smile.

“No worries, we all do.” I turned to see Jungkook awkwardly playing with the sleeves of his white hoodie. “And this is Jungkook, he’s a friend of mine.”

The boys all gave Jungkook a warm smile and he seemed less apprehensive.

“Guys, can we please head in now?” Jin asked “I’m starving.”

Dinner was filled with the boys recalling the ridiculous shit they had gotten into in their time here. Jin was a senior while Yoongi and Hoseok were both juniors. Taehyung was a sophomore and the three of us were freshmen.

“And remember that time Hobi ran onto the field with the cheerleaders because he thought their choreo to Tinashe was too sloppy?” Taehyung laughed.

Hoseok scoffed. “Was I wrong? No. They were going for sexy but it just looked awkward.”

“Well it got a whole lot less sexy when security came and chased you around the field for ten minutes.” Yoongi added.

“Tiffany was just mad that her minions were doing worse than me.” Hoseok pouted.

“You guys are so embarrassing.” Jin laughed. “Now, what have you three gotten into so far.”

I shrugged. “Not much, Jungkook and I keep things pretty tame.”

“Yeah, the naughtiest thing Y/N has done is consume an obscene amount of sugar.” Namjoon quipped.

Before I could bicker back, Hoseok was tsking us. “You kids haven’t lived yet. How about you join us for our weekend trip to the beach?”

“Isn’t it a bit cold for the beach?” it was already mid-September and most of us were already pulling out our thicker sweaters.

“There’s plenty to do on the beach other than swim.” Jin said. “Especially if you’re with us.”

“When would it be?” Jungkook asked.

“In two weeks.” Yoongi replied.

Jungkook turned to me. “It is after our test. It sounds like it’d be fun.”

I was on the border, but Jungkook seemed to really enjoy their company and so far, I had too. “Alright, I guess a break would be nice.”

“Great!” Hoseok clapped his hands. “And Namjoon?”

I saw him quickly turn his glance from me and Jungkook to Hoseok. “Yeah, sounds good. I’ll be there too.”

“Awesome, get ready for a weekend of debauchery!” Hoseok announced.


The weeks seemed to fly by. With our test coming up, Jungkook and I spent more of our time in the library and Namjoon came to study his philosophy and economics along with us when he saw us. By the time Friday rolled around and we were done with all of our exams and essays, I was ready to sleep until classes on Monday. I was reminded of our trip though as my phone buzzed from our group chat with the boys.

Heading out in 2 hrs! -Hobi

I groaned as I got to my room and fell onto my bed. Just a short nap and I would get up to pack a bag for the weekend. I woke up to banging on my door and a dozen missed calls.

“Y/N?” I heard Jungkook shout through the door. “Y/N, open up! We’re leaving in 10!”

I shot up out of bed. Fuck. I ran over to the door to let him in before I grabbed a small duffel bag and started stuffing my things into it.

“Why am I like this?” I ran around the room tossing in my toothbrush, toiletries, charger, clothes, and whatever else I thought I needed.

“You know, it’s hard to believe you’re top of the class when I see you like this.” Jungkook murmured.

“Hey!” I tossed a shirt at him as I zipped up my bag and shoved on my shoes. “Ok, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

We ran out the doors to see Jin at the steering wheel, Yoongi in the passenger’s seat and the others piled in the back. I clambered in and found myself squished in the back between Jungkook and Namjoon.

“Alright kids, all buckled in?” Jin asked. There was a resounding yes in the car before Jin pulled away from the curb.

I glanced down at my phone to see it on 5% battery. Namjoon noticed as he dug around in his backpack for a minute before handing me a portable charger.

“And what conditions does this come with?” I asked, a bit suspicious.

He smiled at my remark. “Instead of using your phone, talk to me on the way there.”

“Fine. Not unreasonable.” I plugged my phone in and then put it in my bag.

“So how did you meet them?” I asked Namjoon.

“We all went to the same high school and our parents are all pretty close so we’re family friends.” Namjoon explained. “We’re also all business majors so we share classes and notes.”

I cocked my head at his last statement. “But you don’t seem to study with them as often as you used to since you join us. You’ve also seem to study for your philosophy classes a lot more than you do for your business ones.”

Namjoon seemed a bit caught off guard. He gave me a shy smile. “You noticed?”

“As much of a science geek as I seem, I do quite enjoy philosophy so I’ll read over your counterpoints to Locke and Socrates. In fact, against your counter arguments to Locke’s social contract I think that you should attack his arguments on the fact that his social contract justifies the suppression of minorities since a majority vote system in a government is the only necessary requirement for a government to take away rights.” I realized that I had started to ramble and stopped myself, heat rushing to my cheeks.

Namjoon seemed surprised and then broke out in a wide grin. “That’s amazing. I’ll have to look more into that, thanks.”

I shrugged, trying to downplay how much of a dork I seemed. “Anyway, you never did say why you study philosophy more.”

He sighed and glanced out the window. “To be honest, business isn’t really my passion. I love philosophy, but my parents want me to take over the company once my dad retires and I feel an obligation to them. They are the ones funding my education and my life for the past 18 years. The least I could do is listen to them so that I can support them comfortable in the future.”

I slightly frowned. “Why don’t you talk to them? I’m sure they care about your happiness.”

He shook his head. “They do, and that’s part of the problem. I know that they’d support me if I wanted to major in philosophy, but I know that to give them the most comfortable life would be going into business and following in my father’s footsteps.”

“So because majoring in business does the most good, that’s what you’re going to do?”

“Yeah, both in the utilitarian framework and according to Kant’s categorical imperative, majoring in business is the right choice. If I majored in philosophy, I’m not thinking about my parents and my motivation would be my own happiness at their expense.” Namjoon smiled, but there was no happiness in it.

I frowned. “Not everything has to be that black and white. If duty and happiness were so cut and dry there wouldn’t be a need for compromise.”

“Namjoon! Y/N!” Taehyung shouted, “we’re going to go into the gas station store for snacks and drinks while Jin fills the tank.”

I realized that the car had been parked for a few minutes already and everyone else had already gotten out, including Jungkook, who must have squeezed his way past. We got out, following Taehyung into the store, perusing the shelves.

“You like these, right?” Namjoon held up a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels.

I nodded. “How’d you know?”

“I remember you rambling about how much you missed the ones at home when you were calling your friend.” He said casually as he picked out a bag of chips.

“Wow, stalker much?” I joked, playfully bumping his shoulder. “But yeah, thanks.”

I picked out a bottle of water and bottle of coke, remembering that Namjoon always bought one from the cafe upstairs while studying.

We piled back into the car for the remaining hour of the ride, but this time instead of talking, Namjoon handed me an earbud.

“I don’t know if you’ll like any of it, but if you don’t you can always go back on your phone.”

I took it and put it in my ear, surprised to hear rap and hip hop. I handed him his coke and he gave me a grateful smile as we began munching on pretzels. I woke up later, to Namjoon gently nudging me.

“Y/N, we’re here now.”

“Shit, sorry for falling asleep on you. Just push me onto Jungkook next time.” I stuttered as I got up.

He laughed as I fumbled with my seatbelt. “No worries, it was kind of cute.”

I blushed harder as I finally got it undone.

“I never knew someone could look so dead while they slept.” He quipped.

“Hey!” I tossed the empty pretzel bag at him as he laughed and we climbed out of the car.

“Took you kids long enough,” Jin joked.

I looked around to see the pier in front of us, a stretch of sand and choppy waves and a slightly cloudy sky. There were other people around our age milling around, some playing in the sand and others taking part in the games and rides on the pier.

“Last one to the end of the pier has to go on the rollercoaster!” Taehyung shouted before darting off. In a flash the rest of the boys were running as well, and I felt a hand tugging me forward.

“C’mon, the whole point of these is to watch Hoseok scream on the ride!” Namjoon shouted as I ran with him.

We were all out of breath when we finally reached the end of the pier. Taehyung had apparently gotten there first and was chatting with an elderly man fishing while Jungkook was pouting that he came in two seconds behind. Yoongi was recovering on the bench and Jin was passing around a bottle of sunscreen. Finally, there was Hoseok, who was staring in awe and fear at the looming ride he had to get on in the next ten minutes.

We were all clustered at the bottom of the ride and laughing as Hoseok screamed at the top of his lungs and screeched during the loops. When he finally got off, his face had a slightly green tinge and he was shaking. Yoongi sighed as he offered Hoseok a bottle of water and gently rubbed Hoseok’s back.

“While Hobi takes a breather why don’t the rest of us split up and grab some dinner. We can meet back on the beach in 10 minutes.” Jin proposed. “Yoongi, Jungkook can help you and Hoseok set up the area.”

We all agreed and split up, Taehyung following Jin and leaving Namjoon and me to go find a stand. I looked around to see a hotdog stand, a sandwich shop, and a store with seafood.

“So, what do you suggest we get?” I asked as we walked towards the food.

Namjoon looked them over before finally coming to a decision. “I think everyone will like if we get a variety of seafood. I remember seeing another sandwich shop down at the other end where Taehyung and Jin headed, so we should avoid that one.”

“Alright, sounds good.” We settled on a large mixed seafood platter and an order of fish and chips.

As we walked back, Namjoon stopped us to grab a large caramel apple. “How could I forget your sweet tooth?”

I smiled in return and we shared our thoughts on the best toppings for caramel apples until we got back to the blanket. Jin and Taehyung had arrived before us and had a spread of sandwiches laid out. After we added our seafood and dessert, we all dug in. Once again the boys recounted stories of their mishaps and adventures.

“I remember when cooking our annual barbeque was something we used to make incoming frat brothers do before Taehyung set half the backyard on fire.” Jin reminisced.

Taehyung whined. “Jin, I promise I was paying attention to the hot dogs. One of them just slipped through and I was trying to get it out!”

“That’s fine, but couldn’t you at least blow the flames out before you tossed it onto our pile of fireworks?” Yoongi jabbed.

“You what?” I asked in disbelief.

Hoseok nodded his head solemnly. “It was a dark day. Well, not literally. Actually, it was quite bright, but half of backyard was charred and we’re just glad that the only thing that was seriously harmed was the back door.”

“I can still hear Jin and Hoseok screaming while Taehyung tried to put it out with the beers we had laying around.” Yoongi added, a glimmer in his eye that countered the look of annoyance he had.

I burst out into laughter imagining the chaos that the barbeque must have been. From the corner of my eye, I thought I had seen Namjoon looking over at me, but when I turned, he was taking a sip of his coke and grinning at Taehyung, who sat pouting with his arms crossed.

Once we finished dinner, it was around 8 pm and decided to head in for the night. We arrived at a beautiful beach house. Jin parked the car and we unloaded our bags. Jungkook helped carry mine up the stairs and into the house. I marveled at the beauty of the house. There was a grand staircase that lead to a second floor where I assumed the bedrooms were.

“So there are four bedrooms and seven of us, so these slips of paper are numbered. Whichever one you grab is the room you’re in.” Jin held up the slips in his hand, all folded so that the number written inside was hidden.

One by one we drew a slip. Hoseok and Yoongi shared the room on the first floor, Taehyung and Jungkook shared one on the second, and Jin and Namjoon were in another bedroom on the second floor as well. I had gotten the master bedroom all to myself, much to the boys’ chagrin.

“Aww, I wanted to stay in it this time.” Taehyung pouted.

“You can’t complain, I’m stuck with Namjoon. Have you heard him snore?” Jin groaned.

“It can’t be that bad,” I laughed.

Jin turned to me, eyes wide. “Y/N, please switch with me.”

I laughed again, “No way, I’m not giving this room up that easily.”

Jin grimaced before he had an idea. “How about we play a game?”

“What game?” I asked cautiously.

“Jenga. Whoever loses has to take Namjoon.”  

“And if I win?” I asked.

“I’ll cook you dinner and snacks everyday for a month and deliver them to you.”


I held my breathe as a slowly pushed my chosen piece. We had been playing for 20 minutes already and Jin was surprisingly good at this game. Just as I removed the piece, I let out my breathe in relief, but it was too soon as the tower tumbled down a second later.

“Yes!” Jin cheered, jumping up and waving his arms.

The other boys bid me good luck as they all headed to bed. Namjoon stood there like a puppy who had just wet the carpet, a guilty look on his face.

I sighed. “Come on, this isn’t your fault. It’s mine.”

We were now in the master bedroom and as I was digging through my suitcase for pajamas I came upon the realization that I had tossed them at Jungkook before zipping up my bag.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

“You alright?” Namjoon asked.

“I just forgot my pajamas.” I sighed.

He walked over to his bag and dug for a moment before pulling out a large black shirt. “Here, just wear this.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. Honestly, I was oddly excited to wear his shirt. It looked so soft and I was hoping that it would have a hint of his musky cologne and pages of the books he surrounded himself with.

He shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’d actually like if you did.”

“Oh,” I blushed and fiddled with the sleeves of my sweater. “Thanks.”

I took the shirt and a pair of underwear and took a shower. I thought I heard him gasp when I walked out and I saw him standing, mouth slightly agape until he suddenly shook his head and headed in for his shower. By the time he was out I had settled into bed with a book, reveling in how soft his shirt was and how it smelled like him. He came out in a pair of loose black sweats and a white shirt, brown hair tousled as he dried it with a towel.

“Um, if it makes you more comfortable I can go sleep on the couch downstairs.” He said as he came out.

“Oh, well I think the bed is big enough for both of us and I don’t want half of your body hanging off the couch because you don’t fit.” I said, trying to hide how quickly my heart was beating.

He smiled as he made his way to the bed and got in beside me. We turned off the lights as we got under the covers to sleep.

“Thanks for talking to me during orientation. I don’t think I’d have been here and had so much fun if you hadn’t.” I said quietly. I was laid on my side facing away from him.

“As much shit as I gave you for the first time I met you, I’m glad that you annoyed me under the tree,” he replied.

I felt my heart skip a beat and my cheeks heat up as he said that. With a smile I fell asleep, looking forward to the next day.

When I woke up, I snuggled closer to the warmth in front of me. It took a few seconds to realize that blankets aren’t typically this warm and they certainly don’t pull you in closer when you snuggle into them. I slowly opened my eyes to see that I had tucked myself into Namjoon’s chest and he had wrapped his arm around my waist. I shifted to avoid any awkwardness when he woke up, but he pulled me in even closer.

“Mmm, stop moving.” Namjoon mumbled, his voice husky with sleep.

“Namjoon,” I whimpered as he started to nuzzle his face into the crook of my neck.

“Shh baby,” he mumbled again, this time shifting his legs to draw me in closer. I felt something hard rub against my thigh and that’s when I let out an involuntary squeal.

His eyes fluttered open as he muttered out a, “You alright, baby?”

I looked up at him, cheeks an embarrassingly dark shade of pink. “Um, you, well-”

Before I could form a complete sentence his eyes doubled in size as he realized what had happened and he let me go. “Shit, I am so sorry. Are you alright?”

I hid my smile as he began stammering out a string of apologies and are you oks? I was about to assure him that it was fine when we were interrupted.

“Namjoon! Y/N!” Just then Hoseok burst through the door. “We need you. Jungkook just broke his arm!”


“It’s nothing serious, but he will need to wear  cast for about a month,” the doctor informed us as we sat in the waiting room.

“Okay, and anything else he needs to do or anything to avoid?” Namjoon asked the doctor.

The doctor shook his head. “Nothing serious, just take it easy and check back in at your school’s hospital in a month for removal.”

Jin was pacing the corridor anxiously while Taehyung sat guiltily staring at the ground. Yoongi was seated with Hoseok, keeping him calm enough to not express his worry in screams. We thanked the doctor and rushed over to Jungkook as he came out to see us.

“What do you think you were doing climbing a tree at 9 am?” I scolded.

Jungkook gave a nervous laugh. “I wanted to see if I can find a coconut.”

“That wasn’t even a coconut tree!” I sighed, massaging my temples.

Taehyung spoke up, “It was my fault. I thought there were and I wanted one so bad I asked Jungkook to see if he could get one for me as a dare.”

“It’s alright Tae, it’s not your fault.” Jungkook reassured. “If anything, at least now I can say I’ve done something fun and wild in college.”

Jin sighed at the statement. “Alright kids, let’s get everyone home and let Jungkook get some rest.”

By the time we got back to the house, Jungkook’s pain meds were kicking in and he headed straight for bed. Taehyung was moping around the house and although we all reassured him that it wasn’t his fault and that Kook would be fine, he still had the same sad puppy eyes.

By the time dinner rolled around, Jin was cooking up a feast and Yoongi and Hoseok had returned with a copious amount of alcohol.

“What’s all of this for?” I asked, coming down to see what seemed to be a setup for a party.

“Since it’s our last night here and we can’t really leave since Jungkook just broke his arm and most of us are underage, we thought we’d bring the party here.” Jin explained.

“Ooh, food and drinks?” Jungkook came into the room, hair messy from sleep. Taehyung followed behind him and seemed to be in a much better mood now that he saw that Jungkook really was fine.

“You should be fine drinking, I checked the meds, but just be sure not to drink more than two drinks. Hear me kids?” Yoongi told Jungkook. He nodded in understanding and happily made his way to the table.

Jin laid down the last dish just as Namjoon came down the stairs. “Perfect, everyone’s here and the food is ready. Let’s get started.”

An hour later we were all on varying levels of tipsy. Tae and Jungkook were laughing together on the couch, while Yoongi was lounging next to them. Jin was snapping the occasional polaroid of them and Hoseok had pulled me into singing and dancing along to his karaoke playlist.

Namjoon chuckled as I tripped and fell on my ass. I pouted as I got up. “That’s not very nice, Joonie.”

“Joonie?” Jin asked from his spot on a bean bag.

I nodded. “Joonie. Doesn’t it sound cute?”

“Sounds like a couple’s nickname.” Jin commented.

“Oh yeah, I thought I saw you wearing his shirt this morning,” Hoseok added. “Are you guys a thing?”

I giggled. “No, Joonie was just letting me borrow his shirt. We’re just friends.”

“Yeah, just friends.” Namjoon agreed.

Hearing him say that made me feel sad for some reason, but I didn’t want him to know that so I put on my biggest smile. These past two weeks I had a suspicion that I might have feelings for him as I started to look forward to our study sessions and our weekend here I thought that we might have been headed somewhere too. But hearing him agree that we were friends confirmed my suspicions as I felt my heart drop. At that moment, my phone rang and I looked to see that it was a facetime from Jimin.

“Chim! I missed you!” I greeted loudly. “Say hi to my friends!”

The boys all shouted their hellos as I giggled and introduced him to the boys. Before I could get to him, Namjoon was suddenly standing up.

“Hey guys, I think I’m going to turn in early tonight.” With that he left the room, leaving me confused. I hung up the facetime with Jimin, promising to call back later. Son we heard the dull sound of the shower turning on.

I frowned. “Did I upset him?”

“Don’t worry about it, he’s just tired.” Jin assured me.

I was skeptical, but I didn’t want to push it any further, so I returned to singing loudly with Hoseok. It was about two hours later when we all decided to head to bed. Hoseok had walked me up the stairs and I was just about to open the door to the room when it opened and Yoongi stepped out.

“Hi, Yoongs!” I yawned. “Why were you in there?”

He gave me a soft smile “Yoongs?”

I nodded as I stifled another yawn.

He chuckled as he patted my head. “I like it, don’t forget to drink some water before you sleep.”

“I won’t, thank you Yoongs!” I shouted behind him as he made his way to his room.

When I got in, I saw Namjoon in bed reading a book. I waved to him before hopping into the shower to quickly clean myself up. I was back in bed in his shirt when I suddenly felt the courage to talk to Namjoon.

“Joonie?” I asked.

He looked over, putting his book down. “Y/N?”

As he looked at me with such a serious expression I was reminded once again that he thought of me as just a friend. “I’m glad that you’re my friend.”

He seemed taken aback for a moment and it took him a second to reply. “I’m glad you’re my friend too.”

“Joonie, I want to be a good friend. Why are you sad? Can I make you happy?” I could tell from the way his smile lacked dimples that the smile he gave me wasn’t sincere.

His eyes softened and he seemed a bit panicked.

“It’s ok, you can tell me the truth.” I coaxed.

“Oh, uh well. I guess you could say girl problems,” he said shyly.

“Is she being mean to you?” I felt suddenly protective.

He chuckled as I put on my best serious face. “No nothing like that, she just doesn’t like me the way I like her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I frowned. “You know what? She’s missing out. Any girl would be lucky to have you!”

He smiled again, this time he seemed even more sad. “Thanks, Y/N. I just wish she thought the same.”

“Hmf, if she can’t appreciate you that just means I’ll have to make up for it. Joonie, even though you were a bit of an ass when we met, you are one of the sweetest, nicest, and smartest guys I know.”

I felt myself getting a bit sleepy and as I continued to list off the reasons why she was missing out, I nodded off. I woke up the next morning to someone gently nudging me.

“Y/N? Y/N? Come on, we’re heading back home now.” Namjoon softly prodded me awake.

I grumbled as I dragged myself out of bed and got ready. Thankfully I hadn’t had as much to drink last night so I was just weary and not hungover. Soon enough we were all in the car and on our way back home.

For a few days after, Namjoon seemed a bit distant but things were back to normal. With Thanksgiving break coming up, the entire campus seemed to be in crunch mode, studying for exams and finishing up papers. This weekend I would be finished with all of my exams and Jimin would be visiting before we flew back home together.

Soon enough, a car pulled up to the curb and Jimin hopped out, bag in hand.

“Jimin!” I squealed, running into his arms for a hug. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“Y/N, it’s been so long. I’ve missed you too,” Jimin smiled as he let me down from the hug.

“Y/N?” I turned to see Namjoon.

“Namjoon! This is Jimin, he’s here to visit for the next few days before we fly home together!” I introduced them to each other. I was so excited that Jimin was finally here.

“Nice to meet you man, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Jimin smiled to Namjoon.

I coughed, trying to distract Namjoon from the fact that Jimin was hinting at how much I talked about him. “It’s cold out, let’s go inside. See you later, Joon!”

We were huddled at the frat house, where I was introducing Jimin to the rest of the boys. Namjoon was missing though since he had to finish a portfolio assignment for one of his business classes. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t there, but I put on my best smile for Jimin and the boys, hoping that in the remaining few days before break I would see him.

Jimin and I stayed up late into the night, catching up. I spilled how I felt about Namjoon and the fact that apparently he was into another girl. Jimin listened like a good friend and encouraged me to confess before break. If it went south, then at least I would have a few days to recover. I decided that he was right. I knew that it was a long shot, but I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore and at least it I confessed I could move on.

Come Wednesday, Namjoon still had been absent. The rest of the boys had already left for home and Jimin and I would be leaving in a few hours. I was just walking up the stairs to my dorm hall when I spotted Namjoon. Before I could shout to give him a last goodbye and confess to him before break, I noticed that he was with another girl. She was holding his hand and shyly gave him a kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye. So that’s who he must have been with.

I felt a hot flash of jealousy and anger. Who was she and why was he with her? Had he been lying about his portfolio project to hide what they had? I gritted my teeth and blinked back a few hot tears as I made my way up. I looked down at my feet, hoping that he wouldn’t notice me.

“Y/N?” I heard him call out.

As much as it pained me to do so, I remembered how he had ignored me for the past few days and walked into the building without a word. On the elevator ride up to my room, my jealousy and anger turned to sadness. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and when I opened the door to my room, Jimin’s face fell.

“Oh, Y/N. Was it -”

I nodded as I furiously wiped my tears away. “I wanna go home.”

I spent the break with my family and Jimin. I distracted myself from Namjoon as best as I could and by the time I was returning to campus I had a new resolve. Until I was fully moved on, I would minimize interaction with him or the boys. The next month passed by in a whirl. With the semester coming to a close, I had enough work to keep me busy and have enough excuses to keep the boys from questioning why I was absent. It was a week before I was going home when I finally ran into one of them.

“Y/N!” Taehyung came running up to me. “It’s been forever! We’re having one last get together before winter break. You’re coming, right?”

I tried to think of an excuse, and Tae must have sensed it.

“Come on, please? If you come I promised Jin will make those triple chocolate brownies that you love.” Tae gave me his best puppy eyes. “We’ve missed you so much and we won’t be seeing each other for at least another month if you don’t come.”

I gave in. “Alright, I’ll be there.”

Taehyung cheered and grabbed me in a hug. “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to let the others know!”

With that he was running off to his next class. I sighed as I trudged the rest of my way to class, my mind solely on the fact that I would finally have to face the music.


Walking up the stairs to the house, my boots felt like they were made of lead.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. Everything will be fine, they’ve missed you so much.” Jungkook reassured me. Of all the boys, he had been the only one I really stayed in touch with.

The door opened to a festive scene of all the boys wearing tacky Christmas sweaters. Jin’s had a cat in a santa hat with the words MEOWY CHRISTMAS in bold red font. Yoongi was one with an obnoxiously ugly Christmas tree that matched Hoseok’s 3D reindeer coming out of the front of his sweater. Jungkook had matched with Taehyung, who wore a sweater with an elf’s body. Jungkook’s had Santa’s body knitted onto it. They greeted me enthusiastically with arm hugs. Yoongi even muttering that I if I disappeared again he would drag me out of my hole. Finally I saw Namjoon. His sweater had tacky pom pom ornaments sticking out from it and he seemed a bit anxious to see me. I forced my best smile as I gave him a hug. Before we had to engage in awkward small talk, Jin came back in with the food.

“Eat up!”

Dinner was almost normal. The boys shared their stories and we all laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Occasionally I would meet Namjoon’s eyes and we would look away for a few seconds of silence. After dinner, we all cleaned up and I had just finished wiping down the tables and was grabbing a glass of water when I heard Yoongi come in and ask me a question.

“What’s going on?” He was leaning against the counter opposite from me, arms crossed. “Are you and Namjoon fighting?”

I shook my head. “No, not at all. What makes you think that?”

He cocked an eyebrow at me. “So you’re saying everything between you two is alright.”

I took another sip of water before I answered. “Yeah, of course. I’ve just been busy.”

He sighed, “When are you going to tell him you like him?”

I choked on my water. “What?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “We’re not dumb, Y/N. We all know that you like him. What’s going on between you two though?”

I contemplated denying it, but one look and I knew that would be hopeless. I gave in. “I was going to tell him before Thanksgiving break, but I saw him with another girl. All that time he said he was working on a portfolio project, he must have just been hiding what they had. I just wanted to let myself move on before being around him so much.”

“Other girl?”

I nodded. “Yeah, she kissed him on the cheek and they were holding hands.”

Yoongi groaned as he massaged his temples. “Give me a second.”

He came back with a timid looking Namjoon behind him. “You two talk this out or I’m not letting you leave the kitchen.”

With that he pushed Namjoon forward and shut the door. I went over to open it, but true to his word, he was holding it closed.

“Min Yoongi, I need to leave for my flight in half an hour!” I yelled through the door.

“Well then you better get talking!” he responded.

I sighed as I turned back to Namjoon. I shut my eyes for a good two seconds before I opened them again and said what I needed to say.


Namjoon stared at me in shock. “What?”

I groaned as I repeated myself. “I was going to tell you I liked you before break but I saw you and your girlfriend. I’m sorry for ignoring you, I just wanted to move on before we hung out so much again.”

Namjoon stood there, mouth slightly gaping.

“Hello?” I waved my hand in his face. “I get that rejection sucks but your utter silence is a lot worse than no.”

He shook his head as he collected himself. I prepared myself for the let down.

“You like me?” Was all that came out of his mouth.

I felt my cheeks heat up and I swallowed hard. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. This was getting worse every second. “Yes, now could you please just tell me no so I can move on?”

“No,” he took a step forward and pulled me into a tight hug.

“Is this hug supposed to make rejection feel better, because if anything, I feel worse.” I mumbled, trying to avoid a pom pom from getting into my mouth.

“No, I can’t tell you no because I like you.” He finally let me go and took a step back.

“You what?” Now it was my turn to be baffled.

He played with the sleeves of his sweater for a second before looking me in the eyes. “I’ve liked you for a while. I was going to tell you the second night at the beach, but when you said we were just friends I chickened out.”

“But then who was that girl you were with?”

Namjoon looked even more sheepish at this question. “One of my seniors set me up on a blind date because he noticed that I was a bit down. She was nice and all but she wasn’t you.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I’ve never met someone like you before. Someone who’s passionate about what she does, just enjoys thinking, and makes me feel comfortable the way I am.” Namjoon was looking right at me now. “You’re incredible. I thought about what you said. About happiness and morality. The time I said I was working on my portfolio, I was actually talking with my parents and the advisors here. I’m going to be double majoring now and I’ll decide what career I want in the future when I graduate. It’s not totally following my passion since I’m also fulfilling some aspects of duty, but now I feel so much better about it. You’ve helped me realize that not everything is black and white and that’s alright. You’re the most incredible person I’ve met and since meeting you, I’ve been happier than ever before.”

“Namjoon,” I felt myself tearing up again, but not because of hurt, but from happiness. I took the two steps forward and wrapped my arms around him.

I felt him wrap his arms around me and tuck his chin on top of my head.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but would you want to be my girlfriend?”

I moved my head from the crook of his neck to look up at him. “Of course. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. You make me happy.”

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered.

In response I closed my eyes and gently pressed my lips to his. I pulled back to see him grinning down at me like an idiot.

“What?” I asked, a smile on my face.

“I know you don’t remember since you were drunk, but I told you that night of the frat party that I wanted to make you mine. I’m just glad it happened.”

“You’re telling me that if Tae hadn’t given me two shots of Everclear we could have saved ourselves from this past month and a half of agony?” I question.

Namjoon pouted as he took a second to think. “Now that you mention it-”

“Kim Taehyung!” we both shouted as we barged past Yoongi into the living room.

“What? What now?” Tae shot up from his place on the couch. “I promised I didn’t mean to empty out the soda into the Christmas tree. I thought it was water!”

“You what?” Jin shrieked.

I looked to Namjoon and we both burst out laughing. Our suffering seemed inconsequential to the wrath Taehyung would get from Jin for trying to kill the tree.

Bias Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @fairyyeols to do this living hell of a tag rip me but thanks for the tag dear!

Rules:  Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions. (I used a random generator to sort them.)

  1. Jackson
  2. Zico
  3. Ravi
  4. Sehun
  5. Yongguk
  6. T.O.P
  7. Haechan
  8. Bobby
  9. Jooheon
  10. Tao

 1.) Between 1 and 4, who would you rather kiss? 

Jackson or Sehun

Sehun, hands down. I could get super technical and go into detail about how he’s the closest idol to my ideal type but nah that’s not for here. I will say this. His lips are amazing and he needs lots of affection and he’d be the cutest to kiss for a multitude of reasons and ahhhh I need to stop. Gotta go binge watch Sehun videos now.

2. Between 2 and 7, who would be your best friend?

Zico or Haechan

Now this is interesting. Zico and I are alike in many ways, and Haechan is one of those few extroverts that I think I would get along with super well so they both have a good running. However, I’m going to say Zico for this one. We would have more of that ‘best friend’ relationship, you know the one I’m talking about. Haechan and I would have more of a brother-sister relationship I believe.

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