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Requests-  Can you do a Liam one where the readers sister dies from a car accident and the sisters boyfriend or someone was driving and the reader is also a werewolf and it’s the first full moon after the accident and she is going to kill the boyfriend or whoever killed her sister but Liam stops her? I don’t know if this went through last time, or if you decided not to do it, if so, sorry for requesting it again! /  Hi :3 can i request the reader becoming Scotts New beta and liam, along with everyone else meet them at a pack meeting .. With fluff pwease?

A/N- Sorry about the inconvenience hun. Sometimes they just don’t go through, especially if you submitted it on mobile. 

Malia slouched in her spot on Derek’s couch, glancing at the clock on his wall in disdain.
“Hey, come on,” Stiles said, nudging her from where he sat next to her. “They should be here soon.”
The Coyote groaned. “How soon? I’m hungry.”
“Soon,” Stiles repeated, looking around the room at the rest of the pack.
Lydia was curled up on the other old couch, combing through a pile of worn books the former pack member had left for her. She was the only one who seemed to actually be doing something, considering that Liam was sitting on the edge of the couch and sulking. His arms were crossed over his chest and his light blue eyes were filled with irritation. As Stiles looked over, the beta looked up and asked “Do I have to be here?” for what was probably the fifth time that night.
“Yes,” Stiles practically yelled. “Scott said you had to be here to meet the new beta, so you have to meet the new beta. Capiche?”
Liam rolled his eyes. “I don’t get how it’s important.”
“I don’t get why you’re so upset,” Malia fired back. “Seriously, we all have to be here.”
“He’s jealous,” Stiles stated.
Liam scoffed, but it was obvious Stiles was telling the truth. “I’m not jealous. I just don’t want to be sitting in some dusty loft when I could be doing literally anything else.”
“He’s jealous,” Stiles confirmed, turning back to Malia.
Liam huffed. “Whatever. Why did Scott even bite this kid anyway?”
“You weren’t there when we found the Beast at the school the first time. There were all these bodies on the bus. Everyone was clawed and bloody, and one of them just happened to be alive.”
“Don’t worry, Liam,” Lydia told the younger boy, not looking up from the book in her hands. “Just because Scott has a new beta, that doesn’t mean he’ll forget about you. And honestly? We could use some supernatural help around here.”
“I guess,” Liam said sullenly.
“Maybe you even know her,” Stiles told him. “So before you go making assumptions-”
“Her?” Liam repeated. “Scott bit a girl?”
“Uh, yeah,” Stiles said. “Is that a problem.”
“No,” Liam said honestly, suddenly feeling a lot happier. “Not at all.”
“Oh, so you’re only jealous if it’s a guy werewolf,” Stiles stated with a roll of his eyes. “Because that makes sense.”
“Shut up,” Liam told him. “I just don’t want to compete with anyone.”
“Are you saying girls can’t compete?” Malia asked, growing even more irritated than she already was.
“No!” Liam cried, noticing her tone. “No, I’m just…I was trying to say…”
“I think he is saying that,” Stiles offered, moving his phone around in front of him. “Hey look, there’s a Pidgey in the loft.”
“Will you stop playing that stupid game?” Malia growled. “God, I hate Pokemon GO.”
“Malia, come on,” Stiles told her, flashing her a goodnatured grin. “I gotta catch ‘em all.”
Everyone in the loft rolled their eyes simultaneously and Liam started to get up from the couch.
“Where the hell are you going?” Malia asked.
Liam swallowed. “I wasn’t going to leave. I was just…going to walk around.”
“No way,” Malia insisted, jumping to her feet. “If I can’t leave, you can’t leave.”
“You can’t stop me,” Liam insisted stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest.
Malia’s eyes flashed blue and Stiles and Lydia both looked up as she let out a warning growl. “Wanna bet?”

“Hey,” Scott said as you rode the elevator up to the top of the apartment building. “You have nothing to worry about.”
“I know,” you said, clasping your hands behind your back nervously. “This is all just kind of new to me.”
“I can understand that,” the older boy told you, smiling at you with warm brown eyes. “I mean, I had no idea what to do when I found out I was a werewolf. I almost died a couple of times…well, more than a couple…but don’t let that scare you! I swear, this isn’t-!”
You laughed softly. “I get it, Scott. I mean, I almost died too. I would have if it weren’t for you and…this.”
You gestured to yourself, to the stronger, faster body that Scott’s bite had given you. It had only been a week ago that Beacon Hills had been torn up by a gigantic, inky monster, and only a week ago that you had been as well. It was fate, or more likely luck that had brought Scott to you, the only surviving victim of something so terrifying and unnatural.
You barely remembered the pain of his bite, but watching the bloody slashes on your arms close themselves up as if by magic was certainly something you would never forget. Now you were a part of Scott’s pack (only if you wanted to be, he had assured you) and you were currently on your way to meet the rest of it.
The Alpha was nice enough. In fact, he was incredibly nice, especially for someone who moonlighted as something so fearsome. You quickly came to find out that there was nothing scary about Scott, except maybe his capacity to act like he was your mother. You just hoped the others weren’t any more threatening than he was.
“I know,” Scott told you. “And I’m sorry I had to do it, but I’m glad you’re not upset. It’s not that bad to live with this, no matter what people say.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. “Trust me, I’ve dealt with a lot worse in the past few months.”
Scott frowned and he knew you were talking about your sister. Beacon Hills might have been a place where hellish monsters caused death in mass numbers, but it had its share of normal, accidental ones too, one of them being your sister.
It was only a few months ago that she had been coming home from a party with her boyfriend late at night. They had been driving on one of Beacon Hill’s notorious backroads and it hadn’t helped that her boyfriend, Steven, had been drinking. All it took was a few seconds for him to swerve into another lane, almost hit a car and end up smashing into a tree to avoid a collision. As was typical with drunk drivers, Steven survived, but your sister’s injuries were too traumatic.
She ended up bleeding out before the paramedics even got there, a fact you had overheard when the police showed up in your living room at twelve in the morning. Compared to that, this world of mythical monsters and supernatural beings and even being almost mauled to death was no more horrible than anything you had experienced that night.
“You don’t have to worry about anything,” Scott assured you as the elevator dinged, drawing you from your thoughts. “I know you’re gonna like everyone. You might even know Liam. He’s in your grade.”
“Liam Dunbar?” you asked him. “Yeah, I know him. Well, I know of him. He’s in my biology class.”
“I’m sure you guys will be great friends,” he told you as he led you to a large metal door. It was rusted and coated in peeling red paint, and you hoped that whatever lay inside was a lot more welcoming than it looked.
“Because we’re the same age?” you questioned with raised eyebrows.
“Well, yeah,” Scott said with a slight frown. “But I’m sure you’ll like everyone else too. They’re all really friendly, so don’t be scared.”
With that, he pulled open the door with one arm, revealing not only a wide open loft space, but total chaos as well. Your eyes widened as they landed on the fiasco happening in the middle of the floor. You recognized the four people inside, but the only person whose name you knew was Liam, and he was currently being pinned to the ground by a girl with short, dark hair.
“-alia!” a short, redheaded girl was yelling, tugging on the brunette’s arm in an effort to separate the two.
“What were you saying about girls not being able to compete?” she snarled, both of her hands resting on his shoulders.
“Okay, okay, I get it!” Liam cried.
The only one who didn’t seem to be shocked by what was happening on the floor was the tall, brunette boy standing a few feet away and aiming his phone at the corner.
“I caught the Pidgey guys,” he stated, casting a glance over at the scuffle on the floor. “Guys?…Anyone?
“What the hell guys?” Scott complained, causing everyone to look toward him.
The redhead huffed and finally let go of the other girl’s arm. “I tried.”
“Uh, my bad?” the brunette asked as she quickly got off Liam.
She reached out and tugged him up by his shirt, dusting the young beta off before flashing an incredibly false smile at you and Scott as Liam grumbled to himself. The other guy in the corner walked forward, noticing that you had arrived.
“Oh, hey,” he said, holding out his hand for a shake. “You must be Y/n. Welcome to the pack. I’m Stiles.”
You took his hand cautiously, and he shot a glance toward Liam and Malia. “Don’t mind them. That usually doesn’t happen and it’s probably never going to happen to you.”
“As long as you don’t try to leave when you’re not supposed to,” Malia told you, glancing at Liam with narrowed eyes.
“Wow, ok,” Stiles said. “You might as well have just told her she has no free-will, Malia.”
I don’t,” Liam griped, letting out a cough when Malia elbowed him.
“Will you two stop?” the redhead complained, pushing her way between them to get to you. “I’m Lydia and I swear I have manners. Unlike the rest of them.”
“Hey!” Stiles cried. “I was minding my own business over there. I have manners.”
Scott cleared his throat, causing everyone to look over at him. “Guys, I don’t care what happened. I don’t want to know. Anyway, this is Y/n and as you guys know, she’s my new beta. Can we all introduce ourselves please? Like normal people?”
“Some of us already did,” Lydia pointed out.
“Fine,” Scott said with a sigh. “Those who haven’t?”
“I’m Malia,” the tall brunette said as she stepped forward. “I like your boots.”
“Oh, thanks,” you said, looking down at your feet.
“And, uh, I’m Liam,” Liam told you. “But I’m sure you knew that. You’re in my bio class. Unless you didn’t know that, because you sit in the back and I’ve kind of never said anything to you. But you’re really pretty so I should have-”
Scott coughed again and you laughed. “No, I knew your name before.”
“Alright,” Stiles stated. “Well, I’m gonna go again just for the hell of it. I’m Stiles. I’m not any weird were-creature though. I’m human, but the others tell me I’m still relevant, so I guess they’re gonna keep me around.”
“Oh,” you said, nodding your head. “Well, it’s nice to meet you guys.”
Malia laughed suddenly, as if you had said something funny. “You won’t be saying that on your first full moon.”
You swallowed, looking over at Scott. “First full moon?”
He sucked in air through his teeth and shot you an apologetic look. “Yeah, I was kind of waiting to tell you after you met the others. I didn’t want to spring everything on you all at once.”
“What’s everything?” you asked him.
“Well, when you’re a new werewolf, you have to learn control,” Scott explained. “And until you do, we might have to chain you up every full moon so you don’t kill anyone.”
“What?” you demanded.
“It’s really not that bad,” Liam told you. “I mean, unless you break out of your chains and try to kill everyone. But even then, it’s not that bad! I speak from experience.”
Liam gulped as you stared at him, realizing you probably thought he was crazy. Scott reached forward and put his hand on your shoulder. “Y/n, look…I know this sounds insane and I know it’s kind of terrifying. But Liam’s right. It’s really not that bad.”
“So I’m not going to go crazy and try to kill someone?” you questioned.
“No, you are,” Malia stated. “We’re just going to make sure you don’t succeed.”
“Oh,” you said weakly, looking over at the faces of your new pack. “I guess I have nothing to be afraid of then.”
Scott nodded like he agreed with you, but you weren’t entirely sure you believed the statement yourself. He would later assure you that you would eventually gain control, but if anger and rage were symptoms of lycanthropy, you had already been experiencing them nearly every day. It was no secret that you were hurting after the death of your sister and it was no secret that you were more than a little bitter.
Beacon Hills was a small town and you couldn’t help but see Steven around sometimes. He would always try to talk to you, as if having a conversation about the weather could somehow make up for the fact that he was the reason your sister was dead. It had done more than just make you angry and you knew that if you were going to freak out and kill someone like Scott said, it wouldn’t just be some random person. It would be him.

“Are those too tight?” Liam asked you, looking down at chains he had just adjusted.
You looked down at them for a few seconds, swallowing thickly before looking back up at him. “Tighter.”
“What?” he asked, his blue eyes going wide.
“Tighter,” you repeated through gritted teeth. “Liam, I can already feel it.”
“I know,” he told you. “But you’re already so calm…”
“I’m not,” you insisted breathlessly. “I’m just really good at pretending I am.”
It was true. You were no stranger to shoving your emotions under the surface and keeping them locked away. You were normally so good at it, but even months of practice couldn’t help you resist the pull of the moon that was currently rising.
That was why you were sitting on the dusty floor of Malia’s basement, letting Liam chain you up before you decided that he would make a good chew toy. He had told you about his first full moon and how only half a year ago they had chained him up like he was doing to you. The only difference here was that it had been at Lydia’s basement in the lakehouse, all the way on the outskirts of Beacon Hills.
Malia’s house was pretty secluded too, which was the whole reason you were there. The tiny house on the edge of the woods made the perfect place to house an angry werewolf, especially because Mr. Tate was at a hunting convention in Oregon for the weekend. You were just glad that if you did escape, there probably wouldn’t be anyone around for you to hurt.
“Okay,” Liam told you, reaching down to tighten the chains reluctantly.
Just as he began to back away, you suddenly swiped at him with your claws, letting out a low growl.
“Oh sh-shit,” Liam yelped, stumbling back. “Uh, Y/n are you okay?”
“No,” you snarled, looking up at him with glowing yellow eyes. “Liam get away from me.”
He nodded quickly, shuffling back until he was a few feet away. He looked at you for approval, only to hear another snarl.
“I meant where I can’t see you!” you cried angrily, struggling against the chains.
“What?” he asked. “I can’t just leave you down here by yourself!”
“Why not?” you demanded.
“Because,” he said. “What if you-”
Before Liam could even finish the thought, you tugged on your chains again and the leather of one of the straps around your wrist gave a sickening tearing sound.
“-break out,” he finished, swallowing hard as his eyes landed on the torn strap. “Maybe I should go get Sc-”
You snarled and darted forward, only to be held back by the force of the chains. You were breathing heavily and seeing red, and it didn’t matter that Liam was now your friend. All you wanted was to tear him apart.
“O-okay,” he stuttered. “Y/n, you have to think of something special to you. You need to find it and let it ground you.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” you cried.
“I don’t know!” Liam cried. “It’s what Scott told me! I don’t actually remember it working, but…but you have to try! It can be, uh, a happy memory, or a person you care about, uh…how about your parents? Or, uh, your sister!”
“My sister is dead!”
At your strangled growl, Liam cringed. “Okay, uh, so maybe…maybe not your sister, but-”
“She’s gone, Liam!” you snarled suddenly.
“I know,” he told you. “But-but it was an accident-”
“It wasn’t an accident!” you screamed. “Steven killed her! He was drinking and he crashed, and she’s dead because of him!”
You fought against your chains harder than ever, driven by nothing but anger and hurt. It wasn’t fair that your sister had died and that her boyfriend had lived. It wasn’t fair because it wasn’t her fault, and she hadn’t been drunk, but he had. It wasn’t fair that he was the one who should be dead, but you suddenly realized that it would be okay, because you could make it fair.
Liam gasped as you tore completely out of your chains and he quickly closed his eyes as he watched your glowing ones move closer. You stepped toward him, a shadow of heavy breathing and claws moving forward in the darkness, and then you suddenly jumped up to the tiny basement window that led outside.
The moment he heard the shattering glass, Liam realized you weren’t trying to hurt him. You had simply escaped.
“Shit,” he swore, knowing the others were going to kill him. “Scott!”

“You’re telling me you let her escape?” Malia snarled as she stood in the center of her basement.
“No,” Liam sputtered. “I…she…she ran past me!”
“Oh come on,” Malia told him with a roll of her eyes. “Liam-”
“Hello, guys?” Stiles cut in. “In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a loose werewolf out there in those woods. And from what Liam told us, she sounded pretty pissed! Maybe we should, oh I don’t know, go after her?”
“Stiles is right,” Scott told Malia. “It doesn’t matter how she got out but we have to find her. She could hurt someone. Anyone out in those woods-”
“It’s not just anyone,” Liam interrupted. “She was saying all these things about her sister and I think she’s going to try and find the boyfriend.”
“The boyfriend?” Scott repeated.
“You know how her sister got in that car crash a few months ago?” the Beta asked. “Well her boyfriend, Steven, was driving. The whole reason they crashed was because he was drunk. Y/n thinks it’s his fault. She’s going after him.”
“Wait, Steven Metzger?” Stiles asked. “Fuck.”
“What?” Scott asked.
“We crashed a party at his house in like, ninth grade, dude,” he reminded him.
“Yeah, so?”
“So his house is like right through those woods,” Stiles announced. “And I’m willing to bet that Y/n isn’t gonna have to run that far to find him.”

You crouched in the bushes, scanning the house down the hill in the darkness. A few weeks ago that would have been a problem for you, but now that you could see perfectly in the dark, you couldn’t miss the figure slipping out of the door in the darkness. He carried a big, black trashbag over his shoulder and you knew he was heading down to the can at the end of his driveway.
When you saw him, the anger that had been growing stronger all day intensified even more. Your claws sank into the ground as you sat there, thinking about how your sister’s life had been stolen from her. She was only a year away from graduating, from going off to college and having her whole life ahead of her. Of course you had had your fights, but you had never stopped looking up to her.
Now she was gone and all you could think about was how you wanted Steven to be gone too. You started down the hill, your shoes trampling the grass and twigs as you made your way to Steven. You were completely focused on him and you seemed to have tunnel vision as you raced down. Maybe that was why as you tried to get to him, you never even noticed the shape coming right behind you.
A large weight slammed into you, taking you into the dirt and rolling you across the grass. You coughed and shoved against the weight, but you were quickly pinned to the ground. “Y/n, stop!”
“Liam, get off of me!” you cried, your claws digging into his wrists. “He should be dead!”
“No!” Liam said, holding you under him. “You don’t get to decide that! And you shouldn’t be telling yourself that in the first place!”
“Why not?” you snarled, staring down the hill at Steven, who was now going back inside. “God dammit! He’s getting away!”
“Because you can’t control that,” he told you firmly. “I know what it’s like to want someone dead. I know what it’s like to be angry, probably more than anyone, but you can’t let it control you. If it does, it eats away at you. It’s all you think about and trust me on this, it ruins your life.”
“I don’t care!”
“Well, you should,” he informed you. “Y/n, come on. Think about your sister. Think about her smile, her laugh…would she be doing any of that now if she knew you were trying to kill that guy?”
“It doesn’t matter,” you whispered. “She’s dead.”
“But you’re not,” Liam stated. “And do you think she’d want you to do this for her?”
“Of course not,” you told him.
“Then why are you doing it?” he asked you. “I know you’re angry, but even if he was dead, it wouldn’t bring her back. It wouldn’t make anything right.”
Your cheek pressed into the ground as you finally stopped trying to fight Liam. Tears started to spill as you slumped back in defeat and Liam finally released you. “I know.”
Your claws and sharp teeth began to shrink away and you sat up and put your head in your hands. Liam sat there as you cried, wrapping an arm around you.
“I can still feel it,” you whispered into his shoulder. “Every bit of it.”
“So can I,” he told you. “And believe it or not, so can Scott. But that just means you can control it now.”
You closed your eyes as you rested your head on his shoulder, and it wasn’t anger or bitterness that you felt, but acceptance. Of course the anger was still there, but you realized that it wasn’t helping anything. Liam had been right about Steven. Killing him wouldn’t make things right, nor would it ever bring your sister back.
It wasn’t long before you began to hear voices calling in the distance, calling for you.
“Liam!” you could hear Scott and the others shouting. “Y/n!”
“Liam, Y/n, where are you?!”
It was there, sitting in the dead leaves and dirt with Liam by your side that you realized something else. You might have lost some family and one of the people who meant the most to you. You might have been angry and bitter about the fact that you would never get her back, but as you listened to Scott and his pack call not only for Liam, but for you too, you realized that you might have a chance to gain some more family. And as you sat there with the full moon shining down on you and Liam, you promised yourself you would take it.