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[FAN ACCOUNT] 170304 INFINITE Fan Gathering III

******* WARNING: Super long post ahead! Like super duper extra long post this time! We apologize ahead of time!

Hi everyone! We know it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted anything besides asks, so we first want to thank you all for your patience and understanding! We’re not too sure why, but life has been kicking both of our butts simultaneously for quite some time now. Also, sorry it’s taken so long for me to do this. I’ve been hit hard with post-concert depression and I’m still quite busy. I also needed some time to collect all of the memories that have been slowly coming back to me. Good news is that our boys had a fan meet and I (dayounggie) was lucky enough to nab a ticket for the Saturday one. Unfortunately, since I work late hours, I was unable to even attempt to get tix for the Friday meeting, but luckily and LOTS of stress later, I managed to get a ticket for Saturday. I was really bummed out to miss out on L-soonie and the ladder game to pick the next member for the v app show, but the Saturday rally had its own perks!

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"Imagine cuddling with Samandriel." One Shot

This is a part of the re-upload series; From the early days of this blog. These are not in the current format. All new submissions must be in the current format to be posted. 

You drop your backpack down on the floor as you enter your house, rubbing your aching shoulders which were now free from the heavy weight. It had been the typical school day in the repetitive classes that bored you so much. But who could blame you? After the demons had been sealed away in hell forever, almost all Hunters found themselves lost, unable to return to normal lives.

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Beautiful Lies pt.1 | Hoseok

Reader x Hoseok (Jhope)

Genre : Fluff; Angst; Drama; Smut; Psychological?

Word Count : +7,721 

Summary : Forget him, forget him not, forget him, forget him not. The last petal of the flower that outshined the moon above the sky fell off from your grip, making you wonder, was he still the Hoseok you knew? Should you forget about him? But would you?

A/N : this is liek, my first longest fiction I’ve ever tried? it took me weeks to do this I SALUTE WRITERS WHO WRITES AS MUCH AS THIS UGHHHHH I have to be honest it was frustrating like, I rlly wanna upload it soon but I just can’t, yaknow? Anyways, I actually finished this series liek a long time ago but since it consists of more than 11k words, so I’m just gonna split it into two or three parts and so, an official series.

By the way, this whole story is truly inspired by this song. PLEASE LOVE HER~

As much as you wonder, the reality that was peering on you that time was definite. You were nobody to them, and so did they to you, but things changed and it escalated faster than anyone ever expected it to be.

You were sitting precisely behind them, focusing on the lesson that was scratching on the board until one of his shoe came in contact with your desk then flew over to your skirt. The guy with honey-colored skin was the first to roll his head towards your direction, observing your calm and preserved figure.

“Y/N” Taehyung spawned your name from his mouth, sounded more like a request than an order.

“What” you monotonously replied at his request whilst dropping the mechanic pencil then raised your palm to rest your chin onto it.

“Can this pretty little maknae bring over my pal’s shoe that is resting in your thighs right now?” Taehyung gave you a wink, brushing your hair with his large hand until its strand went all over the place, turning into a shrub.

“Yah!” You threw the shoe with an aim of strike it to his face, but instead it went further from it, smacking the head of the owner. “S-sorry…” You covered your face in embarrassment; you could hear Taehyung’s laughter in the background. It only took him a few seconds to tilt his head and waist; eyes were locked with yours.

“Why’re you so rude Y/N?” Hoseok expanded his arm, taking his fallen shoe from your desk, cleaning it as if it was dusty and mucky.

“Yah! I’m not that dirty Jung Hoseok!” You ranted, holding his shoe back.
“Hands off!” Hoseok hissed, grabbing your hand from the shoe then tossing it to where it belonged.

“Don’t be like that Hyungie~” Taehyung chirped, patting his hair afterwards.

“Don’t be rude to the class’s maknae, it seems that she bites!” He bouncily warned.

“Yah Kim Taehyung!” You screamed.

“See,” Taehyung gave a little wink to Hoseok, “She’s all yours hyung” He continued with his gag.

From that moment on, the breezing white day at the end of the year was filled with warm laughter puns and gags created by Taehyung and the wiggling body of Jung Hoseok supporting the roles of it. Day by day, the people you thought was a nobody turned into somebody precious that you would always want to treasure and keep in the small box you called the world.

You remembered how smooth it went, how Taehyung would ring your doorbell, waking up the people in your neighborhood just to make sure you were awake and go with you to school, or how Hoseok would crashed into your room window, sneaking just to grab a handful of chocolate bar or play multiplayer games and such. Soon, they would barged into your house more frequently, playing along with your pet or escort you to the school.

But even so, it was all nothing and nothingness turned into something just like you never expect anything. No matter how much you tried, you never find Taehyung’s actions protruding and yet you found this particular boy appealing despite trying to clear your mind off of him every night while counting sheeps from the canvas. And there were always sparkles illuminating in your eyes, on how he moves, how he stands, or even how he nod and breathe made you fall over heels for him. It’s as if he casted a spell on you.

He was the owner of the shoe.

He was Jung Hoseok.

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