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Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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Bad Blood Part 4

A/N: Hiya! I got carried away for this part but it was hard to write at the same time. Not sure I got everything right but I’m pretty happy the way it turned :) There is a small episode rewrite at the end (01x04) and we got to know a little bit more why Jim doesn’t like Dean so much… Anyway an angsty/fluffy part! Let me know if you want to be tag and feedbacks are welcome! :) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Story: The story starts in between season 10 and 11. The reader leaves Dean after years together (8 years +), but he isn’t about to let her go. Can they save their relationship and be happy again?

Words : 4000ish

Warnings: swearing, angst, labor, fluff, character death, injury, italics part= flashbacks/backstory

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You were totally wrecked, you hadn’t even realized that you’d made it to your house in no time. “Mommy? Why are you sad? it’s because me?” you dried your eyes.

“Uh, I’m not sad baby I have something in my eyes” you could tell she wasn’t convinced, you wouldn’t be either. But it was better than saying it was because Dean wouldn’t let you go. And that hurt, so much.

“When can I see Daddy again?”

“He’ll see you this weekend with Sammy but if you really want to see him tonight, uncle Jim can drive you” you answered quietly. Now that you thought to what happened an hour ago you felt stupid. You should have talk with Dean, end this in a better way.

“But I want you to come with me, it was great today”

Penny’s words broke your heart. She was the one suffering from your choices, and you were too blinded by your own pain to see it. You cursed yourself. “I- I’m tired sweetie so not tonight, maybe tomorrow, okay?” she sadly nodded.

Jim wasn’t home yet. Luckily. You didn’t need him to say “I told you you it was a bad idea".  All you wanted was to forget about Dean and the rest of the world for a moment. You thought a bath would help you to relax. You could still call Dean later and talked without any nerves.

You made your way upstairs with Penny who ran into her bedroom.  As you reached the last stair you felt a sharp pain down your core. “No, not now” you tried to breath out to calm down. You had felt some small contractions while driving but hadn’t paid much attention. You should have.

A bigger contraction occurred and you let a half-muffled scream out of your mouth. Your heart was pounding so hard in your chest and found yourself panicking. All you could think was you were alone with your daughter. You sat in the hallway and exhaled loudly, trying to focus a minute to call Jim. But your body wouldn’t let you. You cried out.

“Why are you screaming mommy?” Penny got out of her room to see what was going on.

“Sweetie just staayyy -breath- in your bedroom for a little while okay?”

She nodded slightly afraid but did as she was told. You eventually grabbed your phone and dialed Jim. He answered almost immediately and told you he was on his way to get you. The call released a little bit of stress and you decided to wait in your bedroom to be more comfortable.

Dean’s phone went off with your ID. “Y/N” it was a bit of a surprise that you called him but he thought maybe you’d changed your mind.


He tightened his grip on the wheel when he heard the fear in his daughter’s voice. His mind started to work the worst case scenario, he instentively sped up.  “Penny? What’s wrong sweetheart?” He demanded nervously.

“Mommy is screaming, I think it’s the baby” she said, her voice slightly trembling. She had taken the phone from Jim’s bedroom. Seeing you in pain, she thought calling her father was the best thing to do to help you out. And if she was calling that meant you were alone and Dean wouldn’t let you handle this by yourself.

“Keep an eye on mommy for me, I’m coming” he told softly Penny.

“Okay Daddy”

As you were about to reach your bed, your waters broke. “Oh, I’m cursed” you muttered. You tried to calm down but truth was you were completely frightened and your breathing became uneven. Jim wouldn’t be here on time you were about to give birth all by yourself. The worst thought crossed you mind. What if something wrong happened to Robert?

As the anxiety raised your pain increasingly grown, you almost fell on the ground. Your body was uncontrollably shaking, you were panting hard and used the wall to keep you on your feet.


You grabbed some cloths in the bathroom and spread them on the bed. You tried to relax as much as you could sitting down but the ache felt like someone thrown your core apart with a thousand knives.

“Robert I need you to hang on  just a little more”. You hated to think that but you wished Dean was there. Between two contractions you gripped your phone and hesitated to dial him. Just to hear his voice telling you’d be okay. You gave up on the idea after another sharp cramp.

Few minutes later, your breathing became steady again when you heard the familiar roared of the Impala coming from outside. You shook your head thinking the unbearable twinge in your core had you imagining things.

“Y/N!” Dean called as he walked into the house. “Daddy!” Penny answered from the top of the stairs.

“Mommy’s in her bedroom” she said as Dean climbed quickly the step.

“Thanks Princess”

He stepped quickly in your bedroom with Penny following, holding tightly her teddy bear. “What are you doing here?” You asked almost shocked.

“Penny called me” you sighed in disbelief. This child was way too smart sometimes. She was hiding behind her dad’s leg, her small hand gripping now his jeans.

“Come on Y/N/N” Dean spoke softly as he approached you.

“No, it’s okay- breath- Jim will arrive in a minute”

You got another strong spam and managed to not scream. Dean could see how anxious you were. It never was your plan to give birth anywhere else than in an hospital and your kid would certainly not be delivered by anyone but a doctor. And he knew it too well. He knelled before you and took delicately your hand and you naturally closed yours around his. You were both amazed how easy and nice the gesture was. He rubbed his thumb along your fingers and your body relax under his touch.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly and you nodded

“My-breath-my waters just broke… I’m think I’m -breath- I’m close”

“Okay, we gotta move” he said pulling you to help you to stand but you cried of pain.

“Mommyyy!” Penny called crying, putting her head into her bear. She couldn’t stand to see you suffering and didn’t know what else to do.

“I’m okay sweetie, I’m okay- it’s okay, stop crying” you breathed out softly, your hand reaching her. Dean fell to one knee and placed his hand on either of her shoulders. “Princess, do you know where is Mommy’s bag?”he asked calmly. “Ye-Yes” she sobbed.

“Go grab it for me all right?” she nodded and ran out of the bedroom. He turned back to you getting ready to lift you up. He frowned realizing you were staring at him. “What?” he asked confused.

You shook your head. “I thought you’ll be as panicked as the first time I’m -breath- I’m just surprised”

“Oh trust me sweetheart, I’m like super freaked out right now but I can’t show it to Penny she’s already afraid enough” you smiled slightly.

“Come on” he said and grabbed you delicately bridal style and climbed down slowly the stairs. You got another contraction and clawed Dean’s shoulder making him slightly groaned. “It’s been a while since you claw me like this” he bantered.

“Oh don’t you dare! I so fucking hate you right now” you muttered.

“I know sweetheart” he deadpanned.

“No, no, you don’t know! -fuck- it’s the last time you touch me ever Winchester”

“You said that last time too” he was about to smirk but you grabbed his collar forcing him to look at you.

“Listen to me Dean, I’m suffering like hell because of you, both physically and emotionally so keep your smart ass comments to yourself!” you roared.  His eyes went wide and he swallowed hard.

“Ye-Yes Ma'am”

“Now take me to this freaking hospital or I’ll drag you back to Hell myself if I have this baby here”

“We’ll be there in no time Babe”

“Don’t -breath- Don’t pet named me I don’t have the patience for that!!”

“All right! You don’t need to yell it right into my ear” he growled.

Dean let you down in front of the passenger seat. Penny ran outside with your bag and handed it to you. “Thanks P -breath- you’re my strong little girl” you stroke her cheek and she gripped your hand.

You were about to close the door when your brother arrived in the driveway. He climbed out quickly and walked over you and Dean. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Jim shouted toward Dean

“I’m driving her, she needs to get to a hospital now” Dean shouted back.

“She doesn’t need you! I’ll do it! Now get the fuck out!” he stepped closer to the  car.

“I ain’t going anywher-”

“Dean, Jim knock it off!” you shouted to both of them. “I’m about to have a baby if you haven’t notice yet -breath- I don’t have time to deal with your stupid alpha male tensions bullshits”

The two men looked at you slugging hard. “Penny, never repeat that okay sweetie?” she nodded. “Jim take care of her please”

“Y/N/N don’t do-”

“Jim, it’s okay. He needs to be here- I want this” you told honestly your brother.

Dean didn’t try to hide his surprise. He smiled slightly but it didn’t reach your eyes. Jim gave up to reason with you for the moment and approached Penny.

“No Mommy!” Penny cried out and thrown herself against you. 

“Penny, listen to me -breath- you need to stay with Jimmy okay?” you stroke her hair.

“But-But- I want to stay with you and Daddy!” she sobbed. 

“Princess, Mommy’s right. You’ll come with Jim when your brother is here okay?” Dean said softly and pulled her gently away from you.

“I’ll see you really -breath- really soon little mouse, with your brother, okay?” she nodded.

“Come here P” Jim called softly and she hold his hand. Two big contractions occurred in a row and you bite your lower lips to muffle your scream.

“Dean-please-can we just go” you asked panting.

Dean jumped behind the wheels. You waved to Penny, and smiled softly and she waved back, but you could see how worried she was.

“urgh!! We said one Dean, one! I didn’t want to live that twice” you complained.

“Two is good number” he argued softly and you glared.

“Sure, when you’re not the one getting an unplanned pregnancy and have to give birth, it’s awesome” you muttered.

“I’m sorry all right? You know wasn’t my will either”

“No kidding” you switched in the seat to get more comfortable.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re not happy to have this kid” you stayed quiet breathing out. “This’s what I was thinking”. You wrung the leather of the seat letting a painful moan out of your mouth. Breathing correctly was getting harder and harder.

“How do you feel Babe?” Dean asked anxiety in his voice.

“Stop calling me -breath- calling me Babe asshole!” you shouted.

“Fine!” he yelled, “How do you feel Y/N?” he asked again annoyed

“Your son is killing me but I’m just fine!” you suddenly broke down. You couldn’t  ignore what you were feeling anymore, you needed to get it out somehow.

“Babe what’s wrong??”

“My dress is ruined” you started to talk about the lamest thing on your mind .

“Are you fuc… I’ll buy you another one, okay?”

You tried to calm down and reopened your mouth. “Thank yoouuu” speaking was a bad idea and made things ten times worst. The pain down your core consumed all your strength and you felt helpless. Crying was the only way your body find to release your distress.

“Babe talk to me” Dean said softly and took your hand in his.

“Why Dean?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you have to screw everything up?” he clenched his jaws focusing his eyes on the road.

“I could have handle all the supernatural craps, I could Dean, hell I did -breath- but-but why did you cheat on me? It’s because You don’t- don’t find me attractive anymore?” you sobbed.

“No, no! Babe you are so beautiful I swear it’s hard to breath everytime I see you”

“Re-Really?” you dried your cheeks as best as you could.

“Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I ever met, you’ll always be”

“Thanks” you answered quietly.

“I love everything about you Y/N/N, you are a badass hunter and the best mom in the world, you’re the funniest person I know, I even love when you’re mad at me” he paused, trying to find the right words.

“Hear me out here Sweetheart, I’m sorry I let you down for some chicks, there is no way in hell I can find a good excuse because there is none… We were distant from each other and I was really-I didn’t think straight I was just- selfish…I took you for granted I thought you’d stay no matter what- no matter what I do…I’m a stupid ass I don’t deserve you…” he poured his heart out and you listened in silence, his words touching you deeply. You tightened gently your grip in his hand.  “I’m really sorry Y/N.. I know you and Penny have suffered all those years because I made the worst decisions- I’m sorry for all I’ve done, I should have seen you were the right choice” he looked at you boring quickly his eyes in yours. “You’re my everything Y/N”

If you hadn’t been in labor you would have probably answer or do something. You got once more, what you thought every time was the worst pain you ever felt.

“Fuck!” you yelled as the contractions were brought forward. 

“Hang on Babe, we’re almost there”

You did make it at the hospital on time. Five minutes after you stepped in the labor room you were giving birth to Robert. It had been faster than when you had Penny but the pain and anxiety had crushed you. All you energy was gone and you fell asleep in no time after being place in your room.

It was almost midnight when Jim and Penny arrived. Dean convinced a nurse to let them in late after the visit hours, he knew you needed Penny with you. The little green eyes girl hopped up and down to meet her brother after she were reassured you were doing okay. She hadn’t say a word to her uncle from the moment you left until Dean’s call.

“Can I climb back onto the bed?”

“Yes Princess” you answered her softly. Jim lifted her next to you. She kissed Robert’s forehead and whispered “Hi again Robbie”. Robert seemed to smile every time his sister spoke. “His hands are so tiny” she said taking them gently. You smiled.

“Can I play with him? Because I want to share all my toys with him”

“You have to wait few months” the little girl stroke gently her brother hair and snuggle on your side keeping her hand on her brother. Jim chuckled as she fought her eyelids to close.

“Can we go home now that he’s here?” She mumbled half asleep.

“Uh- I have to talk with Daddy first” you answered softly feeling Jim worried look on you. “Okay” she breathed out before falling totally alseep. At least she wasn’t worried anymore.

“Where’s Dean?” Jim asked carefully. 

“He went to take a coffee and make some phone calls” you sighed slightly.

“Y/N/N, it’s your life but- don’t go back with him” you turned your gaze to your brother, knowing too well what he would say. “Your relationship will never be healthy. He will never change”

“I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do Jim. I need time to think”

Jim breathed out heavily “I lose you once because of him” he put his head in his hands.”After today-”

“I was reckless Jim, it’s not his bad. And you’d have be right on time. It’s over we’re fine”

“If you hadn’t met him-”

“Jim, you know I would have met him one way or another” Jim scoffed.

 “Don’t be so sure. If I could go back in time I’ll make everything I could for you not to meet him” he stopped himself seeing you were affected by his words.

“I would not have them” you said quietly and turned your eyes back on your son. Jim breathed out and opened his arms to take Robert. 

“I’m sorry Y/N/N” he whispered. 

“It’s okay, I understand. It hadn’t been easy for you either” he looked at his nephew and smiled at the way he moved.

“Whatever decision you’ll take I’ll be there for you” Jim eventually said.

“Thanks Jimmy” you leaned and hugged him.

You lied back down on your side pulling your daughter against you. You thought about what Dean had said in the car, the way you kissed each other after Robert’s birth. You let your mind wondering for a moment.



“I found her Sam. Again. She’s hunting werewolves in Utah” Ruby said annoyed through the phone. 

Sam turned toward Jim and gave him a small nod. “Where?”

“Once we find her, I’ll cuff her until she forgot her own name” Jim muttered.

Jim and Sam had been looking for you for a whole month. You kept escaping Jim every time he found you, saying you were okay when really you weren’t. When you realized you could do, closed to nothing, to save Dean you just went back to do the only thing you knew. Slaying monsters. But you weren’t doing it a good way. If it ever was a good way doing this job.

They walked towards the motel you were staying in. “Jim” Sam called as he found a large puddle blood next to your car. “Y/N what have you done” Sam whispered. They both ran to the door and found more blood on the knot.

“Y/N!” Jim yelled as he opened the door. You were lying on one of the bed, your hand on your stomach where you’d tried to patch yourself.

“Y/N” Jim came closer. You were covered in blood, your lips were slightly blue, your skin cold but you were still breathing.

“Y/N, it’s alright, I’m here now”

You tried to open your eyes. “Jim” you whispered.

“We’re gonna take you to a hospital Y/N/N, you’re gonna be okay” Jim said tears in his voice. Sam had grabbed the first aid kits to patch you better and stopped your blood loss.

“Just a second and we get you in the car, you’re gonna be fine” Sam told you, trying to convince himself at the same time.

“It’s too late” you murmured. “No Y/N/N, I promise my brother I’ll take care of you, I’m not letting you die” Sam spoke shakily.

“Screw him!” Jim yelled “If he really wanted her to be safe he wouldn’t have let her in his life” he continued tears running down. Sam shook his hand trying to focus on you. 

“Come on Y/N/N, stay awake” Sam said seeing you switching slowly to unconsciousness.

“Jim… Sam….” you started to cough in your own blood. “I’m sorry…”

“Y/N! Stay with us! Stay with me…!” Jim yelled desperate. He pulled you against him. “Y/N please stay with me”

He couldn’t feel your pulse anymore. You were gone.


Dean opened the door and found you lying with Penny and Robert asleep on you. “Hey” he said softly. 

“Hi” you answered moving your gaze from you kids to him. 

“You’re not sleeping?” Dean asked.

“I’ve tried… but Rob was hungry” you answered placing a kiss Robert’s head. Dean sat on the bed next to you and dropped some food on the nightstand. He checked on his daughter who was deeply asleep, taking away some hair of her face.

“She’s out” he whispered.

“After what she’d been through all day, she needed to sleep” he nodded.

“Got some food if you’re hungry. I thought it would be better than what you get here”

“I’m too exhausted to be hungry now but thanks” you smiled softly. “Can you put Robert in his crib?”

He nodded and took delicately the small form in his arm. “So handsome already” he whispered kissing his cheek. You smiled as you observed him be so gentle and affectionate. He sat back onto the bed, pulling the crib closer. He bored his eyes in yours, waiting silently for you to say something.

“Lie down with me” you said quietly. You pulled Penny against you to leave him more space, the way she was between the two of you. You looked at each other for a moment without saying a word. Penny sighed heavily and mumbled something in her dream, making you both smiled.

“Did you- Did you mean everything you said?” you whispered.

“Yes, Sweetheart, every words”

“What about hunting” you continued knowing what would be the answer. He sighed. 

“I’ll stop once I make sure Amara is locked away again” 

You nodded slowly and looked away for a second. “Do you really want it?”


“Do you really want to stop hunting? Or it’s because of me?”

“I don’t want this fuck up life anymore” he answered straight. “I want to be with the kids and you, build the life we wanted before Penny”

“It’d never be our life Dean” Dean frowned as you spoke. “We tried, we tried hard and we failed because we just can’t.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t try again” he spoke softly but you shook your head.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have a chance to have normal life anymore…I’m not sure I want it anyway… I just want to make sure Penny and Robert will have a chance for a normal life” you tightened your grip on your daughter.

“What are you saying” he demanded confused. 

“I’m saying you’ll keep hunting as long as you feel you have to or want to… And meanwhile I’ll make sure Penny and Robert will choose a different path. The bunker is the best place they can have to grow up, with you and Sam”

Dean stayed quiet. He didn’t know if you were saying that you decided to move back with him or to simply give him another chance. “So that means you- you’re coming home, right?” he eventually asked and you closed your eyes for a moment.

“I can’t” you whispered. Dean face dropped at your answer but before he could speak again your hand reached his face.

“I just can’t come back with you like if nothing ever happened” you rubbed your thumb along his cheekbone his large hand coming over yours.

“But we can- I can try. I just need some times…we need some times to get over this” he nodded and he kissed your palm. “I’ll stay with Jim for now. And you can come when you want” he smiled slightly.

He slid his arms under Penny and you as he came closer, putting his forehead against yours. You eventually closed the distance between the two of you and pecked shyly his lips.

“Goodnight” you whispered closing your eyes.

“Good night Sweetheart”

He looked as you fell asleep in his arms like you used to and thought about what you said. His fingers trailed gently on your face and hair, studying your features, all over again. His hand slid on your side, feeling your warmth, your rib cage rising and falling as you were slowly breathing. He knew it would take sometimes for the two of you to find each other again and for you to forgive him. For him to forgive himself. He kissed softly your cheek. You moved naturally your head to nuzzle against his neck. He knew you were doing it unconsciously but it felt so good.

“Daddy?” Penny called half asleep.

“Hey P, you should sleep it’s not time to wake up yet”

She looked at both of you on each side of her. “Are we home?” She asked confused to be in the middle of the two of you. It was something you were doing often when Dean was just back from a hunt. Just taking the time to be you three all together, keeping your daughter safe between you.

“No, we’re still at the hospital” 

She frowned. “But tomorrow we are coming home?”

“Uh-Mommy and Rob still need few days here and then-” he sighed. “Mommy will stay a little longer with your uncle but I’ll be there much more often, okay?” he rubbed gently her head. “We’ll come home together soon Princess” she rubbed her eyes. 


“Yes, forever” she moved against him, her tiny arm circling his waist. 

“I love you Daddy”

“I love you too Princess”


“So tell me, what’d it cost?” Dean pressed his brother.

“The girl? I don’t pay, Dean” Sam answered nervously. 

“That’s not funny, Sam. To bring me back. What’d it cost? Was it just your soul, or was it something worse?” Dean demanded angrily.

“You think I made a deal?”Sam asked perplexed.

“That’s exactly what we think” Bobby muttered.

“Well, I didn't” Sam answered quickly.

“So if not you it’s Y/N” Dean continued. Sam eyes landed on the ground. “I knew it!” Dean shouted a mixed of anger and fear in his voice.

“Where is she Sam? I can’t reach her or Jim, none of their numbers are working, and I can’t track them either” Sam stayed quiet.

“You’re planning on answer us one day?” Bobby asked almost yelling. Sam nodded and cleared his throat, trying to hold back tears. He sighed.

“Y/N and I we tried to found anything. That’s the truth. We tried opening the Devil’s Gate. Hell, we tried to bargain, Dean, but no demon would deal, all right? You were rotting in Hell for months. For months, and we couldn’t stop it” he said sharply. “And Y/N, she couldn’t handle it. She took off one day and covered her tracks…she was a mess, killing everything she found then and there, barely sleeping” he paused few seconds. “About a week ago I found where she was staying, I called Jim- When we arrived-” he couldn’t bring himself to say it to his brother, his eyes went back on the ground.

“Sam what happened?” Dean demanded almost voiceless knowing where this was going even if he wouldn’t admit it to himself.

Sam’s eyes turned red and he took a deep breath before looking back at Dean. “The hunt went wrong, she-uh- she died in Jim’s arms”

Bobby gripped the tip of his nose “And it didn’ t come to mind to grab your phone and give a call!” he yelled to Sam.

“I know, I’m sorry…Jim told me he’d do it” Sam apologized and turned to his brother.

Dean seemed like he couldn’t process the information. His eyes were fixed on his brother, trying to understand what was just said.

“Dean, I’m sorry, I failed to keep her safe” Sam spoke trying to keep the tears from falling. Bobby reached Dean’s shoulder. 

“She’s dead…” he eventually whispered, hot tears suddenly rolling down his cheeks. “Did you- did you burn-”

“Uh- No. Jim wouldn’t. She’s buried with her parents” Sam answered.

“I need to- I need to see her” he said walking out of the room. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the woman he loved. He promised himself he’ll find a way to bring you back, even if he had to go back burning in Hell, once more.

Part 5

Mystery Skulls fanfiction! I decided to novelize the events, give a deeper idea of what’s going on in the story, with my own interpretations on things as well as those inspired by other ppl in this fandom.

Language is rated PG, just because that’s how i personally feel this fic should come off as. It’s not finished, I should have a part 2 after this.

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