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 Hey Baby, you know it’s funny. I still can’t get used to the fact that your real name is Michael. It’s a cool name though. I can think of a lot of great Michael songs. But we still have to get through all those Baby songs first. I can’t wait until the day when it’s just us, music and the road. See you later Baby. All my love, Jeremy.

So @prezdabeast and @porkcutletfatale and some of our other friends watched Love Actually tonight and it was. Well. It was something. Like, it was Heterosexuals: The Movie. And then @prezdabeast got upset that they used a Beach Boys song in the airport reunion scene so I said I’d fix it for her.

So here it is.


Samantha is an incredibly passionate actress. Natalka goes on a traumatic emotional journey similar to Yuri’s and it requires an actress of a certain caliber to bring those emotions to life. Samantha had easy access to all of that. She was wonderful.” — Max Irons on working with Samantha

You gotta love Max… The film was so dark, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much off-set. We got on instantly, which was lucky, as on our first day we had a love scene. I opened the schedule and went, “Argh!” But you just have to dive straight in and not take yourself too seriously. It was funny, actually.” — Samantha Barks on working with Max


“I have lived a thousand years. I may live a thousand more, or I may die tomorrow. But I no longer fear death.”


Hello everyone~~ I thought I’d make a lil post now that this blog is a year old (actually a year and three months…) As you all know I’m incredibly indecisive and I’ve changed this blog so much over the past year so thank you for sticking around <333 I’m now finally comfortable and happy with the blog and stress free since there’s no weight on my shoulders to post any fics. Thank you all again for the love, even if it’s just a little visit to my page or a like here and there. It means so much <333 

I send love to all my beautiful mutuals and all of ya’ll that follow, LOVE YOU I can’t explain in words how grateful I am <3333

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