gotta love the way the plot finally falls into place tho

Most of what I chose is not only Ryden, but NC-17 as well.  Everything on this list (which is what I’ve read so far, there’s a list just as big waiting to be read) is hot/good enough for me to recommend a read.  I put a few words of mine for a review and I took the summaries from each story, so you can see if it interests you too.  A lot of these are short fics, so break time quick read?  Pick thru and find one. I listed where to find each story, but Google is your friend in order to find them. ;)  Thanks to my bestie, missn00b for the lovely banner.

Live Journal

If I Never Knew You**
One of my favorite stories.  This one made me cry, I loved it so much!  Brendon is Autistic and at first, I was weirded out by it, but it is such a touching story that was well written…I just loved it.  This is a short story too, so half hour lunch and you’d finish it right up.
Summary:  When Ryan Ross is sent to live with his aunt after his mom gets fed up with his behavior, he was pissed. He never expected to meet a boy who was so different that he could change Ryan’s life forever.

Back to the Place**
This is one of my favorite fics.  I was actually there with Brendon and Ryan as I read along.  The text wars are hilarious, the fic-reading prank war even funnier.  Bren and Ry are adorable throughout and of course, as with a lot of Ryden, there’s some heartbreak along the way.  This one even has a link to a trailer on youtube!  I suggest you watch it after, as it makes more sense.  There’s also a bunch of follow ups.  I’ve only read a few of those and some are on this list.  I will forever remember the word “Pianissimo”.  Holy fuck.
Summary:  Once upon a time, Panic went to a cabin in the mountains to write an album they never made. One night there, something happened that Ryan tried to forget. Two years later, he still hasn’t.

Until We’ve Reached Our Ever After (Follow up to BTTP)**
One of the follow ups to Back to the Place.  Basically a Ryden whore’s dream come true.  Brendon wrote Ryan a song at the cabin and it comes to life in this fic with them FINALLY confirming Ryden to the fans while on stage, by sharing a kiss.

Perfect Proposal*
This one takes place after Back to the Place.  Fluff.
Summary: Brendon and Ryan get engaged. It kind of happens by accident.

That First Inconceivable Touch
Sex in the bathroom at a FOB show, at least, I think that’s what it is.
Summary:  Ryan never gets what he wants like this. It’s just not how his life works.

Leaving Without Moving**
Two words:  Vampire Brendon. *bites fist*  Storyline is a little weird, but worth the read.
Summary:  "I’m not trying to embarrass you or anything here. But seriously, I’m just trying to make things clear - what you want is to be my own personal little toy, is that it? You want to be my pet in the… pet sense?“ "Not if you’re not interested,” Ryan gritted out, hot with shame. “You can stop making fun of me now. That was fucking hard to say.” He rested his head on his arms, feeling weak and slightly nauseated with how his stomach was churning.

The Clock on the Wall Has Been Stuck for Days**
The infamous mall fic, where Ryan works in a clothing store and Brendon is a hairdresser.  
Summary:  Ryan Ross is a college student working at a women’s clothing store. He lives with his roommate, Spencer Smith, another college student who works at a call center. One night, he has the mischance of falling, right into one Brendon Urie, a hairstylist from across the quad. Along with their mutual friend, Jon Walker from the card shop, a story of love ensues.

Add ons to the above fic that should be read for the full experience also include I Think It’s turned Ten O'Clock, But I Don’t Really Know, If Heaven Were a Musty Vintage Store, It Would Go Like This and Boys, Toys and Noise

Guilty Pleasure*
Masturbation has never been so much fun.  Late night deep convos turn into a hot checklist B&R are willing to follow.
Summary:  Brendon found the hardest thing in the world to do was be silent while jacking off.

Who Could Ask for Anymore*
Brendon helps Ryan relieve some tension when he has to sing lead for the first time during a concert.
Summary:  Brendon knows what’s best for Ryan.

The One Thing I Never Expected*
I love this because it’s different.  It’s fluffy at times and angsty, but it’s also funny and the relationship between B&R is heartwarming.
Summary:  Ryan is Brendon’s best friend, they grew up together. But Ryan is different. An accident when he was a child left him deaf. Brendon has always taken care of Ryan, but now he’s starting to care for Ryan in a different way.

Better Together
Another story where Ryan needs some tension release, if you know what I mean.
Summary:  Pete was sort of vague about details and Ryan didn’t exactly have the balls to question it, but it is today, Pete said he’s coming today.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Schoolboy Crush
A threesome with Pete Wentz.
Summary: What if Ryan can have them both?

Remember When the Boys Were All Electric
Another threesome with Pete.
Summary:  Ryan and Brendon have to sleep with Pete to get on the label.

Attention to Detail
Brendon and Ryan get a toy.
Summary:  Brendon paid attention to what would make Ryan chuckle, low and breathless, and what would make him shudder and bite his lip.

Best Laid Plans
I love when Spencer and Jon pick on Brendon or Ryan.  It makes the story more realistic.  This one is kinda cutesy.  Brendon takes too long to let Ryan in on his feelings, so Ryan finally takes charge and helps him figure it out.
Summary:  Brendon had a three-step plan to make Ryan Ross fall in love with him. He didn’t write it down or anything (and if he did, the tiny, shredded pieces of paper were scattered across some highway between Wisconsin and Indiana, so no one could prove it), but it was a very specific plan.

Too Good to Hurt
Ryan is a prostitute who entertains Brendon for the evening.  Some rough play.
Summary:  Canal Street in Manchester is the place to go if you need to… hire assistance. Tonight, Ryan isn’t even on duty – it’s supposed to be his free night – but he gets snatched into an interesting new world as a guy just about his age makes him an offer too good to refuse.

A Lover or a Friend, A Big Thing or a Small*
Loved this one.  Brendon is a single Dad in this one.  His son and his parenting skills are adorable.  Ryan is brought in to help with a new album.
Summary:  Brendon Urie, famous solo artist, is finally working on his second album, but it’s coming along a little slower than he’d hope. He can’t help it—he has a son to take care of, someone who he puts in front of everything. When Pete, his boss, gets restless and demands he starts working on the album, he brings Brendon a lyricist to help him get it finished. As the work progresses, their friendship progresses—but what happens when feelings do the same? What’s Brendon supposed to do when Ryan’s off limits in more ways than one? And what about Brendon’s own relationship with Jon? There’s only so much temptation that can be held in.

Bright Copper Non-Sunsets*
THIS fucking story.  Fuck.  It made me cry, almost as much as Throam, but this is a harsher story featuring Ryro on a hard drugs and alcohol binge.
Summary:  Hi, I’m Ryan Ross. You have a name that starts with a B and that’s all I know about you. I stare across a room of feebly drunk people and I see you with cocaine in my eyes in my lips on my ears in my brain and I think, BBBBBBBBBB.

NaNoRyRo24 Untitled (This was for that writing thing that’s done every year, it has no title, but it’s pretty good)
Brendon teases the hell out of Ryan over the phone and embarrasses him in front of Pete.
Summary:  There really isn’t one, so see mine.  However, the story has phone sex; voyeurism; orgasm control; hints of water sex.

Roll Off Your Tongue*
Sexy and snarky all rolled into one.  Kinda felt like their first time, but I’m not sure.  Unfortunately, there was no summary.  Gotta read to enjoy.  It’s a short one tho, so quick 10 minute break read.

Aubergine Dreams*
Ryan is a pretty, pretty princess.  Cross-dressing fic with Brendon as the clerk that helps him at the store.
Summary:  He imagines Ryan running his hands over it, smoothing out the creases and wrinkles, the way it would sit not quite right on his hips, over his chest, without any curves to fill it out.

Anything by Anna Green.  Everything by her is on Live Journal - This includes:

The Heart Rate of a Mouse (THROAM)**
Do I really need to give info on this?  I think this is the most read Ryden fanfic out there.  It will make you laugh, cry, scream, get angry, punch stuff, cheer and make you horny, all rolled into one giant ball of emotion that will eat you alive until you finish it.  Once it sucks you in, there is no escape.  That’s why we all say “we’ll be here for you while you read, cuz you WILL need to talk about it…and you will need encouragement to finish it.” Sadly, there is no summary for it on LJ, so I guess you’ll just have to go read it and find out what it’s all about. THIS is the story that should break you into the fandom, not the gross milk fic. Kleenex definitely needed for this one.

He Acts Like We Never Have Met (aka the time travel fic)**
This makes more sense after you’ve read Throam.  I loved this, tho another heartbreaker imo.  Beautifully written and executed.  Kleenex recommended.
Summary:  The following story is an AU time travel fic based on The Heart Rate of a Mouse. This time travel fic is in no way connected to the real plot of THROAM, which is to say that THROAM Ryan never goes back in time and that this is fanfic of a fanfic. When real THROAM continues with Vol.2 – III, please bear in mind that what you’re about to read never happened or happens. Ryan and Brendon never meet until 1974, and Brendon still lost his virginity to Norman the Creepy Married Guy. If you think you might get confused, then I suggest refraining from reading this until, perhaps, THROAM in its entirety is done.

The Black Rose Season**
This one was one of my favorites.  The mystery is so much fun and frat life at Swan University is certainly interesting, plus there’s also Joncer.  I want a Sigma Chi Beta hoodie!
Summary:  Ryan, an introverted English Lit student, is hired to hunt down a secret society, which might not even exist. Ryan is given only one clue: Brendon Urie. Ryan is putting his future, his dreams and, ultimately, his heart on the line.

Footsteps In The Snow
This one is cool because it’s another AU and takes you to another world, tho it is kind of sad too. :/
Summary:  Fantasy AU. In Brendon’s world, all men are missing their halves and are doomed never to find them. But, one day, Brendon hears a voice in his head, and it is not his own.

Posing In A Ballroom**
This one is just as good as all the other stories from Anna.  Posing places the band in an AU where they’re rich and privileged and spoiled, using money to buy themselves out of situations.  Brendon is a troublemaker and Spencer plays his brother, who always gets him out of trouble, one way or the other.
Summary:  Posing is not Hilton-esque, which sounds like a bimbo comedy in the making. Posing is toned down and dark and follows the struggles of four guys who live privileged lives.) At the time I was working on another story, The Black Rose Season, and I had time for little else during the obsessive writing process. But the idea of our boys being rich and fabulous (and oh so troubled) kept mulling in the back of my brain. And so, once TBRS was done and posted, the characters started yelling at me to write them. So I did.

The Years Won’t See It (The Way I Want Them To)
Another sort of time travel fic where Brendon is warned by his future self about Ryan and their future band and relationship.
Summary:  The stranger, who looks exactly like Brendon except older, moves restlessly, knees bouncing. “I’m you, get it? I am you. Five years from now.”

Miguel Sanchez’s Grand Slam of Love**
I love that this story is totally AU where B&R are tennis players competing against each other.  The tension is great and good on Anna to do her research on tennis.  I learned as I read.
Summary:  Ryan Ross, the world’s number one tennis player, 8-time Grand Slam winner whose only true love is tennis, loses to an upcoming talent. What’s worse is that the kid just keeps smiling at him, trying to be Ryan’s new best friend, when all Ryan wants to do is punch him in his rather beautifully shaped face.

Encounters:  Five Stories of Love and Loss*
This one, unfortunately, I could not find online.  My bff missn00b found a pdf copy for my nook and she sent it to me to download.  It was “in a book” with 15 other short stories I just finished reading.  I believe 10 out of the 15 are on this list.  There was no summary, since it’s not online to read, but basically it is what is says it is.  It’s 5 shorts stories of Ryden breakups.  *sniffle*

Remember the C-Shot*
Bren & Ry do porn and fall for each other by the end of it.
Summary: Brendon occasionally participates in porn movies for the money. In his biggest production yet, Brendon’s co-actor is Ryan Ross. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the entire plot.

We’re Not On the Map But We’re On Our Way
AU 4 Panic boys on a cross country road trip to nowhere.
Summary:  “It’s amazing how… how you can have everything and the next day it’s just… gone. You’re left drifting,” Ryan whispers. They are running, hiding, escaping. They are four strangers in a car, and they don’t know where they’re going.

No Use In Turning On Your Light*
Bren & Ry fall in love over the summer and of course, the inevitable happens.
Summary:  The neighboring farm got sold to a Mr. Wentz from New York, but Brendon didn’t think twice about it, not even when his fiancée excitedly told him that Ryan Ross, the folksinger, was to stay there. The summer of 1963 was expected to be rainy and hot. They were right.

Drabble 4: Brendon, Victoria’s Secret’s Panty Genius Extraordinaire
Fun fluff.  Just what you need right now.  B & R are both adorable in this.  Brendon is extra flamboyant for your pleasure.
Summary: Ryan is shopping for lingerie and Bren in the clerk who helps him.

What He Had*
Holy hell is this one hot…and I picture it more recent than The Young Veins period too.  *twitches*
Summary:  I wrote a PWP. No shit. Because the thing is that Ryan Ross seems to get boners on stage. No, really. I mean, even recently. So I thought to myself, “What is the story behind these boners? What do they mean?” I didn’t answer these questions. I just wrote some phone sex.

Zip It (Just Say Yes)*
Same sex marriage gets legalized, so B&R get engaged.
Summary:  Welcome to the first but hopefully not the last BN Says “I Do” ficlet! :D We here at BN Inc. are crazy about same-sex marriage and want to show our support whenever we can. And so we have unwisely promised to write a cutesy proposal/wedding ficlet whenever same-sex marriage gets legalised somewhere in the world. This is our first in the BN Says “I Do” series, written for the State of New York, which legalised same-sex marriage on the 24th of June, 2011. Congratulations, New Yorkers! <333

You Gotta Dance Who You Came With*
Ryan is a moody bitch when Brendon doesn’t get the hint that he wants him to ask him to his final high school dance, prom, before they go out on tour.
Summary:  Brendon forgot about the prom but decides that it’s a rite of passage he cannot miss, and Ryan acts like the bitch that he is, only not really.

Brendon is a dog.  No, really…he’s a dog.  Cute AF.
Summary: Ryan meets a dog that looks hauntingly familiar and stares at him a lot. Despite his best efforts, the dog seems determined to be called Brendon, but it’s not weird or anything that his sort of pet is named after his former bandmate. Not weird at all.


Filthy Lucre**
Fuck me…this fic.  Just as good as Throam and still a work in progress.  Prostitute Brendon?  Rich Bitch Ryan?  Sounds like a disaster?  Think their worlds can’t collide?  Guess again.  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you jump on the bandwagon.  Beautifully written.  You may need some Kleenex for this one too.
Summary:   AU. Ryan Ross is living the American wet dream. He’s rich, he’s good looking, he’s paid just to turn up at parties and he spends his days doing drugs and climbing into bed with eager and willing boys and girls. Brendon Urie is a man bordering on desperation – whoring himself out to wealthy men in an attempt to support himself and his best friend’s worsening drug habit. When his job ensnares him in the glamorous world of the rich and the infamous, it’s not long before their paths cross and Ryan starts living his dark fantasies though Brendon – but only for a price. allwhatglitters

In Case the Scene Gets Nasty** (and all their follow ups, there’s 8 or 9 of them)
I felt slightly uneasy about reading this one at first, because Brendon and Ryan actually physically fight each other…all the time.  Every day, pretty much.  But the more I read, the more intrigued I got and I fell in love with it.  I was disappointed with the ending at first, but after giving it a second go, it ended as it should have.  The layout of all the extra chapters are kind of odd, so I had actually missed one and had to go back and read them all again.  The follow ups are all short, 1 paragraph things, but just enough to keep you into the story.
Summary: Better to take the long way home than not to arrive at all. A high school AU.

Orgasm denial.  Hot shit when Ryan begs for it.
Summary:  Ryan sighed a little, his hips hitching up, but then his hand slid into Brendon’s hair, gently tugging him off. “Wait,” he said, and his voice had that weird flat tone it got when he was feeling deeply uncomfortable with a situation. Brendon blinked up at him in surprise. Ryan didn’t meet his eyes. “Could you, like, tease a little. Don’t. Um. Don’t let me come?”

This one is kinda sad, with drug use at a halloween party and all, but it’s hot as fuck.  
Summary:  It’s a strange and beautiful thing to hate yourself so much you’d let someone else do this to you. Even stranger is trusting them enough to say these things and not mean it. Or mean it and love fuck you anyway.

What A Pity That It Is (To Write You In A Song)
This is one of the cutest stories I’ve read.  
Summary:  Ryan’s been working at this Hot Topic for exactly three weeks and four days, and if he’s honest, he has the exact hour he started buried somewhere in the file cabinets in his brain. It’s the worst job he’s ever had. Brendon is a stranger who decides he needs Ryan’s help with impressing a girl he likes. It goes exactly as expected.

Opened You Wide Up*
Brencer!  This one was funny and cute.  Spence and Bren having some naughty fun.  3 words:  Gay internet chicken. XD
Summary: “You are both idiots,” Zack calls back over his shoulder. “Livejournal is going to explode.”

Sex Scenes Your Boyfriend is too Vanilla to Read About*
Holy hell this story.  I loved this one from start to finish. Spencer picks a weekly word and whoever says the word to Ryan gets to make him do whatever they want.  It’s basically a wherever/whenever situation.  Hot shit.
Summary:  Ryan never knows when he’s going to hear it, whether Spencer is going to give someone the word right away or wait almost the full week before handing it out. He doesn’t know how many people will get it, or who they’ll be, or where they’ll use it.

White Noise and Intimate Strangers*
This one is definitely sad. :(
Summary:  After an accident, Ryan wakes up in March of 2013 and can’t remember the split. He’s left with none of the answers to the puzzle of the last four years.

What We Have is What We Will Be Given*
Submissive Ryan, wearing panties and wanting praise.  Hot stuff.
Summary: Ryan needs it  

All In*
Sort of a truth or dare, but all dares.  The boys write their deepest fantasies on a piece of paper, put them in a fishbowl with some money and choose them.  If they don’t follow through, somebody wins the money in the fishbowl.
Summary: “Last person still in wins the pot,” Jon says. He finishes with a flourish, folding up his two pieces of paper and dropping them on top of the folded twenty at the bottom of their empty weed jar.  Brendon pushes his hair out of his eyes, bites his lip, and stares at his two scraps of paper. He writes the first two things that come to mind.

Love Too, Will Ruin Us
This one is kinda sad too.  Really quick short story of Ryden.  The summary quote pretty much says it all.
Summary: That’s the thing no one remembers about Icarus.  He falls from the sky, but at least he flies.


Down the Rabbit Hole*
Spencer’s wedding is happening…today.  Ryan needs to pull himself together to make it to the church on time and then needs to keep himself together to see and reluctantly interact with his old bandmates.
Summary:  I’m still in the process of reading this one and it didn’t have a summary, but I like the idea of it so far.  It’s nice to see Dan in a fic too. :)

If you don’t want your work on my fic rec list, please PM me and let me know and I will take it down.  Any and all mistakes on here are my own.  Enjoy.

One * means it’s good
Two ** means it’s a favorite