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i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

Me before knowing Haru: UGH This again?! She’s the soft version of Mitsuru with her a-hole fiance and blegh…. Oh well, I hope she has kickass skills….


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we started the teen titans to do good in our own right. not just to be sidekicks. not just to be the other, diminutive half of the people who raised and trained us. even then, we knew that we were going to grow out of their shadows. teen titans was only the first step

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I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 6 of Yuri on Ice:

Although it’s totally sweet and selfless of Victor to slum it in economy class with Yuuri, I always wondered why he didn’t just upgrade both of them to first class since he was complaining about it before they got on the plane. Lol.

Victor tugging on Yakov’s jacket like a petulant child is adorable.

Lols and cuteness. Poor Yakov.

That face. Is there a more adorable sight??

These two cuties come close.

I wish we could get this as a poster…except with Phitchit’s face in view…at least in profile.

I want to see the photos on their phones one day. 

Kubo-sensei could have just left this scene as an innocuous character moment for Chris, but I love that she actually provided us later on with an explanation for his forwardness with Yuuri. Even now I am still marveling now at how well thought out YOI is. Just beautiful.

Like I need an explanation as to why I would include this moment….

Sexy!Yuuri is sexy.

I really like Georgi and I felt all sorts of bad for him and his girlfriend problems, but his performance…I pretty much reacted to it the same way Mila and her teammate were reacting.

You can probably create a drinking game based on the number of butt shots during Chris’ performance.

I love Mama Katsuki.

Look at these two silly lovestruck idiots. You’ve gotta be dead inside, outside and everywhere else to NOT love them.

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Harry and reader are at the MTV music awards and he is so horny that he takes the reader to backstage and they have sex but 1D got the award so harry walks super awkward to the stage and stufff..... I'm so sorry for the details .... sorryyy

No I am glad you gave me details. also sorry it took so long, I just hate posting so much in one day and blowing up all of my followers dashes. 

Ever since you walked slowly down the stairs trying not to fall since you are wearing such high heels you knew Harry wouldn’t be able to control himself. Right when you hit the bottom of the stairs Harrys eyes almost popped out of his head. “wow babe you look beautiful” Harry says and instantly wraps his arms around you

You both finally reach the venue and walk inside, after the whole red carpet and camera shots. You were ready to take a seat and watch the show at this point. We found out seats and sit right down, Harry instantly sits his hand right onto my thigh. I knew something was up since the whole ride here he wouldn’t get his hands off of me. The show started and Harry leaned in and rested his head onto my shoulder and leading up to my ear. 

“Baby, I need you so bad” Harry whispers and bites my ear

I gasp and grab his hand “Harry not right now” I whisper back

“Come one baby, ever since I’ve seen you in the dress I’ve had so many thoughts in my head” says and smiles against my cheek

“Where would we even do it?” I ask and turn to him 

“just follow me, I got an idea” Harry says and helps me stand up

Harry jogs and I follow right behind him, we both end up at the front door of the stage and enter to no one back there except the sound guy and the director. They didn’t say anything much at all and let us on our way. We both searched for a room that was empty till we came face to face with a empty tiny closet, but it would have to do. We both enter and lock the door, we in the matter of less then a minute pull down Harrys pants and boxers and I lift up my dress. 

“God baby I am so ready, are you ready for me?” Harry says smirking at me and running the tip of his cock on my entrance 

“Yes Harry just put it on” I moan out to him

Harry agrees and shoves himself right in without any warning to me.

“Ughhh Harry yes fuck me” I moan and grab onto his neck

“Oh baby I will, trust me” Harry says and starts to fuck me

He is going so fast and so hard I can barely keep my balance when he is holding me up. He is ramming into me with all the passion he has, I feel like I am in another planet.

“You feel good babe, moan for me. let everyone knows how you feel” Harry says and slaps my ass

“Yes god yes Harry I am going to cum” I moan out and reach down to rub my clit

“Come on y/n, cum on my cock. I know you can do it” Harry says and lifts my left leg on his shoulder hitting my g spot

“I’m cumming yess ugh” I yelled out a bit and cumming 

Harry orgasms right after I start to and is fucking me through it

“Yes fuck yes y/n take my cum take it” Harry moans out 

We both are coming down from what just happened and he sets me down on my feet. I pull up my panties and fix my dress when Harry is stuffing himself back into his boxers and fixing his pants. 

“Fun time babe, gotta do that again” Harry says and kisses my check

“Yes definitely was” Ii say smiling and kissing him back

“And the winner is…One Direction” we hear from outside 

“Gotta go back love you” Harry says and tries to gather himself, walking awkwardly on stage

God, I do love that boy 

There’s nothing more relaxing than some morning sketching!  🌄😊✍Especially if you wake up at silly hours because of jetlag like I did ha ha 😜 I’m so creatively energized by Rome and inspired by this beautiful city and its amazing people! Gotta love Italians!! 😍💖 I wish you could hear the music that’s playing outside my window, its amazing! 🎶😀💕 Drawings are a perfect way to for me to be creative when I travel. ✏✨ What do you like to do when you travel to relax?😊

Camping** Version 2



Camping. It would be quite romantic if it had been just you and your boyfriend but it wasn’t. You had basically intruded on a boys weekend in the woods and the more you watched the more confused you got as to way the boys had decided to go camping.

You sat on a log watching Jack and Conor struggle to pitch their tent. Theirs was the last one that needed to be set up and they insisted that they could do it themselves. You let out a quite laugh as you watched Jack trip over a stick, him and the tent falling to the ground. 

“Oi what are you laughing about over there?” He said turning his head to smirk at you. 

“Do you need some help?” You said standing up and walking over to the two boys. 

“No love we’re fine…we just need the instructions.” Conor said looking around the ground for the pieces of paper.

You helped jack up off the ground before turning and headed back over to the other boys who were huddled around the picnic tables.

“They didn’t want any help?” Joe asked as you approached him and the boys. 

“Nope, they seem to have it all under control” you said sitting on his lap, leaning your head back against this shoulder as he kissed the side of your head. 

Evening had quickly approached and after everyone had eaten, you all sat around the fire talking and laughing. You had wrapped yourself in a blanket and were staring blankly at the fire when someone sat down next to you. 

“You look cold.” Jack said watching as you hugged the blanket tighter around your body. 

“M’fine Jack” you said with a smile. 

“Well you know if you get cold at all in the night, I have plenty of blankets in my tent we could share.” you raised an eyebrow at Jack’s comment and went to open your mouth to comment back but were interrupt by someone clearing their throat. 

You and Jack both looked up to find Joe making his way back to the fire and sitting down next to you. 

“Whats up mate?” Jack asked.

“Just wanted to come sit with my girlfriend thats all” Joe said putting an arm over your shoulder and pulling you closer to him. “How about you?”

“Oh it just seemed like Y/N was cold so I offered her another blanket for tonight” Jack said standing and walking away to grab another beer. 


“I’m fine” Joe lied.

Joe was always pretty jealous when his mates would flirt with you because before you started dating, all the boys were commenting on how fit you were and apparently Joe thought they still did. Well Jack did but it was only because he liked to piss off Joe. 

The tiredness had hit you pretty hard later on in the evening and you and a few of the other boys decided to call it an early night. You had tossed and turned for a few hours until Joe had decided to call it a night as well. 

“Thought you’d be sleeping” He said seeing you sat up in the tent. 

“Me too” You said rubbing your tired eyes. 

Joe pulled off his shirt and laid down besides you. 

“You know Jack does it just to piss you off right.” you asked quietly as you continued to lay awake. 

“He’s a dick”

“But it works and thats why he keeps doing it. Either that or I tell him to.” 

“You what?” Joe questioned as he turned over to face you. 

“You’re so cute when your jealous and you don’t how that side of you much so I may have Jack help me out with that.” You laughed watching as Joe’s eyes widened. “Babe I’m joking. Jack’s just an ass.”

“You better be” Joe said rolling completely over so he was not straddling your waist.

He leaned down to kiss you deeply as his fingers snuck themselves under the waistband on your bottoms and teasing your core. 

“Joe” You said pushing him away. “The boys…”

“Are sleep just a few feet away so you better be quiet love.” He said as he started moving his fingers deeper inside of you. 

You are growing increasingly wet with the thought of you and Joe having sex in a tent with his mates sleeping only and ears distance away. You let out a whine as Joe removed his fingers from you and stuck them in his mouth. 

You helped Joe remove your shorts and panties before removing his own and pumping his cock a few times. 

Joe teased your soaked entrance with his tip before slowly pushing into you. You let out a moan that was quickly muffled by Joe’s hand but not soon enough. All you could do was hope that the boys were in fact all sleeping. 

Joe continued to thrust into you and a quick pace, his hand still muffling your moans but he quickly realized that that wasn’t working. He removed him hand and replaced it his mouth, kissing you as deeply as he had earlier. You moaned into his mouth as his thrust were hitting g spot without fail. 

“Shhhh babe” He said as he moved his mouth to your neck, nipping at it slightly. 

You bit down on your lower lip hard enough to draw blood but it was the only attempt that had so far quieted your moans. That was until Joe moaned out your name rather loudly into your neck, sending goosebumps down your body. 

“Joe..” You whispered but was all your could get out before your mouth was taken over by moans once again.

Moments later you and Joe came, muffled moans filling the tent. The two of you laid catching your breaths for as your limbs tangled together as you drifted asleep.

The sun poured into the thin lining of the tent making you squint your eyes. You rolled over into Joe’s chest shielding your eyes from the sun. 

“Good morning love” Joe said squeezing you a bit.

“Morning” You said leaning up to kiss his lips. 

“OH JOE!” you and Joe froze as you heard Joe’s name being moaned. 

“YOU GOTTA BE QUIET LOVE!” another voice came from outside the tent along with a few more moans and laughter.

Joe unzipped the tent and stuck his head out seeing a few of the boys sitting at the picnic table laughing. 

“Have fun last night Sugg?” Jack asked causing the rest of the boys to laugh. 

“Piss off” Joe said before he stuck his head back into the tent looking over at you. 

“Oh my god” You laughed, pulling the blanket over your face, hiding your blush. 

Hitorijime My Hero 1x09 | Jesy's ramblings
  • “I want to touch him.” Wow, what a way to start the episode Kousuke xD
  • “Don’t invite the teacher!” If you’re doing it at Kensuke’s house then Kousuke is there automatically idiot -_-
  • “Why not just us?" ‘cuz Kousuke is like, ya know, his boyfriend?
  • "Oshiba” ¯\_( ಠ д ಠ )_/¯
  • “Don’t you think Setagawa seems happier chatting with Kousuke, not us?” Ohh… I forgot that you guys don’t know that they are dating… Oops
  • Kensuke, stop freaking out in the background!
  • And Asaya back at it again with the love for food! 
  • “Maybe he doesn’t talk to you because you read too much into things like that.” Look at him! Look at him protecting his bestie!
  • “Ken-tan’s got Hasekura wrapped around his finger, huh?” Pretty much, yes
  • What’s up with Shige always glaring like that today?
  • “What was that, Hasekura? Sticking up for Setagawa?” That’s my bromance for ya, pal!
  • Ahh man, I think we’re gonna get a little drama with Shige ._.
  • “Why do you always have to pout like that?” Because he’s a needy animal
  • “It’s hard for me too… I hate not being able to see you often.” Aw </3
  • “Are Setagawa and Mr. Ooshiba fighting over there?!” And you’re such an innocent sweet child too, omg. ಥ_ಥ Somebody stop him! He’s not ready!
  • “Kousuke points” Lmfao xd
  • “In other words, if I stock up on Kousuke points right now… you won’t be so obstinate anymore, right?” You know, I really love it that Settie is trying to be bold but damn, the school is not the right place for that!
  • “When you want a kiss, you do it no matter what I say…” Well, yeah. That’s what a seme tends to do
  • I AM SO CONFLICTED RIGHT NOW! On one hand, I’m so proud of him and I love bold Settie ‘cause daaamn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  but on the other, THE INNOCENT CHILD IS WATCHING THEM!  
  • And there is our shy boy again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • “I can’t change the fact that that moment was an important step.” You’re just as proud as I am Kousuke! *wips tears away*
  • “But what happens now…” How the hell did you even know that the class rep was watching you guys?!
  • SHIGEO!  \(♥_♥)/
  • “You don’t think Setagawa really DID name it after me, do you?” Aren’t you just like, ya know, waaay too self-conscious?
  • “Shige, you’re way too self-conscious!” See? Even Kensuke thinks that!
  • “I shouldn’t have done that at school, no matter how irritated I was.” That’s why you think first and act later ._.
  • “Um… At school just now… Setagawa and Mr. Ooshiba were…” And that’s the moment when the ship captains realize that something went terrible wrong!
  • “They were… kissing.” SHIIIT!
  • “Are those two going out?” Pretty much, yes
  • “Am I the only one who didn’t know about it?” Naah. I’m sure the other two didn’t know either
  • “That’s gross!” BITCH WHAT?! 
  • “Hold on! Shige, what did you just say?” Oho! Kensuke sounds reeeally mad
  • “Did you just say that Setagawa and my brother dating is gross?!” Feel the wrath of Kensuke Ooshiba!
  • “Sh-Shige, apologize! You were so shocked you just said that without thinkin’, right?” It has to be! I mean, he’s okay with Kensuke and Asaya dating too!
  • “What’s wrong with calling something gross when it is?!” Wha… Fight me, seriously!
  • Btw… called it that we were going to get drama with Shige and like, is no one gonna talk about how Settie is probably listening to this?
  • “Shige! Setagawa’s already basically like family!” My bromance <3   
  • “If you’re gonna talk crap about my brother, get out! Don’t come back here!” Damn right!
  • Btw, I didn’t know Kensuke could get THAT angry. Holy shit!
  • “You got caught, idiot.” Asaya in Mom-Mode
  • Settie!  ಥ_ಥ
  • “I’m sure he was confused. Because he likes you, Setagawa.” Wait? WHAT? What The Fuck
  • “Yeah, stupid Shige. He adores Setagawa, why would he say something like that?” Jealousy? Maybe?
  • “What do you mean, "he likes me”?“ I would like to know that too! 
  • "The type of "like” I really hate.“ Wow. That’s helpful Asaya…
  • "Kousuke, I… I made my first friend besides Ooshiba. But I screwed up…” Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking in the distance </3
  • “Even if he stops being my friend… Even if he disappears…” Please, don’t go that way Settie…
  • “Looks like Ooshiba’s still in a bad mood.” After what Shige said, I’m honestly not surprised…
  • “And Fukushige… I really don’t want things to stay awkward like this.” Understandable ._.
  • Bitch! Don’t ignore him!
  • “You’ll be mad at me again in a few days.” I feel like you really want me to hate you, don’t ya Kousuke?
  • “Your teacher just told you that it’s not your fault.” Kousuke is right tbh
  • “You’ve never fought with a friend before, have you?” Well, no but it’s not like they really had a fight either ._.
  • “No… Ooshiba was my only real friend until now.” I’ll be your friend!!
  • “Listen. Who cares if he’s ignoring you a little? Grab him by the collar and make him hear you out. Ask what’s bothering him so much. Make sure you let him hear what you want to say too. Just do what you want. Be firm.” That is actually really good advice right there!
  • “The teacher in you has really come out today.” Lmfao. I was thinking the same thing!
  • “Wait, I didn’t mean falling for you in a weird way! It’s like a man-crush or something like that. Or maybe I meant the weird meaning too…” Settie, you’re such a dork and I adore you so hard!
  • “It’s been a few days since I started hanging out with Yunge’s group. I don’t get these guys at all.” If you wouldn’t have acted like shit then you wouldn’t even need to search for a new group, dumbass
  • “You know, Setagawa is… He’s dating Ooshiba. The older one.” Wow. What a great friend you are… Not.
  • “Shige, you… You didn’t know?” How did you know?
  • “Huh?! Who told you?!” Wondering that too!
  • “They’re not exactly hiding it.” Okay. True
  • “I could kinda feel it in the air between them.” Air-bender Yunge!
  • “You were wrong to say that, Shige.” See? That’s what I’m talking about!
  • “They- He should have just told me to begin with! If he would have explained, I mean, we’re friends!” You didn’t even let him explain! And you called him gross behind is fuckin’ back asshole!
  • “That’s why. He couldn’t tell you because you’re his friend.” True
  • “It would be a waste to lose him just because you’re too stubborn.” Exactly
  • Did… did he just seriously slap him?!
  • So Settie thinks Kensuke and Asaya are pretty? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
  • “Is it because I’m not pretty?” Settie , shut up! You’re beautiful!
  • And the title for best Group Mom goes tooo…. Masahiro Setagawa!
  • “You’ve got a part-time job, you’re a great cook, you’re nice, you’re tall… You stick up for yourself, just like now… You’re cool!” Yeah, our Settie is pretty amazing :3
  • “And you… I just couldn’t accept that you’re dating that old fart!” I’m shocked too Shinge, don’t worry
  • These two… oh god XD
  • “I want you to talk about things with me more.” Considering the fact that Settie sees him as a real friend, he really should do that!
  • Omfg, he needs to sit with the dog XD
  • “"Naughty boys eat one meal in the garden.” It’s been a rule of the Ooshiba family for centuries!“ Gotta love their traditions :’D
  • "He’s so mad…” Well, of course. You could have told him that Yoshida was watching, ya know
  • “This old fart… I thought he was at least a little cooler than this.” And Shinge joins the “I don’t like Kousuke Ooshiba“ club. I wonder if Asaya is happy to have him though XD
  • Next week: 1x10 Why is it so hard to be Happy?


In this episode, I realize that I didn’t even know the names of their friends and I really fell in love with Yunge too. \(♥_♥)/  AND I’M REALLY WORRIED BECAUSE OF THE TITLE OF NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seth Rollins ~ Proposal

Yes mom. I’ll be there in a bit! Yeah, like I’m literally just headed out the door.” I lied. To be quite honest, I was still in my sweats in front of the TV watching spongebob.

“(Y/N). I’ve raised you better than that. You don’t lie to your own mother.” I laughed at my mother’s comment. She of course, knew me too well. “Alright well I can’t get ready if I’m on the phone with you, now can I? Yes mom. I know. I heard you the first time – wear something elegant – I know. Okay I’ll meet you there. I love you.” I cut the call.

My mom was invited to an engagement party and since my dad was busy, she took it upon herself to make me her ‘date’. I got dressed, ruffled my hair a bit and was out the door.

“Hi babe.” I put my phone on speaker, placing it on the passenger seat as I drove through the city. “Sup gorgeous.” Seth sounded distracted. “What’re you up to? You busy?” I indicated left. “Nope, just hanging around with Enzo-“ “What’s going on (Y/N)!” Enzo’s familiar voice echoed through my speaker. “Hey Zo. Are you boys behaving?” I bit my lip.

When Seth and Enzo were together they were a little mischievous. “When do I ever misbehave (Y/N)?” I laughed. Enzo and I were also good friends. “Seth. I was wondering, when I’m done here…” I paused, double checking the name of the road, “you wanna come over?” I haven’t seen him in a few days - he’s been so busy recently. “Netflix and chill baby?” He questioned playfully. I bet the little shit was smirking. “Something like that. Okay I’m here now. Oh shit. Momma’s waiting outside. I gotta go – I love you!” I cut the call before he could reply.

“(Y/N), sweetheart.” My mother kissed my cheek. “Are we late?” I looked down at my watch. I hate being late. “No we aren’t love. Why don’t you go ahead? I forgot my purse in the car. Your father will be here any second with it.” 

I didn’t want to leave her. I saw no sense in me walking inside on my own to a room full of people I didn’t know – but I did need the bathroom, so I went ahead without her.

Wow. This place is beautiful! “Oh shit – that’s gorgeous!” No one was around so I was obviously talking to myself, taking in the view. I haven’t been here before so I didn’t really know where the bathrooms were and oddly enough there didn’t seem to be any people around for me to ask. Oh there’s a staircase! Maybe its up there.

I was stunned. Completely lost for words, as I looked at the faces staring back at me. My mom, my dad, my brother, gosh - My whole family. Seth’s whole family. My head spun in another direction – Kevin, Sami, Roman, Paige, Sasha, Enzo, Finn, Dean, almost every one from the locker room.

I was so confused, not because they were all here but because no one said a word to me - there were just a few giggles and whispers here and there.

“What’s go-“ I was quickly glancing through the familiar faces when they cleared a pathway amongst themselves.

Beyond them – a candlelit heart, my boyfriend on one knee in the center of it. I could feel myself shaking. It wasn’t even cold but I felt myself getting goosebumps. I slowly walked towards him; someone ran up behind me and lifted my dress so that it wouldn’t knock any of the candles over. I didn’t even take note of who – I didn’t care.

“(Y/N).” I took a deep breath. “I love you. Everyone here today- bares witness to that. From the first moment that I saw you, I knew that you were my soul mate. I knew that no matter the circumstances, I wanted, no – I needed to be with you.” I didn’t take my eyes off Seth. “Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?” He grinned, looking up at me.

Oh wow. “Can I sleep on it? I’ll give you a definite answer soon.” I whispered, only loud enough for him to hear. “Are you fucking with me?” He’s facial expression was priceless, he too whispered so that only I could hear him. The smile on Seth’s face grew as mine did. “Yes Seth! Yes. I will marry you!”

Hi, although this photo looks like I’ve used an effect or filter, it’s purely down to the lines in the glass, makes things look like a dodgy computer game from the 1980′s. I’d like to point out that I didn’t paint the window frame and whoever did has done an awful job of it and for all the guitar nerds out there, this is my 2013 Fender Jazzmaster guitar. :) 

@mojomojomojomojo I love your interpretation of this challenge! Way to look outside the box! And you gotta love Fender! - MT

reusable water bottles are a good idea for a few reasons. #1, environmentally friendly; this one’s a no-brainer. #2, hydration made easy! and you KNOW i love that sweet hydration… #3 you gotta think outside the box a bit for this one but bear with me. lets say youre out and about on a pleasant nature walk and you see, say, a cool bug, and you wanna show your friends. if you have an empty reusable water bottle, bam! instant container. just make sure to let some air in. and dont get bitten by anything poisonous