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i actually could not stop thinking about this……..

Dating Klarion The Witch Boy would include:

(This was inspired by @mr-nigma and all the awesome headcanons she comes up with. I figured I’d do this one for Klarion since he needs more love. *Note* This is Grant Morrison’s version of Klarion, but there are references to a couple other versions as well)

-Probably meeting him out of a crazy random happenstance during one of his “adventures” 

-Getting used to him always wearing his puritan outfit gotta love the buckled shoes 

-Ignoring the strange looks he often gets and defending him if he gets insulted

 -Also getting used to terms such as “Blue Rafters”, “Sheeda”, “Croatoan”, and strange names for everyday devices

-Getting used to freaking magic

-Having to explain pretty much everything to him, from modern technology to why women are wearing pants 

-Him dragging you around to sight see pretty much all the time 

-Losing him while sight seeing 

-Finding him minutes later to see he bought a crap-ton of junk food and useless bobbles with your credit card

-Teekl following the two of your around everywhere 

-Accepting the fact that he can talk to his cat…

-Not only having to accept Klarion for who he is, but also Teekl and the relationship they have together

-Klarion using Teekl to check up spy on you when he’s not home 

-Teekl understanding when you two really need to be alone and going off to hunt vermin 

-Constant affection (snuggling, embraces, kisses, etc) from Klarion

-Nicknames such as “dearest”, “beloved”, “darling”, and occasionally “bae” (he gets a kick out of calling you that)

-Klarion always finding some way to embarrass/fluster you and him absolutely loving it

-Receiving kisses on sensitive spots on your neck

-Klarion allowing you to stroke his hair so long as you don’t mess up his horns

-Playing with his pointed ears they’re sensitive

-Klarion pretty much open to trying anything (romantically and just in general)

-Klarion never quite getting used to profanity and low-cut anything 

-Always having to cook the meals (he still can’t work the stove)

-Buying ice cream, cookies, and snack foods all the time (strawberry ice cream is a must)

-Comforting/holding him after he’s done puking up all the junk food

-Watching cartoons with him

-Having to console his temper tantrums

-Glowing eyes and ungodly incantations when he’s really angry

-Him apologizing if he ever frightens you 

-Getting used to pouting/the silent treatment when you two have a fight 

-The two of you never staying angry with each other for too long

-Dates with an old fashioned twist to them (linking arms with him at an amusement park or packing a picnic at the park)

-Reading the love stories/poems he writes to you

-Getting from one place to another by walking (cars make him uneasy) or teleporting

-Getting sick from teleportation, no matter how often you do it

-Klarion adoring the sunsets, sunrises, stars, and the moon and always wanting to watch them with you 

-Long talks about the meaning of life, religion, and the beauty in all nature

-Listening to him talk (resentfully) about his old life in Limbo Town  

-He being hesitant to take you there to meet his mother and sister (you’d probably get burned at the stake) 

Been wanting to do this for forever…one of the early RPs I encountered when I first came here was of the Doctor taking Clara shoe shopping in 1950s Italy (naturally he was bored to death while she went shoe crazy)…