gotta love saber

Man, I’ve been in such a drawing kick lately!! I haven’t been this motivated in so long; I think I had forgotten what it felt like to be enjoying drawing so carelessly, drawing for hours and losing track of time, haha!! 

Been really feeling developing and sketching my OCs, so expect a few sketchdumps in the future!! ;w; So far, I have enough sketches to do at least two sketchdumps for Rhi, other OC sketches and animal studies for creature design. I just need to clean up and paint some of these… and get them ready to post jsfghjsf (which is always the most boring part of the entire process for me).

Other fanart related projects will be on the back burner; I hope you understand!! It’s just that I don’t have this drive everyday, and I gotta make the most of it while it lasts. That being said!! I’ll be trying my best to keep up this drawing groove and deliver some neat fanart later on that I’ve been planning for months. I think it’ll be worth the wait! :>