gotta love parallels


“It was always a circle, from our hero’s family home to an underworld to the rallying of the tropes, and Gareth always wanted to get Jyn back home again; it starts with the home and end with (a metaphorical) home.”  - The Art of Rogue One, Josh Kushins


Kogoro was an interesting choice to pull Conan from the water in Sunflowers of Inferno and it reminded me of that time he was unable to save him from falling towards the sea during the storm back in Strategy Above the Depths (Super Ran to the rescue). Whether you think its relevant to their development at all depends on how you consider the movies and characterisation within them, but regardless… you gotta love a good parallel


Episode 2.21 ‘Den of Thieves’

Demming: Castle, can I ask you something? You and Beckett, is there, uh, something going on?
Castle: Me and Beckett?
Demming: Yeah.

Castle: No.
Look man, If I’m offsides…
Castle: No flag on the play.
Demming: Great, okay, great.

Episode 2.22 'Food To Die For’

Madison: This date with Rick. If you guys are at all-
Beckett: Castle? N-no.

Madison: Are you sure? Because I really wouldn’t want Brent Edwards to happen all over again.
Beckett: Trust me. It’s not.

Madison: Okay. Great.
Beckett: So, have fun tonight.
Madison: Thanks, you, too!

s01e01 “Flowers for your grave”//s03e24 “Knockout”

CASTLE: There’s always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense. Take you for example… Under normal circumstances, you should not be here. Most smart, good looking women become lawyers, not cops. And yet here you are. Why?

BECKETT: I don’t know, Rick. You’re the novelist. You tell me.

CASTLE: Well, you’re not bridge and tunnel, no trace of the boroughs when you talk. So that means Manhattan, that means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had lots of options, better options, more socially acceptable options. And you still chose this. That tells me something happened. Not to you. No, you’re wounded but you’re not that wounded. It was somebody you cared about. It was someone you loved. And you probably could’ve lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught. And that, Detective Beckett, is why you’re here.

BECKETT: Cute trick. But don’t think you know me.


CASTLE: You know what? this isn’t about your mother’s case.This is about you needing a place to hide, ‘cause you’ve been chasing this thing so long. You’re afraid to find out who you are without it.

BECKETT: You don’t know me, Castle. You think you do, but you don’t.

CASTLE: I know you crawled inside your mother’s murder and didn’t come out. I know you hide there same way you hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don’t love. You could be happy, Kate. You deserve to be happy.