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“It was always a circle, from our hero’s family home to an underworld to the rallying of the tropes, and Gareth always wanted to get Jyn back home again; it starts with the home and end with (a metaphorical) home.”  - The Art of Rogue One, Josh Kushins


Robb, Bran, Sansa and Jon with their matching double direwolf insignia (requested by @raeraet).

#a family that wears matching outfits together, slays together


And make death proud to take us

‘Best Friends, Apparently,’ Part Eight: A Girl Like You (Michael M x Reader)

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: just swearing :) 

OKAY technically this counts as an epilogue i think bc it takes place like,,,mostly about four months after part seven,,,,either way enjoy the last part!!!

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The first month after breaking up with Gabe was, difficult, to say the least. You found yourself unblocking his number, if anything just in hopes that he would contact you, prove to you that he actually felt something for you.

He never tried to reach you.

You were mostly grateful.

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Olivia to Edison : I don’t want normal and easy and simple. 

Olivia to Jake : I thought we were clear about what this was; I think the word was convenient along with safe and secure and easy 

Olivia to Edison : I want painful, difficult, devastating, life changing, extraordinary love

Olivia to Fitz : I wait for you. I watch for you. My whole life is you. I can’t breathe because I’m waiting for you. You own me. You control me. I belong to you. 


maggie in a t-shirt appreciation post

Notable things from Two Broken Fingers

1) Sound of Nothing gets its second mention this episode (Scott mentions it in Space Rabbit, and now we have Tina talking about it). Also, in the second episode, Bob makes some passing remark about Suzie helping out at the motel when the “music people” come to town. And Scott has Lux DuJour posters in his room. I mean, I’m not saying everything is connected, but eVeryTHing iS ConnEcTeD.

2) Tina is just constantly snacking, and as a bisexual, I can say that this is accurate representation, yes, good, I’m here for it.

3) Samuel. Motherfucking. Barnett. I’m stopping myself from going too far into detail, because this post is going to be long enough as it is. But when you rewatch the episode, every time you find yourself squealing or almost crying because of him, know that I am right here, squealing and crying with you. I will say only this: “Nothing. Fineness.” *walks away* 

4) Dirk in that shirt. 😍😍😍 His collarbone. Also, when he was leaning against the filing cabinet talking to Todd, I don’t think I’ve seen a gayer image in my life.

5) Two Broken Fingers? More like six broken fingers, know what’m sayin’? 😏 

6) Bart saying she was trying to take control of her life. Gotta love those parallels. Also gotta love her Suzie impression. But how the fuck did she get the bell, and a new outfit? “Find the lady and I’ll give you the bell. Find thE LADY AND I’LL GIVE YOU THE BELL.”

7) I don’t even know where to begin with the conversation between Tina and Farah, but I was literally scREAMING. Tina is bi. She feels that Brotzly vibe. Other sexualities remain unclear. And then later, in the car? “I like intense,” Farah Black said in a sultry tone, biting her lip as she looked out the car window, Tina gazing at her from the driver’s seat. 🙏🙏🙏Thank you, Max Landis, for my life.

8) “Heckin’ dang it.”

9) That is Them. Max, you troll.

10) Dirk to Friedkin: “Fate and chance are not mutually exclusive.” Todd to Dirk: “Fate and chance don’t cancel each other out.” 👀👀👀

11) “Was that your British accent? That was awful.” “I don’t do accents–” “No, I love it.” BURY ME, IT’S OVER. 

12) We saw the Mage use the Vensa spell at the quarry to make a dead body vanish. And that’s the spell Suzie used at the book club. So basically, Suzie poofed away all her high school friends. Suzie, wyd?

13) One of my favorite running gags on this show is ruining scenes that would otherwise be intense or dramatic by asking the questions that any sane person would ask in that situation. Dirk, you’re doing God’s work.

14) I’m intrigued by these new Dirk/Vogel parallels. For one thing, Vogel used the word “truthing”, much like Dirk’s “strategic no-truthing”. Maybe this is a thing among Blackwing subjects? Similarly, when Vogel is crying to Amanda in the tub, he says that he messed up. In the preview for next week’s episode, Dirk says the exact same thing to Todd on the phone. 

15) Alan Tudyk remains scary good, and Hannah and Osric both made me want to cry. They all took their scenes to the next level, for real.


Some more watercolor/marker practice, ft. A Breach of Trust (a wonderful fic by @phantomrose96 ).

The man of many colors, and the boy who never dreamed he’d ever see color again.

anonymous asked:

roleplayers of the fairy tail fandom, your top five fairy tail ships? :) [no double use of characters because I'm evil :3c]

*cracks knuckles*

1.   JELLAL X ERZA — Jerza

This one is a no-brainer. G o d I love them I love them I l o v e them.

Jellal and Erza are like star-crossed lovers; I love the concept of something as innocent as childhood love blooming in a place as dark and as nightmarish as the R-System. I love how Jellal was like a beacon of light and hope back in the Tower, and how the roles ended up reversed when they were older. I strongly believe that once they finally get together, distance will never be able to break them apart again.

Jellal pushes Erza away not only because he believes himself to be undeserving, but also because he thinks that she’ll be much happier AND SAFER if he stays away (the Kyouka incident is exactly what he wanted to avoid IM TELLING YOU). He wants to stay away but fuck, it becomes more and more difficult and she doesn’t want him too and they’re so in love. And they both know it. And they haven’t even kissed. And they get each other on so many aspects and she respects him and he respects her and dasfdhgafksgh   AND IM JUST GOING TO STOP RIGHT THERE BC IM RAMBLING AND IM TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE MYSELF CRY OTHERWISE. WORDS. CANNOT. EXPRESS. HOW MUCH. I LOVE. JELLAL AND ERZA TOGETHER OKAY

I need them to get married and have kids and be happy fuck fuck fuck

( in case you didn’t know this is like,, my otp of otps. im just all over it. )

2.   ERIK X NATSU — Eratsu

@ignicity​ + @cuelebres​ idk how you guys managed this tbh but im like,, the biggest Eratsu fan around. I’m literally going around and telling my Fairy Tail-familiar friends about “how my fav ship is Jellal and Erza and my second fav, Cobra and Natsu” you would not BELIEVE the looks im getting.

I get fucki N G emmotionnal when I witness them babies’s relationship blooming and evolving and everytime they get past an important step (I stg I died™ when Natsu told Erik he loved him). They’re two characters I NEVER thought about as a couple but what the hELL I’m glad I came across them! Nicole, Mandy, bless you both.

3.   LYON AND MEREDY — Lyredy

Another crack pairing I have found myself falling for pretty quickly. i must have spent hours scrolling through @blamedorange‘s blog, every post making me love them more. I have to admit, at first I thought it came out of nowhere — and it did — but they are. so cute. Lyon’s a dork and Meredy loves this dork and fhgdfsjhafdahfhfashgkfdgh im gonna cry I love my ships I love lyredy

4.   LUCY X JUVIA — Luvia

These two are too cute for words??? Wtf??? I love them. Fan art and fanfics converted me; I fell into the Luvia hole and I find myself having trouble climbing out . NOT THAT I WANT TO AT THIS POINT LMFAO.


I feel like this should be higher on the list tbh?? Whatever. God I love those two — and if you feel that it’s because of Jerza for one goddamn second I can assure you that it’s far from being the case. Yes, of course, them being Jerza’s Edolas counterparts drew me to the ship. But I stayed for everything I discovered them to be: the prince and the knight ( gotta fucking love the parallel tbfh ), the inability to at first get along bc of values — the headbutting —, her resenting him for betraying his kingdom, the secret pinning, what it could possibly mean for Knightwalker’s job to make things official with him… God I love them. 



Bonus: Some ships that could DEFINITELY have made the cut but didn’t…

  • Fr//axus  ( Freed x Laxus )
  • Gray//tear  ( Gray x Ultear )
  • Stin//gue  ( Sting x Rogue )
  • Can//ajane  ( Cana x Mirajane )
  • Ch//endy  ( Wendy x Chelia ) or Ro//wen ( Romeo x Wendy )
  • Sora//Beth  ( Sorano x Macbeth )
    • I have no one to blame for this one its just me