gotta love him lol

HOW TO TREAT UR BITCH RIGHT: PART 2!! A Guide by Tamlin of the Spring Court

Oh shit waddup my subjects! So after I had made my bestselling PART ONE, my guy Lucien came to me during my manly pedicure (or MAN-icure as i call it) and said “Yo Tam that emo guy just clapped back!!” and HERE is tha proof.. 

Now look fam.. I got a real gud temper––my bitch Feyre can tell u that… but that shit was straight up bothersome. So I’m gonna make a Part 2 on how to treat ur bitch like I treat mine. She will luv u!

  1. Ok ok so like since u a man, u dont like 2 plan parties?? GET UR BITCH A HIGH PRIESTESS! My bitch Feyre got one named Ianthe, she’s sexy af and can plan hella raves.. 
  2. BUY UR BITCH HELLA PRESENTS!!!! This is so important. Like u will get laid so hord my brotha… But if she don’t like them, its ok. Just blow up. Like explode. She’ll realize how grateful she is!!
  3. Let’s say ur bitch had a fake ass Mating bond on her.. yo hit me up, I got a guy for that
  4. When u and ur bitch are at parties, ignore her. She’s so beautiful, she’s praktically decoration. And u don’t want ur bros bein like “Wow Tamlin, ur bitch is such a Bitch.. she thinks she can just go up and talk to us.. smh” Like your bros come first because they are ur bros.
  5. Fill ur house with sentries. Bitches love sentries. Just don’t make them 2 fine.. they tryna fuk!!
  6. oh my god ok so if that same fukin BAT come into ur MANOR at NIGHT to try to get UR BITCH.. go savage. go beast mode on him.. I didn’t and i regret it.. tragik ://///
  7. Speaking of which.. be sure to have hella security at ur wedding. Or get ready for a BAT-tle. OOH IM THE HIGH LORD OF PUNS BITCH
  8. U NEED UR SPACE MY DUDE! Don’t let ur bitch into ur man cave!! Even if she seem lonely.. she just playin hard 2 get she still love u tho
  9. Never forget: UR BITCH LIVES 2 SERVE U. You are her High Lord. Ain’t no such thing as a “High Lady” smh 
  10. .. unless u get ur Lady high lol

And now a message to Rhysand… Yo. Rhyses Pieces.. R-Sandy.. Tha Illest Illyrian.. We used 2 be brothas… then u killed my Brothers… and took my bitch… u leave me no choice..

Im gonna fight u, u punkass moth. 

BAM! That will shut him up… Thank u for reading, dont forget about this year’s Tithe comin up real soon!! Bring ur fam-ily to Tammy-T with all ur be-long-ings… shit i bust rhymes!! My guy Lucien back here jammin!! No trust me he is. 

Well I gotta go have mad sexytimes wit my bitch Feyre now, becuz we definitely still have those, see u later! 

*jongin finishes his speech*

*BBH wants someone else to speak as well*

Everyone looks at Jongdae

Jongdae: I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

your fav is problematic: joe sugg
  • he attempted Vlogmas in 2015 and it didn’t really work
  • he takes too many selfies but posts so few
  • he gets drunk way too much
  • he wants the same pizza as zoe
  • he stays up way too late and thinks it’s okay to still complain about it
  • he doesn’t share his food

but most importantly

  • he constantly has to say he isn’t a daily vlogger when he doesn’t need to

caspar (x)


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Randomly saw him on my way home lol. Gotta love LA plus he was really nice guy but super tall lol. Much respect

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I just randomly ran into Bill Skarsgård, I am literally shaking he is so sweet and talented!

I was shaking I was so nervous lol, but I did get to tell him how excited I was for the IT remake, he was so soft spoken


“When I’m in the bathroom ,I’m thinking of our ARMY”

- Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung, the kind of guy that thinks about his fans while taking a piss…lol GOTTA LOVE HIM FOR BEING HIMSELF LMAO. 

Oh, what tangled webs ...

I’m waiting for the day when Chris Colfer answers a question in an interview about his former co-star Darren Criss, and he replies, “Who?  I’ve heard of him … yeah … um … but … no,  I don’t think I’ve ever met him.”   

LOL!   Gotta love these boys  #StillGoingStrong   #ControlledDanger

anonymous asked:

So happy for u and ur DD meet I've bn silently following ur tumblr now and I'm soo glad u got to have that interaction with him... and u said just like Gillian did In an interview when she said David has such soft😊 And u gotta love him even with his dad dancing bless him 🙈😊

Thank you! David Duchovny is literally the nicest, softest, warmest, puppiest person you’ll ever meet. He is everything you imagine him to be… and more!

I love him.

Bill Pimpin'

Picky cat!

Out of the 5 cans I gave him today, he ate 2. 

Out of the 11 toys in the bed, he grumped until I found his teddy bear that had rolled off the bed. Sorry Mr Dogfish and Bluehead.

He didn’t drink the bowl of water I gave him until I added in a bigger ice cube… there was ice in it, but he wanted a big ice cube.

LOL gotta love him.