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Start of Something New

Gabriel Reyes x Reader


Implied Sexual Tones

Implied non-con (nothing actually happens)

An obnoxious repetitive beeping woke you up from your slumber. Light was beginning to peep from underneath the curtains, swaying softly from the soft breeze of the open window. You blindly skimmed your hand across the bedside table to push several buttons to turn that damn alarm off.

You’d been working at Overwatch for the past year or so. Secretly. You don’t think your parents would approve, they were very much.. against the Omnics. To say it kindly. Your parents weren’t for peace and justified protests, expecting you to do the same. However, you loved your job and you wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. Your job consisted of buying in ammunition for the agents, from shotgun shells to handcrafted arrows and shurikens.

A quick shower, brush teeth, comb hair, and get dressed. You had to think what you needed to do before you left the comfortable confines of your warm bed.

Just a few more minutes..

* * *

“Yes, sir?’
“Reyes wants to see you. Now.”
“Yes, sir.”
You had become accustomed to calling everyone ‘sir’, or ‘ma'am’ in the time that you had been here. Strike Commander Morrison had made sure of that.

You made your way through the grey corridors of Watchpoint: Gibralter. To an outsider it may look very much like a military base, but to you it was home. You passed by a couple of agents, nodding in acknowledgement, heads close no doubt whispering about an upcoming mission. You reach the office of Gabriel Reyes, the head of Blackwatch. Blackwatch is a unit of Overwatch, that carries out black ops missions not so legally. To the public, Blackwatch didn’t exist which is why you had to swear secrecy when you joined Overwatch. You were no stranger to this side of the of watchpoint, delivering confirmations and news of deals as you also had to buy ammunition for the unit.

You knocked at the steel door.
“Come in.”
Your hand went to the handle and turned it, letting yourself in. Reyes was sitting at his desk, some holoscreens open which were swiftly shut.
“Commander Morrison said you wanted to see me, sir?”
“Yes, Y/N. I have a proposition for you.”
You waited in silence, respectfully.
“Blackwatch need something. You are the perfect candidate, gatita.“
Your eyes slightly fluttered at the pet name, something only Reyes calls people when he wants sweeten them up.
“Unfortunately, some of our other agents are on missions, and some just aren’t.. suitable.”
Your right eyebrow slightly raises.
“Y/N, we need information. There’s an event that Morrison and I are attending this Friday night. This is where you will retrieve said information.
“Sir, may I?”
Reyes looks at you, leaning back his chair, waiting.
“I.. Sir. I’m not an agent. I buy in ammunition, not use it.”
“Gatita, you haven’t even been briefed yet and you’re declining?” He seemed amused.
“No, sir, I er-”
“Y/N, McCree taught you to fire a gun, sí? Jack has taught you hand to hand combat, sí?”
You blush slightly. Reyes wasn’t wrong. It had been compulsory that you learnt the basics of combat, long or short range.
“Yes.. sir. But may I enquire as to why you chose me?”
Reyes bows his head, pushes his chair back and stands up. He walks around his desk to stand directly in front of you. Reyes puts his finger underneath your chin and tilts your head to look up at him. You can count on one hand the amount of times you were alone with the leader of Blackwatch. Never have you had the chance to study his features this close: his coarse beard hair, the slightly dark tints under his eyes, his eyes. Wow. Dark pools of chocolate staring into you.
“Niña. You are the perfect assett. Attractive. Naturally flirtacious. Which is exactly what I need you to be this Friday. It’s a gathering of government officials; everyone dislikes each other but put on a mask as they are the ones that sign off our pay checks. However, they don’t know your face and wouldn’t expect you to pull of something so.. risky.”
The corners of his lips tugged up slightly at seeing the reaction from your face.
“Don’t worry, gatita, you won’t be in much danger, plus Morrison and I will be there. A simple in and out, if you will.” Reyes smirked.
You nodded. You weren’t in a position to decline, both mentally and physically, as Reyes’ finger hadn’t moved from your chin and he was still oh so very close to you.
“I’ll send the whole brief over to you later today. You’re dismissed, L/N.”

Your back to the cool steel of the outside of Reyes’ door, you let out a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding. A black ops mission? With Jack and Gabriel? You were excited, but incredibly nervous. He said you weren’t going to be in much danger - what exactly did he want you to do?

McCree snapped you out of your thoughts. When did he get here?
“Y'all okay, Y/N? Look like ya seen a ghost.”
“Yeah, thanks, Jesse. Just some er, unexpected things going on is all.”
“Why’re you outsida Reyes’ door?”
“Jesse, please-”
“Has he got you goin’ on a mission? Oh my God Y/N if he has you gotta let me kno-”
“McCree. Leave L/N alone.”
Reyes had somehow opened his door without either of you knowing, making you both jump a little.
“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” McCree scurried off, leaving you two alone, again.
“Y/N, I forgot to mention - don’t tell anyone. Especially McCree.”
“Yes, sir.” You dropped your head slightly and walked off, making your way back to your desk.

* * *

You had made it back to your apartment, only after a long day of thinking about your conversation with Reyes. The holoscreen of the brief he had sent you was hovering above your coffee table. You were perched on the edge of the sofa, elbows resting on your knees and hands clasped underneath your chin.

You were to arrive outside of the watchpoint at 7pm, adorned in this dress that Reyes had picked out for you. Black, floor length with a thigh high split, sleeveless but not quite low cut. You had to admit, he had good taste. You were to pose as his ‘partner’, oblivious to Blackwatch and ignorant to other political happenings in the world. Once Morrison and Reyes had distracted the higher ups, you were to say you were going to powder your nose, while actually looking for the Target’s office. From there, you were to insert the drive, download whatever is on the computer and leave. Nice and simple. Everyone important enough should be distracted and if the worst happens, you can always play ignorant and say you got lost. Easy.

* * *

Fresh air drifted across the back of your shoulders; you’d have to talk to Reyes that although his tastes were good, he forgot a bloody jacket. You were standing outside of the entrance to the watchpoint, scuffing your black heels on the ground as you waited for the commanders. You were a bit early, but you’d rather impress your higher ups than be late on the first mission.

Reyes and Morrison arrived together, and boy did they scrub up well. Morrison wore a pair of navy trousers and a matching blazer, with a white shirt that had the few buttons at the top undone. Reyes had on an onyx black suit, with a black shirt and a black tie. To say you were impressed would be an understatement. You did however feel a tad more relaxed that you weren’t the only one dressing up tonight.

“Sir. Sir.” You looked at them both and nodded your head slightly.
“Y/N. Ay Dios mío. You look..”
Morrison had leaned over to Reyes and whispered something in his ear, then gave him a little nudge.
“..Very good. Erm, well done.” Reyes swiftly turned around and motioned for you to follow him, no doubt in the direction of the mission.
“So. Although the building is in walking distance, we have decided to bring the dropship along just in case things do decide to get hairy.”
You nodded at Morrison’s explanation.
“Y/N, you will stay with Gabriel until I give the all clear. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.”
The rest of walk was in comfortable silence, as Morrison had said the journey wouldn’t take long. You could hear the sounds of people talking and fake laughs, just around the corner.
“Y/N, hold my hand.”
You couldn’t say no. Well, it was in your brief that you were acting as Reyes’ girlfriend, but you’d imagined it more being his actual girlfriend than a faux one on a mission. You took his right hand in your left, your other hand occupied by a black clutch purse containing the drive. Your face burned a little, Morrison and Reyes were whispering at this point, too quiet for you to hear but there were a couple of chuckles, and a few squeezes on your hand from Reyes. Whether it was reassurance or they were talking about you, you weren’t entirely sure. Before you reached the entrance, you all stopped.
“Y/N, this is for you. You may have seen the other agents wear them.”
It was a tiny earpiece, almost invisible.
“You just put it in there, yes, like that.” Reyes brushed your hair back over your ear to see if you had inserted it correctly. To anyone else it looked as though Reyes was being affectionate.

“Ah, good evening Gentleman and what I may say, a fine lady.” The greeter at the door bowed slightly and smiled at you. He opened the door with a curt nod to the security. “We hope you enjoy your evening. There’s an open bar and canapés will be arriving shortly.”
Free drinks and food? You smiled at the greeter, and made your way in through the open door towards the mass of people that had gathered in the bar area.
“Y/N, where do you think you are going?” A sharp tug on your hand made you suddenly stop. You turned back, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
“I was going to get drinks. You want this to go as smoothly as possible, don’t you?”
“.. Let Jack get them.”
Morrison smirked slightly as he made his way through the crowd, leaving you and Reyes in the middle of the tiled floor.
“Come, let’s go grab a seat.”
You led him over to one of the bar tables that luckily still had three chairs free. Reyes hadn’t let go of your hand, and was making small circles on your knuckles with his thumb. A small awkward silence followed once you both had sat down. You looked over towards the bar, seeing if you could see Morrison with your drinks.
“What, missing our company already?” You could hear a hint of sarcasm in his voice. What was going on with him lately?
“No, I er, was just seeing if I could see him with our drinks.” You inwardly cursed yourself. You were alone with Gabriel Reyes for goodness sake, the commander of Blackwatch. The majority of people in Overwatch have at some point fancied the likes of him, and now here you were.
“It’s okay, gatita,” His thumb making motions on your knuckles again. “You’ll do great.”
You smiled slightly at his praise. You were about to take a breath in to say something before Morrison came back with his hands full of glasses.
“Open bar, my ass.” He set the drinks down on the table. “Oh ‘Sprite and Coca-Cola are free but you have to pay for the alcohol’.” He was clearly impersonating what seemed to be a very Californian accent. Reyed chuckled slightly, and raised his glass in a toast.
“To Y/N’s first.”
Morrison nodded and clinked his glass with Reyes’ then with yours. You tapped your glass with Reyes’ and took a large gulp.
“Sir, I thought you said you had to pay for alcohol?”
“I did, Y/N. And please call me Jack. People might start gettng ideas if you call me that in public.” Morrison squinted his eyes at you and smirked. What you couldn’t see was Reyes glaring at Morrison, his mouth twitching slightly just itching to say something.

“Ah, yes of course, the highly praised Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. How are you both?” A what it seemed very high up official shook both Morrison’s and Reyes’ hands, before turning to you. “And who is this absolute treasure that you have found, Reyes?”
“This is my girlfriend, sir. New to the scene, should we say.” All three men chuckled at that. New to the scene? You suppose you had to play along. The man gently took your hand and brushed his lips against your knuckles.
“Enchante.” He winked.
“Pleasure.” You returned.

An hour and half of mingling, and you had made your way to the centre of the crowd. A light tap on your elbow from Morrison signalled your cue.
“Gentleman, if I may be excused, I must go powder my nose.”
A smile and a nod from Reyes granted your leave. You turned and headed towards where the ladies’ were, pushing the swing door open and silently thanking that there was no one else in here. Setting your purse down next to the sink, you looked at yourself in the mirror. This dress had done you wonders, probably because of the split up your thigh and the tightness around the waist. You brushed your hair behind your ear and push the button to turn the earpiece on.
“Testing. Can you hear me?”
“Yes, Y/N. We’ve moved away from the crowd a bit so we can talk to you more freely.”
“Okay, good. I’m just making my way there.”
You stepped out of the ladies’ and began your course of navigating this maze of corridors. Your heart was beating louder than usual, all down to nerves. Your heels clicking against the tiles made you feel empowered; there was just something about that noise that you absolutely loved. You stopped at the wooden door with a wavy glass pane, at the end of the hallway as instructed by the brief.

Well of course it was locked.

Reyes had prepared you for this. This building was incredibly old, and had not been updated to preserve the history. You took out two bobby pins that were in your purse and straightened them both out. You had bent the tip of one to make it almost look like an alan key, and slid that into the lock. The straight pin slid underneath that one, and with some pressure in the right places and a turn of the pins, the door clicked open. You hastily stepped inside and quietly shut the door. A quick look around the office, and you found what you were looking for: the Target’s computer. You perched on the edge of the chair behind the desk. Reyes had said all you would need to do would put the drive into the slot and it would do all of the work for you. You inserted the drive, the holoscreen lighting up and a progress bar slowly making it’s way 100%.
“The drive is inserted. It said it should take approximately 8 minutes.”
“Well done, gatitio. Let’s hope everything carries on as smoothly as it has done.”

You had time to spare, so you being as nosey as you were decided to have a look around. A few papers here and there, folders strewn about. You picked up a letter and skim read it. Something about Omnics. When was it not? You tilted your head as something caught your eye.
‘L/N, Y/N.’
Wait, what?
What is this? Why do they have information on you?
“Y/N, time?”
“Oh, er, 2 minutes and 24 seconds.”
“That’s not enough. Y/N, they’ve noticed a breach in security and have armed guards patrolling. You need to get out now. We’re on our way.”
Shit. Could you not hold off for a few minutes? Your heart was racing now, your palms clammy with the thought of being caught. To be safe, you hid against the wall where the door was, that way if anyone looked in, they wouldn’t be able to see you.
You could hear several footsteps.
Your shoulders tensed, arms up and fists clenched should you need to fight.
“I er, zink it vas zis one, boss.”
“Well go on, what are you waiting for?”
Those voices weren’t familiar. Those voices were close. You heard a click of the door being opened but you sighed in relief when you realised it was the door opposite to yours.
“Zhere’s novun here.”
“No shit. Keep looking.”
The door closed and a few taps on the tiled floor. Your door clicked open.
“Look, novun again.”
“Jesus, Maksya, you haven’t even loo-”
You think your heart stopped when the ‘boss’ walked in. Shit. You weren’t an agent. You weren’t trained for this.
“Well, well, well. What is this?” Boss man walked over to the desk and with some expert swipes flipped the holoscreen around. “Download complete? What the fu-”
Now was your time. You launched forward at the boss and brought your right arm around his neck, securing it in place with your left. The other guy shouted in surprise and brought his gun, level to where you were. You swung the boss around, so he was being used as a human shield.
“Put the gun down.”

You had hoped your would have sounded a bit more threatening, but your dry throat made your voice crack. The gun man chuckled.
“Boss, it’s zat Reyes’ bitch. You know the vun that has been showing off all zat she has to offer all night?”
A sharp, unsuspecting jab to your ribs from the boss man made you let go, clutching your side. He grabbed your hair at the base of your scalp, crying out in pain, and kicked the back of your knees to make you fall down on the floor. Shit. Your hands clawed at the boss man’s hand in your hair.
“She’s feisty.” Boss man’s eyebrow raised. “Tie her up.”
Oh no. You weren’t going down without a fight. You eyed the guy with the gun like a hawk, until he went behind you. You heard the clunk of the gun being put on the desk, and then some rustling. Was he taking off his belt? Your arms were brought down behind you, you couldn’t move unless you wanted to rip out half off your hair. Your thoughts were confirmed when you felt leather digging in at your wrists, and then being cinched. The boss let go of you hair, only to be replaced by the other guy’s left hand, and feel of cold metal against your temple.
“Pretty. Hands behind her and on her knees. I can think of several ways to make her talk.”
The gun man cruelly laughed with his boss.

“Gatita, we got held up. Did you get out okay?”
You couldn’t reply. You couldn’t let these strangers know you had contact to the outside. You were supposed to be gone by now, not held hostage in a a stuffy office.
Your heart sank. It wasn’t rare for an agent to die in the field, but it did happen. You just never thought it would happen to you. Tears sprung at the corners of your eyes, threatening to fall. You weren’t an agent. End of.
“Now. We know you must be working for Overwatch, hmm?” Boss man stood in front of you, his hand clenched around your jaw to make you look up at him. “That you must be Reyes’ new whore, and got you to do the dirty work, hm?”
Your eyebrows creased into a frown. You weren’t going to talk. Feign ignorance. The metal pressed harder against your temple. This was it. A hard slap across the face sent you spinning. You were still held in place but your jaw hurt and you were sure your lip had been cut open. A sharp yank of your hair sent your head further back looking almost directly above you.
“If you’re not going to talk, then we’re going to have some fun.”
Boss man produced a knife from his back pocket. He brought the blade up to your face, your eyes widening as you were now being threatened by both a knife and a gun. You had always hated knives, even more than guns. There was something so.. personal about being threatened by a knife that had you shivering in fear.
“Oh boss, I zink she’s scared.” He chuckled again.
Boss brought the blade lightly down your right cheekbone, enough to cause pain and make beads of blood appear. He looked at you, almost as though he was questioning why you weren’t talking.
You heard your name again, but not just from the earpiece. They were running down the hallway, feet stomping on the ground.
Boss man grimaced and looked at his colleague. You were brought to your feet by a sharp yank of your hair, the gun now gone from your temple and given to boss man, pointing at you. The blade now pressing against your throat. The door slammed open. Both Reyes and Morrison had their guns already aimed, sweat beads on their foreheads.
“Let her go.”
“Or what, Reyes? You’ll shoot me?”
Clear as crystal. Their mocking tones made you think they have some kind of history.
“Fine. Maksya, let her go.”
As soon as the blade dropped from your neck and the hand left your hair, boss man had pulled the trigger. Everything seemed to be in slow motion: the pulled trigger, the bullet hitting you, Reyes and Morrison pulling their triggers on the boss. You fell back against the desk, sliding to the floor. You’d been shot. On your left side. Above your hip. You cried out in pain, tears finally falling from your closed eyes. Adrenaline took over and everything went numb. You heard footsteps come closer to you, and another gunshot. You daren’t open your eyes. Your hands were suddenly free and tried to cover your wound in vain. A slump to your right told you the other guy had been dealt with.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen, I am so sorry, so so sorry. Jack, we need Angela, we need to get Y/N to the ship, now.” The urgency in Reyes’ voice scared you. You tried to open your eyes but they were too heavy. Reyes was still talking to you, his voice becoming distant. He gingerly picked you up, bridal style. Your head leaned into him and your left hand fell down, finally giving into the darkness.

* * *

A bright light was all you could see through your eyelids. The sterile smell and clanging of metal on metal told you that you weren’t in heaven, but rather a hospital room. A faint repetitive beeping brought you fully out from your sleep. Your eyes fluttered open and your thoughts confirmed. Pristine white sheets, a metal tray with tools, an uncomfortable looking chair with a sleeping Reyes.

You looked more around the room. The window was open, and you could hear the crashing of the waves on the rocks below. Sunlight was streaming in, creating a warmth that you didn’t know that you needed.
“Ah! Y/N, you’re awake.”
Your eyes shifted over to the source of the voice: Doctor Angela Ziegla, alias Mercy. She was the resident doctor, Swiss, stern but incredibly friendly.
“Yes,” you smiled. “I suppose I am.” Your body was aching, and there was a dull throb on the left hand side of your waist.
“I managed to remove the bullet and heal you up fine. Healing from a bullet wound is a long process; it could take several weeks, even months. However, you should be back to normal in no time. You may have a scar om your cheek too.. but only time will tell. You were out for about 36 hours..”
You frowned at this. Upon seeing your reaction, Dr Ziegler stepped closer to you and reassuringly put her hand on your forearm.
“Gabriel hasn’t left your side. He’s been worried sick.”
You glance over to him, and can see the prominent dark rings around his eyes. His eyes that were now looking at you.
“L/N. You’re awake.” Reyes stood up next to angela, a slight frown crossing his face.
“No need for formalities here, Gabriel.”
“Of course, Angela. How are you feeling, Y/N?”
“Achy. Tired. Hungry.”
Both Dr Ziegler and Reyes chuckled at that.
“Well, I’ll leave you two alone, and let you catch up.” Dr Ziegler smiled as she tool her hand back, picked up her clipboard and walked out of the room.

Reyes had moved the chair closer to your bed and sat back down in it. He picked your hand up and held it in his own.
“Gatita, I am so sorry.” His brows were furrowed.
“Please. It’s okay. Dr Ziegler said I’d heal fine and-”
“That’s not the point, I put you in danger!”
“Danger that we couldn’t expect to happ-”
“Y/N. I care about your safety. Hell, I care about you. Anyone could have delivered all those confirmations to Blackwatch, but I always asked for you.”
He still wasn’t looking at you. Your eyes moved from him to directly in front of you, taking in the bunch of pastel flowers that you had missed.
“Gabriel- may I?”
Reyes nodded.
“Gabriel. No one could have guessed what would have happened the other night. No one. Don’t beat yourself up for it, because it looks like you have. You have panda eyes, you know that right?”
Reyes smiled but it quickly faded.
“Panda eyes are better than a bullet wound.”
“Very true. I don’t think any amount of cucumbers will help the bruise that I’ll get from being shot.” You started chuckling at your joke but then grabbed your side as the pain shot through you. Reyes half stood out of his chair, concerned.
“Do you need anything? I can bring back Angela?”
“No, thank you. I’ll live.” You grimaced.
“How about I teach you?”
“Teach me what?”
“How to really defend yourself. To shoot, to fight, to be an agent.”
“I.. I don’t know. Yes, it sounds exciting but..
“But what?”
“What about my job and well the way that I’m currently in?”
“You can teach someone and we’ll wait until you’re fully recovered.”
You think that Reyes has been planning this. Taking you on a mission, being taught basic combat. You just weren’t sure.
“Y/N, I promise you won’t get shot on every mission.”
“That’s if I accept.”
“You didn’t say no last time.” Reyes smirked.

God damn, Gabriel Reyes. He was going to be the death of you. You, however, didn’t mind one bit.

justpond--eringtheuniverse  asked:

1, 6, 23, 24, and 30 for wondertrev please!!!!!!!

Wondertrev headcanons!

Omg @justpond–eringtheuniverse thank you so much for doing this OTP question meme with me. You have no idea how stoked I am. I love Wondertrev so much my heart could implode and I have so much to say about them! Please bear with me as this is going to be one hell of a long post and I apologise in advance for the overwhelming length.

The following answers are based on my head-canon, in which Steve somehow was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal (perhaps as a gift from the powers that be), soon after the explosion and defeat of Ares in 1918, and they have been living blissfully ever after.

I must emphasise the fact that I love fanfics that have Steve resurrected and become immortal in the 21st century as much as the next Wondertrev shipper, given the interesting role reversal and the fish-out-of-water situations that have Steve attempt to adjust to modern technology, but my heart aches whenever I try to imagine how excruciating and disheartening it must have been for Diana to live through a century without Steve. Alas, here we go:

1. Who is the most affectionate?
They are both passionate about each other but their upbringings make them manifest their love and passion very differently. She may seem reserved to others (with the exception of her original friends like Etta and the guys) but Diana is never one to hide her emotions and perpetually deep affection for Steve, in private or in public - she speaks her mind and put her words and thoughts into action, praising, complimenting, kissing, hugging, caressing and touching him whenever possible. Canonically speaking, in the movie, Diana was the one to hold his hand first and she made it clear that she wanted him to stay in her room in the inn in Veld and she even initiated the kiss. She is unfazed by the societal expectations, norms, customs and traditions of Man’s world which were holding Steve back occasionally. I like to think he is just as affectionate (and he certainly loves her as much) but he was also brought up as a gentleman and born in 1880s after all. At first he wasn’t too accustomed to public display of affection beyond hand holding, cupping Diana’s face, touching her hair and light kisses on her forehead or cheeks but eventually he became bolder and more relaxed in public with her, as they cherished every opportunity to be affectionate to their other half, especially after almost losing each other forever that night in the airfield in Belgium in 1918 and the societal standards changed gradually over the century they have been living in as a couple. It also had something to do with how Diana was rubbing off on him with her Amazonian ways. Steve is also the one to shower Diana with surprises whenever possible and mostly something non-materialistic as he knows well enough the preferences of his goddess. At home or in private they are very on par and in sync in terms of affection, although Diana would be more verbal about everything and Steve tries his best to catch up. They just love each other with every fiber of their being.

6. What is their favourite feature of their partner’s?
Diana’s favourite feature(s) of Steve would definitely be his mesmerising and bright cerulean eyes which remind her of the tranquillising blue waters of Themyscira. A close second would be his ash blonde hair (and he’s been keeping the same haircut from 1918 to 2018, as it never goes out of style), followed by his physique. She is just so pleased with his well above-average overall physical appearance and vigour and there is nothing she would find undesirable. To Steve, Diana is his angel (and actual goddess and salvation) and his love for her is a combination of utmost respect, devotion, admiration, affection, adoration and romantic attraction, thus to him she is simply perfect in every sense and it may be hard to pinpoint a feature but if one must ask he would say her eyes can reach one’s soul and her lips hold all the truths in the universe and he would never get tired of savouring her ethereal beauty.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines?
Gotta hand this one to Steve. His dry and sometimes cheesy humour is incredibly endearing to Diana and when the pickup lines are embarrassing he blushes so hard and Diana would first chuckle and then kiss him. Every now and then she turns the table on him and be the one to say them and for him it is always part hilarious and part enticing. Both of them can be goofy at times and they always end up laughing at the lines together lightheartedly.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
Both, although Diana instigated this. In the beginning, she didn’t even realise these things and circumstances are inappropriate because they seemed normal on Themyscira. It certainly had him very flustered and made it difficult for him to keep his composure when she first did that. Eventually Steve was emboldened and she knew he could handle this and they frequently do this to each other.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it
This is by far the best question and I could talk about it all day. And if I were a better writer I would turn this into a fic (I actually tried and am still too ashamed to publish it, seeing there are so many brilliant pieces already, or perhaps I will, when I finally have mustered up enough courage to do so). Humour me, yeah?

Essentially, the major headcanon - shortly after blowing up the German bomber plane with himself in it, in Belgium, 1918, Steve was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal and they have been living blissfully ever after - encapsulates numerous minor headcanons:

1918 to 1940s:

  • a month into their reunion, Steve proposed to Diana and she immediately said yes; marriage might have been a foreign concept to her at first but after having been through so much in terms of life and death, they couldn’t and wouldn’t be separated again, and matrimony became very justified ; they wanted to hold, cherish and love each other more than anything and they intended to spend the rest of their eternal(!) lives together
  • Diana and Steve had a simple yet blissful wedding ceremony at the City Hall, attended by Steve’s only and elder sister Tracy, Etta, Charlie, Sameer and the Chief and their family members (Steve’s parents passed away before he joined the US Army)
  • Steve was in his US Army military uniform and he was stunned by the breathtaking sight of Diana when she entered the room, escorted by Etta and Tracy; she wore an airy sleeveless and low-cut white silk wedding gown that made her resemble the Greek marble statues and he was lovesick and his eyes glistened with joyful tears and he grinned so hard his cheeks stiffened, meanwhile she was blushing and smiling like he was the most precious being in the universe
  • They were now Steve and Diana Prince-Trevor; Diana thought she liked the sound of Mrs Trevor, there was a nice ring to it, however, out of respect, Steve said it was up to her to keep the surname he crafted for her, and they decided on hyphenating them
  • British Intelligence learnt of Steve’s immortality and his profile became top secret; due to his physical advantage over other officers and criminals, he was assigned special ops and high-risk rescue missions, much to Diana’s dismay (”Steve, you are not invincible, you could still get hurt,” sighed Diana), but Steve wanted to help more people, so he assured her that he would take proper care of himself and if she wanted to help him he was more than content to have her by his side; British Intelligence obviously knew about Diana and her identity as Wonder Woman by now and they condoned this
  • Diana received a degree in ancient art history and archeology from Oxford, completing the courses in less than 3 years, which wasn’t surprising to Steve at all; she speaks hundreds of languages and has an eidetic memory, for starters, and she went on to become a curator of the British Museum

1940s to 1970s:

  • They fought side by side during WWII and helped the allies tremendously in liberating concentration camps, pushing the frontlines and gathering  strategic intel
  • After the war, Steve resumed his secret missions for British Intelligence and Diana also joined SIS, as her colleagues at the British Museum began to show concern for, if not suspect, her apparent lack of aging; the SIS continued to provide them with identifications that could avoid suspicion pertaining to their condition
  • They visited Tracy and her family every now and then; she kept the questions about his peculiarly youthful appearance to herself and Steve was more than grateful for her understanding and she passed on at the age of 70; her children were curious about their uncle’s secret too but knew better not to ask
  • They maintained their close friendships with Etta, Sameer, Charlie and the Chief over the years, up until their passing, either due to old age or illness; afterwards, Diana and Steve had a sabbatical and travelled the world for several years, their wealth accumulated over the years kept them comfortable

1980s to present:

  • After their sabbatical, they parted with British Intelligence to relocate to the US, and there they joined the CIA (the Agency knew about Steve and Diana and their work from top-secret joint missions with the SIS); they were living in the States only every now and then as their operations required frequent worldwide travels; a decade or so later Steve requested a transfer to a command and strategic position based in the US as Diana became a curator for the Smithsonian Institution
  • Another decade later, Justice League was formed, and Steve has been leading US government’s ARGUS since; Diana is Head of Antiquities at Louvre when she isn’t busy saving the world as Wonder Woman
  • 100 years later Diana and Steve are still living happily ever after and saving the world together

Throughout the years:

  • They tried out various flavours and types of ice cream in countries they visited but Diana’s favourite is always the homemade ones Steve concocts for her
  • So is breakfast, they certainly sampled numerous and miscellaneous kinds during their globetrotting travels, yet she always favours the Trevor special, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, baked beans and toast always all cooked just right and impeccable, prepared before she wakes up and served in a tray to be enjoyed in bed, and always followed by cuddling
  • Steve’s missions always require him to pilot airplanes; despite knowing he is immortal, Diana still gets worried (but she doesn’t make a fuss about it and Steve really appreciates that)
  • Diana and Steve didn’t always just work for the government, they make their best effort to save people outside of the bureaus’ jurisdictions whenever possible
  • Steve’s father’s watch is kept in a safe for preservation; Steve and Diana have been wearing matching watches (besides always wearing matching couple outfits, much to the amusement of their friends and acquaintances)
  • They rarely argue, let alone fight, and if they did they reconcile soon after (Steve is always patient and understanding and Diana is very compassionate and caring)
  • Diana is amused when she realised Steve actually needs glasses (despite his excellent marksmanship) and she chose pairs of them for him; although Steve started wearing contact lens once they were commercialised, he still wears glasses from time to time (think Chris Pine wearing glasses, *wink wink*)
  • Steve is polylingual (English, French, German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish) and Diana is always there to teach him other languages, either for professional or personal/recreational purposes
  • They always make time for vacation
  • They visit Themyscira every 3 years (except during WWII)
  • When they are at home they always find time to sway to some slow and soothing music
No Control | Chapter Thirty-Nine


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read precious chapters, you can go here

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*Gif is not mine.*


I’m not sure how long it’s been, but when I wake up, it’s to the sound of hospital monitors and some quiet muttering at the edge of my consciousness. My eyelids feel heavy as I blink them open, and my throat is really dry. I clear my throat and swallow to try to alleviate the scratch, and that causes someone to enter my field of vision in a flash, though I can’t really tell who it is right away.

“Girl, you gave all of us quite the scare,” a familiar voice chastises as a bright light flashes in my eyes. I squeeze them shut and she tuts at me. “Gotta let me see your pupils, Micky.”

“Joy?” I ask, my voice a little rough. I clear my throat, desperate for some water or ice chips or something. I don’t know how long I’ve been out, but it feels like it’s been forever. 

“What other beautiful Southern black woman do you know?”

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My Sunshine| Mark Sloan

Originally posted by houseofgreysanatomy

Obviously song lyrics come from You Are My Sunshine - by Johnny Cash. 

I was rewatching the Season 6 and 8 finale over the past couple of days.. and it just occurred to me again how absolutely phenomenal Marks character development was for the time he was on the show!

Prompt: You and Mark are head over heels in love with each other. but he believes you deserve someone better and you, on the other hand, have never wanted anything more then to call him yours. But time.. you never seem to have enough of it. 

Key: bolded italics are lyrics

Italics are flashbacks

Set during 8x24-9x01

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anonymous asked:

I enjoyed your rankings very much, would you mind doing one for their kindness and also for their fashion sense XD?

Thanks! Okay, sure! Though I think, for kindness especially, my answers will be entirely subjective, but I’ll give it a go! 

(Disclaimer: This got long, so if you read it all, then you get—nothing in return. 😂  But thanks for doing so!)

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In defense of Shinji Ikari and the Rebuild series

I recently got into NGE from watching the rebuilds, and I really enjoyed them, so I checked out the original series and read a lot of metas and stuff online. 

And idk, I felt a little disturbed at the common trains of thought that seem to permeate the fandom. Like recently I read this one meta that was like, “Shinji doesn’t care for others that’s why he’s so self-absorbed”, “Shinji doesn’t love himself, that’s why he’ll never change. If he loved himself but hated his life he would make an effort to change but he doesn’t”, which ended with the “lovely” message of “if you don’t change, your life will always be shit.”

And it just got me thinking about the common views held in modern western society – this obsession with the idea of “loving yourself”. I don’t even know where it came from or what if even really means, only that everyone seems always be going on about it. “Just love yourself, and you won’t be sad anymore.” This idea of placing the onus of everything on the individual, and eliminating outside factors. The person who wrote the meta placing on the blame on Shinji himself, ignoring his crappy circumstances that led him to be that way. 

It’s just that, for a while, even before I got into eva, I’ve been annoyed by people that the only thing depressed people need to do to stop being depressed is to “learn to love themselves.” The idea brought up by the op of the meta that if Shinji was simply “less selfish” he would spend all his time caring for other people and not focusing on his self-hatred. But I feel like that’s the thing - when you’re depressed, it’s very hard to care about anything or anyone outside yourself.

And is Shinji even selfish anyway? People act like he’s the most awful person just because he’s not happy and stable all the time, but he regularly saves the world and everyone in it?? And how could he possibly change when he’s operating in circumstances beyond his control - namely, being forced to pilot the eva. I don’t think that being unhappy with your situation and yourself is a crime???

more analysis/rant under the cut

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Mr. Fluffy

Description: I don’t really know, but this is what happens when you let your imagination run wild

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

[Y/C/N]= your character name

Y/N = Your name

Word count: 1,689

Warnings: Bad words (as per usual)

A/N: I’m a bit new to this so constructive criticism  is always welcome, Enjoy! :)


You loved Comic-Con you really did, ever since you joined Marvel as [y/c/n], your life has been flipped upside down but it felt kind of good seeing the world in a different perspective. But you had to admit that after 3 consecutive days of photo ops, autographs, and panels, you were ready to go home and sleep for 2 weeks straight.

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Part 1

I know you guys were wondering if I’d ever post another part of that A/B/O fic. Real life just got in the way but here it is!

Harry Hart is not an arrogant man. He can be a bit of a show off sometimes, can at times be crass but he’s not above subjecting himself to humiliation when it’s warranted.

When he opens the parcel that Eggsy no doubt dropped in his mail, the world seems to shatter around him. The child is his. He has a child and he doesn’t even know the sex, doesn’t know it’s name. He didn’t get to feel the baby kick or see that first ultrasound photo. He didn’t get to watch Eggsy grow plump and full with his child or bask in his glow.

He doesn’t know what to do, how to proceed. How does one begin to apologize for something so treturous, for subjecting the one they’re supposed to love to total isolation?

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@emetoprincess and I had been talking for a while about expanding the Arrhythmia AU because we love the story and character dynamics so much. Without further ado, here’s the latest installment!

The Story Thus Far

Will was practically buzzing with excitement as the plane made touchdown, glancing over at Nico with the biggest grin he might have ever worn.

It’d been two weeks since Nico’s surgery, and Will had picked him up after he got off and headed straight to the airport. He’d discreetly packed his boyfriend’s bag, planned everything, and they were finally touching down hundreds of miles away.

“How are you doing?” Will asked, taking Nico’s hand and squeezing.

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Try To Remember

Characters: Daughter!Reader, Daddy!Jared, Mommy!Genevieve, Uncle!Jensen
Words:  1885
Requested by Anonymous:  So I love all your writing! And I am super psyched that request are open. Can you write one where the reader is apart of the supernatural cast and during comic con when she’s leaving she gets kidnapped and once they finally find her they find out she lost her memory due to serve beatings and they help her try to remember things. Can you also add that she is Jared and Gen’s daughter?

          “My question is for Y/N,” one of the fans in the audience said when they were pointed out at the con where you were with the rest of the cast of Supernatural.

           “Sweet! That’s me!” you smiled happily.

           “What’s it like being on the same show as your parents?” the girl asked.

           “Well, my mom’s not on it anymore because somebody,” you shot your dad and Jensen a look, “had to go and kill her.”

           “She was evil, Y/N, let it go,” Jensen teased.

           “Whatever,” you rolled your eyes, “But working with my dad is pretty awesome. And I guess it’s pretty cool working with Uncle Jensen,” you shot him another look.

           “Girl . . .”

           “Love you,” you smiled at him.

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Musings on Madam Secretary 2.21

Connection lost. That show title sums up the entire episode in two words. It’s both a literal referencing to the phone connection lost at the end, and a figurative nod to the emotional connection lost (or misplaced) between Elizabeth and Henry. And thus continues our Season 2 role reversal train plowing down the tracks.

The episode started with therapy. Praise Scripted TV Drama Baby Jesus. It was as awkward and uncomfortable as you’d think it would be. You could feel the clumsy tension just as a third party watching through a TV screen. There was weird small talk and they spoke over each other. Elizabeth was trying to put him at ease, but it felt like she was over-encouraging him. He wasn’t too willing to open up. They were both on edge for different reasons. It was almost like she was taking her boyfriend home to meet her parents for the first time. They both told Dr. Sherman that their work is collaborative and they’re on the same side, fighting for the same goal…  although I think they were trying to reassure and remind themselves of that more than anything.

I enjoyed the (blue filter) flashbacks because it gave us an effectively quick update into what life has been like since Henry dropped his soul-crushing Bomb O Truth on Elizabeth. They’ve gone from not being able to discuss their jobs to not discussing anything else. Irony. Barbara brings it. It’s almost like work is their safe way to talk without communicating. Honestly, discussion of anything else almost felt superficial, like they were just going through the motions because they felt they had to. Henry acknowledged that therapy helped Elizabeth following Iran and, I believe honestly, admitted he’s grateful for it. However, he’s coming at both situations from a different perspective. Because nothing happened TO him, he doesn’t believe he has the right to be affected the way she was following Iran. He’s just being Mr. Tough Guy, hoping to plow through life and that magically his feelings will disappear. However, he IS being affected and Elizabeth sees that. “You said you think about it every time you look at me. How are we supposed to get past that?” It’s a legitimate question, said with hurt. It’s ticking her off that he’d rather bottle up his emotions instead of open up and deal with something that is a significant issue in their marriage. They need to get a handle on what’s gnawing at their “empire of two” before it eats a giant hole that’s too large to repair. (Note: I do not see this happening. I’m just saying this is why therapy is needed… and Henry needs to be an active participant.) I love the way the scenes in Sherman’s office were shot: very slow zooms and pans were utilized over harsh cutaway shots, and almost every shot showed either both Elizabeth and Henry or one in relation to the other. A united, team front. Afterwards, you could see how relieved Elizabeth was to hear Henry say that perhaps therapy could be beneficial. She made an excuse for it at first and then melted when he agreed he enjoyed it. It’s like she’s walking on eggshells around the person who knows her best.. and that isn’t a way to live. I personally am not well read on therapy, but it seems like Henry could benefit from a few standalone sessions. Some of you know more about this than I do from personal or professional experiences. Maybe his personal sessions will come down the line? Also, nice to see Elizabeth has a Dr. Sherman therapy uniform: orange blouse and black blazer.

Proof that Henry’s demons are eating him and affecting his marriage: he doesn’t show up to the gala. In fact, he lied to Elizabeth about why he couldn’t attend. Dressed in her gorgeous gown (more on that later), she was understandably heartbroken when he said he couldn’t go. It almost felt a bit like she was being stood up for prom. Of course Elizabeth was hurt and knew something else was wrong, but she remained hopeful he’d eventually make even a brief appearance, although deep down I think she knew that wouldn’t happen. Later when he returned home, she was still wide awake, thinking, hurting, wondering. Even though she needed him to be at the gala with her, she brushed off her pain (yet again) as the event being “just a thing” when it was actually something much more metaphorical and symbolic. It wasn’t just a work event. It was an opportunity for Henry to prioritize their marriage and for them to enjoy each other’s company again. Henry, being the Catholic and ethics professor, couldn’t keep a secret from his wife and blurted out the real reason he avoided the event: he couldn’t handle it. Yes, Henry lied to Elizabeth, but he also couldn’t keep up the charade once he faced her. If anything, that proves that Henry is still Henry. He’s just a bit damaged these days.

“I can’t accept what happened to Dmitri and what’s still happening to his sister.” “Which means you can’t accept me either.” Ouch. Elizabeth realizes the toll this is all taking on Henry and their marriage, but Henry still isn’t seeing the correlation. He’s blinded. “I’m scared, Henry.” She opened up and confessed one of her biggest fears. He acknowledged it, but brushed it off slightly by saying he wasn’t going anywhere. Elizabeth is desperate and terrified, and she’s not getting any reciprocity from the only other person who can give her the acknowledgement that she needs. It’s like our favorite couple, in the past so united that even a look conveyed an entire soul-baring conversation, are now two people on different plains.

We all knew Henry was going to Pakistan, but what have we said about sending a McCord overseas? I thought we agreed not to do this anymore. Alas, it happened. When Admiral (I will always call her “Admiral”) Hill first suggested the possibility of sending Murphy Station to Pakistan, Elizabeth was a bit taken aback. It’s that wife/Secretary of State dichotomy that is her life. Even Ellen felt the need to semi apologize to her for offering the option. Throughout the entire conversation, Elizabeth came across as a bit detached, like she wasn’t there in the Oval Office.. because she wasn’t. Understandably so. Physically she was present, but emotionally, he thoughts were on Henry and what this could mean for her family.

Henry packing for Pakistan was highly reminiscent of Elizabeth preparing for Iran, but myself and anyone else with eyeballs probably preferred Tamerlane prep. Back then, we knew she was going into danger, but we were treated with what are some of my favorite scenes of Season 1. This time, not so much. It was more methodical, with Elizabeth telling him to take a suit, etc. Sure we got a bit of fluff, but it wasn’t real fluff. It was masked by Elizabeth’s desperation to dig deeper and connect with her husband before he left. “You can tell me not to go, you know.” That was just a line by Henry. Even if ever fiber of her being wanted to say that, she never would because she knew he’d resent her even more than he already does. As if continuing on the “nothing to see here” train, Mr. Hands touched and kissed her, trying to get her to avoid discussing anything deeper than what’s on the surface. She even pushed him away at one point (the will that woman has to resist him), hoping to indicate that she’s serious. Of course it went nowhere. Also, why did they have this deep conversation about personal and covert political operations with their bedroom door open? I know their kids aren’t spies, but getting their “cover with the kids” straight while standing feet away from their open door seemed a bit messy. Let’s hope they’re both better at being undercover spies. The one thing we didn’t see was their final sendoff. Did they just do a quick peck and he walked out the door like it was another day at the office? Were they even semi emotional like Iran? I really felt the absence of seeing their final face-to-face moment.

All communication throughout the rest of the episode was done by phone. Despite oceans and thousands of miles separating them, Elizabeth still needed reassurance that Henry would not put himself in danger. “You need to think of the kids. We need you back.” It’s her way of pleading with him without pleading with him. At one point, Henry reminded Elizabeth of the Pride and Prejudice Ball. For the first time in a long while, the people talking were Henry and Elizabeth McCord: college sweethearts, parents of three, and two people who have invested in and dedicated their entire lives to each other. They weren’t a Defense op and the Secretary of State. “I will always show up for you. Always.” Well just leave me here to wallow in my pile of goo feelings. Elizabeth was just as taken aback, already emotional about everything going on in their lives. This unexpected and unknown walk down memory lane reminded her of who her husband truly is, even if she secretly questions it sometimes. The brief but much-needed scene only lasted a few seconds because they were interrupted by Jose. Eff you, Jose. Henry abruptly ended with “I gotta go.” By the time she said “I love you,” he was already gone. That didn’t sit well with me. It was actually the second phone conversation he ended that way, the first with just a “Bye.” Even after the foreign minister twitter fiasco in the middle of the night, Elizabeth managed to still say “Iloveyoubye” in one breath. The world was literally burning all around him and he didn’t take the time to tell Elizabeth he loves her? It seemed disjointed, rushed and unfinished.. which, I suppose, is why it was written that way. When he goes missing, she’ll replay their final conversation over and over in her head: they never got to say goodbye. From a pure tragedy perspective, it’s like Shakespeare is writing this stuff. Can someone please hug the woman??

Speaking of Jose (things I never thought I’d say), Mr. No-Acts-Of-Passion-Ever was the one who lead Henry straight into an act of passion. The country was falling apart around them, “Flight of the Bumblebee” was playing on repeat, and Jose decided this was the time to play “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.” Dude. C’mon. We knew this would happen given the foreshadowing from the bar scene, but I still wanted to shake Henry. He’s a grown man who can make his own decisions and could have easily let Jose go off on the Where’s Waldo hunt, but that wouldn’t be Henry. It was a stupid and (kind of) selfish decision, partly made by the ethics professor and partly made by the former Marine. There was something that could possibly be done to could help the world or his co-worker, so he did it.. without necessarily thinking about the effects it could have on those he cares most about in this world. The only thing I don’t understand: why not take the phone with him? He tossed it onto the desk. Don’t you think you’d want some sort of lifeline as you go off into a coup?

As all of this was going on, Elizabeth was left to watch the chaos play out from the other side of the world, exactly like Henry had to do during Tamerlane. She’s the person who knows some of the world’s deepest secrets, yet she has no idea where her husband is. “I’ve been assured they’ll be brought to safety *pause* once they’re located.” Standing in the Oval Office, Elizabeth was going through the motions of being Secretary of State while internally panicking as a wife. Before Conrad decided to send in the troops, he double-checked with her, a signal to their personal relationship that’s often been overlooked this season.

I’m going a bit rogue here and am offering my two cents that no one asked for on the Henry situation. Has Henry been an a**hole? Yes. Is Elizabeth a fragile broken flower? No. Does she realize he’s a bit broken himself and that’s why he’s acting out the way he is? It appears that way. Are his actions fair to her? Absolutely not. Henry is still Henry. He’s just currently feeling the effects of multiple traumas. Even Dr. Sherman acknowledged that. He jumped into a job he probably didn’t have the emotional capacity to handle, lost his father and suffered potentially life-threatening radiation poisoning, and he’s just supposed to suck it up and not be affected? As a viewer, I’d question it more if he WASN’T affected. Heck, I DID question it, and have been all season long. The fact that Henry is supposed to be unaffected by this while Elizabeth was allowed to suffer PTSD following Iran seems a bit stereotypical, the same kind of stereotype the show is fighting against. I’m not giving his actions a pass. He behaved like a prick multiple times. However, he’s human and trauma makes people do things they wouldn’t typically do. I’m sure even he realizes his behavior isn’t acceptable and will (hopefully and eventually) see the pain he’s putting Elizabeth through and what he needs to do to address it. This is where the growth can come.

During the episode, Jay questioned why the United States was giving aid to Pakistan when Pakistan may be knowingly harboring Jibral Disah. Nadine responded that there are times you need to trust that you’re part of the larger picture. Jay may not know why things are happening, but he has to trust that someone is the key mastermind behind it all. I thought that was very appropriate for this episode and this season, given the current state of Henry and Elizabeth. Perhaps I’m not the typical Elizabeth-centered viewer. I’m watching the show from the larger picture, so I’m taking in how every character is reacting to things. One viewpoint isn’t better than the other. They’re just different. Kind of like how Elizabeth and Henry are looking at the same exact situation and seeing things differently. I’m trying to be like Nadine here and trust that Barbara and her staff are putting Henry right where he needs to be with a clear end point, and that it will all ultimately work out. Get back to me a bit into Season 3 if this hasn’t happened.

We interrupt this serious episode for the dress. THAT DRESS. I’ve been waiting weeks to see it and it didn’t disappoint. As if it was the answer to a prayer to the ghost of Coco Chanel, I didn’t even mind the headband so much… and I was verrrrrrry hesitant about that stylistic decision. I like to think Elizabeth twirling in the kitchen was for our sake, so we could see it in its entirety. I adore that dress so much, I made my friend promise it could be the bridesmaid dress for her wedding. She isn’t even engaged. I’d also have to sell a kidney to afford it and would be wracked with guilt for spending that much on fashion, but that’s beside the point. One of my biggest disappointments with Henry not going to the gala is that he didn’t see her in that dress. Your loss, buddy. You probably would’ve gotten some M-rated fanfic action afterwards instead of “brush your teeth, whiskey breath.”

Other things:

–Where was Russell? That’s two episodes and countless major decisions he’s been out of the loop for. The dude typically doesn’t let anyone order a ham sandwich without meddling.

–Henry shooting a gun was weird. Hot, but weird. I’m not sure how I feel about the previews. I guess I want him to be armed if he’s in the middle of coup chaos, and the former Marine knows his way around a gun, but it felt odd.

–More Matt and Nadine, please. I love that the secondary characters continue getting little storylines that offer insight into their lives. Nadine being slightly standoff-ish about the hug shows she’s just as awkward as he is.

–That. Darn. White. Tie blouse. Is. Back.

–“Is that the Japanese place where you have to cook your own food? Isn’t that like eating at home?” Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you this is seriously why I don’t like Korean barbecue or fajitas. I don’t go to restaurants where I have to pay to cook my own food. Let me just sign up for my AARP card right now….

–Burgers and bowling. BURGERS AND BOWLING. Season 3. Let’s make this happen.

–Mr. Lying McCord not going to Elizabeth’s gala meant we didn’t see a tuxedo-ed Henry. I’m hoping we’ll see a tuxedo-ed Tim for the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday.

–“I love you so don’t die on me, OK?” Gah. Just let me think about that line for the next week. Thanks, preview editors. Also, once Henry returns, gets help and is back mentally, he better make up this entire season to Elizabeth.. and I’m hoping we get to see it.