gotta love david

The way Charming’s first impulse is to save/comfort/love/protect his baby girl no matter the situation, always makes my heart ache for all the time he lost with her.  This episode is no exception.  David Nolan is the true heart of the Charming family.  


First of all we have the beautiful and amazing Amber Heard as MERA!!

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God i just want her to put me in a headlock and just fucking suplex me!

Then there is Jason Mamoa who is playing Arthur Curry aka Aquaman himself. He is the very embodiment of the phrase “Just Fuck Me Up”

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I have never felt thirst like this before. Seriously I’m salivating here. 

Of course this post wouldn’t be radiant without the grace of  Mr. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as one of my fave villains ever! Black Manta! (YOU PUT RESPEKT ON HIS NAME FAM always)

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Look at that smile!!! I just want to buy him chocolates and flowers and open doors for him. Stay up late looking at the stars and making up theories on how the aliens are gonna fucking wreck us all into the void.

Then there is the extremely beautiful man Ludi Lin! Who’s gonna play Murk! (Who is an underappreciated character in my opinion)

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LOOK AT HIM! I just aldlsfncsebvwlkefbkvsfokefuckingshit. Is this what being in love feels like? It’s…..It’s magical.

*Not to mention every one of them are gonna be in scenes where they walk out of the water. *The sun shining on the droplets of the sea rolling down their skin. *Glistening on some hardly covered bodies. I….I have to go lay down.

-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y