gotta love david

The way Charming’s first impulse is to save/comfort/love/protect his baby girl no matter the situation, always makes my heart ache for all the time he lost with her.  This episode is no exception.  David Nolan is the true heart of the Charming family.  

-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y



The dawn of a new era will bring about all manner of dissembling villains hidden within the light and shadows.

yeah but what if david marcus was david marcus-mccoy in the aos universecan you imagine heavily pregnant carol and overprotective bones having a shouting match in the transporter room over whether carol should go down with the landing party or not and she’s there like LEONARD I AM PREGNANT NOT AN INVALID THEY ARE A FEDERATION PLANET AND I AM GOING DOWN THERE TO GET MY OWN BLOODY SAMPLES now if the captain would kindly quit gawping I believe we can energise mister scott thank you