gotta love bob

anyways i wanna write a bob/alicia get together where like alicia is one of the first trans models in the industry (is that based on fact?? fuck if i know but either way) and it’s what, like the 80s? so of course she gets a ton of shit for it and people are generally real gross about it and bob is famous by this point so he’s like “you know what somebody’s gotta help a girl out” so he just casually throws his support into any interview he can (like for magazines and stuff not intermission or whatever lol) and like he hasn’t even met her YET but he hears she’s a lovely girl and her story is inspiring etc etc

and then naturally alicia goes to one of his games because like. the dude has had her back since the whole mess started and she’s doing a lot better now but it’s still a process and a lot of people are still closed minded so it’s nice to know she’s got somebody in her corner who isn’t like, her immediate family or closest friends. and then they meet afterward for Publicity but also because she just genuinely wants to thank him and then they hit it off and become friends and then fall madly in love and live Happily Ever After amen

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Welcome!! If it's not too much trouble, could I have some headcanons about Momo getting along with Shinji's s/o? Gotta love the bob fam!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad to be here and to have the chance to interact with all of you! plus Shinji is in my top five faves so 

Headcanons about Momo getting along with Shinji’s s/o

  • First off, I imagine that Shinji and his significant other try to be pretty low key in public with their relationship, especially if they’re both Soul Reapers, because they gotta keep that professionalism up, you know?
  • Momo totally ends up realizing it after they come to the office during lunch one too many times though. He’s… softer with them. Still snarky and sarcastic and the same asshole Shinji, but the way that he looks at them is different.
  • If she’s close with his s/o, she’ll probably bring it up when they go out to dinner or out to a bar and it will be at the most unexpected time, “You’re dating my captain aren’t you, s/o?” And whatever they’re drinking is gonna go everywhere and it’s going to be awkward and hilarious. Momo will savor that moment for the rest of her days.
  • If Momo isn’t close to them and they are a Soul Reaper, she’ll try to get to know them, invite them out with the Lieutenant Squad™ and try to get to be at least acquaintances if not friends, that way it’s less awkward when Shinji’s s/o spends their free time in the offices.
  • If his s/o is not a Soul Reaper, Momo makes a point to stop and visit them and takes the time to get to know them. It’s honestly really sweet. Because Momo becomes so genuinely interested in whatever it is that his s/o does and it forms such a good friendship between them.
  • After the initial, “I know you’re dating/banging/romantically involved with my boss” moment there’s probably a lot of jokes at Shinji’s expense, they’re all well-meaning and lighthearted and honestly, he enjoys pretending to be wounded by their jibes.
  • If s/o and Shinji are living together, they’ve come to expect lots of baked goods, Momo enjoys baking and knows that the two of them what she makes, and honestly they’ll enjoy anything she makes. The two make sure to thank her for all of it.
  • S/O also ends up joining this group of people that are there to support Momo to help her with the fall out after Aizen, she knows that she can come to them as easily as Toshiro or Shinji or the other Lieutenants if she’s having a bad mental health day and just needs time to vent or just sit with someone who genuinely cares about her.
  • Honestly, this ends up being a good and wholesome friendship built on mutual appreciation and teasing of Shinji. As well as supporting each other in whatever it is that they’re doing in their lives.

Seance wine.


It’s a Human Shield thing.