gotta love bob

anyways i wanna write a bob/alicia get together where like alicia is one of the first trans models in the industry (is that based on fact?? fuck if i know but either way) and it’s what, like the 80s? so of course she gets a ton of shit for it and people are generally real gross about it and bob is famous by this point so he’s like “you know what somebody’s gotta help a girl out” so he just casually throws his support into any interview he can (like for magazines and stuff not intermission or whatever lol) and like he hasn’t even met her YET but he hears she’s a lovely girl and her story is inspiring etc etc

and then naturally alicia goes to one of his games because like. the dude has had her back since the whole mess started and she’s doing a lot better now but it’s still a process and a lot of people are still closed minded so it’s nice to know she’s got somebody in her corner who isn’t like, her immediate family or closest friends. and then they meet afterward for Publicity but also because she just genuinely wants to thank him and then they hit it off and become friends and then fall madly in love and live Happily Ever After amen

I don’t want a signal boost out of this, yo, i want you to vote

the metas will be here, the gifs will be here when you get back. This poll won’t. 

This year is the ONLY year we managed to go to the finale. If you think this was all easy, then think again. Cause maybe we’ll never be here again.

Show everyone how much we love Bob. I know it seems silly, it’s “just” a poll. But it’s a BIG poll, one made by a big site, one which the writers and actors notice and tweet about

So you gotta show them you love Bob, do you get it? show EVERYONE that Bob is that much loved, show the writers, show the producers, show the other fans who say he can’t act.


But you can’t do it if you stay here just reblogging this posts then go back to reblog your posts as scheduled and expect the rest of the fandom to vote for you. Cause it ain’t gonna happen without you. Forget about us saving it all without you.

Because, in all honesty if everyone would just freaking vote some of us wouldn’t have to kill ourselves over this. Our hands and arms hurt, our necks sting, and sometimes we just see no results- because you’re not there helping.

it’s just freaking 4 days and our work would be light if everyone just worked together

Also, you guys do know we’re being anti voted by the antis (out of pure pettiness) now and we’re fighting two fandoms instead of one right?

we need your help, we are not just trying to be cute. 



It’s a Human Shield thing. 


Seance wine.

I just saw a post that started “Bad Bob ships it”, and OBVIOUSLY its Zimbits.

But I automatically think of Dexnursey for everything, so I was like. “I don’t think Bob Zimmerman knows who Dex and Nursey are????? But I am SO IN!!”