gotta line it

  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.

Get that hair out of your face. Let me see. Christ! That is disgusting. No wonder you cover that up. Have you seen it? I mean, have you looked in the mirror? That is gross as hell. I can see your socket. I want to touch it. Oh, come on. Can I touch it? … All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that. No, sir.


have a steamy pile of sketch dump 

fetish: boiling evak down to their sex scenes or their ‘cute’ scenes and not giving a shit about plot or character. seeing them as ‘two hot guys making out’ and nothing else. asking for hour long sex scenes.

not a fetish: watching evak scenes and enjoying them. feeling happy when isak and even are happy (they’re your ship after all). appreciating the character depth, development, and issues raised in the show. 

(my opinion btw. i do not hold the gospel truth on what is a fetish)


Every time I listen to ‘City Escape’ from Sonic Adventure 2 and hear the line 'gotta follow my rainbow‘ I think of an image akin to these above. Sonic stands form what’s right, freedom, being true to yourself and so I made some of the flags of the LGBT community. These are all transparent as well.

I know I didn’t include every flag, and if anyone wishes me to, send me a picture of a flag you’d like to be included that is a part of the LGBT/LGBTQ community and I will gladly make a version of it and add it to this post as well. If requested enough I will make each one their own post with links to others so you can post just the one that fits you.


02.04.17, Blackhawks vs Stars - Hartman; Forsling; Kane; van Riemsdyk; Toews

How to be Extra When They Fuck Up Your Mic

by Min Yoongi

•scream randomly into the mic during the next performance like “NOW is it fucking on”
•look into the camera during your first actual line nodding like “yeah bet that shit won’t happen again”
•practically scream the next line, gotta make up for that lost one duh