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If you can,,, sick headcanons for— well this blog is for the 104th anyway... ^^'

Eren: Incessantly denies that he’s sick until he pushes himself over the limit and passes out. Happens every single time. He doesn’t listen to his body, doesn’t give it the rest it needs because he doesn’t have time to waste (he’s gotta kill the titans or practice for track etc.) He never stays in bed and has to be carried back multiple times. Complains at first when he’s told he has to stay in bed, and is generally insufferable until his voice gives out. Suffers worse nightmares when feverish. A pitiful mess that needs help. Armin or Mikasa will usually sit with him to keep him calm and guilt him into resting.

  • Extra Headcanon: Titan Shifters have a naturally higher body temperature (nothing crazy or necessarily out of the ordinary, but higher than normal.) Because of this, they get higher fevers, and can develop fevers for illnesses that wouldn’t necessarily have one. This hinders Eren a lot. It certainly effects the others too, but especially Eren “I’m Fine” Jaeger.

Mikasa: Rarely gets sick, but when she does, she gets hit hard and fast. One day, she’ll be perfectly fine, and the next she won’t be able to move. She’ll try so hard to get up and function normally, but won’t be able to, and everyone just feels so bad telling her to go lay down cause she just looks so sad and miserable. But eventually, once they get her to lay down, she’ll be a very good patient. The only problem is when she gets delirious, because that’s when she’ll try to escape. She will listen to reason before that, and while she’ll complain about having to rest, she’ll do it. But once she hits delirium, she will try all of these plans to escape that probably won’t work, but sometimes they lose her, and it causes a lot of panic, but she’s pretty easy to find, especially for Eren and Armin, who convince her to go back to sleep with stories and songs they read/sang when they were kids.

Armin: A very cooperative but cautious sick person. He’d loath his existence if he got anyone else sick and hates to be a burden to anyone, insisting that he can take care of himself and should probably be left alone. That rarely works cause his friends are too stubborn and love him too much, and he does really appreciate it when they take care of him. He is very, very bad at hiding when he doesn’t feel well, so he’s given it up entirely and will openly admit when he’s sick and willingly rests. He gets cold easily when he’s healthy, and is always shivering when sick, seeking out warmth in either a pile of blankets or sweatshirts that are too big for him (that usually belong to someone else.) Says the funniest shit when he’s delirious or hopped up on medicine. Will also spill secrets. Watch him closely.

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