gotta get the vitamin d

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today i felt really crappy so i just sat outside with my german shepherd puppy... It didn't really make me feel better but at least he had fun. it was really sunny and sorta aesthetic really- vines crept up the walls and a flew butterflies danced around :)

i’m glad u went outside at least u gotta get that vitamin D

so is the lighting in the hallways/public areas of a starship like a uv light box to mimic the sun? so people who live on starships don’t have to fight with constant, continuous seasonal affective disorder? does SAD get a new name in space? are there just hyposprays full of vitamin d and you gotta go get some vitamin d every few weeks? 

is rhodey okay? how’s his home life going? is he still going out for lunch with tony? how is his avengers training going? what about his job? is he eating the proper amount of vegetables? is he sleeping okay? is he drinking water? is he getting enough vitamin d? is rhodey okay????