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Don’t Forget To Remember Me part 1

Original request from a v lovely anon:  Could I request a BuckyXdaughter!Reader? Like she was his kid in the 40s and she was only six when he ‘died’ and she grew up wanting to join the military but sad because everyone told her she couldn’t, but then something happens and she gets captured by HYDRA, at this time she’s 14, and she get’s deployed with the Winter Soldier and Steve recognizes them and he gets them to remember and just angst and maybe fluff?

A/N: Okay, so I started writing this and realized that this is not a oneshot sort of deal. So. I guess we’re just gonna have to see where it leads us! I hope that it’s alright that I tweaked some aspects of your request, they just seemed to fit. I’m honestly super excited about this story, so thank you for sending in this request!

Pairing: Bucky/Stevexdaughter!Reader

Word Count: 3176

Warnings: Death, loss, angst, crying? Sad dad times.


“D’you really hafta go, dad?” I ask, my voice soft to hide the tremble. He’s going away to do something really important. I have to be strong for him.

“I’m afraid so, doll.” He says, dropping down onto one knee so he can be at my eye level. “Uncle Steve’s gonna take good care of you while I’m gone, right, Stevie?”

“Of course.” Steve says, placing a protective hand on my shoulder. He’s a small man, but he’s nice and I like him.

“Okay.” I nod, rubbing at my eyes, trying to stop the tears before they start.

“C’mere.” He says, pulling me to his chest. I wrap my little arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

“I don’t want you to go.”

“I know you don’t.” He says quietly, pulling me away from him so he can look at me. “But I have to. Gotta protect our people, okay?”

“Okay.” I nod. He presses a kiss to my forehead before standing.

“You take care of my little girl, punk.” He says quietly, pulling Steve to his chest in a hug.

“You know I’ll do my best, Buck.” I hear Steve say.

“Yeah, I know.” His voice cracks a little before he pulls away from the hug.

He ruffles my hair before grabbing his rucksack, slinging it over his shoulder and heading off to join the throng of men awaiting the transport. Uncle Steve and I watch him disappear in the crowd. As soon as my dad’s gone I tug on Steve’s sleeve. He gently takes my hand in his and leads me away from the

“Are we gonna be okay, Uncle Steve?” I ask quietly. I’m not sure if he can hear me over the roar of the city, but I ask anyways.

“We’re gonna do our best.”

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Let’s play a game

So I cannot keep up with the comic page per 100 followers due to school. They take too long and I’m not too psyched about them anyway. SO instead I thought of a game we could play. This will involve the help of our very unwilling participant, X6-88!

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Prepping for Prom (Scott McCall)

OMG I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. I am SO FREAKING SORRY that it’s taken me so long. I literally lost 1,400 followers AND I HOPE THEY WILL ALL FOLLOW ME BACK NOW THAT I”M POSTING AGAIN! But, anywho I’m terribly sorry if this started off good and ended bad. I kind of forgot hpw to write after April? Yeah, I gotta get my groove back, haha. Enjoy :)

Word Count: 2,175

Trigger Warnings: None

“(Y/n)! Wake up! PROM IS TONIGHT!” Shouted Lydia as she ran into your room. You groaned in response.
“Lydia, it’s 7 a.m.! Prom doesn’t even start until 9 p.m!”
“Yes but our nail appointments are at 12 and our hair appointments are at 3! And then pictures are at 5 and then after that we have dinner at 6! Get up!” She said in a rushed voice. She then proceeded to pull off your covers and open your blinds. You hiss to the sight of bright light and sit up.
“I already made breakfast! Eggs and pancakes.” Lydia clapped as she pulled you up and down the stairs.
“Lydia I have to call Scott to-”
“Nope nope nope. You can’t talk to Scott until pictures later.” She tisked. You gave her a confused look.
“Lydia, we are going to prom, not getting married.” She rolled her eyes.
“It’s a Martin tradition! No talking to your date until picture time. Which is why I’ve been ignoring Stiles texts and snapchats.”
“No I can’t not snapchat Scott!” You say with a pleading look in your eyes.
“Sorry. You can’t.”
“But what if our streak gets broken! Lydia we have 155 day streak!”
Lydia just laughs at you.
“(Y/n), chill out it won’t break. Come on let’s eat and watch some TV.”
You both take your plates into the living room and turn on the TV to the TLC channel. Something about families with 8+ kids on TV made you happy. As you were enjoying the amazing pancakes Lydia made, your phone buzzed.
‘Snapchat from Scotty😍🐶’
You really wanted to open it. You peered over at Lydia to see if she was watching you. She was totally engrossed into the show so you quickly opened your phone and got on snapchat. It read:
‘Just woke up! Excited for Prom?’
You chuckle slightly at the pic caused Lydia to glance at you, but you acted as if you were trying to read something. You sent him a pic back saying
'Very excited. Lydia said I couldn’t talk to u until pics😥’
Scott sent you another snap with a sad face that read:
'Booo I wanted to go to lunch with you.’
As you were trying to send him a face back Lydia caught you.
“(y/n)! Give me your phone right now! I said no snapchat!” She scolded. You tried to fight her, but deciding that it was no use you gave up. She smirked in triumph and put your phone in her bag. At around 10:30 you guys got dressed and ready to go get your nails done.

“Let the day begin.” Lydia sighed as she started her car and drove off towards the nail salon. Scott and you had decided to go with grey, black and white as your theme. At the nail salon, Lydia started to chat it up with the girl next to you and as you decided what on earth you wanted to do. After flipping through a few magazines and pictures on google, you finally found what you wanted to do. Lydia got hers done right after yours. Her theme is champagne colors. The nail appointment overall took about an hour and a half. You only got yours shallaced, but Lydia got acrylics.
“Okay, next stop, back to my house to do our makeup!” Lydia probably drove 10 miles over the speed limit.
“Woah there Lyds, we’ve got time. No need to rush.” You exclaimed as she had to jerk to a stop at a stop sign.
“There is always a reason to rush (y/n) no matter what you are doing.” just then Lydia’s phone started to ring. The screen read “Stiles” with a funny picture of him in the background. She was reaching down to answer it when you snatched her phone and answered it instead.
“Eheheh, no no remember ‘no contact until pictures.’ I’ll answer this one.”
“Hello?” you asked.
“Hey babe what time are you coming over for pictures?”
You stifle a laugh. Stiles didn’t even realize that you answered it.
“Hey babe to you too Stiles.”
“(y/n)? Woah I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you would answer the phone.” you heard a voice in the distance say “(y/n?) can I talk to her?”
“Hey Scott wants to talk to you.” Stiles said. You smile at his sentence but the frown when you see Lydia’s death glare.
“Stiles, tell him I can’t, Lydia won’t allow me to talk to him until picture time. Which by the way we will be over there by 5.” Lydia approves of your response as you hang up with Stiles. You guys were already at Lydia’s house and getting ready for makeup when you hung up with Stiles. Lydis wanted to do yours first because she ‘has a perfect idea and doesn’t want to lose it’ after an agonizing 30 minutes of her poking and prodding at your face she was done and it was her turn. It took you about 30 minutes to do her makeup as well. It was around 2 when you headed in for the hair appointments. You sighed - you haven’t spoken to Scott since those snaps you sent. Only 3 more hours until you get to see him….

“Hurry up Lydia! We have to be at Stiles’s house by 5!” You grumbled as Lydia was touching up her makeup and hair.

“Relax (y/n) Stiles lives 5 minutes away and it’s 4:50. Besides I’m ready anyway.” She smiles as she exits the bathroom. You sigh in relief and head to the car. You were so close to finally talking to Scott today. After what seems like forever Lydia finally got to the car and headed to Stiles’s house. Once in his driveway you bolted out of her car and into his house. And then it felt as if you were in slow motion. You turn towards the kitchen and saw Scott laughing about something and he started turning his head towards you. You both locked eyes and you ran towards him, not even caring if you broke one of your heels. He opened his arms and you ran into his chest, inhaling his scent deeply as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“(Y/n), you look gorgeous.” He commented, which pulled you out of your ‘slow motion’ trance. You looked up to him and smiled. You plant a kiss on his lips and say

“Thank you, you’re looking rather dashing yourself.” And giggle. He cracks a grin at that.

“Okay! Picture time!” Melissa said from the kitchen. She came up to you and gave you a big hug with a huge grin on her face.

“You look beautiful!”

“Awe, thank you Melissa! But I wouldn’t even be here and going to this dance if your son didn’t ask me out last year.” You beamed at her.Scott blushed.

“Dawh, (y/n) don’t drag me into this, you would look beautiful even if I didn’t ask you out.” He said as he gave you a peck on the forehead. You heard the click of a camera. Melissa was the culprit behind the camera.

“Juuuust taking a few test shots.” She said and took a pic of Lydia and Stiles laughing.

“Okay, (y/n) and Lydia stand in front of stiles and Scott. And then lets have Stiles and Scott stand on the fireplace ledge so that they look a little bit taller than the girls.” Lydia’s mom instructed. The boys stood on the slab of concrete that was a little higher off the ground as the girls stood in front of them. Scott’s mom did the countdown and then took a few more pictures. We then did a few more basic prom poses until Lydia finally spoke out.

“Mom, Prom starts in like 2 hours and we need to get to our dinner reservations.”

“Oh alright fine, you kids have fun!” She said as we gathered our things and headed for Stiles’s good old jeep. You would expect us to go all out for prom - nope, we felt that Roscoe was a good choice. He brought back all of our memories from sophomore year to now. Scott and I took the back as Lydia sat up front by Stiles.

“Lydia what place did you reserve?” Scott asked.

“A restaurant with a French sounding name.” She replied. Scott looks at you and You just shrug. We pulled up to the restaurant 5 minutes later and made it just in time for our reservations. Once we were seated and settled, we all had a hard time figuring out what to get. Lydia didn’t want stiles to get someone too messy, because he would end up just ruining the suit. And Stiles didn’t want Lydia getting salad because he claims that “she is the most beautiful person on earth - even when she is devouring hot wings on game night” which earned a smack in the shoulder from her. You had the problem of figuring out which meal was the cheapest. You were hungry, but didn’t want Scott to have to pay a bunch for your meal (he always offers to pay, even when you say you have money for it.) Scott sees you scanning the menu and leans over to whisper in your ear.

“I know what you are doing, and I want you to just pick out what looks good.” Your heart rate picks up and Scott chuckles as he grabs your hand.

“(Y/n), it’s fine. I’ve been working a lot more hours at the shelter, I can pay for whatever you want.” He smiles. You smiled back to him and nod, as you point to the platter you thought looked the best for your growling stomach. Lydia ended up ordering a salad and she said to Stiles “I’m not getting it because I’m watching my weight, I’m getting it because it looks good!” Stiles ended up getting one of the messiest plates there was, although he didn’t get any food on his suit - just all over his face. Once you all finished eating, Scott and stiles paid and tipped the waiter and then you all set off towards the high school for the dance. At the dance there was a photo booth. You and Lydia looked at the each other and ran straight towards it. The boys following you. You pulled out your phone and set it on the handy tripod the school set up.

“I’m taking 4 pictures!” You said as everyone out on some type of goofy hat and whatnot. You set the timer to 3 seconds and sat down on Scott’s lap. This cycle repeated 3 more times until you had a picture for each of you.

“I’ll print these out once I get home.” You smiled. After running into a few friends and chatting for a while, you hit the dance floor. Your favorite song came on, and you rocked out with Scott to it. Then, ‘Girls Just wanna have fun” came on, and you and Lydia started screaming.
“Woah! What just happened?” Stiles asked.
“THIS IS OUR SONG STILES!” Lydia shouted back to him as you started singing the beginning verse to Lydia. Scott and Stiles gave each other weird looks but then shrugged it off and started dancing with us. After 2 grinding heavy songs came on, a slow song started to play. You looked to Scott and he gave you a shy smile as he wrapped his hands around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hummed along to the song. You leaned up to his chest and could feel his steady heartbeat. His heartbeat, something that always calmed you down. You would always lay your head on his chest when you were upset or anxious or even when you were happy. It always just put you in a good mood.
“I love you.” Scott whispered - yet it was loud enough for only you to hear over the chatter and music. You froze. You guys have said that you love each other all the time, it’s not like it’s the first time he’s said it. But, it’s the first time you’ve realized that he really means it. Sure, he’s meant it since the day he met you, but you could really feel it this time. You broke out into a wide smile and leaned in for a kiss. Scott was taken by surprise, but happily returned it. As it became deeper, the song ended and a really popular song came on. Prompting someone to knock into you guys and mumble a sorry. Scott just laughs it off and takes your hand.
“Let’s go finish up this prom night. Just you, me, and our friends.” You smile once again.
“I’d like that.”
And so, the rest of the night was spent dancing all of the supernatural problems away, and having fun at your last prom with all of your closest friends.

Oh, and your snap streak with Scott didn’t end, don’t worry :)