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What Just Happened

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead have been at each others throats for years. But after a drunken night you barely remember, you’re left confused on where your relationship stands.

Word Count: 1,616

Warnings: language, mentions of sex, drinking(?)

A/N: I just really love a good love/hate relationship and haven’t seen many Jughead x reader versions, so I made my own. (I also didn’t proof read it so let me know if there are any mistakes) Please send feedback! Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)

Part Two

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,,,, he’s back? (maybe)

anonymous asked:

You make me think of Toucan Sam, do you happen to like Froot Loops??

first, this is oddly flattering? Toucan Sam is great, I’m honored that I make you think of him

second, I’m not actually a big fan of sugary cereals. They scrape the roof of my mouth a lot and, just generally, I’m picky about what sweet things I like. I don’t dislike Froot Loops, though, they’re tasty enough, I just wouldn’t really eat them more than once in a long while

third, vaguely related, but I used to run an Ask Tookie the Toucan askblog and I once drew him squaring off against Toucan Sam