gotta get it back to


thANK GOSH my sis saved my ass xD i think she was amazed with how fast i gave up //buT HEY I spENT hoURS thAT i’lL neVer gET bACk
ugh gotta learn from mistakes! gonna go for something more simple next time
anyway i need to finish up hw and drawings that i started like 3 days ago oh boi so late but i really want to get this stuff done today so hopefully there might b actual art content today i dunno

Zanny Lets play channel update #29

Some good news guys!

With the help of @kisilindrawings and a few friends on facebook I managed to get the next episode of Minecraft Monday exported and uploaded to youtube!

I was too exhausted yesterday to announce this or post it onto Patreon since all my energy had been sapped and I needed to do some other work too, but yeah.

The video will be published at 8pm GMT

I would also like to thank @kisilindrawings for helping me figure out and solve my issues with the exporting of my video and @thethinkingfruit for keeping me bloody sane through the entire process, lol.

But now I’ve gotta get back to work on commissions, man I’m fucking sleepy.

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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.