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switched the music from the second opening with the third one and I absolutely LOVED it! So I switched all of them like the curious little shit I am . It’s just amazing how every opening fit into each other automatically.

If you are interested how the other ones sound like below you will find the complete list! Gotta link ‘em all

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Got There First

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This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn​ ‘We’ve Got A Fic For That-Angel’s 750 Follower Celebration Challenge’. I got the prompt ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’-Pokemon.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, anal, creampie, fingering, just smut, sort of fluff I guess.

Word Count: 1467

Summary: Dean and Sam have been losing hunts for a while, the older Winchester needing a release and finding the perfect guy to help him.

A/N: Just smut really. Cuteness with Dean. The prompt is used so dumbly, I apologise, cos it really is so stupid. But I hope u like it!!

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“Again? Really? What the hell is going on?”

Sam shrugged, throwing the gun into the boot of the car and getting into the passenger side.

He heard the shutting of the boot, and Dean sliding in a few seconds later.

Dean just mumbled under his breath, Sam watching as he started Baby with anger and drove a little too fast.

“Whoa, Dean! Slow down”.

Dean glared at his brother, before realizing he was speeding a bit and slowed down, still angry as he clutched the steering wheel tight.

They didn’t speak for the entire ride back to the motel.

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What are their favorite Midsummer Festival activities

For a lovable anon.

Anduin: Tasting the cuisine. Tons of spicy food!

Ghost Varian: Watching the sunset over sea. Totally counts as a Midsummr activity.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Burning liquors. It’s so cool to have your brew aflame!
Let’s kill Ahune over and over and over! Bwahahahaha!
Inviting some of the Hinterland Troll tribes over and celebrating together.

Tyrande: Watching Malfurion getting drunk and celebrate. It’s so adorable.

Mekkatorque: Dressing up in the Summer set and dancing at the Ribbon pole. What?

Velen: There is a lake close to Exodar. At the Festival, the waterlilies start to bloom. Small candle-boats, singing Draeneis… It is nice to hang out there after the sun sets.

Genn: The “friendly” extinguishing of Horde bonfires.

Aysa: The friendly extinguishing of Horde bonfires. Note how she has no need to add quotation marks.

Thrall: Talking to the small Spirits of Summer. They are nice fellas.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Fire! Fireworks! And more fire! Somebody please take the matches away from him, otherwise he’ll set himself on fire.

Ghost Garrosh: The night storytelling. It ain’t the right Midsummer if there isn’t at least one good horror story.

Baine: Special peace pipe. And for once everyone feels the Sun.

Sylvanas: She, in fact, isn’t a fan of the holiday. But it is a tradition she spends it in Silvermoon and she looks forward to it every year.

Lor'themar: Fire dancing. I mean, c’mon. He can dance. And set things on fire and claim it was an accident.

Gallywix: He likes the juggling with burning torches. Yes, it is an excellent festival for market, but sometimes you gotta take a break from the job.

Ji: Undercover dragons everywhere enjoying the season. Gotta find ‘em all!

Taedal: Achievment hunting! Achievment hunting! And also He needs to prepare the Brewfest which starts soon after Midsummer is over.

Clexa Fic Recs - My Bookmarks List

Sooooo I pretty much read Clexa fic like they’re Pokemon (gotta catch ‘em all!). Every so often I find fics that I think: I need to read this again in the future. These are the fic that I bookmark in AO3 and it’s a pretty exclusive list, I would say I only bookmark 1 out of 10-15 fics that I read.

There is no common thread throughout these fics that connects them to one another. No common plot device or AU setting. It’s usually just superb writing and/or storytelling that makes me do a figurative double-take while reading

And I figured, what the heck, maybe some of you out there in Tumblr land want to see this list?

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Sorry I haven’t been posting much here!! I just started a very busy school year, so I may not post all that often (or on my youtube channel AngelArtDoodles) but I promise I’m still making plenty of art!! I just gotta find time to finish up + upload ‘em all :,,)

But, here’s a few sketches / sketchbook pages to show until then! c:

amg I found some old sonic sketches I did back in like, 2012

I’m gonna download em all and post em tomorrow

Gotta try and find a few irl and scan em in again

reaprinde  asked:


Send ™ & my muse will do a poor imitation of yours. || NOT ACCEPTING

Narrow dark brows deeply furrowed as creases spread across a once smooth forehead. A frown stretched across the girl’s countenance. 

She was imitating the usual scowl that she would find on his face. She bared her ivory teeth.

                                              “ Gotta kill ‘em all. 

She walked over to Jean and grabbed the collar of his shirt. She pulled him down and spoke soporifically.

I shout too much. Kill titans this. Kill titans that. I don’t appreciate everything the beautiful Mikasa does for me. We could be living happily together — serving humanity another way…

Without another word, she planted her fist into the taller boy’s face. She released Jean, paying no mind to his reaction, and turned towards Eren with a wooden visage.


                                             “ …Kill all ze titans…?