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Clexa Fic Recs - My Bookmarks List

Sooooo I pretty much read Clexa fic like they’re Pokemon (gotta catch ‘em all!). Every so often I find fics that I think: I need to read this again in the future. These are the fic that I bookmark in AO3 and it’s a pretty exclusive list, I would say I only bookmark 1 out of 10-15 fics that I read.

There is no common thread throughout these fics that connects them to one another. No common plot device or AU setting. It’s usually just superb writing and/or storytelling that makes me do a figurative double-take while reading

And I figured, what the heck, maybe some of you out there in Tumblr land want to see this list?

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had a ton of fun playing Pokemon Go today! Mom and I walked around town for about an hour hitting up all the poke stops (there’s SOOO many landmarks here!!) and I ran into about 30 other people my age (and some even older!) playing as well! when I was taking the rattata pic, a van drove by and this guy was like “yeahhh gotta catch em all!!” and when I had a hard time finding the specific landmark these two kids showed me where it was. I definitely got a lot of exercise too!

honestly Pokemon Go culture is so wholesome and fun! it felt like the whole town was playing together haha ❤️