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Do you think Tarn's voice tricks work on humans? Would yandere!Tarn take advantage of that if they did?

It does, but not in the way he expects it.  Truthfully, Tarn never even considered using his voice on an organic, because their biology is so different from a Cybertronian.  And why waste his breath on them, when he can just as easily crush them under his heel, right?

The first time it happened was a complete accident.  You were there in the room with him (sitting in your cage, as per usual) when Tarn gave out a low, warning growl over something one of the others said.  You felt the low, rumbling tremor race down your spine, sending delightful shudders throughout your body, starting from the top of your head all the way down to your toes.  You heard Tarn stop suddenly, as he glanced briefly in your direction, his expression unreadable.  He dismissed the other mech with a low grumble as he stalked out of the room.

You had thought that would be the end of it.  Boy were you wrong.

Tarn begins conducting, what you can only assume to be some kind of series of experiments to satisfy his own curiosity.  He begins talking to you far more often, no longer content to have you merely as a trophy.  His conversations seem innocent enough at first, just his usual mix of poetry, philosophy, and politics.  However, as he talks, he begins fluctuating his voice, testing out different timbres and frequencies, keeping a close watch on your reactions the whole time.  

And you do react.  That initial shudder wasn’t just a coincidence.  That voice does things to you - things you’d rather not think about.  His words caress you like a lover’s touch, leaving your body limp and your mind hazy.  You know you couldn’t refuse him anything in this state.  Worse yet, you’re not sure you’d want too.

Tarn revels in this new found knowledge with a sick sense of pride.  He knows now that he can get you to do anything he wants now with only a few whispered words.  You go from being ignored to being his prized pet in what seems like a matter of days.  You know it’s all about the power trip for him, and you hate him for it.  Not that he cares though.  He couldn’t care less what you think of him, because all he has to do when you get upset is gently purr your name and you become his obedient, pretty little plaything once more. 


I’m fine staying a slowpoke forever but if I were to meet a real nice shellder I wouldn’t be opposed to evolving with them! Real cute and sweet, like us!

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jimon college roommates !!

Simon Lewis was truly, utterly, and completely fucked.

Actually? No he was not, and that was the problem.

Simon had started off this year determined to excel in all of his courses, and he wanted to stick to that plan, he really did. But then he walked into his dorm room and all of his hope for success flew straight out the window.

Standing in the middle of the room was a blonde boy, about Simon’s height and extremely muscular. He was shirtless and dripping with sweat. Simon gaped, and everything after that seemed to happen very slowly. It was like every cheesy teen high school movie where the hot guy in a leather jacket and sunglasses would walk down the school hallway in slow motion, except this guy was hot. Not just teen high school movie hot, but like…chiseled and golden in every way so that it was almost angelic hot.

The boy turned around, reaching up to brush a hand through his golden hair. His eyes landed on Simon and a smile lit up his face, making Simon groan internally. He could kiss his college diploma goodbye.

The boy apparently saw Simon staring and a smirk replaced the bright smile immediately. “The name’s Lightwood,” the golden boy said, offering his hand out for Simon to shake. “Jace Lightwood.”

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slides over a dollar...................... if there were more wizard of oz references in ya art............ i wouldnt say no to that................. slides over another dollar........... like maybe jack pumpkinhead or coo-ee-oh............... slides over another dollar...... slides over my wallet

kinda regretting not having read much of the Oz stuff but that can be remedied. these are fun character designs omg (and now i have ideas as to what to draw laurent and miriel dressed up as next year ajlfhkjahfjahf)

also this seems to be a good time to remind everyone that you can… slide a few dollars…. over my way by doing that whole ko-fi thing

Take Care

An unfinished fic I totally forgot I had been writing. Pregnant Bulma is sick and an awkward helpless Vegeta tries to take care of her. 


“Hey, Dad? Have you seen Mom today?” Trunks asked Vegeta. He was toweling off, straight from the shower room in his training area. He had one down the hall from Vegeta’s. He hadn’t trained in months, and Vegeta had been so pleased to see his son active, that the question threw him off guard.

“What? Of course I’ve seen her. Just this morning.”

“At breakfast?”

“No. She always eats later than I do.” He smirked knowingly at his son. “Lazy woman…” But Trunks’s eyebrows furrowed.

“We were supposed to work on something earlier today. She wasn’t at the lab, so I came up here to train. I just figured she forgot.”

“Hn. You’re mother doesn’t forget easily.” He frowned slightly. “Why don’t you just read her ki if you can’t find her? It’s weak, but it’s not that hard to find.” Vegeta said gruffly. Trunks sighed with exasperation.

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This does not pertain to the h/c of my blog, but boy do I love the headcanon that Rich is a good cook. Here’s like a ficlet, or something. I dunno.

Setting/Situation: Freshman Year, Rich doesn’t have his SQUIP and is still a dork. Jake is the the too cool for school freshman.

When the oven beeps, Rich slides his oven mitts on, not missing the way Jake hover eagerly to his side within his peripherals.

He pulls the oven door open, and the strong scent of chocolate brushes across the room, dancing along the heat that’s pouring from the oven to spread around the room. He can feel his mouth watering as he grasps the edges of the dish and pulls out the three-tower chocolate cake.

“Wow, that looks… That’s… Wow, dude.”

Rich’s lips curl up into a shy smile as he glances to the side the see Jake’s wide eyes. “It still needs icing, but I’ve gotta let it cool down first.” He watches as Jake absently nods before sliding his gaze toward his own work station.

“So,” Jake starts, rubbing his hand along the back of his neck. “Do you think you could maybe help me? Maybe? You’re just so good at this, and I’m… Well… I’m, like, not good at this.”

Rich can feel a blush creeping up his cheeks, and he just can’t help it. He loves watching the ever-cool Jake Dillinger get flustered. He nods and follows Jake toward the work station.

Jake pops open the microwave, revealing a mess of an explosion. Red icing coats the walls, and the only thing remaining on the small plate is a broken piece of bread.

For a moment, Rich forgets who he’s talking to. “Dude, what the fuck were you trying to make?”

Jake sighs and hunches over the stove, dropping his face into his palms. “Cake? I think?”

Rich shuts the microwave and turns toward Jake, placing a hesitant hand to Jake’s back. When the latter doesn’t make any notion of discomfort, Rich slides his hand up to Jake’s shoulder and offers a comforting squeeze.

“It’s okay, dude. I’ll help.”

Jake looks up and shoots Rich a wide smile that leaves Rich’s heart fluttering within his chest.

So maybe, he thinks to himself, he’s in too deep with this crush on Jake. But, fuck it.

“Let’s make a cake.”

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Can you please write one where the reader is doing drugs and Eric fights to get them away from her but it ends in sweet smut? I need this rn I'm struggling tbh

Eric paused as he pulled into your driveway, music blasting from your homes open windows.

“That’s different…” he muttered, getting out of his car and walking to your front door. You’d called him earlier and invited him round seeing as your parents were away till the following day. Something in the way you sounded over the phone set him on edge. You sounded like you just, just different in a way he couldn’t put his finger on.
After knocking for several minutes he gave up and walked inside, he watched as the glass in pictures on your walls vibrated. He found you head banging and dancing around like a lunatic in your living room.

“Y/N!” He tried to yell but was drowned out by rammstien. He reached over and turned the music down making your shriek in surprise.

“Eric!!! You scared the shit out of me! Come dance!!”

Eric stared hard at you. Your hair was plastered to your forehead with sweat, your eyes dilated and a stupid unnatural grin spread across your face.

“Are you fucking on something again y/n?” He asked carefully. Eric knew you liked to escape reality but never had known you to take anything other than mushies or smoke a joint. You scoffed at him rolling your eyes.

“Just a lil bit of E Eric no big deal”
“I look awesome don’t I”
“The exact fucking opposite actually, how much have you had?!”
“Yea enough for maybe 3 people y/n!”

He grabbed your arms, shocked at how hot your skin felt, you smiled stupidly at him bouncing on the spot.

“I saved you some though”
“I don’t fucking want any y/n”
“All the more got me then!!”
“Oh no! No fucking way y/n! Where is it?”
“Your lines are waiting on the table Eric”

You happily pointed over to your family dinner table, there were 3 neat lines waiting. Eric stomped over and scattered the powder with his hands and glared at you.

“So fucking what y/n, we gotta cool you the fuck down, your like a furnace!”
“Hot like my bodaaay”
“Jesus fucking Christ move it y/n I’m not playing!”
“Party pooper!”

You stuck your tongue out at Eric and darted out of his grip, singing stupidly “catch me if you can!”. Eric growled in frustration as he chased you about your house, finally cornering you and gripping your arm tightly. His eyes stared daggers at you as you laughed.

“Oooo ya caught me! Now what are you gonna go with me big boy?”
“Put you in a fucking cold shower that’s what, MOVE IT NOW!”
“You gonna join me?!”
“Don’t fucking test my patience right now y/n.”

He threw you into your shower and quickly dowsed you in luke warm water. You giggled yelling that it was raining. Eric groaned loudly as he struggled to keep you in the waters stream. After about 20 minutes he forcefully pulled you out and shook your shoulders.

“Why y/n?! How could you be so fucking stupid?! It’s bad enough with the shrooms and weed but this?! What’s the fucking matter with you!”

Eric yelled at you, his body shaking with anger. You shrugged and smiled at him again.

“Coz it’s fun, coz it makes me feel so fucking good when nothing else does”

Eric paused, a glimpse of your real self surfaced in your face. All the pain and sorrow you hid deep down inside of you.
His voice caught in his throat as you continued, your whole demeanour changed.

“It all y/n do this y/n do that but not how you want! Be a good little girl, do as your told. Don’t make issues. Your grades are not good enough, that music is poisoning you, you need to look more ladylike, your friends are bad influences, drugs and drink are the path of the weak. So I guess I’m the weakest mother fucker in existence since I can’t feel shit without then. Oh look there goes y/n stupid druggie freak whore! Hey give her a joint and she’ll suck your cock!! Yea I fucking hear everything that people say about me and you know what Eric?! Their fucking right! Not the blowing dudes for drugs but the rest of it! All I want is to feel happy! Feel loved! Feel fucking whole again!! What’s wrong with that huh? You fucking tell me Eric?!”

Eric stared in awe at you, before he could answer you shrugged his hold off you and pushed past him.

“Y/n wait! your fucking soaking wet! You’ll slip”
“Good! Maybe I’ll fucking break my neck and be at peace!”
“Will you fucking stop and fucking come back here!”

You smiled and shook your head, quickly locking yourself in your room. Eric kicked and shook your door, screaming at you to open it. You giggled and found a joint you’d been saving for later but fuck it. As you lit it and took s deep puff Eric finally kicked your door open.

“Jesus Eric way to break my house!”
“Are you fucking serious right now! Put that out!”

Eric ripped the joint from your hand and tossed it out of your window.

“Hey that was good shut asshole!!”
“You don’t need that shit”
“How the fuck would you know what I need?!”
“You need this y/n!”

He grabbed your face s kissed you softly. You froze as the feeling of his lips on yours. He pulled back from you and watched your face. You swallowed hard.

“Why’d you do that?”
“Coz you need to see how much you mean to people, how much you fucking mean to me!”
“Your lying…”
“I’m not! Coz if I was I couldn’t do this”

He kissed you again. So gently. The sensation of it shooting through your brain as pure happiness. You moaned quietly as his tongue brushed against your lips, asking for access. Parting your own he gently massaged your tongue with his. Your brain trying to process that you were making out with one of your best friends and that you both shouldn’t be doing this, but your animal side screamed through. Begging for you to get lost in the feelings.

Eric pulled you closer to him as your kiss intensified, low moans escaping his throat.

“Let me love you y/n, let me prove that your everything good in this world. That I can make you feel more complete and whole than any fucking drug.”

You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. Eric slowly began to remove you wet clothes, kissing your skin wherever goosebumps popped up. He brushed your hair out of your eyes and smiled at you. A genuine smile that radiated love.

He kissed you again, manoeuvring you over to your bed pushing you down into it and falling with you.

“Eric wait”
“We shouldn’t, I don’t want to ruin our friendship”
“Me loving you won’t do shit y/n, I have for so long and now I’m just finally showing you”

He trailed kisses down your stomach, pausing at your panty line. He looked up at you, life and love burning in his eyes. His fingers slowly peeled them from your skin.

“Oh my god y/n, your so fucking beautiful, everything about you is perfect”

He ran his tongue over your folds, making you gasp and writhe around. He gently grabbed your hips holding them still as he licked and probed at you sex with his tongue. Sending bursts of light in your eyes from the sensations. Your fingers curled, gripping at your sheets. The feeling was so much more intense than usual thanks to the E. you whimpered and squirmed as he brought you closer and closer to climax.

“Oh shit, fuck!” You gasped as he drove his tongue deep into you, tipping you over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He chuckled as you lay there panting in your aftermath. He quickly shed his own clothes. His cock standing to attention. He stroked himself a few times before he pushed quickly inside of you.

You gasped as he buried himself fully inside of you. Still not moving his kissed you deeply.

“This is me y/n, this is us being one, your everything and more to me.”

He thrusted gently as he told you this, kissing and nipping at your neck. This wasn’t the Eric you’d heard about regarding sex. Eric was know to fuck girls as roughly as he could. Leaving bites and marks all over them. But here he was, not fucking you as you’d expected but making love to you.
You hooked your arms around his neck as his thrust harder but still slowly into you. He groaned and moaned against your skin. You knew he was holding back on what was so primal for him.

“Eric!…fuck!” You gasped
“Yea baby, that dick good? Bet it feels better than any fucking drug huh?”
“Yes! Oh god yes Eric!”
“You want that big dick to fuck you y/n”
“Ugh! Harder! Harder!”
“You want it hard baby?”

He chuckled as he raised off you and began slamming his hip to yours. Your hands released his neck as you writhed under him.

“Who’s making you feel so fucking good y/n?”
“You! You are Eric!”
“Say it again!”
“You make me feel so good Eric!”
“Ugh! Fuck y/n!”
“Fuck me! Fuck me eric!”
“Mmmm gladly baby”

He kept slamming his hips to yours muttering at how good you felt around his dick. How tight and wet you were and all for him. He kissed you biting at your lips as he did. You felt yourself building again, slowly threatening to explode.

“Oh fuck Eric! Your gonna make me cum again”
“Mm that’s right y/n, I’m Gonna make you cum over and over again. I want to be your drugs now, I want you addicted to my dick!”
“Eric give it to me! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!”

You screamed as he grasped your hips and drove himself into you over and over. He mumbled over his groans for you to cum for him, let him make you feel alive. Your orgasm floored you as Eric cried out loudly as you clenched on him. His quickened his pace moaning that you felt so fucking good, how he always wanted to make you feel this good. How he was your and your were his. As his pace faltered you felt him cum deep inside of you. His cock pulsing as he groaned out your name. He looked down at you and blushed, still inside.

He lent down and kissed you softly.
“See? You mean the universe to me y/n”
“And your definitely better than any drug eric”
“I hoped you’d say that baby”

I Didn’t Have A Damn Choice

((A/N: So I’ve had a few drinks and I wrote this thing. I don’t hate it. I kind of like it. It’s got some serious Winchester mojo going on and who doesn’t like that? And as we know… death never stopped a Winchester.

Warnings: Language. Death.

Word Count: 2010

note: gif is not mine. ))

“C’mon, don’t you die on me, Y/N!” Dean was hovered over you, alternating between chest compressions, as you lay, lifeless. He was frantic, green eyes wide with fear and fright, leaning down to breathe into you, attempting to force life into what was appearing to be less and less hopeful as each second ticked by.

Sam watched, desperate. The hunt was supposed to be easy. Quick. It was the three of you and you had even waved it off as being more than simple. Werewolves had thick skulls, you had boasted, and you had sharp knives and speedy bullets. Dean had said you were cute and to stop it or else he’d throw up. Sam had agreed.

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I’m way late and overdue with a tag dump

Friendly reminder that I am still convinced Sans is Dr. Gaster and will fight anyone who says Papyrus must be stupid and useless for this theory to work.

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All the rfa (if thats ok, just zen please if it's not) coming home and seeing their fiance sleeping and she's only wearing one of their shirts?

a/n i wanted to do different scenarios so that they all wouldn’t be the same when they find her sleeping??hope thats okay with u ^^///


  • after coming home from work you you’re tired and soaked from the rain and just want cuddles from yoosung 
  • but then again when do you not?? and who doesn’t
  • you find him playing LOLOL and he barely notices you when you come in
  • not wanting to argue with him you go straight to your room because it always ends up with one of you bawling (i wonder who)
  • you thought things would be different once you got engaged but it seems like u were engaged to him AND LOLOL
  • you change into one of his gamer shirts and lie down on the bed before a few tears slip out
  • god damn it am I jealous of a fucking game?
  • you feel stupid crying so you bury your face in the pillow and somehow just drift off to sleep
  • meanwhile the 4 y/o i mean yoosung sees the time and gets worried that you haven’t arrived home so he sends a text
  • tf why is there buzzing upstairs omg shit shit theres a bee (he’s so slow)
  • he sees you upstairs in his shirt and he just
  • freezes
  • heart palpitations heart attack call the ambulance can I give myself CPR
  • he literally doesn’t know what to do so he ends up sitting beside you watching you sleep because how do I express this??
  • you’re wearing the shirt he wore when you first met him
  • he realises in this moment how much of a huge impact you are in his life like this is way beyond love
  • when he sees that the pillow is wet and your the area around your eyes are red he pretty much cries as well because your pain = his pain
  • spoons you and in the morning quits LOLOL after you explain to him why you were crying
  • I’d give up my life for you let alone a stupid game
  • you don-
  • puts his finger to your lips and he literally never touches the game again
  • end up wearing his gamer shirts more often because you love seeing shocked blushy red yoosung who has to put ice to his cheeks to cool himself down


  • after an expected ending from your date night 
  • ie having to run home after it started raining while you guys were having a picnic 
  • since none of you had umbrellas you both had to sprint home getting soaked in the rain
  • as you both scrambled through your front door you take one look at each other you both broke down into a fit of giggles
  • zen’s ponytail slicked down looking shinier than usual and you couldn’t stop thinking of toothpaste 
  • he tackles you to the floor because how dare you diss this beautiful creation (yeah but it looks like elly’s tail)
  • he tells you to change into dry clothes so you don’t get a cold (ok dad) and since you’re still thinking about tails and toothpaste you mistakenly put on his sweater and strip your wet leggings off
  • when you notice how big the sweater is on you -  you look into the mirror think shit i look cute i’m going 2 steal this thanks zen
  • somehow zen walks in at the exact time ur bending over to pick up your clothes off the floor and boy
  • oh boy oh boy 
  • his eyes are fixated on you and he watches the sweater cover ur ass again
  • he doesn’t know whether to focus on your sweater paws or your glistening legs or the hemline of your underwear and oh shit
  • when you catch him looking at you he looks dazed and is just frozen
  • hello earth 2 zen are you here?
  • he responds by suddenly walking to you until you feel his breath on your face and grabs both your wrists tightly with both his hands
  • omg please
  • who gave you permission to wear my sweater?
  • i- i just picked- it was a mist- i’m sorr -s orry?
  • he responds by giving you a demanding lingering kiss before pulling away and walking backwards towards the door 
  • next time -  i’m not going to let you off so easily.. alright?
  • ok don’t let me off now come BACK where have you goNE WHO IS THIS SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN SO DADDY


  • don’t kill me guys PLEASE
  • but i genuinely think that sharing shirts/clothes between you guys would be like a normal thing
  • like a couple thing just swapping clothes n stuff?? no?yes??idk
  • shes kinda envious of your style so she sneaks into your closet and takes some shirts and skirts because these look cute
  • BUT 
  • one day you come into her office 
  • wearing HER suit because you have a job interview later on and omg
  • the human emotion equivalent to: asdfghjkl
  • she doesn’t show anything and just says ‘you look suitable and smart enough for the job’ wow thx 4 the encouragement
  • and a small smile creeping onto her cheeks and her cheeks are tinted pink like jaehee how u feeling really
  • when you’re not looking she takes a sneaky picture and looks at it while ur gone
  • omg how can someone look so adorable in a suit but so sophisticated
  • fUucuK (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • does that thing where she presses her hands to her cheeks because oh god gotta cool down jaehee ur in a work environment please don’t turn red not now not today
  • the type to tell you not to return those clothes because they look too cute on you
  • jumin walks past the room and just sees jaehee pressing her palms against her cheeks grinning and he shrugs because it’s probably zen not today boy
  • not today


  • waking up to jumin is so blissful (this needs a whole another post)
  • after an eventful (yes it’s what ur thinking) night he’s loosely wrapped his arm around your waist 
  • and he’s sleeping peacefully with his hair flopped over his eyes and he looks super peaceful (aww)
  • after playing with your engagement ring for a while (too long)
  • you gently slide away from his grasp to make breakfast and grab the closest shirt to you that was tossed away last night
  •’s jumin’s white shirt but he won’t mind so…
  • jumin is much a worrier so as soon as you slid away from him he woke up & you didn’t see him watching you as you put on his shirt
  • as you’re about to leave the bed you hear a husky voice
  • fuck fuck fuck imagine his husky voice goodbye
  • “MC, thats my shirt..?”
  • you turn around to face him and he’s for the first time in his life clueless on what to do or say
  • his shirt loosely hung on to you and the fact that you didn’t do up the first 3 buttons on his shirt didn’t make the situation better
  • Oh, sorry I didn’t think you’d mind?
  • so you start unbuttoning the shirt (wow way to make things better)
  • NO
  • keep it on, it suits you very well…unexpectedly..
  • you’re just a bit like oh ok well then i’ll just leave th-
  • wait..just come back to bed..please
  • (OH?!((;)
  • dives back into bed
  • you relieve last night once more as he can’t help himself and this time you end up this time keeping the shirt on
  • he makes a mental note to buy a lot more of these shirts 
  • spends the rest of the day cuddling you and trying to figure out ways to get you to wear just a shirt more often

Saeyoung (707)

  • it was getting late and for some reason you guys had been in a gaming war all day
  • shit was it that obvious i’m losing my tou-
  • soz I’ll give you my dr pepp- sHIT
  • there goes the dr pepper.. all! over! your! lap! :(:
  •  at this point you give up and just lean back on to the couch and cross your arms and he adds a sarcastic comment as he literally snorts with laughter
  • it doesn’t even look like you’ve peed myself it looks like you have diarrhoea mc!!
  • thats it
  • you just pour the remaining contents of the drink over his head slowly and he just sits there accepting his fate
  • he knew it was coming soon
  • you both sit there laughing at the mess that the game has caused you before calling a truce
  • well then are you going to get me some clothes??
  • oh right yeah sorry
  • yeah no its fine i’ll just sit here in my own ‘diarrhoea’
  • you get up yourself and go to your shared bedroom before picking out saeyoungs favourite orange and black hoodie and taking off ur pants because now they were sticky
  • stop thinking about that u dirty minded creeps
  • you come down the stairs to find him putting on a film and so you walk back into the room before 
  • saeyoung looks and you and has to double take
  • t-thats my hoodie
  • yeah I know and what am I not allowed?? take a picture it’ll last longer
  • (he does)
  • he has to zone back to earth and mentally slap himself a couple of times before his face turns the colour of his hair
  • his glasses are foggy and
  • error 707
  • he can’t focus on the film that he put on and gives side glances at you(r bare legs)
  • clears his throat several times before you tell him to shut up 
  • not being able to stand this any longer he turns off the film and grabs your hand dragging you upstairs
  • hey waIT where are you taking me??? 
  • no time. hoodie off. bedroom.
  • whaa??..
  • OH
  • yep sure okay! nice!!!

mirthalia  asked:

13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 (maybe also 18 but) 13 13 13 13

veranthia said: i want the 13th K 🙈

okay okay now i gotta cool down and write saccharine fluff

Send me ‘I want the K’

13: Stomach Kiss

She hadn’t though he’d take the news so well.

She knew he had insecurities about his upbringing from here to the Seine and back. She’d expected meltdowns and midnight nightmares. She’d worried he’d pull away, pull into himself, fret and panic and push her away. The most she’d hoped for was for him to take it calmly, with grace, to stay open with her and to the possibilities.

She hadn’t expected this.

She hadn’t expected the exited chatter or the honest enthusiasm. She hadn’t expected the stacks of pregnancy books to start piling up by their bedside or the little onsies to make their way into their shopping cart. She hadn’t expected to wake up to fevered kisses, little prayers and thank yous and I love yous pressed into her nape, across the breadth of her shoulders.

She hadn’t expected this, but the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks that maybe she should have.

He loves kids, loves playing with them and listening to them and working with them, in his shoots. Mamon adored him, had eagerly asked when Marinette would babysit with him next, had begged to spend time with the three of them.

(Maybe the look on his face whenever she’d caved to Mamon’s pleas should have been hint enough.)

Her husband tugged the book from her hands, breaking her revere.

“Hey,” she protested, quiet and sleepy and not all that bothered.

He gave her a wry grin. “What chapter were you on?” he asked, waving the book with a finger trapped between the pages she’d stopped on.

She leaned forward to see if she could spy the page, but he twitched it away from her, scolding, “Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh!”

She collapsed dramatically back against her mountain of pillows against the headboard, pouting, and made a guess. “Eight?”

He checked. “Ten.”

“Darn,” she giggled, giving up the book and going for Adrien instead.

“Ah, your page-” he warned, bracing himself on the pillow mountain and holding her book out of firing range when she twined her arms around his neck and pulled.

“Leave it,” she murmured, nuzzling his neck with a little happy sigh. She’d have to reread it anyway; it wasn’t like she’d registered any of those last few pages.

“You say that now,” he grumbled, returning the gesture.

“Mmhmm…” she purred, warm inside and out and nearly seduced by the embrace of this muffled, exclusive little bubble of them.

He pressed a kiss to her temple, soft and sweet, then pulled away and pressed a kiss to the slightest of swells in her abdomen.

“I love you,”  he whispered to it or to her or to them both, Marinette didn’t know.

It didn’t matter. He loved them, and they loved him. The rest was all semantics.

“‘Love you too.”