gotta come up with a ship name


Definitely the most Wildehopps thing I have drawn so far. 

Someone at some point had mentioned the ZPD making a betting pool on Nick and Judy getting together, and this scenario came to mind. So here have this warm up comic.

Number-based ships of “Kiss Him Not Me”

Igarashi x Nanashima / 5x7

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Mutsumi x Shinomiya / 6x4

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Nanashima x Shinomiya / 7x4

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(I can’t find any gifs with the pairs below, but I still want to include all the ships with numbers in their names. ;;;)

Mutsumi x Igarashi / 6x5

Igarashi x Nishina / 5x2

Shinomiya x Nishina / 4x2

Nanashima x Nishina / 7x2

Mutsumi x Nishina / 6x2

Would anyone be interested in scheduling a NATM virtual meet and greet? 

Like, where on a certain day we all post selfies (if you feel comfortable enough to, ya don’t gotta) and a bit about ourselves- name, age, location if ya want, anything else you wanna share/say, how long you’ve been natm trash, what you do in the fandom (ie: art, ask blog, RP blog, fanfic, plots and prompts, headcanons, photoshop/edits/manips, fanmixes, or if you just read/like/reblog (cause that’s important too.) Along with what ships you have/support. Whatever you feel like sharing.

We’d come up with a special tag to use, and have fun seeing each others faces and info and finding new blogs we want to follow/befriend. Maybe some of the quieter blogs will participate and we can see how big the active fandom really is rn.