gotta come up with a ship name

“macdennis”. this name keeps coming up over and over again. every day, macdennis posts are getting recommended to me. macdennis! macdennis! i look up ‘iasip’, and this whole tag is macdennis! so i say to myself, “i gotta find this ship. i gotta watch the show and find out what’s goin’ on! otherwise, i’m never going to get it and i’m going to keep being confused.” so i look up “macdennis”, and what do i find out? what do i find out?! there is no macdennis. the ship is not canon, okay? so i decide, “oh shit, buddy, i gotta dig a little deeper.” there’s no macdennis? you gotta be kidding me! i got blogs full of macdennis! alright. so i start marchin’ my way down to rcg and i knock on their door and i say, “glenn! rob! i gotta talk to you about macdennis!” and when i open the door what do i find? there’s not a single goddamn desk in that office! there. is. no. rcg. guys, half the employees in management have been made up. this writers room is a goddamn ghost town.

Regarding the Put in Work quest line in AvAc (Tony wants to woo Black Widow, goes to Steve for help (because of course what else does one do?). Steve helps Tony plan out what to do, and then they enact it which also includes Steve helping Tony work out in the new Power Gym (where Steve’s action is Stay Strong and Tony’s action is Stay Sexy), and Tony’s like “hey hey not bad” and Steve’s like “hahaha wait you were serious? Here let me show you how to actually work out” (aw Steve you extra little gym rat you). And then Steve tells Tony he’s proud of him (aw), and has him go off to go ask BW out. Here are my screencaps for this: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) )

ANYWAY so concept:

Howard’s putting pressure on Tony to like get a girlfriend and all that hetero stuff. Tony sets his sights on BW, goes to Steve for help wooing her bc Steve is handsome etc. Poor Steve lowkey has the beginnings of a crush on Tony, but he’s a good and supportive friend and will help Tony in his endeavor. He brainstorms with Tony, plots out a plan, even goes to the gym and gives him tips on how to train. Steve’s lowkey crush becomes a full-blown heart-wrenching crush.

ofc Tony is also besties with Jan so he tells her everything, and she’s like in the background of all this, maybe like goes and hangs out with Nat and sets the stage, like, “Tony’s sensitive pls don’t hurt him.” Nat’s like “…I’ll try but also I won’t just straight-up humor him.”

Tony and Nat go on a date (by going on a mission to Asgard or something? idk the AvAc format is odd) but he can’t stop talking about Steve and along the way Nat helps him realize he has a crush on Steve, and also his dad sucks and he should just get together with Steve. They come back and Steve’s like kinda sad but resigned and ready to be supportive, but the first thing Tony does is like fling himself into Steve’s arms and kiss him and confess, and meanwhile Jan and Nat had been lowkey hanging out (not dating-dating but they’d been getting together for coffee to chat about their dumbo friends and Tony’s dickhead dad and life) and with Tony realizing he wants to date Steve, Jan and Nat officially start dating. Everything is nice and all is well. 

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“Hey! Give me your pants. Quick, give me your pants.” + bellarke :)

She rushes in, gold hair flying behind her, and almost knocks him straight on the ground.

“What the hell?”

Clarke pushes away from him with one hand and starts unbuckling her pants with the other.

Bellamy’s eyes widen, taking in her now bare legs as she hops around on one foot to pull them off.

“Okay, I repeat, what the hell?

Clarke motions for him to start unbuckling his belt. “Hey! Give me your pants. I need them.”

“You need what now?”

She sighs in exasperation. “Come on! Quick, give me your pants!” When he doesn’t budge she rolls her eyes. “I have a meeting with the council members and I just fell in a giant mud puddle because of this stupid rain!”

When he looks down he sees that yes, Clarke’s pants are covered in mud, but that still doesn’t explain why she wants his.

“Why can’t you just go get another pair?”

Clarke glares at him, but honestly it’s impossible to take her seriously when she’s fully dressed from the waist up and but is wearing only a pair of tight shorts on the bottom. And no, he’s not a good enough guy to not check out her legs at least once but thanks for asking.

“Because I don’t have time to run all the way back down to get my stuff. Bellamy, please?”

She looks up at him from under her lashes and he groans, throws open the buckle on his belt and shimmies out of his jeans. Clarke gives this annoyingly cute little clap and he rolls his eyes so he won’t smile.

“You owe me,” he says seriously as he hands over his pants and she nods as she pulls them up over her legs.

“Thank you!” She practically runs out of the room, the pants way too long but they still somehow look good on her. 

He radios for Jasper to grab him a change of clothes and when his friend walks in and sees Bellamy standing pissed off and pants-less he almost falls over from laughing. Before he can even open his mouth Bellamy holds up a hand to stop him.

“Don’t even ask,” Bellamy mumbles as he yanks the pants from Jasper’s hands.

“Don’t need to,” Jasper says, tears of laughter still glistening in his eyes. “It’s gotta be because of Clarke.”

Bellamy goes to shoo him away but before Jasper reaches the door he calls his name.

“How did you know it was about Clarke?”

Jasper looks at him like he’s an idiot, which is probably fair. “Because you’d do anything for Clarke.”

Bellamy stews on that for probably a little too long before coming to a conclusion.

He definitely would.


Shipping Names

Let’s see…Makira…Ryannji…hmm…

Hello, Futaba-chan. May I ask what you’re doing? You seem to have a lengthy list of names…

Uhh, sure. Since the Phantom Thieves are gonna be famous, I thought I’d get a head start on shipping before the forums take over.

Shipping? For merchandising?

No! RELATION-shipping. it’s when you pair characters in romantic relationships, you know, for fanfiction? I’m trying to come up with names for all the different combinations.

I don’t see how this is appropriate.

Come on, it’s fun! You just gotta smash names together into something that works. For example, you and Akira are “Makira” and Ryuji together with Ann makes “Ryannji.”

I see. You create a portmanteau…

Exactly! But I just can’t think of a good combination for me and Inari. All of the ones with his name and mine are lame.

Inari…You mean Yusuke? Hmm…May I make a suggestion?




Is something wrong? It’s merely a combination of Futaba and Inari.

NO! That’s-



You both seemed to be conversing quite passionately. May I ask, what was the subject?

Oh, we were just talking about Futanari.


Hmm…I see…

Very well. Perhaps I could help you on that. I’ve authored quite a few doujinshi works myself.

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AU where Carmelita and Penelope have an Undyne/Alphys romance.


(It seems you accidentally submitted this twice but that’s great because it means I have one unposted copy to cherish forever)

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Number-based ships of “Kiss Him Not Me”

Igarashi x Nanashima / 5x7

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Mutsumi x Shinomiya / 6x4

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Nanashima x Shinomiya / 7x4

Originally posted by roloko-karlstein

(I can’t find any gifs with the pairs below, but I still want to include all the ships with numbers in their names. ;;;)

Mutsumi x Igarashi / 6x5

Igarashi x Nishina / 5x2

Shinomiya x Nishina / 4x2

Nanashima x Nishina / 7x2

Mutsumi x Nishina / 6x2

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boy................ 34 for josh/marcus

34. “You’ve got something on your cheek.”
im ready ive never written this ship b4 so everyone please treat me kindly. this is kinda pre-slash ig?? i wrote this 2 other times b4 this one. as they say, third time’s the charm.

tag yourself im Ray who snores like a monster truck or some shit

Marcus sighed absently and scratched his cheek as he stared at his laptop screen. Lines of code had begun to blend into one another until all Marcus could see was strings of gibberish, stark white on a black background. His eyes stung and he rubbed at one of them underneath his glasses. He and Wrench had been working on a new update for the DedSec research app, one that added more versatility to what other hackers could upload to the data bank. It was a long requested (according to Sitara) update, and one that had completely crashed the app the first time it had went live.

Wrench crashed hours ago. His synthetic snoring gently filled the Hackerspace, although Marcus barely heard them over Ray’s monstrous snores from his corner of the basement. Sitara had left for home around the time Wrench passed out with a firm warning for Marcus to get some sleep. That wasn’t likely, and they both knew it. Marcus took too much stress onto himself sometimes. It was too easy to blame himself for the app crashing, for the loss of data before Josh managed to dig out the backups and fix everything.

Marcus groaned and looked away from his laptop as the code continued to run. Instead, he directed his gaze to the plate of cookies that had been put on the table hours and hours ago by Sitara. There were a few left, and the white chocolate in the white chocolate chip macademia looked a bit melted. It was simultaneously too hot for chocolate and just cold enough to keep all of their equipment from having complete breakdowns. Marcus picked up a white chocolate chip macademia cookie and took a bite, humming happily around it like he hadn’t eaten most of the ones off the tray as he worked.

“Marcus?” Marcus jumped in surprise at Josh’s voice coming from the stairs. “Are you still up?”

Marcus hastily swallowed, cringing as chunks of cookie scraped this throat. “Yeah,” he called, coughing up crumbs as he did so. “Yeah,” he repeated, clearer. “I’m still up. What you doin’ in, Josh?” Marcus raised his eyebrows as Josh came down the stairs, laptop bag clutched to his chest, backpack tight on his back.

“It’s… Almost seven, Marcus,” Josh said, blinking. He came to a stop at the foot of the stairs and looked around. “Where’s Wrench?” he asked.

Marcus nodded at the hacker asleep down the table. “Dead ass asleep,” Marcus informed Josh before taking another bite of his cookie. Then he spoke, through the food, crumbs dribbling down his chin as he did so. “Not surprised you can’t hear him.” Josh smiled, and Marcus said loudly, “Ray snores like a fuckin’ monster truck or some shit!”

“Eat a dick,” Ray snapped back sleepily, and Marcus laughed, swallowing. “Nah, maybe you’d like that.”

“Damn. Caught red fuckin’ handed by Raymond Kenney. Who knew I liked dick?” Marcus retorted good naturedly.

“We all know you like dick, Marcus,” Wrench chimed. “Can you shut the fuck up? Some of us are trying to sleep.”

“I don’t know how you can,” Josh offered, stepping down into the Hackerspace completely. “Like Marcus said… Ray’s snoring is… Incredibly loud.”

“Nah, man,” Marcus said as Josh sat down beside him, “Wrench can sleep through anything. Got money down on him sleepin’ through a nuclear war.”

Wrench gave a tired, synthesized laugh. “Under 45, we might get to test that. Now seriously, shut up. I want to go back to sleep.”

“Fine, fine,” Marcus said, waving his hand dismissively. When neither Wrench nor Ray added anything, Marcus sighed and set his gaze back on the code still going on his computer.

“Marcus,” Josh murmured. “Have you slept at all?”

Instead of speaking, Marcus simply gave a tired grunt as he brought his hands to his keyboard to add a few small details to a particular portion of the code.

“You need to sleep…”

“You sound like Sitara,” Marcus murmured back. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead. This needs done.”

“At least take a break,” insisted Josh. “Please. You haven’t slept. I’m… I… I… It’s not, it’s not good for you. Please, Marcus.”

Marcus heaved a deep sigh. “Josh, you ain’t gotta worry. I got it all under control.”

Josh frowned. “I don’t think that you do.”

Raising his eyebrows, Marcus set his eyes on Josh. “Oh? An’ why do you think that I don’t got this under control, Josh?”

“First of all,” Josh said. “You can’t properly think or function if you haven’t slept. Studies have shown that even with a short thirty minute nap, the mind works better than just plowing on through. Even closing your eyes for thirty minutes is better than this.” Marcus scowled, and Josh continued. “Second of all… You… You’ve got something on your cheek. And you didn’t notice. At all.”

Marcus huffed a laugh through his nose and he shook his head. “Man, I don’t give a damn what’s on my face. Wrench coulda drawn six cocks jizzin’ on my face and I… Well, I would care then. Don’t get any ideas, Reggie.” Marcus cocked his head, listening for any sound from Wrench. When no such sound came, Marcus looked back at Josh and said, “I’m fine, Josh.”

Josh quickly shook his head. “You’re not. At… At least let me clean your face. You… Do look a little silly.”

With a smirk, Marcus said, “Silly is my middle name. Marcus Silly Holloway.” Josh cracked a smile at that and shook his jacket sleeve down over his hand and he licked the cloth over his thumb. Marcus blinked and watched Josh’s hand as the other brought it up to his face, eyes focused intently on whatever it was marring Marcus’s cheek. Josh stared firmly as he rubbed his thumb over the offending mark, and Marcus tried not to smile at the look of sheer concentration.

“There,” Josh finally said, withdrawing his hand. “One point on my list down.”

“… Fine,” Marcus said, drawing out the word to be as whiny as he could possibly make it. “I will sleep. Damn, Josh…” Marcus shook his head and set about saving his work on his laptop before snapping it closed. “You’re too damn good. Manipulatin’ me like that.”

“What?” Josh muttered, alarm on his face. “I didn’t? I really… What?”

“I’m teasin’, Josh,” Marcus said, patting Josh’s knee. “I just don’t wanna worry you. I'mma sleep on the couch. Just promise me one thing, Josh.”

Marcus pushed his chair back and picked up his laptop, standing as he went. He met Josh’s gaze when he stopped moving.

“What is it, Marcus?” Josh asked seriously. Marcus leaned down, not stopping until their foreheads were pressed together.

In as low a whisper as he could muster, Marcus spoke. “Don’t let Wrench draw dicks or jizz on my face.”

At that, Josh laughed, leaning against Marcus’s own forehead. “I’ll… I’ll try, Marcus,” he said, and Marcus nodded despite how awkward the motion was with his head pressed up against Josh’s.

“That’s all you gotta do, dude. Good night.”

Josh hugged his laptop bag to his chest, still smiling as Marcus stepped away and moved toward the couch. “Good night, Marcus.”

they’d swapped clothes like the adorable girlfriends they are.

This is Kiiindof a spoiler since Faye isn’t even introduced into Mystryal proper yet, but what the hell, it’s Pride month!

(I should probably make some kind of shipping wall post for the various characters soonish.)

Evfra x Ryder (ship name)

Ryshaav. That’s gotta be it.

Also, I remember seeing something in the game about two familys marrying together and coming up with a new name for the family.

In a Ryder x Evfra ship, the two of them could absolutely do that! Granted any and all romance with Evfra is headcanon but I’d like to think that if the two of them married they’d merge their family names and become (using my Ryder’s name as an example) Maria De Ryshaav and Evfra De Ryshaav.

I mean, Evfra’s family name dies with him and Ryder may as well be the last (yes, I know twin still lives. For now.) so it’d be like the two of them giving their families a second chance with a joined name.

The feels are real ;w;


Definitely the most Wildehopps thing I have drawn so far. 

Someone at some point had mentioned the ZPD making a betting pool on Nick and Judy getting together, and this scenario came to mind. So here have this warm up comic.


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Author: avengerstories

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,754

Warnings: Mentions of death

Request: Hi! Could I please get a Post Serum Steve x reader where (Y/N) is rumored to be the most beautiful girl in all of Brooklyn. Steve runs into her one day while she’s waiting for a cab. That one chance meeting leads to a wedding only weeks later before Steve is shipped off with Bucky to join the war efforts. (Y/N) promises that she’ll wait as long as it takes.

(Y/F/N) - Full Name, (Y/L/N) - Last Name

“Come on, man! It’s my last night. Gotta get you cleaned up.” Bucky threw his arm around Steve’s shoulders as they walked out of the alley. Steve chuckled, doing a poor job at masking his disappointment; despite his many attempts at enlisting, he wouldn’t be shipping out alongside Bucky come tomorrow.

They continued down the street away from the cinema when they heard a wolf whistle across the street. Three men leaning against a shop were leering at a girl as she passed; she was obviously uncomfortable with the situation, keeping her head down as she walked.

“Isn’t that (Y/N)? Y’know the one from the diner on 7th?” Steve asked. Bucky nudged his shoulder with a grin.

“Don’t act like you didn’t know, punk. You’ve been carryin’ a torch for her since the first time we set foot in that place.” Steve glared, stuck to his spot, as Bucky continued to swagger down the street. A yelp followed by the sounds of familiar footsteps stalking away from him caused Bucky to instantly whip around. Steve was headed toward the three men that now surrounded you, laughing at your reaction to one of them smacking you on the ass.

“Shit, Steve. Not again,” Bucky whispered under his breath. Bucky began to pick up his pace to catch up with Steve, but before either of them could reach you, they saw you smooth down your skirt and hit one of the guys with your bag.

“Did you really think that was a good way to get my attention?” you yelled as you smacked the guy with your purse again, then knocked him to the ground. The other two scrambled to help their friend to his feet, obviously shocked by your outburst.

“C’mon, sugar, we just wanted to show you a good time,” one of them said in what was meant to be a calming tone. In reality, it just made him come off as more of a creep. You narrowed your eyes at the trio, hands on your hips.

“I don’t know in what world that would work on a girl, but it definitely doesn’t work in Brooklyn.”  With that, you hailed a cab and immediately got inside as soon as one pulled up, slamming the door behind you.

Bucky turned to look at Steve with wide eyes. Steve’s eyes were still trained where you once stood, an amused smile stuck on his lips. “That girl really is something, isn’t she?” Steve asked.

Bucky laughed at his friend; he could tell Steve was completely enchanted by you.

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When I See You Again -  Winter Soldier x Reader - Bucky?

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Warnings: Blood, slight nudity, 

Pairings: Winter Soldier X Reader

Word Count: 1240

(A/N) This is Chapter 2 out of 16. i hope you like it :D

Continued from ~ Where am I? ~


Bucky’s POV

She definitely wasn’t what he expected. Peirce hadn’t been aware of whom she was or why she was in the apartment along with his target but what he didn’t expect was for her to jump in his line of fire putting herself in harm’s way. How did she even know that he was on the roof and about to shoot Fury? He looks down to see her sleeping on his arm and he raises his eyebrow in confusion. Why was she so comfortable resting on a man’s shoulder, not only that but the very man that had shot her just the night before. Either she was very trusting or very stupid. What had she meant about knowing his future? Was she some sort of clairvoyant? There were so many questions running through his head that it made it ache.

He felt her snuggle in closer to him causing his face to flush. He had to admit even though she was his new mission he found her quite attractive. His mind suddenly went back to earlier that morning when Peirce gave him the mission.

“I must applaud you on your exemplary skills. Fury’s death will help us complete our plan. Now we just have one loose end,” Pierce slides a picture over to him as he says, “This is a new problem that has risen. No one knows who she is or where she’s from but research has proven that she has knowledge about our plans that could potentially ruin everything. I want you to bring her to me. Since her arrival she has been protected by Captain America, I will give you the window you need to procure her. Alive.” He nods as he places the picture in his vest pocket.

He looked down at her and unconsciously reached up a gently moved a strand of her (H/C) hair from her face. Then realizing what he was doing froze in fear.

She was his mission and being so he would most likely have to kill her after Peirce was done with her. “Mmm Bucky,” He heard her say in her sleep and his face reddened even more. She had called him Bucky, was that really his name? It didn’t ring any bells. Why had she been with Captain America? Why had he been protecting her? There were so many unanswered questions surrounding her. He made a mental note to ask her about it when she woke up. He lets out a sigh as he leans back and faces the other side of the van. He closes his eyes and a vision of a young small man whose face was blurry flashes through his mind.

“Sometimes, I think you like getting punched.” He heard his voice say as he helped the young man up off the ground.

I had him on the ropes.“ The young blonde says as he wipes his off his pants. He reaches down and picks up the young man’s enlistment form from the ground. It showed the man’s name was Steve Rogers. "How many times is this?” He starts to read from the enlistment form. “Ah, you’re from Paramus now. You know it’s illegal to lie on your enlistment form. And seriously, Jersey?”

Steve looks over at him and says, “Did you get your orders?”

“The one-o-seventh. Sergeant James Barnes. Shipping for England first thing tomorrow.”

“I should be going.” Steve says as he looks down at the ground.

Come on, man! It’s my last night. Gotta get you cleaned up.“ He says as he places an arm around Steve’s shoulder.

"Why? Where are we going?” Steve asks as he looks up at him.

“The future.” He replies then the van hits a bump shaking him from his dreams. Or was it really a memory? His head started to hurt every time he tried to scratch the surface of his past.

In his slight slumber her head had fallen from his arm to his lap and her face had become rather pale. Panic started to wash over him as he suddenly leaned up and reaching down checked her for a pulse. He let out a sigh as it was still there but it was very faint. He glanced down and saw the blood soaked shirt and clenched his jaw as he lifted her up and ripping open her shirt saw that the stitches holding her wound together had been ripped open. He gritted his teeth in anger.

He knew exactly who was responsible for this. Rumlow. He had no need to throw her into the van but he had. He made a mental note to make him pay later, but for now he needed to treat you. “Head to the hospital.” He says his voice rough and cold. Without so much as an argument the driver nods and quickly heads off toward the hospital instead of to Pierce.

“I need you to open your eyes.” He hears his voice say with a hint of panic in his tone. He tilts her face upwards and rubbing his thumb on her jaw line says again, “Wake up,” Her eyes sleepily flutter open an she says, “What’s… happening… I feel so tired…”

“You need to stay awake. I’m taking you to the hospital.” Her eyes shoot open as she sits straight up, “NO You can’t!” She calls out as she stares straight into his eyes. “They’d arrest you and… and…”

He chuckles slightly as he says, “Who are you? You know a person in your state should be more worried about blood loss not whether or not her kidnapper would be arrested.”

Her face flushes as she quickly turns away and says, “I have my reasons.” He leans back against the side of the van still smirking. “You know smiling actually fits you better than your usual scowl.” He stares at her as if she had just said something completely foreign to him. Had he been smiling? That was this first time in such a long time since he had actually smiled. She lets out a sharp wince and reaches up to grasp her arm.

When her hand met flesh she looks down to see her shirt ripped open and she quickly covers her chest as she yells, “WHAT THE HELL? WHY IS MY SHIRT RIPPED OPEN?”

He clears his throat as he says, “I needed to check your wound.”


He narrows his eyes at her as he says, “Yes as a matter of fact it does. Would you have liked to bleed to death?”

She raises an eyebrow and says, “Well I hope you enjoyed the view, cause it’s the last time you’re gonna get to see it.” She looked around her and when she found a lone Kevlar vest she reaches down and picking it up glances at him and says, “Turn around.” He rolls his eyes but does as she says. “Dam and I really liked this shirt.” He hears her say and he sighs as he asks, “Are you done yet?” She clears her throat as she says, “As good as it’s gonna get. You know you don’t need to take me to the hospital. Just get me a needle and some thread and I’ll close my wounds myself.”

He turns back to her and says, “Are you sure?” She nods as she leans back. “Alright then take us to Pierce.”