gotta come up with a name... 'clara in places she should be'

CEO!Luke Part 12

Day 3 in Vegas

Warning: Mild Smut

Y/N’s POV:

“How the hell did she get my number?” I grit my teeth. “I have no idea but I swear the next thing that she tastes will be my fist in her mouth” Clara says. “Include mine too” I say. “This threat cannot bother us” I say looking directly at her. “I agree. Do you think she will be at the club tonight?” I ask. “She definitely will be because she will want to find Luke” Clara says. “Maybe we should tell the boys that she is here” I say regretting keeping this a secret. “No Y/N absolutely not! This is between us and her” Clara hisses trying not to be too loud. “Remember this is a real Charlie’s Angel situation. We don’t need men to help us” she says. “We have to be strong and wise about this. She’s weak and has the mind of a 5 year old girl. We can take her down and we will because Luke loves you not her” Clara finishes. I take a deep breath. “You’re right. Let’s take this bitch down” I smirk. “We have to be sneaky tonight” I add on. “I know” she says. “Wanna go for a walk?” Clara asks me. “Are we trying to die already?” I ask. “We won’t die Y/N, I’m just really craving a smoothie” she says. “Okay sure let’s go” I say grabbing the key card Luke left on the table. We walk out and take the stairs this time down to the lounge. “Is there a smoothie place around here?” Clara asks. “There has to be” I say looking around. “Y/N! Clara!” our names were shouted by a female voice. We both turn and see Emily waving us down. She is with Sandra and two other guys. “Hey guys!” Clara says. “Hey what you guys up to?” Sandra asks us. “Well Clara is craving a smoothie so we came down to get her” I smile. “Oh nice there is a really good place about a couple stores down” Emily says. “Great thanks” Clara says. “Oh I’m sorry for not introducing these guys but this is Calum my boyfriend and that’s Ashton, Sandra’s boyfriend. “Hey girls!” they both say in Australian accents smiling at us. “Nice to meet you guys!” I smile shaking Calum and then Ashton’s hand and then Clara does the same. I look over to see Clara smirking at me then back at Sandra and Emily. “Hey Emily I’m gonna give you my number because I want us girls to meet up later. Do you think you guys can do that?” she asks. “Of course! We have the day off so just text me when and where to meet you” she smiles. “Great thanks well it was nice meeting you two. Enjoy your lunch” I say to them. Calum and Ashton nod at us while the girls wave goodbye.

“Do you not know how great this is!?” Clara asks me. “Why? What’s your plan?” I ask. “Our squad is doubled now! Sandra and Emily can help us!” she says. “Oh shit you’re right!” I smile as we make our way to the smoothie cafe. “They work here so we have the advantage” she says to me. We walk up to the cashier and Clara orders a mango smoothie. “You want one?” she asks me. “Actually yeah can I get a strawberry kiwi smoothie please?” I ask kindly. “Coming right up!” the nice lady says. A few seconds later she comes back holding our drinks. “Here you go ladies! That will be $5.75” she says. Clara takes out her wallet and hands her the money. “Thank you have a good evening!” I smile. “You too!” the lady responds.  “Mhm these are great” I say taking another sip as we walk out of the cafe and make our way back to the suite. “I agree wow” Clara says. “So what do we wear tonight?” I ask her. “I mean even though I wanna go full out spy, we can’t” she says. “So just normal party dress?” I ask. “Yes we gotta fit in” she responds as we climb into the elevator. “True” I nod. We ride up to our floor and I swipe the keycard entering the suite. We were greeted by a tired Michael. “Hey where did you guys go?” he asks us. “We went to go get smoothies because I was craving one” Clara smiles walking over to him. “Is Luke still sleeping?” I ask. “I have no idea” Michael says. I decide to go check up on him. I openly the door gently peeking in. He shut the shades making the room dark. I walk in and close the door behind me. I tiptoe to the side of the bed and place my drink down on the bedside table. I crawl underneath the covers deciding to wake him up in a special way. Luke either sleeps naked or just with boxers. I try my best to crawl between his legs. I make my way over his lower body feel that he is naked. I gently lower my body weight on him. Thank god he is a deep sleeper. I lift the sheets from above my head and fold them back so I can see what I’m doing. Luke’s chest rises slowly up and down letting out soft breaths. I lick my lips then lower my head down to his length. I drag my tongue from the base to his tip once looking up to see if he feels anything. He doesn’t so I go back down and place him in my hands. I pump him slowly still looking at him. I lick his tip a couple times to tease him. Luke stirs a little letting out a small moan shifting his body. He still doesn’t open his eyes so I continue. I wrap my mouth around him and take him all the way down my throat. My eyes begin to water but I remember Luke saying to always relax my throat. I do as I suck him back up. I cup his balls as I take him all the way down again sucking hard. “Fuck baby?” Luke moans waking up. I pop my head up and smirk looking at his sleepy face. “Sh relax baby” I whisper moving up to kiss him. “Mhm hi Princess” he smiles tiredly. “Hi” I giggle before crawling back down. I pump him up and down as I get back to work. “Ugh fuck Princess. I love your mouth so so much” Luke moans. I lick his base a couple times making Luke whimper. “Shit baby girl that’s it right there” Luke moans as I suck him off. He places his hand through my hair making a makeshift ponytail. He guides my head as I go down on him. “Ugh baby you know how to suck Daddy off. Tell me you love sucking Daddy off baby” he moans as he bucks his hips. I suck back up and have this sudden urge to just pounce on him. I giggle and kiss him hard pouncing on him. He catches me in his arms and flips me over.

 “I want you to fuck my tits” I smirk at Luke. Luke’s eyes widen as I rip off my shirt. “Whoa baby where did this come from?” he grins at me. “Well my man is hot and I’m horny so” I giggle grabbing his face and kissing him. “Mhm baby you turn me on so much” he growls. “You gotta make it quick” I moan. “I know love” Luke says. I squish my boobs together. I have never done this before and I know Luke has been wanting to do this so why. “Fuck baby I love your tits so much” Luke growls sliding himself in between my breasts. “Keep a tight grip baby girl okay?” he asks. “Yes” I say back. Luke thrusts himself in between my breasts a few times as his moans get louder. “Ugh baby I knew this was going to be heaven” he smirks at me. “Yeah Daddy?” I grin up at him. “Oh Princess you trying to start something here?” he asks. “Nope. Just keep going” I smirk as he slides in and out. “Shit baby can I go faster?” he whines. “Yes” I respond. He bucks his hips at a faster pace now making him growl even more. Luke throws his head back in bliss. Does this really feel that good to him? “Ugh baby I’m gonna cum all over these beautiful tits of yours” he moans. “Cum all over my tits Daddy they’re all yours” I moan as Luke’s thrusts slow down. He suddenly backs out and throws me on the bed. “Daddy’s gonna cum all over these tits right now” he hisses as he jacks himself hard and fast. “Shit baby you ready?” he asks. “Yes Lukey give it to me” I moan at the sight in front of me. “Fuck!” Luke shouts. “Fuck baby baby ugh” Luke growls as his warm load is splattered all over my breasts and stomach. “Ugh fuck baby girl” he says kneeling while his head is thrown back. Luke catches his breath and climbs off the bed entering the bathroom.

Luke comes back out with a wet washcloth and sits on the edge of the bed. “Here let me clean you up” he chuckles. “Aha thanks Lukey” I giggle feeling the warm cloth wipe away Luke’s cum. “So what’s next 69?” he chuckles at me. “I mean we haven’t done that yet” I smirk at him lifting myself on my elbows. After Luke cleaned my chest, I get up and head to the bathroom to do my makeup for tonight. I hear a knock at the door. “Luke can you get that? I ask too busy with applying my mascara. “Yeah I got it” Luke says walking to the door. “Hey Clara” Luke smiles. “Uh hello other two ladies” Luke says. “Is she in the there?” Clara asks Luke. “Yeah she is. I’ll leave you guys alone” Luke says shutting the door behind us. “Hey babe” Clara says walking in all dressed up. “Hey Y/N!” Emily and Sandra say following Clara. All three of them pile into the bathroom and Clara shuts the door. “Y/N please welcome the two newest Charlie’s Angels” Clara grins. “And don’t worry! I told them everything” Clara says. “Yeah Y/N, that bitch is going down” Emily says. “Aha so what’s the plan?” I ask facing them. “Tonight Emily and Sandra are going to be on the lookout for April as we stay with the boys and if they see her they will text us in our group chat” Clara explains. “And what if she does show up? What are we gonna do? I ask. “You sock her right the mouth!” Sandra says. “Yeah Y/N she almost tried to kill you!” Clara says. “She is just jealous that Luke loves you and not her” Emily adds in. “We haven’t said those words to each other yet” I say. “Oh stop he does love you” Clara says. “Now get in the zone” she adds on. I take a deep breath. “You’re right April you better watch out” I smirk heading back out to slip on a dress. “Purple or red?” I ask holding two dresses up. “Red!” all three of them shout. I smirk and quickly slip it on. “Want my red lipstick Y/N?” Clara asks. “No it’s okay I’m just gonna stick with gloss tonight. Thanks though” I smile. I head back into the bathroom and add some waves into my hair with my straightener. “Y/N we will be watching TV waiting for you” Clara says. “Okay I won’t be long?!” I shout back. I see Luke enter the room with boxers on. He sees me in the corner of his eye and shoots me a wink making me smile. God he is clueless about everything that is about happen. He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. “How is it that you look so sexy every single second of the day?” he grins kissing up my neck. “Luke that isn’t true” I giggle. He turns me around so I am now facing him. “Sweetheart you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life” he smirks kissing me. “And tonight things are going to get steamy baby steamy” he growls into my lips as he brings me closer. “Lukey” I giggle as I hug him. “You like the sound of that baby girl? Me fucking you so good in bed till you’re screaming my name even though you do that everytime” he chuckles deeply. “I’m gonna make you cum so much tonight baby you won’t be able to walk tomorrow or even see straight. I’m gonna make you beg for my cock and I won’t give it to you unless you scream for it. Once you do, I’m going to literally hoist you up against the wall and eat your sweet pussy out until you’re begging me to stop” he says biting my ear. “Oh my god Luke go away” I giggle pushing him off of me. “You know you want that baby” he smirks at me. “I do but not now” I laugh. “But you do later right?” he asks. “Of course” I walk over to him pulling his dress shirt he just put on against me. “Daddy” I whisper looking at him with innocent eyes. Luke growls in response as I button his shirt us for me. “Thanks love” he smiles. “No problem” I smile giving him a sweet kiss. I walk over to my suitcase and pull out some black heels to go with my dress. “When you’re riding me tonight baby those are staying on” Luke grins at me checking me out. I shake my head and walk out the door. “Ready to go kick some ass” I smirk walking out to the girls. “Hell yeah we are” Clara says standing up from the couch. Emily and Sandra stand up as well as we all gather our things. Michael walks out with Calum and Ashton. “You guys know each other?” I ask. “Oh hell yeah we went to school together except for Ashton and we all grew up together until we kinda split up and went our separate ways” he smiles. “Oh that’s awesome!” I respond. We hear Luke come out of our shared bedroom looking as hot as ever. “Ready to go everyone?” he smirks rolling up his sleeve. Ugh I can’t believe he’s mine.

“Time to party!” Clara shouts grabbing my arms as we girls all link arms together. The boys just laugh at us and follow behind us. We all head to the elevators and all pile into one. Calum hits the lounge button as we ride down. My nerves are kicking in but I shouldn’t be afraid of someone with fake ass tits. My guard is strong and I can kick ass when I need to. My dad taught me how to kickbox when I was younger. He told me to never be afraid of anything or anyone but I was always ignored those words until I became an adult and moved to the city. Now I understand what he meant. But in this situation, April is just jealous. The doors ding and slide open letting us out. Luke takes my hands in his as well all walk to the club. “I kinda wanna rip your clothes off” I whisper giggling in his eye. He smirks and looks down at me. “You can tonight Princess” he grins. “I will” I say looking forward again. We hear the music pounding from inside the club. Everyone seems to be having a night out tonight. “We can enter through the back” Sandra smiles holding up her employee card. We all smile and follow her to the back. Thank god we didn’t have to wait in that line. “Ugh Sandra thank god you gave us foot massages” I laugh ducking under a curtain to enter the club. The club was packed with people. There was already people dancing and getting hyped up to the music. “There’s a booth over there where we can all sit” Ashton says to us. We all head over and slide inside. We let all the boys go in first and Clara and I take the seats on the edge just in case of an emergency. By emergency I mean April. “We can go get your drinks! It will be much faster service” Emily smiles. “Aw thanks babe” Calum says to her. We all write down what we want on a pad of paper. “Great I’ll be right back with those” she smiles. She then turns to look at Clara and I. She taps her phone signalling to keep our phones out if anything happens.

Clara and I look at each other and nod. Luke puts his arm around me and scooches my body closer to him. “Hello love” he smiles. “Hi” I giggle admiring him. “When do I get to dance with you?” he asks. “Later. Let’s at least have a drink first” I say to him. “Okay Princess” he smiles. Luke then starts a conversation up with the boys catching up on what they have missed in each others lives. I turn back to Clara as she is looking at her phone. I look down at mine and see that Emily sent a text in the group chat.

Emily: No sign of her. Sandra is looking at the entrance right now

Clara: Okay great thanks

Me: Sandra any sign of her?

Sandra: Nope. I even checked out the line outside and there was no sign of her

Me: Okay thanks for the update

Emily carries us back a tray full of the drinks we ordered. “Thanks Em” I smile. “No problem! I have to go return this and then I’ll be back” she says. “Okay cool” Clara says. Sandra comes back to the booth and slides in next to us. “Nothing” she whispers. “Maybe she isn’t coming” she says. “Oh no she will. She has to” Clara says. We all stay silent sipping our drinks. The music is literally pounding making my head wanna explode. I down my drink and decide it’s time to give Luke the best dance of his life. I lean over to Luke and whisper in his ear. “Ready for the dance of your life Mr. Hemming’s?” I giggle grabbing his hand. He turns to me and smirks “Oh baby I’m ready”. Sandra climbs out of the booth letting Luke and I slide out. “Text me if anything happens” I say walking by her and she nods.

Luke guides me to the crowded dance floor and we got ourselves a little spot. I turn my back to him as I start to grind my ass on him. “Oh baby you getting into it already?” Luke asks placing his hands on my hips. “Aha yes” I giggle swaying my hips to the music. I wrap my arms around Luke’s neck behind me. His hands guide my hips to the music as he leans his head into my neck. His lips suddenly attack my neck making me laugh. I turn around to face him and I grab his face kissing him hard. He smiles into the kiss and turns me around again. I decide to freaky and grind my ass all the way down his body while my hands slide down his chest. “Ugh baby you’re so fucking sexy” Luke groans. The music takes over my body as I let it guide my moves. Luke’s hands stay glued to me as we dance more. The heat that we create intensifies as we start to makeout. I pull away smiling at him until someone pushes me roughly.

“Get off of him! He’s mine!” a female voice yells. “Y/N!” Luke yells about to help me up but was pulled back but the bitch herself. “Lukey please tell me you’re okay. Please tell me she didn’t hurt you!” April says clinging onto him. “April!? What the fuck get off of me!” Luke yells shoving her off of him. “Tell me you still love me Lukey!” she cries out to him. “I never loved you and I never will!” Luke says. April’s face turns into sudden anger. A waiter walks by with a tray of drinks. She takes one and throws it in my face. “You bitch!” I yell as I wipe tequila off my face. “Oh shut up you whore and stay down!” she yells. “Lukey come here” she says to him. “Don’t you fucking touch him!” I yell getting up and tackling her to the ground. “Y/N!” I hear Luke yell. April and I hit hard on the ground as people back away from us. “He’s mine Y/N! Get over it!” she yells pulling my hair. “He isn’t yours!” I yell trying to pin her down but she is strong. “You are only with him for his money you skank!” she says punching me in the stomach. My blood is boiling at this point as we wrestle on the ground. People cheering around us to fight. April suddenly flips us over pinning me down as she slaps my face. “Hey! Don’t fucking touch my best friend!” Clara yells sprinting over and tackling April to the ground. They both fall as Clara’s beast unleashes as she hits her repeatedly. April fights back and finds her high heel on the ground and whacks it against Clara’s head. Clara falls to the ground struggling to get up. I rush over to help Clara up but April kicks me back on my head. “You are no match for me you slut” April yells taking a tray from a table and running towards me with it. I duck and wait for her come back. She tries again but she misses. I throw a drink in her face making her drop the tray. She screams running towards me throwing herself on me. We fumble to the ground again. “Y/N!” I hear someone scream. I was about to punch April in the face but four arms grabs me. “Y/N! Come on let’s go!” I hear Luke yell over the music. April gets up and kicks me in the stomach making me collapse. “Don't’ you fucking touch her!” Luke yells. “Luke stay out of this!” I yell trying to move out of his grip. I see James grabbing April and locking her arms behind her back. “He doesn’t love you Y/N!” April screams trying to get free. “Let me at her!” I scream trying to kick her but Luke still had the strength to keep me down. “You bitch!” I yell. I feel blood in my mouth from when she slapped me. “Time to go now Y/N!” Luke yells in my ear. “Let me fucking go Luke!” I scream freeing myself. James looked too scared by my face so he let go of April and runs off. I sprint towards her and I take her by the throat pushing her towards a wall. I take her head and slam it on the wall. She knees me in the gut and kicks me away. “You don’t love him Y/N! I do! Only me!” April shouts kicking me again. I get back up and slap her making her stumble. “I do fucking love him!” I yell out everything I had left in her face.

People move out of the way as four security guards run towards us. April and I don’t stop fighting until two guards each come behind both of us. They pry our bodies away from each other. “No wait!” I hear Luke scream. I feel a gun shaped object press against my lower back as it zaps me making my body stiff as a board. I see April’s body lock up as well as we both stumble, collapsing on the floor.