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Personal Update

This is just a quick post to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a small break from my tumblr and other media sites for a little while. Nothing to worry about, I just need to separate myself as part of the my recovery plan for a few reasons. I’ve been neglecting certain aspects and now I really need to focus. 

So to those of you who are still waiting for responses, I’m terribly sorry and I promise I will return to them once I’m back. I’m so sorry for taking so long and now for leaving you, I hope you all forgive me. I just need to take some time and focus on what I need to do in order to get better.

I promise it’s nothing too serious, but it’s the advice given so I’m going to follow it. And this has nothing to do with the fandom, or you guys at all! I was just saying how lucky I am to have such positive and beautiful people in my life. But for just a short while, I need to pull back and really look at recovery.

This doesn’t extend to my writing, if anyone’s worried. Nothing is being abandoned. I’ll still be working on the TBE update as normal, but I’m afraid I can’t split my time any further between writing and my real life responsibilities, I’m so sorry. I hope you forgive me for being antisocial,  but I promise it won’t be for long. 

I wish you all the best and promise to be back as soon as possible! In the meantime, I’ve set up a queue with some fabulous fanart from amazing artists, so hopefully that’ll brighten up people’s dash!

As always, thank you for being you and talk soon x

From the Other Side of the Signing Table

“I don’t know what to say to you,” the girl said. “Um, thanks, I guess.”

“Thanks is good,” I replied.

Silence stretched, punctuated only by the scuffle of a Sharpie on a page.

We were in the same boat, the girl and I — both at a book festival, both at the end of a long day full of people, both in a signing line that had been going on for an hour already. There was only one big difference between us: she was on one side of the table, and I was on the other. Sometimes that difference seems to matter more than others.

Before I was published, I read a lot of accounts of what it was like to have your work out there, but I never read anything about what it was like to have yourself out there. I suppose I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth. I thought you wrote a book and hopefully people liked it and if I thought about book tours at all, I figured they involved standing on a stage for a bit before disappearing into a rental car. The truth, however, is that now — ten years and fifteen novels in to my career — most of my hours in front of people are spent in a signing line. Forty minutes on a stage or behind a table for a panel, and then two or three hours meeting a few hundred strangers. I had no idea what it would be like.

This is what it’s like.

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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.




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anonymous asked:

how do you still find the motivation to keep drawing even though your art isnt that good? i just cant seem to keep on drawing bc i focus on the bad too much

hello there anon! To put it simply, I don’t really wait for motivation to come. To me, motivation is a feeling and like all feelings they’re fickle. They change easily at the drop of a hat. If we rely on motivation and wait for it to come, we wouldn’t get anywhere at all.

We also tend to beat ourselves when we’re not ‘motivated’ to draw, which sends us further into a negative spiral. (I used to be like this but now i’ve changed! i’m gonna explain what I did down below)

First thing you need to do, is to change how you see and feel about your art : I think this is the hardest step ever. Changing how you feel about your art takes time and that’s understandable. The first thing you need to do is take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Re-evaluate. Ask yourself questions that would help you remember the reasons why you began in the first place. (if its something like ‘for the notes and followers’ I suggest you change and pick another thing because if you make art for the satisfaction of others, you won’t be very happy in the long run)

Also take into consideration where you are in life in the present moment. If you have other priorities (like school, work, family etc) its understandable that you won’t have the time to practice and that’s ok (but i’ll explain how to get around that). Life gets in the way of things sometimes and that’s ok.

Also don’t beat yourself up if you’re not improving as fast as you want to and don’t compare yourself to other artists either. It’s not a competition. Other artists started earlier than you and so they’ve had more time to practice and learn. Think of your art as a tiny seed. Each seed is unique and wonderful and it takes time and effort to grow. It’s silly to compare a sprout with a flower that already bloomed, because they’re at different stages in their growth. That’s the same with art.

Second thing you need to do, is set down goals: This is my favourite thing to do! Now that you’re feeling positive and happy about your art (it’s ok if you’re not! that’s fine too it takes time), set down goals on what you want to achieve with your art and break them down further into smaller bits on how you’re going to achieve them and when. For example, this is my art goal for 2017:

(looks like i gotta add improve handwriting to huhuhu ;w;)

And then you can break those down to minigoals that you can do every week, (draw poses on the train, sketch out scenery etc)

Figure out what you want to do with your art, why you want to do it and you’ll figure our how to get there. For example: I’m a self taught hobbyist artist, so I know my rate of learning will be slower than other people (i’m doing Bachelor of Aviation in university ;w;) I can only concentrate on one thing at a time so i picked to learn mostly anatomy while still practising what I worked on last year (colours).

And then get to it! Discipline yourself to draw. Over time, drawing will become a habit and a ‘need to do’ (discipline) rather than a ‘want to do’ (motivation). Set time to practise to achieve your goals. Keep all of your art so you can see progress over time (it’s a good pick me up too)!

here’s mine:

Whoa!! So much improvement in four years!! YEEEE


Now go draw!

(tl;dr focus on things that you’re weak in, set goals and discipline yourself to achieve those goals)

I hope this helps anon! And have fun!

He Passes Out During A Show - Josh Dun Imagine

Hey guys, firstly I wanted to say sorry for taking so long to post this, I’ve just had some important exams but all is good because my results are really good! hope you all enjoy x

Joshua had been working so hard for this tour. So much that he’d barely eaten a thing, every morning I would wake up in an empty bunk, sometimes it would be 6am and I would hear the faint pounding of drums from inside the stadium. he was constantly tired and went straight to sleep whenever we had any type of alone time. 

It was the night of the first show of the second part to the Emotional Roadshow, Josh had been up since 8 practising the same bit to Ride over and over. I walked behind him, setting the coffee that I had made for him beside his kit and ran my fingers over the warm skin of his shoulders, he flinched slightly at my touch and stopped suddenly looking up at me. Deep set frown lines cut through his pale face, mocha eyes drained of the life that usually danced in them. ‘Baby, you gotta have a break sometime, I promise you, you’ll do great’ I said softly, passing him the hot coffee.

‘I cant Y/N, I have to get this bit right,’ he said mumbled, gulping down the steaming drink. I gasped slightly because I knew how hot I had made it. ‘Just listen to this bit, is it okay’ He began to play the part of Ride where he would play on top of the crowd at they all peered up at him like he was a god. I listened as he played his heart out putting all of his effort into this solo, until he went wrong. ‘Argh fuck! I get the same fucking bit wrong every time I can’t do it’ he sulked burying his head into his sweaty covered hands.

‘Josh, Josh hey,’ I said, he looked at me again, tears threatening to spill from the eyes that I had fallen so in love with ‘You are going to do great, you do it every time, all the fans love you, and if you do mess up, then so what? the only people that will know are Tyler and I, and we love you no matter what, don’t you ever forget that okay?’ I smiled at him.

 ‘Thank you baby, I just wanna do you proud, I love you’ he said pulling me into a tight, if not slightly sweaty hug. I screwed up my nose and giggled at him then left to change for the evening. The drumming continued followed by various profanities, if he missed a beat, I sighed not knowing what to do with my perfectionist boyfriend.


“Tyler!?” I called from the hall, he popped his head out of the dressing room door, hair half combed as he was only part way through getting ready for tonights show. (A/N: Tyler has hair in this imagine for the purpose of this line and another later on, trust me I love Ty’s hair right now it just works that he has the fluffy hair here!)

“yesssssssssssss’ he chuckled, and I rolled my eyes at his behaviour. 

“He’s been drumming for about four hours straight now, I’ve tried so hard to get him to stop and chill but no matter what I do he won’t stop, I’m so worried Ty’ I said scratching lightly at the thin skin of my palms.

“I know, I am too, but I don’t think anyone can change what he’s doing, you know what he’s like, once he’s got his heart set on doing something he’ll do whatever it takes to do it’ he sighed running his hand through his fluffy hair. “It’s time for him to get ready anyway, he’ll come by in a minute’.

As if on cue the drumming stopped abruptly, moments later Josh was trudging down the hallway, footsteps heavy and tiresome. “Time to get ready,” he muttered trying to give a hopeful smile as he passed us and then into his dressing room. I closely followed and watched as he slumped down in his chair, he looked at his sweaty image in the mirror and I could tell he was criticising everything I saw, my heart slightly tore apart at the thought and walked over to him deciding that I would help him to do his hair and eye makeup today because he seemed exhausted. 

I kneeled in front of him and started to comb his hair into a more organised mess of sweaty, sunshine curls on top of his head, he gave he a lop-sided smile and closed his eyes as I began to smear the red paint gently over the smooth skin beneath his eyes. “open” I almost whispered at him. He fluttered his eyes open and inspected himself in the illuminated “does it look okay?’ he just nodded in response and then closed his eyes again.

‘Thank you,” he murmured.

Half an hour later and it was moment until the boys were due on stage, Josh had pumped himself up a little and was ready to go on, the adrenaline must have kicked in. 

As the stage director gave the cue, the music started and the low hum of the beginning of HeavyDirtySoul filled the arena, accompanied by the screams of the crowds. They roared in delight as they watched their idols run on stage, Tyler rapped every word to perfection and Josh kept up with the quick pace of the song. I smiled as I watched him nod his head in time to the song.

It came to ‘Ride’ and a slight wave of sickness washed over me, worrying about how Josh would do, I knew he would be fantastic but he had stressed me out earlier. I watched as the crew lifter the drum kit on top of the crowd, Josh scanned for the best path in order to safely climb onto the plywood platform. Sure enough he clambered on safely at sat on the black leather stool. The music started again and he began his solo putting the rest of his power into the beat of the song, I glanced down at my phone until I heard a thud, followed by a sickening but definite scream ‘Y/N!’, Josh was on the floor his small body engulfed by the mass of fans, desperate to touch my boyfriend. I ran across the stage, over the barrier and into the pit wading through the hoards of people until I found him, eyes rolling back in his head, gasping for breath. 

I kneeled beside him, and held his wrist in my palm checking his erratic pulse. Soon enough the medic rushed towards us and security ushered people out of the way so he had more space to breathe. I tilted his head up so it was resting on my knees and the doctor checked his heart rate and his temperature. They then picked him up and took him off to the side of the stage where he was given water. “I’m sorry guys, Josh can’t play anymore, I’m sorry if this ruined your night please don’t blame him he’s been working so hard for you. We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you, goodnight everyone’ Tyler addressed the crowd as they began to amble towards the doors.

When the lights turned back on I had a proper look at Josh, and gasped at what I saw, his shirt had been nearly shreded by the fans, his hat was missing and small scratches were littered all up his arms where they had obviously tried to grab onto him but instead hurt him. “Babe! look at you, are you okay? look at your shirt there’s practically nothing there” he looked down at the torn black tank, and frowned, anger clearly bubbling up inside of him. “Stand up a minute I need to take a photo of this so that I can show the fans what they’ve done to you”

He stood up shakily and I quickly snapped a few shots of his shirt and arms. I went onto twitter and composed a new tweet ‘To the people who thought it appropriate to tear Joshua’s shirt and literally cut his arms, please don’t come back to another show, you are not welcome. I know you know who you are, you hurt him while he was vulnerable I hope the moment of touching him was worth it.’ I then attached the photos and posted the tweet, knowing hate would soon follow but I didn’t care because I needed to get my point across.

A couple hours later and Josh and I were curled up in bed, ‘Baby?’ he whispered, voice low and tired ‘I love you so much, thank you for helping me earlier, you’re amazing, I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you’

I smiled into his chest and whispered back ‘I love you too Joshua,’

There you go, I feel like I’m a little rusty because I haven’t written for so long but I do hope you liked it, I’d love some feedback because you don’t know how much it means to me!

Much love.


I Really, Really, Really Like You

Jonathan Toews x Reader

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Warnings: Slight language, implied sexual themes, FWB

POV: Second Person

Do you write for Toews? If so, I’d love a fic where you are Fwb, but then he does on a date. Reader is super sad bc she had fallen in love with him, but there’s a happy ending where toews feels wrong on a date with some1 else and comes back to Her. Thanks😘 

Originally posted by hockeyeurs

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’re off early,” You mumbled, hearing Jonathan fumble around the room, attempting to get dressed. You rolled over in bed and looked at him, watching as he scrambled to button up his pants. 

“(Y/n),” He breathed. “We can’t do this anymore.”

“What?” You sat up, completely taken back. “Why?”

“I’m branching out,” He explained. “I’m dating around,”

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How Dubenich convinced each of the OT3 to take his job

1. Parker

‘How did you find me?’

‘I have my contacts’

‘OK, so the question I should be asking is: who told you I’d be here?’

‘Does it matter?’


‘Does it still matter if I offer you 500 grand?’ (He wasn’t planning on paying out anyway, no reason he should not exaggerate his offer a little bit).


2. Eliot


‘Come on, it’s 300 grand for one night’s work. Just get them in and out, it’d be a piece of cake. Tell me if you ever heard a sweeter deal.’

‘The sweeter the deal, the tougher it turns out to be. No.’

(OK, so money and an easy gig were not this man’s hooks. Time to try something else.)

‘Did you know Nate Ford is going to take the lead on this?’

Ford is going to lead a break in?’


‘That I gotta see. I’m in.’

3. Hardison

‘Nah man, I’m busy. And besides, if I want 300 grand, I know about a hundred ways to get it that does not involve creeping around an office building in the middle of the night. Nah-ah. No.’

‘Did you even look at the rest of the team?’

‘Who’d you got, two thugs and a poodle in a tutu?’

‘Eliot Spencer and Parker.’

‘You’re kidding me.’

‘Do I look like I’m kidding?’

‘But these guys, they’re… they’re the best. They’re absolute legends man, how’d you even find these people?’

‘I have my contacts. Now, are you in?’

‘Hell. Yes.’

Lust in Paradise

Partheno x Reader 

“This is paradise.“ You turned at your boyfriend’s words, a wide and playful grin on your face. Partheno had been shuffling behind you in the lingerie boutique. Partheno..he had a thing for lingerie. Especially when it was you in said lingerie. He wasn’t picky either. Stockings paired with garters, teddies, corsets, crotchless panties, it didn’t matter. He loved to see you wearing lingerie.

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#199 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “your an up and coming actress working in London, so your friends with British personalties e.g. Nick Grimshaw. Your introduce to Van/ the boys at glastonbury and play it pretty cool, leaving Van wanting you. Then you go to one of his shows act natural/laid back, attracting Van, leading him to impress you at the after show party.” “The instagram girl anon here :) I was thinking of something like Van not really getting it because he’s not really good with all that stuff and doesn’t really get how you can be famous just because you post nice pictures!” and “maybe use Lilly Aldridge interview with Wendy on YouTube about how she meet her husband Caleb from Kings of Leon as inspo?!?”

Note: Nick Grimshaw is in the fic, but I don’t actually know much about him so his character is probably wildly inaccurate. Soz.

Fame was certainly something you never sought. Your aim was to make people happy, glittery, and to hang out with as many pretty girls as possible. At local events you set up a small booth to give people space buns, sparkly faces, and very Instagram-worthy photographs. The photos you posted racked up the likes, and soon enough, you were getting offers from across the country to come and run tents at music festivals and private parties for A-listers. With those connections, it didn’t take long before you were as famous as Matty Healy, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya (maybe only pre-Spiderman though).

The celebrity status was a nightmare, but you were grateful for any opportunity you got. It was how you were raised to be. Your name got you into the best parties and clubs, and backstage at any show you wanted. It was no longer a matter of applying to do jobs, people were booking you well in advance. So, when Glastonbury rolled around, you got to pick how you’d spend the time. Nick called and asked if you were going to work it, or if maybe you wanted to just have some actual time off to relax. He made a good case, and you eventually left your glittery business in the capable hands of your team. Your name assigned to the tent would be enough to draw a crowd.

Literally every single person seemed to know Nick. He was a bouncing ball of punchy energy and quick wit. You held back giggles as he threw you looks whenever someone hugged him that he clearly didn’t identify as a friend. The people he did actually love though, were obvious.

“Van!” he all but squealed, and pulled you towards two guys leaning against a fence, out of the way of everyone else. As Nick approached, they both pushed their sunglasses onto their heads and smiled. The taller one hugged him first, then the shorter one. “Van, mate, how ya been? Larry! What’s up? Guys, this is Y/N, givin’ her a little V.I.P. tour,” he said, mocking his own celebrity status.

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Whiskey Lullaby

Word Count: 1,912
Reader Gender: I don’t think I specified one
Warnings: Reader death, alcohol poisoning.
Love Interest: Dean (SPN)
Note: I’ve been writing this on the side for like a week now, and since I just finished it, I decided to post it c: This is based on the song by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. I think I dragged out the last half a little too much, but I hope you guys like it! Also, I’m sorry my posts have been so slow. I’ll try to post more c:

It had been quite a while since Dean and I parted ways, both for our separate reasons. Well, in reality it was one collective reason, but I’m sure you’ll get a different story if you ask him. He cheated on me, more than once might I add. The last time he did it, I couldn’t take it anymore, my heart couldn’t take it anymore. So I left, and I didn’t bother with getting my things. They didn’t matter, nothing did anymore. I haven’t been the same since, and I’ve taken to alcohol more and more as the days go by. I love him more than I love myself, but it’s been years and I’m sure he’s changed his number by now.

Nowadays I drink it away with whiskey, and then I end up crying next to a picture of him when I get to my motel room. Dean and I were in the same business, and I was in it before I even met him. That was partly why our relationship had worked out so well in the beginning. Then I found him with another woman, and while he promised not to do it again, he would let me down. I wouldn’t have been driving over to his motel room if it wasn’t for my current case. Whatever I was chasing was after him, and it was powerful. This creature had a rep for killing people, and making it look like a suicide.

She put him out, like the burnin’ end of a midnight cigarette.
She broke his heart, he spent his whole life trying to forget.
We watched him drink his pain away, a little at a time.
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind,
Until the night.

While I know that Dean probably already has a handle on this case, I still worry for him. I didn’t want him to die, and if I got to him before this thing did, everything will be alright. I’ve already injured it pretty badly, and in my book it should be dead already. The creature was black and smoky, but thankfully my weapon collection is pretty big, and I usually always have something to use. After reading about it, I found that it’s weakest point is where it’s the smokiest and the darkest. So, that’s where I struck it, and I don’t give it long to live. However, it could live long enough to have one more victim.

He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger,
And finally drank away her memory.
Life is short, but this time it was bigger
Than the strength he had to get up off his knees.

That wasn’t happening on my damn watch, and I’d drag it back to Hell myself if I had to first. I pulled into the parking lot of the motel, parking my car in the first available spot I came across. I quickly got out of my car and jogged up to his door, my heart pounding from pure fear. Cas told me where they were, but I feared he wasn’t able to get there in time. I knocked on the door at first, hoping that he’d just answer or tell me to come in. After a moment of silence, I knocked again, and when he didn’t answer I entered the room myself. As soon as I opened the door, the smell of alcohol hit me like a brick.

“Dean?” I questioned, looking around for a moment.

We found him with his face down in the pillow,
With a note that said I’ll love her till I die.
And when we buried him beneath the willow,
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby.

As soon as I saw his body, I screamed at the sight. He was laying lifeless on the bed, bottles of alcohol surrounding him. Normally, this wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary, but I knew him and he never drank alcohol with this proof in mass quantities. He wanted to be drunk, not dead, and there was a fine line. I quickly ran over to him, shaking his body in hopes that he would wake up. There was a little bit of foam coming from his mouth, making me cry even harder than I was. My heart wasn’t ready for this sight, and it never would be. I shook him harder, knowing that whatever I did wouldn’t work. He was gone, unless I could do something about it.

“He is dead, there is nothing you can do.” I heard a monotone voice say.

“Yes there is.” I shot back in a hard tone.

Guilt started flooding my mind as my hand gently caressed his face. The tears never stopped flowing freely from my eyes, and I doubt they ever would. Just like how my guilt would never stop pouring into my mind, haunting me. This is my fault, all of it is my fault. I should’ve warned him sooner, or killed the creature earlier. I should have done something sooner, and maybe he would still be alive right now. No, not maybe, he would still be alive right now. My forehead rested on his chest, tears staining his shirt. He can’t be dead, not now, not ever. He was too important, not just to the world, but he was too important to me.

I slowly pulled myself off of him, my own emotions slowing down my actions. I went back up to his face, my thumb gently gliding across his cheek. I took a shaky breath, the weight against my chest feeling heavier than ever. I heard Cas finally leave the room, and I knew exactly what I had to do. I looked over to the floor, seeing the creature in a slightly more humanoid form. My gaze shifted back over to the one who still held my heart; Dean. My lips bushed against his cheek, and I tightly shut my eyes. The tears still fell, and how tightly I shut my eyes didn’t matter. It seemed as if nothing did anymore.

The rumours flew, but nobody knew how much she blamed herself.
For years and years, she tried to hide the whiskey on her breath.
She finally drank the pain away, a little at a time,
But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind.
Until the night.

I took a deep breath as I tore myself away from him, looking down at him. I heard the creature chuckle lowly from the floor, taunting me. I took off the necklace he gave me when we were together, giving it a kiss before placing it in the palm of his hand. I wrote a note on the pad that was on the night stand, simply telling him that I loved him. My heart ached with each stroke of the pen, it felt as if my world was coming down on me. I took another breath as I set the pen back on the wooden stand, moving over to were the creature was laying. I bent down to its level, noticing black goo slowly leave its figure.

“You son of a bitch, you bring him back.” I demanded.

“And why would I do that?” The creature asked in an amused tone.

“Because I fucking said so.” I spoke dangerously.

“Sorry, sweetheart, that doesn’t work for me. Sweeten the deal.” The creature demanded.

“How about the satisfaction of watching me die the same way he did.” I offered.

“Hm, I like it, but you gotta give me just a little bit more.” It said, and I swore I could’ve seen a grin.

“What more could you possibly want?” I questioned, my voice breaking.

“Share your memories with me. All of them. It gets boring after a few hundred years, you know,” It spoke in a strained voice, “It’ll give me something to look back on when I get sent back to Hell.”

“Done.” I immediately said and he chuckled.

“I guess we have a deal, Sweetheart.” It said.

I felt something enter my head and pain spread through out my entire body. It was as if he was twisting my brain around, as if the thing was dissecting it. In a way, I suppose he was, how else was he able to do what he did? As the pain left my mind, a sudden and uncontrollable urge was now in it’s place. I had an urge to drink and drink until I couldn’t drink anymore. I had an urge to drink myself to death. I grabbed one of the untouched bottles that was nearby, downing it as fast as I could. I slowly felt a migraine enter my mind as I went for another bottle, downing that one as well before I could even react to the headache.

She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger,
And finally drank away his memory.
Life is short but this time it was bigger,
Than the strength she had to get up off her knees.
We found her with her face down in the pillow,
Clinging to his picture for dear life.
We laid her next to him beneath the willow,
While the angels sang a whiskey lullaby.

As I grabbed a third bottle, nausea travelled down to my stomach. It wasn’t enough to make me vomit up the contents of my stomach, and that was probably the creatures doing. My vision began to blur as the clear liquid burned my throat. It was an oddly comforting burn, like a promise of relief. Memories of Dean and I blurred through my mind, and I felt a tear escape from my eye. I wish I could tell him how sorry I was, I wish I could just talk to him one last time. The weight on my chest got a bit heavier, making it just that much harder to breathe properly. I felt myself grow weaker, as I grabbed a bottle that was only half-full.

I brought the bottle to my lips, only to fall back onto the bed. A little bit of the drink spilled onto the sheets around me, but I couldn’t’ve cared less about it. The clear liquid rushed into my mouth and down my throat, making me choke a little bit. When I finished the bottle, my arm went limp beside me. I heard someone stirring, and I smiled as I realized that it was Dean. He was alive, and he was going to be alright. I turned my head to look at the creature, only to see a puddle of black ooze in it’s place. A little bit of the weight left my chest as I realized that it was now dead. Nobody else was going to die because of that thing, I was going to be the last.

I didn’t know if he was awake or not, but I can die peacefully knowing that the creature kept his word. Exhaustion clouded my brain, my eyes feeling heavy. I slowly closed my eyes, feeling weaker with ever second that passed by. I was weak, but I was happy; something I haven’t felt in a long while. Darkness completely covered my vision, and I felt the life I had in my veins leave me. I didn’t see a light, or anything like that. Just darkness, but it was a comforting darkness.

A darkness that took the rest of the life I had left in me.

anonymous asked:

You should really write something about harry going bare for the first time... please?

Okay I know this is a little dirty but can you write a blurb about Harry coming inside of you for the first time dmnffsaa

A little dirty is the name of the game around here. Thanks to @inkedferns and @stylesunchained for keeping me sane during this. Thanks also to @stylesunchained for providing the basic framework and agreeing that combining Dunkirk Harry with a Harry who gets to nut inside his girl for the first time was a good idea. 

I don’t know that this is really dirtier than anything else I’ve written, but… it feels it. I think it’s the uniform. Read at your own risk. x.

P. S. I’ve got to proofread this a little more but I’m on a train later today and away for a few days so I REALLY wanted to get this out. Turn a blind eye to anything egregious until I’m home?

046. Important or Summat

 “Be back for weekends,” he’d promised you while you’d knelt on the bed with your arms around his neck while you kissed him next to his suitcase and run your hand over a short head of hair that you weren’t quite used to. “Won’t hardly miss me, will yeh?”

But weekends had turned into overtime shoots, and dinners, and, “Train was all booked out, love, m’sorry,” and weekends when you’re, “Too busy, it wouldn’t work. Next one?”

And when he had managed to make it work his beautiful green eyes were so dull and lined with exhaustion that you’d just been wrapped around him in bed when the two of you weren’t out catching up with friends and family who were eager to see him and hear all the news from the continent. You had been grateful to be near him again and to have his snores in your ear again (even if you did have to shove him until he rolled so they stopped), and it had been nice to shuffle sleepily around him in the kitchen once more while you both went about your morning routines.

But then he’d left again and when the two of you had done hardly anything more than a steamy make out session that hadn’t gone farther than a quick bout with his fingers curling inside of you, regrets always started to sink in.

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Hey I've been in a funky mood lately that is really affecting the way I draw, like I feel like I have no passion for it these days and I hate it. Do you perhaps happen to have any tips to get back up again, or at least inspire me a bit? You don't have to answer this if you don't want to btw. (I'm proud of you as well, I know the boys would enjoy your animation😊)

(ahh thank you!! I hope they did if they got around to it;;!!)

it’s ok! everyone gets like that and has stages where whatever theyre making isn’t resonating or is a completely struggle to produce! You find what helps you personally in time, but I’ll try sharing what helps me out?

I listen to music I used to like a couple years ago, sometimes if I’m listening to something super familiar and adjusted to I get fidgety and frustrated, listening to older stuff I can focus on remembering parts? odd I know ;o;!!

I let my mind on yt wander a little and look up things I’m interested. I don’t need photoshop open or immediately go back to drawing, but get new ideas and new scenery and techniques in my head!! It doesn’t even need to be art related. I spend time watching game stuff sometimes

it’s ok to take breaks from your art and pursue other things!! Personally I haven’t stopped but you shouldn’t throw yourself through a loop thinking doing the same thing will suddenly solve itself. I do think it’s important to know it doesn’t come back in a sudden rush, and you gotta waste a bit of time doing short drawings and trashing them until you get back into it.

try switching up your usual practice or way of doing things, maybe try drawing something different or in a different media!!

I really wish you the best of luck! Just know you aren’t alone there, and if you keep trying new things, something will click!!

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Any tips on how to be a good feeder?

Oh sure. I’m sure everyone’s opinion might be a bit different but these are my personal tips (feel free to ignore them or follow someone else’s advice).

1.      Before anything starts set up ground rules and establish if the two of you have any goals. Please speak up if you or them have said anything that makes the other person uncomfortable. Also be realistic with these goals. No human being is going to gain 300 pounds in a single month.

2.      Always be aware that your feedee/gainer are not human garbage disposals!! Yeah they can eat a lot and yeah some may want to gain a lot of weight sooner rather than later but they do have limits! The last thing you want to do is make them get sick. Pushing past their limits takes time and it won’t necessarily be achieved in a day.

3.      In terms of diet, try to squeeze in some fruits, veggies, and water at least once or twice a day (a bit more with water). I’m sure anybody will tell you that a lot of junk in their system makes them feel sluggish and sometimes sick especially if it’s done constantly. Putting in some things that are healthy will keep their system a bit healthy and would make them feel better.

4.      Remember that whoever are with a human beings and treat them as such. Build a relationships (whether it be an intimate or just a friendly casual one) that isn’t always about feederism. Talk about other things and don’t be a creep.

5.      Know that not every day can be a binge/stuffing sessions. People need breaks and respect them for taking a break. Whether that break is a day or a few weeks, you gotta let them relax. I advice that days where they’re not binging/stuffing themselves is the day to like get some healthier options in their system.

 But that’s all I can think about at the moment.

Black Eyed Girl

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, mention of Crowley 
Warnings: angst, swearing, demon!reader, talk of past smut, alcohol
Word count: 1806
Summary: The reader has been turned into a demon by Crowley and decides to pay her old friends, the Winchesters, a visit. 
Tag list: @wade-wilson-the-amazing-malfoy @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove @evyiione @spectaculicious @justablackshadow @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137
A/N: The title is a play on words with the song Brown Eyed Girl :) Also part 2 is coming soon.

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concept: moana getting super sick. nothing fatal, just something REALLY unpleasant to go through. She knows nothing's gonna happen to her, but unfortunate, out-of-practice-for-1000-years maui does *not* and goes into full-blown Panic Mode over her well-being.

Look, an honest effort at fluff! Fun fact: I wrote this when I was actually suffering a migraine. Probably should’ve gone to sleep, but I hadn’t written yet that day, so this is the result of me shamelessly inflicting my own pain on my favorite characters.

Also, in Moana: Island Life, it’s confirmed canon that Moana sometimes forgets to eat her own breakfast because she’s too busy worrying about her own people. Chill, Curly, they’re not gonna die if you drink a coconut or two.

His first clue is a wince. It’s a little thing, just the smallest movement in the corner of his peripheries, and it’s gone when he glances beside him, but he catches it all the same.

“Something on your mind, Curly?”

“Huh?” Moana responds, all of her earlier eloquence gone, and Maui takes that as a no. Makes sense. Even an orator like Moana has to run dry of clever words sometimes, and after her incredible display of diplomatic navigation inside that fale tele he’s not surprised she’s hit her cap.

“Ah, nothing,” he says, waving an airy hand in her direction. “Anyway, now that’s done, whaddya say to a day on the water, huh?”

Moana’s face lights up, all eagerness and anticipation…and then falls. “I can’t,” she replies quietly. “I have stuff to do.”

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Yeah I gotta take a little break. If You follow my undercover tumblr You might now life has been super busy for me lately and You know all the details but I don’t wanna bore everyone with them here. Most important thing I have my little sister visiting from Poland right now, and hopefully later my friend, so I’m either gonna be on trips or having fun, or trying to make money so I can have fun lel.

I’m still gonna be working on the comic every now and then, but I would really love to not have the constant pressure of updating weekly for a little bit, especially at the volume I would like to. Hopefully this will also allow me to build up enough content to be ahead of schedule, so when I’m back on track even when I can’t work on the comic for a week, I’ll have something to post that I have drawn previously.

I might also make a few occasional updates that won’t be actual pages, but just like fun extras etc. we will see. Might only post some of them on here, but again, depends on what they are, I’m not 100% sure, all I know is I wanna drop You something nice from time to time while I’m away 8)

Alright, I think that is all, see You back in few months!

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wait you gotta tell us your headcanons on harry with kids though

man, i think he is great w them. like, have u watched that new fast and furious movie when jason statham is saving the baby and cooing at it while he shoots and fights the goons? bc that is totally my headcanon for harry ajsj
“oh dear, we might wanna close our eyes for this bit, yes?” and then goes and breaks someone’s neck or something

I gotta admit… The Angels Take Manhattan’s ending kills me. The actual episode is a little bit silly but the ending breaks my weak little heart.

Also the more i rewatch DW the more I love River. Why did I hate her so much when I first watched it? She’s great.

I’m so glad I decided to give who another go. 

Sonic Prompt

World: The New Game (Sonic 2017)

Couple: Classic Sonic x Amy Rose

Summary: I want an understanding between Classic Sonic and Amy Rose. I think his usual ‘attitude’ will make him dislike her at first, but seeing how she really is will help him understand that she should definitely be his friend! That being said, I want him to kinda be mean to her at first, before seeing (With a little help from Modern Sonic maybe?) that she’s not so bad, considering he hasn’t met Classic Amy yet! (This is supposing he only has Classic Tails in the game) Okay, take your time!


Sonic watched as Amy scolded his younger self, and seeing the look in his eyes, he knew that feisty spirit of freedom of his would clash pretty well with Amy’s words.

In a slight snicker of being thrown back in time to his usual style, he watched as Classic Sonic stuck his tongue at her, and draped down one eyelid to show his lack of respect for her words, and took off.

This made Amy furious, about to stomp off after him before Sonic finally intervened.

“Woah-ho! Don’t rush it, Amy!” He cautioned, moving in front of her and stopping her before her hammer was to come out.

“Ohh!! He’s just so-… so…Ugh! He makes me furious! Can’t he see we’re all in this together? He acts like saving the world is a game! A-“ she stopped herself, her eyes widening as she withdrew her accusing pointed hand towards Classic Sonic and looked to Sonic.

Realizing her error, she shyly looked away and put her pointer fingers together, withdrawing them in near her. “Sorry… That was inconsiderate of me…”

Sonic just smirked, “What? Comparing me to me? I wouldn’t think so.” He found her actions kinda charming, but knew that Classic Sonic had now a judgement on her, and in order to break said judgement, he may need to help Amy out a little more…

“Look, if you want my other me to like you, you’ve gotta calm down a bit.”

Amy looked sorrowfully to Sonic, her eyes big and glistening, her lower lip in a tight puppy-dog pout, “He totally hates me… doesn’t he?”

Sonic sweatdropped, seeing the awkwardness now that she looked so hurt. “Uhh… I wouldn’t say that, but…”

“He’ll never want to meet me at this rate!” She threw her hands to her face and started to cry out loud, making Sonic even more nervous as he held out his hands to try and calm her down, motioning them downward and trying to keep up a smile for her.

“Hey! Woah! Calm down.. there, there… Don’t jump to conclusions, alright? I have an idea.” Sonic winked to her, straightening himself up.

Amy sniffled but turned to him, wiping her eyes. “A-an idea?” She sniffed, “Like what?”

“Well, first. Lose the baby-face.” He took her arms and pulled them gently down, so he could see her face and also, indirectly, tell her to chill out and get a hold of herself.

“Just be yourself.” He stated, “The cool, uh… slightly awkward, but chill you.” Sonic smiled, but was trying to think of something to say to her… not sure what his younger self would really be amazed with, but thinking it a good idea to start by impressing him.

“…Isn’t that basically asking me to be a particular something?” Amy raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t question my methods.” He pointed a finger at her, leaning in, before withdrawing and walking away, waving behind him. “Just impress the kid and you’ll be in.”

“Impress him… right!” Amy put her hands into tight fists and held them up, determined!

However… It was certain that Sonic didn’t mean… what she thought he meant…

Later on the battlefield once more, Amy saw a piece of rock flying towards Classic Sonic.

Sonic’s words rang in her mind and she smiled, racing forward and knocking it away.

“Heh!” she flipped her hair around and stood triumphantly in front of him, making him look up and his mouth form a slight ‘o’ in what looked to be awe in Amy’s eyes.

“You see~” she began, haughtily, before leaning down and holding up a finger to Classic Sonic. “I’m not just some girl who needs to be rescued…”

But while she tried to impress, another piece of rock was coming straight at her, and Classic Sonic ‘bing’ed a game noise and jumped, grabbing her in her shock and spinning her around.

He finally got his feet back on the ground but now had her above his head, holding her up by her back-end, and racing away from all the chaos.

The wobbling and bumpy ride made Amy dizzy and disoriented, as he was too small to really hold her bridal style, and quite frankly, hadn’t learned much about holding women the proper way yet either!

He came to a few winding bends before casting her off him and letting her spin in a twirl away, before Sonic came in at just the right time and caught her dizzy self from falling to the ground. “Easy there!” Sonic stated, pushing Amy back on her feet as she was about to topple over, and helped her remain still by keeping his hands on her back.

He then looked to his younger self, “A little more gentle with the girls there, little me.” He corrected, but in a humorous way.

Classic Sonic looked surprised to hear a ‘slight scold’ from his older self, and folded his arms, glaring.

He certainly didn’t like being told how to save someone.

“W-why does this a-always happen to me?” Amy was still pretty dizzy, but shook her head to try and get her balance back. “I try to impress, but end up in distress.” She ducked her head down and let her arms fall out in front of her too, looking utterly defeated.

Classic Sonic snickered.

That triggered her anger, as her head shot up in rage.

Sonic’s expression changed too, seeing her furious, as she summoned her hammer again and went to storm off and give that punk a lesson!

He quickly grabbed her from behind, stopping her in her tracks, and lifted her off the ground, completely hindering her of any mobility.

Modern Sonic was smart, his experience with her made him know that her appearance certainly didn’t match her immense strength, and by taking away that powerful stance with her legs, she would lose some of that swinging power.

“Amy! You’re only going to make it worse for yourself!” Sonic warned, seeing as she was turning fierce again.


Amy struggled, but ended up stopping her attempts at release and just huffed out her exhaustion.

Classic Sonic had already dashed away, seeing her lose it, and was far gone by now.

Amy went back to being bummed out, as Sonic looked over her shoulder to see she was done with her temper tantrum, and put her down.

“Now he’ll never think I’m cool enough to be his friend…” Amy slouched down to her knees, feeling hopeless at gaining his approval again.

Sonic looked down fondly to his friend, but knew she was in need of a lot of help…

He put his hands to his hips, and shook his head, “Oh, Amy…” He seemed to say that with some charm, not so much a mock.

He smiled the best he could to her, and leaned down to address her, his hand swinging out as he gestured with it while he spoke, keeping the mood peppy and optimistic. “Why not try to be more relaxed and level-headed? Just smile and lot and do your best to help out, he’ll see the good in you.”

Amy’s head swung up and around to look at Sonic, a few signs of a slight cry were noticed but not mentioned, as she rubbed her eyes and got up, turning to him. “You… you think so?”

“Think so?” Sonic knew he needed to comfort her, but couldn’t think of a better way than a challenge! “I know so! After all! I am him.” He motioned his arms out in a shrug almost, before giving her a light hit on her shoulder.

“Like I said! Just show him the good side of ya! You know… the side that’s not so… Grr.” He slightly growled out, showing that Amy can be kinda fierce sometimes…

Amy pulled her act together and nodded, hitting the sides of her face and perking up a bit. “Right! I’ll show him! I’ll show him that it’s fate that we’ll meet, yet!” she raced to the headquarters, as Sonic just sighed, shaking his head with a smile.

“Don’t overdo it… the kid’s not much into sympathy…”

A day later, Amy noticed Classic Sonic zipping around and causing mayhem.

Not liking to be coped up with nothing to do, he was being mischievious, snickering in a corner after changing out Tails’s screws with Knuckles’s grapes, and having Knuckles chew on them and get angry, letting out a big frustrated roar and stomp about; looking for the culprit.

“So.. you like to pick on people, do ya?”

Classic Sonic stopped snickering to turn around and look up.

He wasn’t afraid of her, and clearly showed this by his look of distaste and uncaring yawn at her continual attempts at trying to ‘tame’ him.

Before Amy let out any scolding, she remembered what Sonic had said again, and looked back behind her, thinking of a better strategy then this.

“… always thought a hero was one who helped others?” she began, before looking back to Classic Sonic, who was in a bit of disbelief that she wasn’t yelling at him like usual.

“I mean… um…” she put her hands on her knees, leaning down to address him, but trying to be polite and more… quiet about it. “A guy like you should be looking for what’s next on the agenda for saving the world! You know?”

The second she thought she was getting to him, he walked up and stared at her, before flicking her nose and dashing away.

“OW!” she straightened up and held her hurt nose, before her anger finally got the better of her.


In another room, our Modern Sonic was preparing to eat a delicious looking chilidog, before stopping and looking at all the kitchen utensils shaking and the dirt above the headquarters, which was slightly under the surface, shaking and letting some loose ground fall.

He sighed, turning around, “Here we go again…”

He dashed off, eating the chilidog while he did so, knowing his other self might snatch it from him if he didn’t, and held a second one… just in case~

Amy had once again confronted Classic Sonic, who continued to look calm and collected, looking to her as if she was just another annoyance that he could maybe have some fun teasing and playing around with.

The second Sonic came around from the other end, he hid behind a corner, and leaned against it in the darkness of that lane, smiling.

He knew full well what was coming next, and knew his little self hadn’t experienced a good ‘Amy bashing’ yet, but not by her infamous hammer this time…

“You’re a HERO! Do you think mocking and playing games like this is doing anyone any favors?!” she began, not being able to control her emotions.

“We’re believing in you to help save us! Our future, your future! At least little Tails is pulling his weight, but you? You just keep causing trouble for everyone! And why? Cause you’re BORED?! Get a grip and remember who you are!”

That last line had caught Classic Sonic’s attention.

A moment ago, he had tilted his head slightly to the side with a smile, not caring one bit what this crazy lady was saying, before straightening his head out and blinking his eyes open in a moment of having his heart suddenly pricked.

He rolled his head down and glared at Amy, more offended than anything, before raising an eyebrow to her.

“You heard me! I remember you risking it all for the good of what’s right! And all you’re doing is playing around and causing who knows what destruction behind you!” She swung an arm out and behind her, the other hand up near her face, and her emotion coming through clearly, especially now that he was paying her more attention.

This sparked some kind of intrigue in Classic Sonic, as he turned to face her, leaning forward with his hands on his hips, and slightly tapping his foot.

He was mad, but he was still keeping up his punk-ish demeanor.

“You run around at the speed of sound, so what? If that means you can’t even stop and realize that you could be letting that loose energy out by keeping patrol outside or even trying to find a chaos emerald! Oh, but no… THIS Sonic would rather pull off some stupid pranks that nobody’s impressed with!” She huffed her cause out and then folded her arms, turning her body to the side and looking up with her eyes shut. “Some lousy hero you are!”

As she walked away, Classic Sonic finally let out some emotion, and showed his teeth in utter rage at her comments.

Not only was she right, but he couldn’t fight her.

There was some kind of guilt forming inside him, and he looked down, away from her with a ‘tsk’ and ran out.

Modern Sonic tossed a chilidog up in the air, having it spin as he caught it, and did this a few times before whistling and getting Amy’s attention.

He caught it for the last time as she turned to see him and walked out of the dark. “You really told him what for.”

Amy let out a sigh, and looked sorrowfully down at the ground. “Yeah… but now he’s going to hate me for sure… I guess I couldn’t help myself… you were really being immature!” She pouted and left that last line as a side comment, but Sonic still heard it, and tilted his head, cheekily.

“Once… was me. Don’t get us mixed up, now.” He walked around her and then stopped at the direction she had just come from. “You didn’t see it, but I certainly did. You were the first person to ever really get through to me about what a hero really means. It’s not just all fun and games, sometimes… it’s serious business.” He tossed the chilidog up in the air again, before catching it and licking his lips, really wanting a bite out of it, but stopped before he could as Amy turned back around.

“You mean… he was impressed I stood up to him?” There was a glimmer of hope in Amy’s eyes.

“Uhhh… uh-huh.” Sonic put the chilidog down, sighing again. “Well, kinda. You’re still only half way down the road there, pal.” He teased, doing more tricks in his hand with the chilidog, spinning it around like a twirling stick.


Sonic froze, catching the chilidog.

“You’re going to get chili all over the floor!” Amy scolded, as Sonic just rolled his eyes.

“Some things don’t change..” he started walking away.

“H-hey,… where are you going?” Amy side-stepped, trying to see where he was headed.

“I’ve gotta talk to little me, see if he’s permanently damaged by your ‘moral standings’.” He teased, and dashed off, leaving Amy to her signature, ‘OooooOOoooOOOhhh…’ as she felt her cause was still hopeless once more.

Classic Sonic was really fed up with Amy, but the things she said were sticking in his mind, and pulling at his heart a little to much for his comfort.

Modern Sonic walked up to him, giving him a slight greeting, before having a bit of a bro-to-bro talk.

Amy walked out to the forest after some time, and Classic Sonic just glared in dislike of her, but in a more silly way, not really showing any malice.

“Heh, heh! You’re still pretty torn up from your last encounter with her, huh?” Sonic teased, as Classic Sonic folded his arms, sat down, and looked grumpy as ever…

His head was low against his arms, to where you could only really see his eyes, blinking in their frustrations.

“She really taught you a think or two.” Sonic shook his head, before looking off after Amy. “…You know…”

Classic Sonic turned his head to him.


“She really is a good friend of mine.”

Classic Sonic snorted a disapproval, shuffling and seeming to be further upset by this stated comment.

“Haha, I know it’s not easy to see why right now, but… you’ll see.” He winked to his friend, having been sitting down with him now, laying back and relaxing, but keeping an arm behind him to lean against so he wasn’t too chilled out.

“Amy’s… well, Amy’s a handful sometimes, but you gotta admire her heart.”

Still, Classic Sonic just huffed and ruffled himself further into his grumpy stance, making his quills look messy, as Sonic continued to snicker to himself.

“Look, before you lose complete trust with her, I would like to suggest… a challenge.” He lowered a pointer finger to his grumpy self, as Classic Sonic’s eyes perked up, and he slowly rolled them towards his friend, breaking out of his grump-look and leaning to his friend with curiosity.

“There is a way to see the real Amy. The reason I keep her around.” Sonic explained, before getting up, and striking another signature look of his smile and finger waving, “But it takes strategy… I’ll fill you in on how to get it out of her, but you’ll have to take it from there.”

Classic Sonic bounced up, rolling to his back and then flipping up, before matching Sonic’s look, and seeming interested in what this entailed.

Plus, he was bored. And he was awfully in wonder at how his future self could put up with such a party-pooper.

………..Later in the forest~

Classic Sonic had spotted Amy, looking out over the limited view she had near a few trees, that led down to a lower land.

He paused a moment, gripping the tree and looking down and behind him, before shaking his head, and looking determined to find out what it was about this girl that kept his older self around her for so long.

He took a silent breath and walked out.

Amy heard the tiny footfalls and was surprised as she turned around to see Classic Sonic.

“A-ah! Little Sonic!” she looked around, not sure where to go from here.

He made a frown,… but quickly enacted his older self’s strategy.

To lure the so-called, ‘real her’, he had to charm her up a bit, and so he put on a smile and walked up next to her, trying to look friendly.

“O-oh.. are you.. not mad at me anymore?”

He lowered his head, but nodded, letting out a fake chuckle, and looked away.

It was awkward for a moment, before Amy giggled, and his head shot straight up, before looking at her with that ‘o’ of disbelief as his mouth again.

“I’m so glad! I was worried I’d never see you again!”

The look of pure joy on her face was something that held his eyes… and caused him to stare and search her face a moment.

This was… strange… wasn’t she violent and roaring at him all the time?

“I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t have gotten so mad at you… I understand that your nature is one of being very playful and mischievous, but I usually thought that was more around bad guys…” she stepped a foot out and leaned on it back and forth, having a cute sway as she looked off into the distance up towards the sky to her right, before laughing again and looking to Classic Sonic.

“I’m really sorry. It’s just… when I look at you, I remember all the wonderful adventures and moments I’ve had with you! And well… when you were mean to me… I guess I just got so upset because… because it kinda ruined those moments for me… you know?” She turned away, before putting a finger to her mouth in thought, and turning to him again.

Now he was completely mesmerized at the transformation this lady had undertaken.

In a matter of simply smiling politely to her, she was now so much kinder, sweeter, and genuine.

His eyes blinked in his confusion and surprise.

“U-uh… well, it’s the truth.” She put her hands behind her back and looked down, smiling nervously. “I really don’t want you to judge our relationship based on what you’ve seen or heard… because… I really do still want to meet you, Sonic. And I really want you to meet me too…” she turned to him, “It’s fate! After all! Hehe~”

Her giggle and sudden excitement, turning to him and hopping a little towards him made him step back and his hands move back to balance himself with his reaction to her advance, but he couldn’t help but be in awe at how… how…

Cute this girl was turning out to be…

Did she really admire him that much?

“Hmm? What? Don’t understand?”

He shook his head, being sincere about the situation.

“Hmm.. let me think.” She leaned up a moment, before clapping her hands, “Ah-ha! I know!”

She giggled again and rushed over to his side, sitting down and making him nervous as she tucked her dress down and laid on the grass near him.

She patted the spot next to her, inviting him to sit too.

He really didn’t want to be so close to this girl, but he ended up remembering the strategy, and reluctantly, plopped down.

Still, his head was up to the side, opposite of her, and his eyes were closed. Distancing himself from her in a body-language way.

“Still being the cool-kid, huh?” she teased, before looking up at the sky again. “I remember being so amazed at how you would be so brave as to always do the right thing… even when no one else would…”

Sonic’s eyes shot open, and he turned to look at her, slowly though, and in increments.

She closed her eyes, reminiscing, “I still remember seeing you for the first time… Hehe! You were so cool! And very handsome.” She nodded her head.

Classic Sonic stared before his face turned to one of pride, and then looked up with a haughty smile on his face, eyes closed as she flicked his nose with his thumb, as if saying, ‘Of course! I’m irresistible!’.

She laughed again, before continuing, “You would save anyone who ever had need of you… and you would do so in a heartbeat! Literally! It really made me admire you a lot.”

She turned to him with a pleasant smile, that Classic Sonic could see a glimmer of what his older self had meant… about who she really was.

He searched her eyes and saw nothing but kindness, and a good heart

“I hope this means you won’t regret meeting me… or even try and dodge the encounter because…” she got up again, startling him slightly as he got up to follow her movement.

“Because… I really do like you a lot.. Sonic.. The Hedgehog.”

She spoke into her hand, as if trying to hide her blush, before turning around and shaking her head. “Oh man! How embarrassing! Hehe! We barely even know each other! Well, you don’t know me very well, but I certainly know you! Hehehe~”

Something loud and disturbing beat in Sonic’s little heart, and it rapidly increased as he noticed her smile get bigger and bigger, and her laughter grow louder and louder, and almost wished it wouldn’t end.

He brought her so much joy in memory… he didn’t understand it, but he definitely understood what his heart was saying.

She calmed down and nodded to him, before turning to walk away. “I… I hope you’ll treat her kindly… Sonic.”

As she departed, Classic Sonic’s face turned grim, as he held out a sorrowful hand to her, but couldn’t seem to let himself stop her.

He looked around quickly, before letting an open-smile cross his face and dashing to retrieve what he had seen.

Zipping in front of her in a blue blur of light, he held out a simple, but beautiful looking pink flower to her, with little dew drops making it shine in the evening light.

She gasped, and leaned down to receive his gift, as he did a little showy pose for her, and left her with a ‘handsome’ signature look.

“Oh, you really are a charmer, aren’t you?” she teased him, before looking at the flower thoughtfully,… thinking…

“…Does this mean… you still want me as a friend?” She asked, her face showing her hope for the answer to remain a yes.

Classic Sonic’s expression changed to a softer one, something he wasn’t used too doing, being gentle and sweet around people.

He took a big breath and bowed to her, before winking and doing another pose before dashing off.

Amy got up, and watched after him, seeing he had pulled out a chilidog and started to eat it too.

The challenge came with a reward for completing it… it seemed.

“See? Told ya it was easy.”

Amy looked behind her to see Modern Sonic walk out, winking to her as he noticed her slight tears from being given a flower and accepted by his past self once more.

“O-oh?” she wiped her eyes, “I.. I didn’t even notice I was..”

Sonic chuckled and moved a hand up to her face, using the palm of his hand to wipe the remaining water out of her eyes. “Why do you always cry? It’s a little embarrassing, honestly.” He teased.

She giggled, liking his sudden show of affection, before he leaned back and put his hands on his hips, shaking his head. “That kid… will he ever learn? But I suppose you know now,… he’s cool with ya.” Sonic winked again, as Amy’s entire face lit up with approval.

“Yes! I’m still his friend!” She struck a triumphant pose, before Sonic had to ruin the moment with-

“Really? You’re this happy for being in the friendzone?”

Amy’s whole being looked like it had been shot through and shaken by lightning.

Sonic laughed again, “Well, at least your happy.” He continued to tease her, making her get close to her breaking point.

“Why are you being so mean now…” she pouted, whining out the complaint as he held his arms out to excuse himself.

“Hey, I was just letting you know the current situation. But the more he comes to know you… I think the more he’ll stick around.” Sonic smirked and gave another wink to her, as Amy got up and dashed over to him, stopping right in front of him.

“Oh! Don’t act like you’re the one ‘sticking around’, Sonic! Admit it! I’m the only girl who’d ever put up with you! Hmph.” She turned around with a puffed up cheek, and then looked lovingly back to the flower in her hand, turning it slightly so she could see the dew, which sparkled like diamonds at this angle…

Sonic looked down at it, before moving his eyes up to see her face, and smiled again.

He plucked the flower from her hand and surprised her by placing it right next to her ear, using her headband to keep it in place, and putting the stem through her hair so it would hold.

She turned to look at him as he admired the positioning of it a moment, a hand up to his chin, before stating, “Heh, beautiful!” and then returning to his normal stance.

“You told me it was fate, right? Well, if it really is fate, then maybe you are the only woman who would put up with me.”

Amy held her silence, awestruck by what he had just said.

“Buuuut~” a wicked grin suddenly formed as he held a finger up, and started to calmly walk away. “You also called me a charmer! And that means that you’re not the only one who finds me…” he turned around, striking a flirty pose, “irresistible.”


“Whoops! Triggered the ‘Grr’!”

Sonic dashed off as Amy stormed after him, but all the while, a playful and mischievous smile on his face, almost thrilled to be chased after, even if she did look a little scary…