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Solo Underground Shoot 📷

I’ve been a lil MIA. Currently in a lack-of-inspiration rut. Trying to think of ideas what to do next, where to improve, what moves to make, nd what to cut outta my life. At the end of the day, if it aint puttin cash into my pocket or buildin anything genuine, consider it snipped. I gotta keep kickin myself in the ass to remember what I’m doin and who I’m doin it for. Stay motivated ya’ll at the end of the day u gotta getcho bread up nd keep pushin for urself. Period.


Haikyuu!! | Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Team


Day 4: On a Date. 

Whilst on Arkanis conducting a routine inspection of the Academy there, Kylo and Hux stop for picnic, and Kylo tries his very best to be romantic. Poor sod, probably no one ever taught him how to give someone else a flower, Snoke certainly wouldn’t have. 

Part of my Kylux 30 Day OTP Challenge.

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Hellish Queen Persephone;

blooming flowers intertwined

with lush golden hair.

                                              Heavenly King Hades;

                                              sharp thorns sat atop

                                              a raven black head.

The Demon’s Web pt. 2

Mara, unable to handle the flurry of emotions, boiling in her mind, ran.  She ran as fast as she could and he did not follow.  He’d expected a challenge; in fact, he’d hoped for one.  After all, if he claimed her too quickly the game would be over.  Conquering Mara would be conquering Abel’s greatest ally, whether he knew of her existence or not.  Kain wasn’t exactly sure what he’d do with that power but it was always best to have the upper hand in any unforeseen situations. Ah well, he was certain the girl would return soon.  She never strayed away too far from her beloved, and after a deep, sweet kiss like the one he’d just gifted her how could the seeds of yearning not draw her back into his web once more? What a fun game.  Kain smirked.  

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I thought I’d make a playlist of songs that help me to write and help boost my creativity!! maybe others can gain from this so!! listed below are some of the songs!!

I hope these manage to help some of you!! happy writing dear friends~ xx

anonymous asked:

I had this strange thought and you're the first blog I though of! There is a million Witch!Stiles prompts but what about Derek? What if Derek's dad is not a human or a werewolf? What happens when Derek lives his entire life as a werewolf and one day, after he kisses Stiles for the first time and maybe Stiles spend the night, he wakes up to his furniture floating and Stiles trying to catch his baseball bat to fight whoever is doing this??? Also, Derek this mix of gold and red and he's— (1/2)

freaking out! Maybe it’s rare or something and then Peter tells him about how all the Hales have magic but only a STRONG emotion can trigger it, so it ends up with Stiles realizing that all the pain Derek felt in his life was not as strong as falling for Stiles. (2/2) told you it’s strange and weird lol

so it ends up with Stiles realizing that all the pain Derek felt in his life was not as strong as falling for Stiles

Are you trying to make me overly emotional? 

Alright but this also being the moment Stiles finds out he is Derek’s anchor because it’s only when Derek looks at him, touched him, that he can control his magic. Stiles choosing to get cocky about it because, “Bet you never thought you’d get saddled with me as an anchor, eh, Der?” waggling his eyebrows and whatnot - that is until Derek frowns and says, “What are you talking about? You’ve been my anchor for five years, Stiles.” At which point Stiles just…

because Derek - Derek Hale - chose him- Stiles - as his anchor and Stiles is never going to stop smiling over that.


He might accidentally tell Derek he loves him before running out the room because HE IS DEREK FREAKING HALE’S ANCHOR AND HE WANTS TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS.