gotta be done before his birthday

“Come on, Adrien dear. We’re done, it’s time to go!”

“Hold on, maman! I gotta do something first!”

Adrien tugs his hand away from Madame Agreste before running towards the little girl standing next to the counter. He takes out a package he’d hidden underneath his coat and hands it to her.

“For you!” he says with a grin. “I didn’t know it was your birthday a month ago so..uh…Happy Late Birthday! You can open it by the way.”

Marinette quietly takes the package and examines it before tearing the paper wrapping away and quickly tossing it on the floor. Adrien spots the sharp look her mother makes but the girl ignores it, instead gazing at the black cat beanie in her hands.

“Do you like it?” Adrien asks, twisting the end of his jacket sleeve.

The smile that quickly appears on her face is the brightest he’s seen on her since they’d met.

“Yes,” she finally answers with a loud breath. “I love it.”

With that, warmth floods Adrien’s cheeks as he grins. Before he catches himself, he leans forward to plant a kiss near her left eye. Marinette giggles at the sensation before looking back at him with bright eyes and an even-wider smile.

“So um..goodbye now,” Adrien says as he begins walking towards his mom with a wave. “See ya tomorrow?”

“Uh, yeah! Tomorrow!” Marinette waves back at him, no doubt her own face flushed with red.

The black cat beanie looks adorable on her, both the mothers think. 

OK SO. First of all, I did not expect that drabble to get THIS long omg (actually it was even longer but I manage to cut it down to make it quick and snappy). Second of all, I was hoping to color this completely but it wasn’t working so I stuck to generally monochromatic tones. Third, CHILDHOOD FRIENDS AU AGAIN. Ugh these kids <3

ChildhoodFriends!AU headcanon: The mothers arranged to have their kids visit each other to hang out and play whenever they weren’t busy.

Edit: Forgot to mention I used a reference for the posing but tweaked it a bit of course.
First Kiss

Prompt: Crankiplier; Ethan’s bday+first kiss
Thanks @tardisandwings for the prompt!

“Wake up sleepy head!”

Ethan groaned in annoyance when he felt someone shake his shoulder.

“Five more minutes.” Ethan grumbled before rolling to his other side.

Ethan heard Mark chuckle.

“Why are you even in my room? Just let my alarm wake me up.” Ethan complained.

“Did you forget what day it is?”

Ethan could practically hear the amusement dripping from Mark’s words.

“Its fuckin Thursday. Let me sleeeeep.”

“Ok, well I guess we’re just gonna have to cancel all the birthday plans…..”

That got Ethan sitting up in a flash. Ethan stared at Mark straight in the eye for a minute, letting his mind catch up.


“Yep sure is.” Mark smiled before leaning in for a kiss.

Ethan quickly rolled off the bed and stood up. A light blush was now dusted across his cheeks.

“Is breakfast done?” Ethan asked, hoping to distract from what just happened.

“Tyler should be finishing it right now.”

“Then what are we waiting for?!” Ethan grabbed Mark’s hand and started pulling him.

Mark laughed as he let Ethan lead him to the kitchen.

“Are those waffles I smell?” Ethan asked excitedly.

“Why don’t you go see?”

Ethan let go of Mark’s hand and darted to the kitchen.

“Damn he sure loves waffles.” Mark chuckled.

“He loves anything that’s made for him.” Amy smiled.

“Especially when it has chocolate.” Kathryn joined in.

“What? Did Tyler get nut-free chocolate?”

“You bet he did.”

Then they heard a small sound of pain from the kitchen.
The three quickly made their way towards the noise.

“What happened? Is everyone ok??” Amy asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I just got a lil papercut. That’s all.” Ethan blushed.

“How on earth did you get a papercut?”

“He tried to steal my waffle recipe.” Tyler said.

“Why won’t you just tell me what the secret ingredient is already?!” Ethan pouted.

“Because then it won’t be much of a secret now, would it?”

“But I’m the birthday boyyyy.” Ethan whined.

Mark rolled his eyes.
“How is your finger, Ethan?”

“It kinda stings a little bit. It’ll be fine.” Ethan shrugged.

“You want me to kiss it better?”

Ethan giggled before holding out his hand to Mark.

Mark gently kissed the cut.

“Oh, it looks like you have a cut on your lip too. I gotta make that one better too.” Mark grinned.

“Nope!” Ethan laughed as he dodged Mark’s lips.

Mark just chuckled and ruffled Ethan’s blue hair.

“Not the hair! Not the hair!” Ethan batted Mark’s hand away.

“Why not? It’s already a mess.”

“No its not! Its beautiful!” Ethan said, doing a hairflip, making everyone laugh.

“Alright birthday boy, the waffles are almost done.” Tyler smiled.

Ethan squealed in delight. He ran to set the table, like he normally did for meal, when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Nuh uh. You go sit at the head of the table. We got this.” Amy smiled.

Ethan giggled before grabbing his chair and dragging it toward the living room.

“Hey uh Ethan… whatcha doing there?” Kathryn asked with a giggle.

Ethan froze.
“Uh… going to the living room?” Ethan’s voice went an octave higher.

“What’s wrong with the table?”

“Nothing! Its just.. me and my dad would always watch a Harry Potter movie when we had a birthday breakfast.”

“I don’t see any problems with doing that.” Kathryn gave him a reassuring smile.
“But why exactly are we bringing in the dining chairs?”

“We have white couches, silly goose!”

The two started setting up the living room while Mark, Amy, and Tyler ran around the kitchen trying to keep everything from burning.

“BREAKFAST IS D- wait where the fuck did they go?” Tyler looked around.

“Quick! Kathryn, hide!” Ethan dove to the floor.


Kathryn had to cover Ethan’s mouth as to not give away their spot.

“On three.” Kathryn mouthed to Ethan.


“Two.” Ethan beamed.

“CHICA NO!“ Ethan fell back as Chica attacked him with kisses.

“Good girl Chica! You found them!” Mark laughed as he walked around the couch.

“Markkkk nooooo I wanted to jumpscare you!”

“Too bad!” Mark leaned down to kiss him but just then, Ethan buried his face in Chica’s fur.

“Are the waffles done?” Ethan asked, his voice muffled.

“Yeah, they are. Come on Eth.” Mark offered him a hand up.
“Breakfast is served!” Tyler beamed as he brought in a stack of waffles.

Ethan instinctively reached up for one before getting his hand smacked away.

“Didn’t I tell you to sit down?” Amy said lightly.

“Ughh fineee!” Ethan plopped down in the closest chair.

“And besides, you need a plate firstm” Kathryn giggled and handed him a plate of bacon.


“Ethan…. you just took the plate.” Mark tried not to laugh.

“Well, it has bacon.”

~time skip~

“Hey, it looks like some chocolate missed your mouth, bud.” Mark chuckled.

“Huh? Where?” Ethan started wiping his mouth.

“Wait!” Amy pulled out her phone.

Ethan gave her a cheesy smile while she took the picture.

“Ok now where’s the chocolate?” Ethan asked.

“On the left.” Tyler said.
“No the other left, your left.”

Ethan blushed a little.

“How do you keep missing it?!” Mark laughed.

“I don’t know! It doesn’t want to leave my face!”

“Here let me get it for you.”

Ethan shoved his napkin in Mark’s hand. Mark sighed as he wiped the chocolate off of Ethan’s mouth.

“Ethan, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, shoot.”

“Why won’t you let me kiss you?”

“I don’t know.” Ethan shrugged.

“You… don’t know?”

“Well all you’ve been doing to get to kiss me are cliche gimmicks.”

“So if I asked you if I could kiss you, you’d let me?”


“Ethan Darling-Nestor, may I kiss you?”

“Hmmmm no.”

“What?! But you just said-”

Ethan burst out laughing.

“Of course you can, Mark.” Ethan smiled.

Mark smiled as he brought a hand up to cup Ethan’s face. Ethan leaned into it slightly and looked at him expectantly.
Mark leaned in and gently kissed his lips.

“Huh.” Ethan sat back.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked.

“I never expected kissing to be like that.”

“Wait, was that you’re first kiss?!” Mark stared at him with wide eyes.

“Uh yeah…” Ethan blushed.

“Aweee that’s so sweet!” Amy cooed.

“I’m so glad you let me do that.” Mark kissed his head.
“Is everyone done with their plates?”

After a chorus of “yeahs”, Mark gathered up everyone’s plates and headed to the kitchen.

“So how was it?” Tyler asked with an amused smile.

Ethan blushed and pushed Tyler away a little.

“Aw come on. How was you first kissss?”

“Oh leave him alone.” Kathryn hit Tyler’s shoulder playfully.

“It was- it was ok? I don’t really know what I was expecting. Definitely wasn’t worth all that hype.” Ethan responded.

“So does that mean I get to kiss you again?” Mark asked, walking back around the couch.

Ethan smiled before leaning up and pecking Mark’s lips.
The Littlest Winchester - Something Special for Sam

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,009


Can you do The Littlest Winchester where its Sam’s birthday and the reader tries to make something special for him?


           “Daddy, will you take me to the store?” The four-year-old tugs at Dean’s pant leg to get his attention.

           “Why do you want to go to the store?”

           “I want to get Sammy a present.”

           “Why don’t you make him something?”

           “I don’t know what to make him.”

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Fight Song ~ Part 10 ~ Happy Birthday

Originally posted by therewasneverjustone

Warnings: Depression, loneliness, drinking, intervention, fighting

Pairings: Steve X Reader X Bucky ; Tony X Reader

Word Count: 4106


The sounds of birds chirping echoes through my head like a bullhorn making me groan in annoyance. I peek through my eyelids and instantly snap them shut as the daylight comes pouring into the room making my head throb.

Sweet baby Jesus.

I roll over onto my back which only results in my head pounding even harder. I stretch my arms out and find that I’m lying in my bed alone. I groan as I instantly pull the blankets over my head making darkness surround me. My cell phone’s ringtone, ‘Talking Body’ by Tove Lo, rings out from somewhere in the room and I groan. Throwing the blanket back I wince at the light before I crawl toward the ringing resulting in me falling off the bed with a hard thud.

Son of a bitch!

I crawl toward the ringing and find it sitting in the window seal and without looking answer it. “Yeah?”

“Good morning Peanut,” Tony’s voice calls out and I sigh.

“What’s so good about it?” I groan out as I rub my forehead.

“Did someone have too much fun last night?”

“Something like that,” I say as I force myself to my feet and manage a glance out the window to see Steve walking from the barn looking like he had just mucked all the stalls himself and I raise an eyebrow.

“Nat wanted to ask you a question,”

“Then why didn’t she just call me?”

“Don’t be an ass (Name),” Nat chimes in making me smirk.

“Hey red,” I say as I run a hand through my hair and let out a heavy sigh.

“So what’d you do last night?” she asks suggestively and I roll my eyes.

“Got drunk, made an ass outta myself, said some hateful things, found out Bucky and Steve like me, and did I mention being groped at the bar?”

“Good thing I had you off speaker phone,” she says making me chuckle, then instantly regret it as my head pounds. Something catches my eye and I turn to see Bucky chopping wood and I stare at him while Nat continues, “So what are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know,” I say as I pull away from the window and walk back over to my bed.

“Do you like them?” She asks and I sigh as I sit down upon my bed.

“Yeah,” I say as I pinch the bridge of my nose.

“Well, which one of them do you like more?”

“I don’t know, I literally cannot choose. When I think about it, it makes my head hurt.”

“Plus there’s them being best friends since childhood,”

“Right?! I keep telling them that I do not want to ruin their friendship but they just keep telling me that I couldn’t even if I tried.”

“Have you given the thought to possibly dating them both?”

“I am not that kind of girl,”


“I don’t date,”

“Right, and while you sit there dreading the decision at hand they’ll most likely end up with someone else. Do you want that?”

“No…” I say as I take a deep breath and let it out.

“So it’s either date them both, chose one and most likely end up hurting the other, or just remain the way you are and let someone else have a chance at them.”

“I really hate you right now,” I say as I lean back against my bed and stare up at the ceiling.

“You could never hate me,” she says as a chuckle escapes her lips. “Oh just letting you know now that pretty much everyone is coming in for your birthday party later.”

“Wait, what day is it?” I ask tilting my head.

“Saturday, seriously how much did you party last night?”

“Apparently harder that I thought.”

“Well we gotta drop some stuff off at the tower but then we’re headed your way.”

“Okay I’ll see you guys soon,”

“Tony told me to tell you not to let anyone else use his room if that makes any sense.”

“Tell him I make no promises.”

“Alright see ya (Name).”

“Bye Nat,” I say as I end the call and let it fall to my side.

Great, I forgot today was my birthday.

I roll my eyes and forcing myself up walk to my bathroom and grab the nearest bottle of pain killers. I take a couple pills and using the water from the sink wash them down. I glance back up at the mirror and frown as I see my reflection.

You look like shit.

I smirk as I turn the cold water on and splash some of it on my face to wake me up more. Standing back up I turn the water off and let out a heavy sigh. I was definitely not ready for company. I reach over and grabbing a towel I decide to check if the electricity was back on. I flick the light switch and let out a sigh of relief as the light bulb lights up.


I walk over to the shower and quickly turning the hot water on start pulling my clothes off. When I am fully naked I climb into the shower and let the steaming hot water cascade down over my shoulders making the throbbing in my head start to lessen. I let out a sigh of relief as I tilt my head back and let the hot water hit the top of my head making a cry of pleasure escape my lips. Lifting my head back up I look around at the shower until I find my shower radio and turning it on smile as Cee Lo Green’s 'Fuck You!’ starts playing out.

In an instant it feels like my hangover is gone and I smile as I start singing out along with the lyrics. As the song plays out I wash my hair and body before rinsing off. I let out a sigh of relief as I turn the water off and opening the curtain come face to face with a sweaty Bucky Barnes standing in the doorway with that stupid Smirk on his face. “WHAT THE HELL BARNES?!” I yell out as I pull the curtain back to cover my body.

“You have a pretty voice,” He says as his smirk grows wider almost turning into a full smile.

“Aw really? Thank you, now get out!” I say as I narrow my eyes at him.

“And if I don’t?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“You really wanna know?”

“I asked didn’t I?”

“Fine,” I say as I bite my lip and look away before slowly turning back to him, “I will walk out of here just like you’re not even there.”

“Seriously?” he asks his smirk disappearing.

“Oh yeah,” My lips curve up into a seductive smirk as I continue, “Care to find out?” He remains standing there for a moment as if to test me, until I go to move the shower curtain and he instantly turns his back. I smile brightly as I say, “Thanks, now what did you want?”

“I just came up to check on you.”

“Check on me, or to check me out?” I say as I move the shower curtain and reach for the towel.

“Maybe a bit of both,” He says and I can tell he is smirking. I wrap the towel around my waist before I climb out of the shower and walking over to him I bite my lip as I fight the urge to touch him.

“Okay, can you move so I can get dressed? I only have at the most five hours to get changed and get my house cleaned up before everyone shows up.”

“Me and Steve cleaned already.” He says as he slowly turns toward me his jaw clenching when he sees how close we are to each other. My heart starts to race as his eyes look over me before landing on mine. My breath catches and I blink a few times before I take a step back.

“Thank you,” I say as I avoid his eyes.

“No problem,” He says as he clears his throat and steps back giving me enough room to walk past him.

“I have a favor to ask you and Steve actually.” I say as I walk over to my dresser.

“Yeah,” he says clearing his throat again, “What do you need?”

“Can we not talk about what happened last night?”

“Not gonna happen.” I hear Steve say as he walks into the room and I roll my eyes.

“Why not?” I say as I turn toward him.

“Because you almost died.”

“So, that can just stay between us. Tony never has to know.”

“Why not? You’re his daughter.” He says as he narrow his eyes.

“Not the point Rogers,” I say as I stomp over to him and narrow my eyes.

“Then what is the point (Name)?” He says glaring down into my eyes.

“I-” I pause for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. “I don’t want him to worry. I know what happened last night was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it but I can’t take it back. Therefore I plan to move on and leave it all in the past.”

“You should still tell Tony.” Steve says his voice filled with worry.

“I will,” I say as I look down at my hands before continuing, “Just not today.”

“I still think you should tell him today,”

“Come on Steve, the last thing Tony needs is to hear that his daughter almost didn’t make it to her (Y/A) Birthday. How do you think that will make him feel?”

“She’s gotta point Steve.” Bucky says and I keep my eyes focused on the super soldier in front of me.

“Alright,” Steve says as he looks from Bucky back to me.

“Thanks Steve!” I call out as I throw my arms up and hug him. Steve tenses under my grasp and I hear Bucky let out a chuckle.

“Um (Name),” Steve says and I pull away from him to see him trying his best not to look at me.

“What?” I ask as I look between the two of them confused. Bucky smirks as he points to my body and I glance down to see that my towel had fallen to the floor leaving me bear naked. Squealing I instantly press my body back against Steve and holding myself there say, “Um Bucky, could you uh,”

“Nope, I like the view.”

“Dammit Buck!” Steve growls out and I bury my face in his chest as I try to hide the pure embarrassment on my face.

“Right, I’ll just-” Bucky says as walks past us and out into the hallway laughing the whole time. I glance up at Steve to see his face flushed as he tries not to look down at me.

“Um can you close your eyes?”

“Yeah, sure, of course.” Steve says as he clamps his eyes closed. He smelled of horses and hay making my heart race in my chest. I smirk as I reach up and wave my hand in front of his eyes to make sure he wasn’t peaking. My hand pauses inches from his face before I instantly pull it back down and backing away from him turn him so that he is facing the door.

“Okay now, stay still and do not turn around.”

“Yes ma'am,” He says and I smirk.

“Ever the gentleman Captain,” I say as I quickly walk back over to my dresser and pull out a pair of underwear and a bra. After putting them on I reach into my closet and pull out a black Metallica shirt and a pair of blue jeans. After I slip them both on I turn back to him and say, “Okay, I am fully clothed.” I watch as his back relaxes before he turns toward me. He smiles softly as he says, “Good,”

“Okay, so what all have you and Bucky done?” I ask and grabbing my cell phone walk past him and down the stairs but stop in my footsteps as I see streamers strung throughout the house along with a shit ton of balloons lying all around the floor. My heart jumps in my chest and I fight the urge to cry. The streamers were (F/C’s) and the balloons were of all different colors. I walk forward and glancing into the kitchen see Bucky standing next to the bar with a bright smile on his face.

“You like?” Bucky asks as he closes the distance between the two of us.

“Do I like?” I ask as I glance around the room my heart in my chest. “Oh guys, I like it very much.”

“Good cause we’ve been up for a while getting everything ready.” Bucky says as he pulls me toward the dining room. I smile as I look forward at the table my eyes lighting up.

“Is that Bacon?” I ask as I stare at a giant plate full of just bacon.

“It is,” Bucky says and I reach for it only to have Bucky grab my hands and say, “Ah, ah, ah, not yet.”

“But it’s my birthday,” I say pouting.

“It may be your birthday but you still have to share.” Bucky says and I roll my eyes.

“And if I don’t wanna share? What then?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him playfully.

“Then I’ll have to punish you.”

“Are you gonna spank me Barnes?” I ask making Steve practically trip over his feet as he walks into the dining room.

“Only if you want me to doll,” Bucky replies with a wink and my stomach fills with butterflies.

“Okay, how about we eat?” Steve says bluntly as he sits down and I smile as I try not to laugh at his expression.

“I agree, I am starving!” I say as I pull my chair out and setting my cell phone down on the table next to me I sit down and instantly reach for the bacon, earning me a laugh from Bucky. “Shut up Barnes,” I say to him as I pull a piece of bacon to my lips. As I bite down I let out a moan of pleasure making Steve instantly start to cough as he chokes on his food.

“Let me guess, Orgasmic?” Bucky says smirking at me and I nod.

“Very,” I glance out of the corner of my eye to see Steve’s face flushing and I continue, “I think I may need to change my underwear after that one it was just so good,”

“Okay that’s enough,” Steve says making Bucky and I burst out laughing. “No more talks of orgasms at the table please.”

“Aw but Stevie it’s so much fun.” I say as I reach forward and pull another piece of bacon from the plate and placing it in my mouth let out another moan of pleasure making Steve’s jaw clench.

“(Name),” He says without looking at me.

“Yes Stevie,” I say as I rest my fingers against my lips.

“I mean it,”

“Mean what?” I say as I take another bite of my bacon and letting out another moan.

“Stop it,”

“Stop what?” I ask I let out another moan.

“Stop moaning,”

“Why? I thought you wanted to hear me moan.”

“Huh?” He says as confusion fills his eyes.

“You said you liked me, therefore you want to hear me moan right?” I say looking as serious as possible even though all I wanted to do was laugh out loud. I smile inwardly as his face turns an even brighter shade of red. “You do, don’t you!” I exclaim making him clear his throat and turn from me to Bucky, “So Buck, how’s breakfast?”

“Orgasmic,” Bucky replies and I burst out laughing as Steve drops his fork and pushing from the table stands up and leaves the room.

“Aw come on Steve we were just joking!” I yell after him as I try to catch my breath. I glance over at Bucky who is laughing uncontrollably next to me and I smile brightly. His laugh sounded so melodic. Like a ray of sunshine in my rather dark and gloomy world. I look from him to the table and spotting my cell phone instantly grab it and say, “Take a picture with me.”

“Really?” He says as he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Yes, it’s my birthday you have to do what I say.”

“Alright then, hurry up and take the picture.” He replies and I smirk as I open my phone and hitting the camera, lift it up to take a selfie. “Okay ready and,” I feel his arm wrap around the back of my chair and I lean into him as I continue, “3, 2, 1, and Orgasm!” I smile and as I snap the picture I hear him once again burst out laughing beside me. I pull my phone toward me and smile brightly as I see the result. I was smiling brightly which never happened and Bucky was laughing wildly in beside me. Overall the picture looked perfect. “Okay now we gotta get Steve in the pic too, only we wait until the last minute to say Orgasm. What do you think?”

“Let’s do it!” he says as he stands up and hollers throughout the house for Steve. I smile as I quickly grab another piece of bacon and eating it before racing off after him. We found Steve in the living room sitting on the couch. I smile as I instantly run over and jumping over the back of it land softly beside him.

“Steve I require a picture,”

“Why?” He says cautiously.

“It’s my birthday,”

“Okay?” he says and I smile as Bucky sits down on the other side of me.

“Okay, everyone lean in real close.” I say as I hold up the phone in front of me. Steve leans into my left shoulder as Bucky places his chin on my right giving a funny face. “Okay and 3, 2, 1, and Orgasm!” I yell out as I snap the picture. Bucky once again laughs and I glance over at Steve to see his face bright red with what I am guessing is embarrassment and I smile. I gently lean over and placing a kiss on his cheek say, “Thank you Steve,” I jump up and looking at the picture almost burst out laughing. Bucky was attempting to apparently lick my cheek, while I smiled brightly, and poor Steve was so red that it was honestly adorable. “Oh this one is going on Facebook, and Instagram, and I’m gonna have dad blow it up so I can hang it right above the fire place.”

“That is not going on the internet (Name)!” Steve says as he jumps to his feet.

“And send,” I say as I press the share button making Steve’s face turn white.

“Cancel it (Name),”

“Can’t, once it’s out there, it’s irreversible.” I say and then a second later my phone rings and I glance down to see that it is Tony and I roll my eyes. “Just a sec,” I say as I take a couple steps away and answering the phone say, “Yellow pops,”

“What the hell did you just post on Instagram?” He asks and I chuckle.

“A photo, you know those things you can never stay out of.”

“Ha, ha, ha very funny,” he says making me chuckle. “No seriously what did you do to Cap he looks like he just walked in on you naked.”

“Oh my god seriously dad!” I yell out as I burst out laughing.

“Okay but I have news,”


“Yup, we are actually on our way now so you know, put on clothes and hide all the used condoms please.”

“Oh dear Lord we have not been doing that!”

“Good cause I was testing you. Congratulations you passed.”

“Yay I passed!” I say sarcastically making him laugh.

“See I knew you were my kid.”

“Yeah, yeah love you too dad.” I say as I roll my eyes. “So what time you gonna be here?”

“Um in about 3, 2, 1, and Hello!” I narrow my eyes before I hear my front door swing open and I turn to see him walking through the door wearing an ACDC Shirt and a pair of denim jeans his arms full of bags of what I guessed was both food and gifts. I hang up my phone and turning toward him see everyone else walking in behind him also carrying bags full of god knows what. I spot Nat and I smile brightly as I run over to her.

“Hey birthday girl!” She exclaims as she sets down the bags in her hands and wraps her arms around me. I wrap mine around her tightly before pulling away and looking around at the bags.

“Okay what’s in the bags?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“Gifts, food, alcohol, the works.” Nat says as she places a hand on her hip. She looked almost out of place in her off-white cocktail dress and black stilettos.

“Hey peanut!” I hear a familiar voice call out and I turn to see Clint walking up behind me and I smile as I throw my arms around his neck holding him tightly.

“I missed you!” I sign in ASL as I pull away from him to see he is dressed in his black biker jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue denim pants.

“I missed you too,” he signs back before rubbing my back. “So how’s things been between the three of you?”

“I’ll tell you later,” I sign as I motion to where Tony was standing a few feet away.

“Is this the birthday girl?” I hear a loud voice boom out and I turn to see a tall handsome man with long blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes wearing a black suit and I suppress the urge to bite my lip as I nod.

“(Name) this is Thor,”

“THOR!” I say in shock louder than I meant too before turning back to him and saying, “Dude I am a big fan of yours.”

“Thank you Daughter of Stark,” he replies offering me a dreamy smile and I would have stared at him if not for Nat’s nonchalant smack on the side.

“Oh yeah, it’s nice to meet you too.” I say as I try not to stumble over my words.

“Oh this is for you,” he says as he hands me a small blue box. It was beautifully wrapped in a golden lace ribbon that just made me sad to open it.

“Thank you,” I say as I take it from him and opening it gasp in shock. Staring back at me was a beautiful star-like gem shaped like a horse shining brightly at me. “Oh my god this is gorgeous!” I exclaim as I gently run my fingers along the smoothness of it. “Thank you so much!” I exclaim as I throw my arms around him in a big hug.

“You’re welcome (Name),” He replies as he hugs me back.

“Okay let’s meet everyone else shall we?” Nat says as she pulls me through the house to the next group of people. I wave slightly to Thor before I turn back to see who Nat was going to introduce me to next.

I look over to see a girl with long brown hair and I raise an eyebrow. She was beautiful. She was standing next to a rather tall red man with a long golden cape. He was different but I could tell he was nice. “(Name), this is Wanda Maximoff and Vision.” Nat says as we reach them.

“Nice to meet you,” Wanda says in her thick Russian accent as she holds her hand out for me to take.

“Likewise,” I say as I grasp her hand and give a quick shake.

“It is nice to meet you.” Vision says in Jarvis’s voice and my eyes widen.

As if sensing my worry Nat chimes in, “Long story. I’ll explain later.” I nod before turning back to him and saying, “Welcome to my home Vision.” He smiles softly before nodding to me.

“Okay on to the next one,” Nat says as she once again pulls me from them at to the next couple of people. I already recognized one of them and smiling, run up to wrap my arms around Rhodey’s neck.

“Hey peanut,” Rhodey says as he wraps his arms around my waist. “Happy Birthday,”

“Thanks old man,” I say as I pull away and give him a bright smile.

“There’s no way this is Starks daughter.” The other man with him says and I sigh as I reply, “It’s true unfortunately.”

“I HEARD THAT!” Tony yells from the other room.

“GOOD!” I yell back making Rhodey laugh.

“(Name) this is Sam Wilson, otherwise known as Falcon.” Rhodey says as he motions to Sam.

“Nice to meet you,” Sam replies giving me a quick nod.

“Likewise Sam,” I reply as I shove my hands in my pockets. I glance around the room and suddenly feel very overwhelmed. There were a lot of people in my house and most of them were strangers. “If you’ll excuse me I gotta make sure my father doesn’t tear apart my kitchen.” I say as I walk from them and toward the kitchen where I had heard his voice coming from. As I round the corner I see him pulling giant bottles of Jack out of bags and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Care to make your daughter a birthday drink?” I ask as I lean against the bar.

“Sure,” He says reaching into the cabinet and grabbing me a glass.

“So this is the whole team?” I ask as I watch him pour me a drink.

“Yup, minus Pepper of course but she’ll be here soon.”

“Okay? Why didn’t she ride with you?”

“It’s a surprise.”


“Look just enjoy your birthday, okay peanut.” He says as he hands me my drink.

“I’ll try.” I say as I reach down and as I go to grab my glass a hand swipes it from me. “HEY!” I yell out as I follow the hand to its owner. I narrow my eyes as Bucky empties the glass in a matter of seconds. “That was mine Barnes!”

“Too bad I got to it first huh?” He says and I roll my eyes.

“Asshole.” I say as I roll my shoulders and ask Tony, “Can I get another one please?”

“Sure Peanut,” He relies as he starts making me another one.

“Can I borrow the birthday girl for a second?” Bucky asks as he grabs my arm and pulls me from the room and into the garage where we were alone.

“What the hell Barnes?”

“You don’t need to drink.”

“And you don’t need to tell me what to do.” I reply poking him in the chest.

“You almost died last night thanks to that crap,” He says bluntly.

“Yeah but I didn’t did I?” I say as I glare at him.

“If Steve and I hadn’t been here you might have.”

“Might Barnes, I might have.”

“Jesus Christ (Name) quit trying to rationalize your problems.”

“My problems?” I say taken aback. “My only problem is with people trying to tell me what to do!”

“That’s not your problem (Name) and you know it.”

“Are you saying I’m an alcoholic?”


“Fuck you James Barnes.” I say harshly as I turn from him and as I start to stomp away he grabs my arm and pulls me back. “Let me go!” I growl out as I glare at him.

“Not until you realize you have a problem.”

“Right now the only problem I have is you!” I yell out as I throw a punch at him. He quickly dodges my fist using his free hand to grab my other arm and twirling me around restrain me again his chest. I grit my teeth as I lean forward and sink my teeth into his fleshy arm making him growl into my back. I tighten my jaw making him instantly release my arms. I open my mouth and pulling away turn toward him and say, “My problems are none of your dam business Barnes. The sooner you and Steve learn that the better.”

“Better for whom? You?” He says and I gulp down a breath of air before walking back into the house and heading straight for Tony grab the new drink he had made me and start to chug it.

“Wow, you okay?” I hear Nat ask and as I pull the glass from my lips say, “Peachy.”

“Hello?” I hear pepper’s voice call out and I let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m gonna go see Pepper,” I say to Nat and after she gives me a quick nod I leave the room heading toward the front door. As I round the corner I look at the familiar strawberry blonde and smile.

“Hey you!” She says as she opens her arms for me to hug her.

“Hey,” I say as I wrap my arms around her waist and hug her tightly. I see a flash of red and I glance over her shoulder to see someone standing behind her and feel my body suddenly go cold.

No this can’t be happening.

Will Continue in ~ Get Out

Four Conversations Varric and Cassandra Have and One They Don’t

Notes: This is my (belated) Secret Santa present for @wyndx, as arranged by @everkings!

I’m so sorry this is late - first I remembered dates incorrectly, and then we did a lot more traveling in a much shorter time than I anticipated and I was much more worn out than I expected. But all of those are excuses. I truly am sorry I didn’t have this done on the 23rd. I do promise I never forgot, though.

I’ve also never written Varric/Cassandra before. I do sort of low-key ship it, so I was excited to try. This piece, though…it took off in a direction I didn’t anticipate. I hope you like it.
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Varric Tethras, Cassandra Pentaghast, sort of pre-Varric/Cassandra? Sort of?


The day was glorious. It was the sort of day where words tumbled around in his brain, where he could practically see the story spinning in the air before his eyes, weaving itself so thickly all he had to do was pluck at a string and set quill to parchment.

And that was exactly what he intended to do when he excused himself to the table outside the smithy in Skyhold’s courtyard. As if his publisher leaning on him for his next manuscript wasn’t pressure enough, the Seeker was after him, too. At least she was much more sly about it, sending the Inquisitor to ask instead of hounding him herself.

Which made the solid, measured sound of her boots crunching over the gravel toward the table that much more frustrating.

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Most of you know how this blog works, right? I play the sims for a few hours, take a bunch of screen shots, and then when im done do massive dump into my drafts so i can set up a queue later?? Yeah?? Well this means im often farther ahead in the game than what im actually posting. So while today’s queue stops right before Louis and Piper’s birthday, I actually went on and played it last night and…


oh. my. god. I am d e c e a s e d.

(gotta protect his modesty lol)

[So I didn’t work  tipsy in like I thought, but maybe next time ;) smuttyscribbles]

“Nice lookin’ bloke,” Zayn comments, watching little Jackson Welkes disappear with his father.

You check the rear view mirror to make sure Khalil is still buckled properly; Zayn doesn’t usually come with you to pick your son up from school, but he’d insisted rather vehemently today. Cutting your eyes towards him, you shrug. “Nate?”

“That his name?”

“Yeah..?” You half ask, curious about his suspicious tone.

His eyes are out the window, but you can see his fist clenched against his thigh. Zayn isn’t often annoyed, much less angry, so you can’t help but wonder what has him on edge today. But he doesn’t say anything more and you pull away from the schoolhouse with another the backseat, Khalil is oblivious to the conversation altogether, quietly singing some new song to himself. Until he seems to remember something.

“Mummy, mummy, we gotta get Jackson something for his birfday party,” he announces, song forgotten.

You peak at him in the mirror again, aware Zayn’s interest is piqued, though that fist is still clenched. “Oh, you’re right, little man. How about we do that tomorrow after school? Mommy’s got some other stuff to get done today.”


Before you’ve focused entirely on the road again, Zayn’s voice, gone soft and low, asks, “Why do you need to get Jackson something for a party?”

You glance at him, sighing softly. “Nate invited us to Jackson’s birthday party on Saturday.”

“And you just accepted?”

“Well, yeah, Jackson is Khalil’s best friend, I’m sure you’ve heard.”

You’re not quite sure if the sound that rumbles in Zayn’s throat is a growl, but it pushes several different buttons, not least of which that have a certain sort of thrill racing south inside you. The rest grate your nerves the wrong way, but you let it go. What a moody artist your husband can be sometimes.

At three in the afternoon, you find yourself on the front stoop of Nate Welkes’ house, with Zayn and Khalil in tow.  The latter is holding a huge box, wrapped in white paper with color curly streamers printed on it.  Inside is the firetruck playset that Khalil assured Jackson would absolutely love.  The former looks as if he’s trying his damnedest to learn pyrokinesis, especially after Nate greets you at the door.  

Once Khalil has run off to join his friends, it’s quite clear what’s had Zayn up in arms since a few days ago.  You knew Nate was flirting with you, even after you’d casually mentioned you were married - since the ring on your finger didn’t seem to be enough - and now, after introducing him to your husband he’s still chattering like it’s not true.  Zayn’s presence is heavy at your back, his hand sliding possessively into yours.

Thank goodness one of the other parents steps in to talk to the two of you, steering the conversation away from a topic definitely not suited to a single man and a married woman with her husband standing right there.  You’re about to go check on Khalil when Zayn gives your hand a tug and tips his head toward the house.

Your brows shoot up, but there’s no denying that dark grin on his face.  "Zayn…“

"Khalil will be fine, yeah?  We’ll just be a minute." 

"A minute, hm?”

The grin turns just this side of feral, “Little more than a minute then.”

Which is how, roughly seven minutes later, you find yourself on your knees in Nate Welkes bedroom, Zayn feeding his hard cock into your mouth until you gag around it.  He props himself against the door with one hand, the other running through your hair and fisting at the back, pressing you a little further as you suck him down a second, third, fourth time.  You run your tongue along what it’ll reach, groaning as his fingers tangled in your hair tug hard.  He shudders, growling out praise and possessive words.  You do your best not to grin at him as you suckle at the head and run your tongue along the slit at the end, collecting the liquid gathering there and swallowing it down when you have the chance.

“Fuck, babe, so fuckin’ good, fuckin’ love your mouth,” he rasps, hips jerking forward; you can imagine his knuckles are white, hear his nails scraping at the wood of the locked door behind your head.  "Just like that, fuckin’ suck me off, babe, fuck.“ 

He comes with a little shout, a hot spill of white down your throat and his hand jerking at your hair.  You lap his come up, unable to stop some from dribbling out the corners of your mouth, but as he finds his senses again, Zayn swipes at it and feeds it to you off his fingers.  When you’ve finished suckling it off, he frees his hand from your hair, petting it back and smoothing it out.  You can’t help hissing softly as it pulls where he’d tangled it all up.

At last, once he’s tucked himself away and zipped his jeans, he helps you to your feet, pressing your back hard against the door and kissing your mouth like he means to climb right in.  You can’t help melting into the motion, hands on his chest as you sigh into the gesture.

"Can’t believe you kiss our boy with this mouth,” he teases gently, letting his thumb rub across one corner.

You turn to bite the digit.  "Same one I kiss you with.“

He sucks a breath in through his teeth, but his eyes drop to the carpet and he can’t help grinning.  "Looks like ya didn’t catch it all, babe.”

You glance that way and snicker.  "You’re quite messy, you know.“

Zayn’s lips find your neck as he chuckles, kissing along the curve of it and tickling your skin with his beard.  "Khalil spendin’ the night with the other kids?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Gonna take you back home and fuck you so hard all you’ll think about is me when that twat’s speakin’ to you.”

Heat bubbles up in your belly like he’s struck a match inside you and your eyes dart out the window.  You’re lucky no one’s come up to check on you two yet.

Breathlessly, you tell him, “Well, we better get out of here then.”

Taehyung - Together

“Hey _____!” You could hear Taehyung approaching you. You quickly wiped away your tears, stood up and turned around and gave Taehyung a smile.

“Hi. You’re late.” You pouted but Taehyung wasn’t to be fooled.

“Have you been crying? What’s wrong?” Taehyung grabbed your face in his hands but you shook him off.

“Nothing’s wrong.” You smiled and took Taehyung’s hands but he squeezed your hand and pulled you to him.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Taehyung mumbled in your hair. “I’m sorry I was late.” He said, making you move away from him.

“God, Taehyung, it wasn’t you. It’s not your fault. Besides you weren’t that late.” You planted butterfly kisses all over Taehyung’s face.

“What is it? What’s bothering you?” He asked and you sighed.

“It’s nothing. It’s just the bullies, they call me worthless and are threatening me-”

“Not this shit again. I told them to stop.” He cursed and turned around in his heels and stalked off inside the school to look for the bullies.

“Taehyung, no. Stop!” You called after him but he pretended he didn’t hear you and entered the building. You ran after him and caught him by the wrists.

“Tae” You breathed out. “Just leave it.”

“No, I won’t fucking leave it. I’ve warned them before not to mess with my girl. Why the fuck are they making you feel like shit?” He mumbled angrily, still managing to drag you through the crowds, still looking for the bullies.

“Kim Taehyung stop.” You said but he didn’t. You jumped on his back, making him stop for a second with shock. “Can you make my day better by taking me home and not making me face those people again? Please?” You asked, kissing the back of his neck, making him groan. He put his arms behind his back, supporting your bum.

“Fine, but I’ll sort this out once in for all.” He said and started walking outside the school.

“Y'know I kinda like it when you call me your girl.” You whispered in his ear, making him smirk.

“Well, that is what you are.” He put you down and wrapped you inside his coat as it started to rain.

“I have an umbrella in my bag.” You told him but he pretended not to hear it, making you smile. You got off his embrace and started running around in the rain, occasionally splashing in some puddles, with Taehyung doing the same.

“Aaah, I’ll get a cold.” You said as you sneezed. Taehyung wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek. 

“You looked so cute just now.” He commented, making you blush.

“Walk faster.” You said and started speeding up towards your house.

“Come in and change your clothes. You’ll get a cold.” You said when you walked inside your house that you lived in by yourself.

“You change first.” Taehyung smiled at you and you nodded and walked in front of him.

“Ugh, you look so sexy from the back.” He moaned, making you turn around, wide-eyed.

“KIM TAEHYUNG!” You narrowed your eyes at him, warning him not to try anything funny with you.

“Okay okay.” He raised his hands up in defeat. “I won’t try anything funny. Let’s just shower together, it saves time. Plus I gotta get home otherwise mom will kill me.” He grinned and pulled you into the bathroom before you could think about protesting.

“Hurry up.” He said when he saw you stare at him in disbelief.

“Yah, Kim Taehyung. Are you really doing this to me?” You asked, covering your body with your hands.

“Chill babe. Plus it’s not like we haven’t done it before.” He winked and the memories came flooding back to you. Your 18th birthday when you had sex together for the first time. It was wonderful but he was fucking massive.

“Just shower and go home.” You muttered and started stripping, very aware of Taehyung watching your every move.

“We’ll see about that.” You heard him say before pulling you in the shower with him. He reached from behind you and turned the water on, making you jump backwards into him.

“KIM TAEHYUNG! IT’S TOO COLD!” You said loudly, distracted by the bulge that was poking into your back.

“Whoops, sorry.” You could hear the laugh in his voice as he turned the water warmer.

“Better.” You murmured and got off him when he pulled you back and started kissing you neck.

“Taehyung..” You half moaned and half told him off.

“You like it babe. Stop resisting me already.” He said, moving his soft lips everywhere, pressing against your skin, making you gasp in pleasure.

True, you hadn’t had sex with Taehyung for a while now, but it wasn’t like you hadn’t had it before. Oh what the hell, you thought and moved your neck the slightest bit, allowing Taehyung to access your skin more.

“Oh God Taetae” You breathed out, reaching out to hold the walls for support when he ran his hands down the front of your body till he reached your womanhood and started stroking it gently.

“I fucking love it when you call me that.” He moaned in your ear, making you put your head back, onto his shoulders.

“I missed you touching me like this.” The words rolled out of your tongue before you could understand what was happening. You felt Taehyung smirk against your lips and push you against the cold wall gently before going on his knees and licking your pussy.

He ran his tongue down the folds softly, biting on them, making you scream and grab onto his wet hair, urging for more. Taehyung kissed your womanhood before stading up and inserting into you, slowly.

“T-tae-Taehy-ung.” You breathed out his name, holding onto him by his shoulders while he kissed you everywhere, trying to distract you from the pain. “You can move now.” You whispered and bit his ears gently, when he started thrusting, you moaned in his ears, making him shiver slightly.

“Fuck..” You planted your face on Taehyung’s broad shoulders when he hit your g-spot.

“Let me see your face.” Taehyung grabbed your face gently and pecked your wet lips lovingly, still thrusting into you.

“Hyungie~” You wrapped your arms around his neck and put your forehead against his as he started thrusting faster.

“Taehyung.. I’m close.” You whimpered. You couldn’t help it, he was just too big and too good.

“Come on me.” He bit your lower lips, sucking on the wet drops.

Just as he said, you came onto him. He pulled out of you and kissed your forehead before putting soap all over your body, making him crave you again.

“You look so good.” He whispered.

“Hurry up and shower.” You said under your breath, disappointed that you came before him and he didn’t come at all. It was going to take a lot of practice but you didn’t mind.

The doorbell rang as you both came out of the shower.

“You expecting someone?” Taehyung raised his eyebrow, standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist while a towel covered your body.

“I don’t think so.” You frowned and opened the door to see Jimin.

“Hey! You ready for out - Woah.” He saw you and Taehyung.

“Oh shit, our group project. I totally forgot. Come in.” You opened the door and he entered.