gotta be a hero

“PJ, you were a real trooper, a real hero this whole time.  I gotta say you’re beautiful.

Mark, you supported everyone.  You were the tank.  The tank of the team.

Emma, you got a lot of flack, but we love you and that’s all that matters.

Jack, you’re a fucking pussy.  I hate you.  Go back to Ireland.  You’re a piece of shit.”

— PewDiePie


Hi everyone

You should totally read this very cute and fluffy and sweet Katsudeku fanfic series Standing in Awe of Death by @ramabear

Click here for the series link: AO3

It currently has 3 works: terminal velocityIntermission Aexsanguination

Make sure to read the tags and warnings. It’s really really good! Plus it has a whole new spin to the story as it’s an Ajin!AU.


please do yourself a huge favor and listen to the KH World Orchestra album

please do yourself an even bigger favor by first listening to this character medley beCAUSE IT IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Super happy about the @pjocoloringbookproject! I’ve been excited for it since its inception, and now that it was finally released I immediately had to take advantage and color away! It’s a little messy and flat and I’ll probably redo it later but!!!

Calypso is my favorite character.

Beautiful line art by @solbabydraws ♥ Thank you for your contribution to this awesome project!


Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and draw the ot3. You just gotta.


Why yes I did spend the entire Saturday Drawing Aizawas.
His man bun in the latest chapter though… I thought he might be a character who covers their face with their hair no matter what but he actually sees the effort to look nice for the parents. uvu