gott in himmel

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Hi, I'm a german enthusiast who is learning the language and wanting to implement it more in my daily life, just for practice, what are some common phrases of exclamation that people normally say? Gott im Himmel is one I've heard but I'm wondering if there are more?

I say “Mein Gott” a lot but somehow i can’t even think of more rn ,,, @ followers reblog / reply with your faves pls thank u

dance with the devil

Atme ich ein
verbrennt mich Höllenfeuer.
Ich kann den Teufel in mir sehen.
Atme ich aus
entfliehen mir Engelschöre.
Ich lasse Gott endgültig gehen.

Jeder Atemzug brachte mich
der Unsterblichkeit näher.
Am Ende des Tunnels brannte
schon lange kein Licht mehr.

Er forderte mich zum Tanz auf.

Innerhalb zweier Herzschläge
von einem Niemand zum Gewinner.
Ich vergaß nur eines:
Ein Tanz mit dem Teufel hält
für immer.

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Himmel is sky? My Oma used to say "Gott im Himmel" and I thought she was saying God in heaven. Was she really saying God in the sky? Thanks.

No, she wasn’t. The German language doesn’t make a difference between “sky” and “heaven”, that’s all. :)

“Der Himmel ist heute sehr blau.” = “The sky is very blue today.” 

“Er ist nicht im Himmel, er ist in der Hölle.” = “He’s not in heaven, he’s in hell.” 

  • um Himmels willen = for heaven’s sake
  • im siebten Himmel = in seventh heaven
  • ein Wink des Himmels = a sign from heaven
  • weiß der Himmel = heaven knows

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Fakten über dich

1. Bin süchtig nach Zigaretten.
2. Ich bin riesige 1,52.
3. Ich bin depressiv.
4. Ich habe mich hier angemeldet, weil mich Paul Blog (aha-ok-fick-dich) fasziniert hat - eigentlich verbringe ich den größten Teil meiner Zeit auf seiner Seite Haha.
5. Ich glaube nicht an Gott oder den Himmel, da das Leben mir wie die Hölle vorkommt.
6. Ich trinke zu viel.
7. Ich liebe meine beste Freundin.
8. Ich bin viel zu schüchtern.
9. Hab am 8. Dezember Geburtstag.
10. Ich hab alle, die das hier lesen, lieb.❤️

Doctor’s Visit

Angela strode through the hall, heels clicking sharply on the smooth tile. Her lab coat fluttered out behind her. Loose strands of hair shimmered like strings of molten white-gold under the harsh fluorescent lights. She sighed to herself. How hard was it to keep an appointment anyway? And to hide away on the opposite side of the compound? Miss Amari would have to explain why she couldn’t be bothered.

She paused outside the heavy door at the end of the hall, peering at the blue sign. She couldn’t read it but she was certain this was the right place. She opened the door, peering inside. Exercise equipment. Good. She pushed her way into the empty room and sighed, tapping her thin computer tablet down against her thigh.

“Hello? Is there anyone here? Miss Amari?” she called, frowning as she tried to tamp down her frustration.

“Just a moment!”

Angela sat on the edge of a workout bench and crossed her legs, bobbing her foot impatiently. She flicked through the documents on the tablet, bringing up the form for Fareeha Amari. With the possible call back to Overwatch, she had volunteered to travel to get what information she could on all those who might return or those joining for the first time. Fareeha was the latest to express interest and was one Angela wasn’t entirely thrilled on meeting. She had known her mother.

“My apologies,” came the voice again, this time not muffled from another room.

“Hello, Miss Amari, my name is Doctor Angela Ziegler. I need to give you a physical to make sure you are healthy enough to join Overwatch if you do decide to,” she said before she looked up, “Gott im Himmel…”

Angela trailed off quietly, her eyes going wide. The woman standing before her was tall, body defined with taut ropey muscles. Strong arms, toned muscular legs, and a flat, firm stomach revealed by a tight sports bra across her chest and small exercise shorts. Her caramel skin was covered in scars. Long, thick black hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail. She walked across the room toward Angela, her sweat slick skin shining faintly in the light as she draped a towel over her shoulder.

“Doctor Ziegler? It is an honor to meet you,” Fareeha said, full lips curving into a small smile.

Angela stared for a long moment, the heat rising in her pale cheeks. Finally, she coughed into her fist and looked back down at her tablet. This was going to be a much more difficult appointment than she predicted.

(Amazing art by the fantastic, wonderful, and amazing @onyrica)