Shit to do while waiting to hear back from colleges

1. Cry

2. Bake

3. Eat

4. Study/do your homework

5. Get your other applications ready

6. Watch movies

7. Read books

8. Write angsty poetry

9. Go running

10. Clean your room

11. Get a haircut

12. Shop

13. Tumblr

14. See how long you can go without talking about college

15. Take a bath

16. Count the stop signs in your town

17. Make acceptance/rejection playlists

18. Cry more

19. Sleep

20. Be positive

21. Call a wrong number and talk to whoever answers

22. Paint your nails

23. Drop things and see if they break

24. Duct tape a spoon to the wall and wait for it to fall

25. Factor your social security number

26. Write a letter to a famous person

27. Pick a letter and count the number of words in the dictionary that start with it

28. Invent something

29. Knit

30. Hug a stranger

31. Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop

32. See if diamonds really do cut glass