Obviously, I didn’t actually hit the horse with a knife and it was all CGI, but what the horse did do is fall over in front of me. I was completely blown away. This horse was such a pro. It was a trained horse that would go down on command. It’s rider would do something, and the horse would flip around and throw itself on its back. It was totally fine! It would just throw himself onto a huge, soft mat covered in a bit of sand, and then it would get up right away. A total pro. – Michiel Huisman

I have been seeing a lot of rage about this episode. Believe me when I say I am right there with you. But there is only one minor detail about the rage that I take issue with it.

Don’t call D&D fanfiction writers, and do not call Game of Thrones fanfiction. No matter what kind of fanfiction you have read, that really furthers a lot of the stereotypes about the genre and those who participate in it, as writers, as betas, as readers. Many fanfiction writers wouldn’t dream of doing what D&D did last night. Indeed, most of the people I see having the biggest allergic reaction to the show are fic writers.

D&D are adapters. If they were fic writers, maybe it wouldn’t have happened that way.

The thing about that Oberyn and Tywin In the Brothel scene that I find so fascinating is that I actually legitimately doubt that Tywin understands why Oberyn’s perspective is the way it is. He is someone who cares so much about legacy that he routs his enemies as they cause him trouble, and offers a hand up to help those whom he has defeated—but not routed—to their feet.

I think in his mind, he can’t understand something so past-focused as Dorne’s desire for revenge for Elia’s death because it makes no sense to his own strategic structure. So Oberyn’s being in King’s Landing just to fuck shit up makes no sense to him, and he thinks that he is going to be able to get what he wants out of him because he accepts—as would any many man focused purely on the future of his house.

As really disturbing/frustrating the wildling attack scene was, the one detail I really liked was that Ygritte is the one who fires the first shot, that the first “shit something’s wrong” shot is of Ygritte with a jaw like stone and cold determination in her eyes.  Because it’s chilling.  Sure, the Thenns (esp. how they are portrayed) are somewhere between scary and ludicrous, but Ygritte is familiar, and we’ve seen her happy and gentle and loving.  So seeing her harsh is incredible.

madaboutasoiaf replied to your post “I can safely say that there is no way that Daenerys is projecting…”

I had the same thought but we’re clearly not supposed to analyse it. We are supposed to be as awed by the speech as the slaves who should not have been able to hear it in the first place

Yeah.  I know.  It’s just one of those things that piss me off.  Like, I have a loud voice and know how to project it very well.  And I can guarantee I would not be audible.  (She also wasn’t enunciating clearly, which is another problem entirely.)

So yeah.  

That’s the sort of thing that bugs me.

(#singer problems?)

sansa-and-winterfell replied to your post “Still think D&D stands for Dudebro & Douchebag tbqh.”

I’m still cross, we usually talk about it at work but today I think my rant would overwhelm everyone

There are two people I work with who watch it.  One is out on vacation today.  The other stopped by my cube and just looked at me.  

“I’m furious.  Seething,” I said.

“Me too.”

That was it.  That was our episode discussion.  It usually takes a good 15 minutes.  She’s a book reader, so I didn’t have to elaborate anything–and that alone was so unbelievably gratifying.

thrumbolt replied to your post “I have been seeing a lot of rage about this episode. Believe me when I…”

Truth though, at least fanfic writers usually try to not be OOC…-_-


(random sidenote: whenever i see multiple ps in a yup, i always wonder how it’s pronounced and then giggle quietly to myself.)