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My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.

I’m so happy for the beautiful and healthy LGBTQ+ representation in YOI episode 7 because:
  1. Beyond some mouths open in shock, no one says a word to Yuuri about the kiss. Not even the reporters afterward. The cheering doesn’t cease or decrease. No one even talked about such a public scene that invites a lot of shaming in our world.
  2. In fact, Victor got to brag about his lover on camera without inviting unnecessary predatory remarks. 
  3. 3 children (Yuko’s triplets) were watching the kiss, uncensored, as they would a kiss between a man and a woman, and none of the adults sitting around them stop them even after they realized what they were seeing. 
  4. In the YOI universe, the idea of being an LGBTQ+ individual is so normal, so acceptable, that literally no one cares who you kiss when you celebrate such a wonderful performance. 
  5. The anime producers are giving us the concept of a world we should aspire to live in.

If last week you were in despair, I hope today you experience the hope I did.

Hetalia Dodgeball
  • Italy: hides behind Germany, manages to stay in the game a while by just running away
  • Germany: one of the last men standing, takes it way too seriously and kind of scares everyone else because he throws really hard
  • Japan: stays in the game for a long time because he's good at catching balls, but he's not as good at throwing them so he doesn't help his team much
  • America: accidentally knocks someone out because he doesn't know his own strength, leaves to go help the person who got k.o'd
  • England: brags about how well he's going to do then gets hit in the face almost immediately and trudges off, cursing and muttering about how he wasn't ready and this game is stupid
  • France: decent at dodging but can't catch or throw much, stays in the game on a similar strategy to Italy but without a Germany to hide behind
  • Russia: made the case that if he hit the ball with his face hard enough that it bounced back to the other side and hit someone else, it should count as catching it--got out because the rest of the world didn't see it that way
  • China: gets out after catching a few and making a couple of good throws because he's slow to get out of the way of balls he can't catch
  • Canada: is the person America knocked out
  • Prussia: as overly invested as his brother, but louder about it, gets out when he takes a little too much time to brag about that awesome throw he just made
  • Austria: pretends to be hurt so he doesn't have to play
  • Spain: having a really good time, not the first or the last to get out and makes one really good throw, cheers on his team loudly once he's out
  • Romano: didn't want to play in the first place, got dragged there and actually really enjoyed himself for about 1 minute before getting out, at which point he goes back to grumbling and cussing about how stupid this game is and how he didn't want to be here
  • Hungary: as good at this game as Germany, better at still having fun and remembering that it's a game not a damn war

Song Jae Rim’s guesting on JTBC’s 19+ Witch Hunt

It’s cute when a random person still connects Soeun to Jaerim. and I love how Jaerim confidently answer his question about Soeun’s whereabout. And the captions too. Hahaha! “Hi, Kuni Omma.”

If you were mine...

-I’d cuddle you like 24/7

-I’d go for long walks with you and hold your hand

-We’d have random make out sessions, whenever wherever 

-I’d make sure you know how much you mean to me every single second I got the chance

-I’d brag about being able to have such an amazing partner to anyone who would listen

-I’d be super cute and send good night texts and good morning texts no matter how bad my depression gets

-We’d make blanket forts and watch movies

-I’d fight for you every single day

-I’d make dating a wreck like me worth it

finishes programming midterm within first half-hour of the four-hour class
spends the next three and a half hours compiling a thirty-track playlist of hobbit-themed music

Peter Drabble

anon request       

14: “Tell me you need me.”

           [y/n] was a gorgeous. That much was well known by most of the people at [y/n] and Peter’s high school. And Peter was so lucky that she was his and that he was the one that got bragging rights for having the most stunning girl in the school, but that also meant a lot of other guys hovered around her, guys that were bigger, smarter, funnier, and more popular than Peter. He knew that [y/n] loved him, she made that very clear, but he still could live without all of the other men desperately trying to wriggle themselves into his girl’s life.

           And while [y/n] was the girl that most boys pined after, Peter was not the guy that the girls at the school threw themselves at. That position was previously occupied by a Senior football player, Thomas.

           Thomas, to Peter’s great relief, had not once tried to make a move on [y/n], that was until just recently.

           Peter emerged from his chemistry class to see that Thomas was leaned against [y/n]’s locker, his school smirk tilted onto his lips as he spoke to [y/n], who was smiling politely at him. Any idiot could tell that [y/n] wasn’t interested in him, but he continued to toss his best lines at her, leaving her to try to throw hints to her having a boyfriend into the conversation.

           After school was over, Peter set his pencil down on the coffee table where his and his girlfriend’s homework was sprawled out busily.

           “Let’s take a break,” he suggested, taking her hand and pulling her up onto the couch, finally acting on the affection that he had been craving from her all day. He secured his arms around her waist, laying her down on the couch with him, letting her head fall against his chest.

           “Do you like Thomas?” the question spilled out of his mouth before he could even think to stop it. [y/n] seemed surprised.

           She suddenly sat up, supporting herself with her forearms and gave him a puzzled look.

           “Of course not, why would ask that?” she wondered. Peter shrugged because he genuinely didn’t know. She’s told him that she only cares about him before, so he too was confused by his own doubtful thoughts.

           “Can you tell me something?” he asked.


           “Tell me you need me, tell me you need only me,” he said, his voice sounding vulnerable and insecure.

           She smiled as he repeated his words genuinely, placing soft kisses on his lips as she did so.

At LAST I have my last sprite!!! It’s such a relief to not have that hang over my head anymore and be able to think about more important things- such as Akirbeak and G1 apparel. >> The spending party never ends, I suppose!

Nashira’s the local map maker, astronomer and Arcane ambassador to my clan! Skincent is Starwood Fields by @duskthicket-bonepicker btw.

1914. Ed is on hospital again, and also being problematic (again), except it will now affect intern practicing nurse Meta who is in care of his recovery and caring. Her qualifications on her internship depend on her performance and she’s not dealing with extra sh!t (read Ed’s fear of needles).


Little preview pic for a project I will develop during this year, a story that comprises several mini stories pre-Mutual Bonds. This one (eventually involving Meta meeting Winry) is called 1000 words. 

I hope everybody will enjoy it :D

undead-tealeaves  asked:

either they got hacked back or bragging about hacking a blog on your main turned out to be a /really/ stupid move and tumblr took them down. considering the last post that was made on her blog was "the beast is defeated" im kinda hoping for the former.

Well at least they’re (hopefully) gone for good

Creature of the Night || Vexen & Marluxia

Marluxia’s electric blue irises, made more prominent this Halloween night by the dark makeup slapped on his eyelids, surveyed the scene about the university’s “Monster Bash”. It was all a bit too… tame for his tastes. Glancing at his right was Larxene idly tapping her foot, it would seem she felt the same.

Costume contest winners or not for their Rocky Horror ensemble, this was Halloween night and the real monsters were getting ready to come out and play. He got the award and bragging rights he’d sought as well as all the scandalized looks. It was time to ditch this place for a couple more thrills.

He glanced at his left, Vexen remained unamused, or rather, he tried to remain unamused, but there was a faint smugness about him now that they had won the costume contest. Good. Marluxia needed him to remain in a good mood so that he could leave a better impression on him this time and erase as much as he could of their high school experiences with one another. After all, Vexen was a man of science. Marluxia was not and there was a science project he needed a bit of help on, but if the blond could do nothing else but recall their high school days, then there would be no way for the pinkette to get the help he needed.

A grin curled his rouged lips as he gently swatted at Larxene so that she too could pay attention to the proposal he was about to make.

“Things are starting to get a little boring here. Let’s say we get the hell out of here and celebrate Halloween with all the real freaks? There’s a party going on pretty close by. What do you all say?”

Larxene’s grin was devilish. Of course she agreed, but what would Vexen have to say?